This entry is supplementary to the video “Plus-Size Corseters” which you can watch on YouTube here:Larger people can usually tolerate larger waist reductionIf you have a little more to start with, than chances are you can reduce down more than a smaller person. Think of waist reduction as[…]

This is a summary of the two video “Corsets and Common Skin Issues” and “More Severe Skin Problems and Corseting” which you can watch on YouTube here:In this entry, I will go over the common skin issues that may arise with regular corseting, and I’ll also mention some[…]

This entry is a summary of the video “Corsets and the Reproductive System” which you can watch on YouTube here:(Note: this entry is on the female reproductive system; male corseters don’t need to worry about this.)I have received many questions by women on how corsets may affect the[…]

This entry is a summary of the video “Corsets, Nerves & Pain” which you can watch here:I have always stated that I never feel pain when I corset. Granted, there were times that corsets have been uncomfortable, like how shoes are uncomfortable before you break them in, or[…]

This entry is a summary of the video “Corsets and your Bones” which you can watch here