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Fill out your measurements in the contact form below, and Lucy will get back to you within 48 hours with her personal recommendations on which corsets in the shop will fit you best! Remove all guesswork – she’ll help you choose a silhouette, length, size, and even take into consideration body changes with age, gender, fitness level, skin conditions or other considerations.

If you didn’t receive a response in 48 hours, 95% of the time it’s because the given email address was incorrect. Please check all your answers before sending!

Fill out your measurements below, and receive Lucy’s personal recommendation!

Need more help with measurements?

Diagram for taking simple measurements for an OTR corset.
Diagram for taking simple measurements for an OTR corset.
  1. Underbust circumference – (measure horizontally at the line marked A).
    This is around your ribcage, about the same height as your bra band.

  2. Waist circumference – (measure horizontally at B).
    This is your natural waist (not desired one), typically measured 1 inch or so above your belly button.

  3. High hip circumference – (measure horizontally at C)
    This is around the iliac crest (“wings” of your hipbones) not around your bum! If your measuring tape crosses your butt crack, you are probably measuring too low.
    Your high hip is where low-rise jeans sit, or around the height of your Venus dimples, if you have them. It’s usually abou
    t 4-5 inches down from your waistline.
    Your “full hips” would usually be 7-9 inches below the waistline (this measurement is not needed).

  4. Torso length – while sitting down on a firm chair or bench, with a straight back and good posture, please measure vertically from under one breast (choose one) down to your “thighbrow”, the crease where your lap starts (where your leg meets your trunk). In the diagram you can see that it’s not in the center front, but slightly offset under one breast.

If your torso measures less than 8 inches long,

95% of the time, it was measured wrong!

Please use the following helpful checklist when troubleshooting your vertical torso length:

  • Are you sitting on a hard, flat surface, like a wooden chair or bench, and not on a soft surface like a couch/ bed?
  • Are you sitting with as straight a posture as possible, and not hunching or leaning forward to read the number on the measuring tape?
  • If you wear a bra, are you wearing one that fits well and the underwire is sitting directly underneath the breast? (A sagging underwire can artificially make the breast seem to start lower down and make the torso look shorter).
  • If you measure whilst standing up in front of a mirror (again from under the breast, down to where your lap would start (the crease where your leg meets your torso)), do you still measure the same torso length as when you were sitting down?

And if you still seem to measure anything less than about 8 inches in length:

  • Are you under 5 feet (152 cm) tall in stature?
  • Do you have any history of spinal curvature, like scoliosis or lumbar lordosis?
  • If either of these are true, please be sure to state this in your contact form.

If you are ordering/ inquiring about an overbust corset, I will also need:

  1. Bust circumference – This is different to your bra size. Measure around the fullest part of your bust or chest, wearing a supportive but unpadded bra. “Squished bust” is best (e.g. from a high-compression sports bra).

Unfortunately at this time, custom corsets are not available through this website.

If you would like more information or help taking your measurements (and you would also like to understand why these measurements are crucial in determining the fit of ready-to-wear corsets) please refer to my video here:

88 thoughts on “Submitting your measurements

  1. I am really looking forward to trying my first Corset upon your recommendation Lucy! I had spine surgery (an L5/S1 open back Discectomy) over 5 years ago and my muscles never really recovered and I find it hard to stay upright. Here in the UK, the British Medical Council have not approved synthetic disc replacement surgery so I am effectively left with a gap in between my vertebrae. My recent scan has shown a re-herniation of the small bit of disc material the surgeon left for me and I think one side of my vertebrae has slightly shifted downwards. I have to wear a large back brace but it is far too hot and cumbersome and looks hideous under clothing so I am hoping a properly fitted supportive corset will improve my pain and posture! I had trained in ballet 3- 5 x per week before my herniation and since the surgery my figure has gone from lean and athletic to atrophied and squishy. I am forced to lead a sedentary lifestyle now but am coping fairly well mentally and emotionally. I look forward to your response and keep up your most excellent and extremely valuable work! Best wishes, Tarryn.

    1. Hi Tarryn, I’ve responded to your request. :)

  2. Hi Lucy I sent in a measurement form a few days ago but I haven’t heard anything back…

    1. Hi Lindsay, I responded to your query on August 3rd, perhaps it’s in your spam / junk mail folder? I will forward the email to you again, but please check all your email folders just in case. :)

  3. My cousin would like to order a TT. I took her measurements myself. Will a hourglass corset, short, work for her? TT has a great sale

    1. Hi Andrea, I haven’t seen any contact form come in from your email in the last few days, so I can’t say for sure whether the cincher will fit without seeing your cousin’s measurements. If you plan on taking advantage of TT’s sale, I recommend contacting them directly as we operate as separate retail businesses! Even though we collaborate on designs and sell the same products, they have asked that I take responsibility for only my own clients, and let them deal with their own clients.

  4. Hello, I just wanted to know: is it also possible to have a corset that improves posture and trains the waist at the same time? Also, what waist size should my corset be if my natural waist is about 22½ inches? (I don’t want to buy a corset right now but I’m considering getting one in the future (maybe next year or so) so I’m already looking up information about them.)

    1. Hi Quinn, yes, there are many posture corrective corsets that can also train the waist! It depends on what specifically you’re looking for. Most corsets will support the lumbar area but if you’d like to correct shoulder rolling, I’d suggest a corset with straps like in this gallery. Generally speaking, a person’s first corset is around 4 inches smaller than their natural waist but it also depends on the silhouette of the corset and the person’s squishiness and experience level. I have a calculator that can help you decide which corset size might be the best for you here.

  5. Hello, I am interested in training my waist to minimum size as it can shrink.

    Around my waist is NATURALLY without anything is 21 inches. I am 5’6 and 102 pounds.I never did train my waist in my life before and I happen to have natural slim waist and it is hard for me to find a corset online that challenged my waist. I am wearing one right now I purchased from amazon and is a small size, all the strings tied closed in the back and yet its still loose or not the pressure I thought a waist trainer would give you. I did not want to waste more money of online shopping and guessing my size, I need your help. I also want to shrink my love handles so I would like a long line corset that would keep me straight sitting down(I work in an office and sit down mostly and I hunch my back a lot). I am looking for a very small size to train my waist maybe 19-18 inches since i am naturally 21 inches already, full length for my love handles and upper back meat, strong steel metal to keep me sit straight. :) Thank you so much for your help. I am looking forward to purchase some of your goods.

    Please let me know if you need more size information from me.

    1. Hi Mina, thanks for this information. I will also need your ribcage and hip measurements, plus your torso length. Please see the video tutorial linked above, and submit the Google Form and I will reach out to you by email with my recommendations for you.

  6. Pls Lucy guard me on the best corset for my big tummy and down on the filling space I don’t understand the website of a thing

  7. Pls Lucy guard me on the best corset for my big tummy

    1. Ezeh I have tried multiple times to send you an email and it fails every time.
      Based on your measurements, I would recommend the longline hourglass corset for you. This would fit you best in size 34″.
      However you will need a working email address to place an order so that I can share with you your order information and tracking number.

  8. Pls Lucy my tummy is very big I have not use corset before I need a good one pls guard me

    1. Hello Ezeh, I received your email but for some reason I’m not able to reply to your email, perhaps your inbox is full or there’s a typo in your form?

  9. My measurements are 31 waist, 28 chest, 38 hips, 12 seated. Most of my belly fat is in my lower abdomen and I would like to cover that. Do you have a recommendation? I am a first time user of corsets. Thanks. (I am squishy after having babies)

    1. Hi Jen, thanks for your measurements – I sent you an email with my recommendations for you.

  10. My bust measurement is 40 bra size34d to dd Couldyou please advise the site you I could order I like the over bust black satin Thanks Sue

    1. Hello Sue, based on your bustline alone I might recommend the overbust corsets in waist size 30″ and bust size Large, but it really is best to submit all of your measurements in the contact form above, because your waist and hips, as well as the length of your torso, are also important in ensuring a proper fit of your corset. :) Thanks!

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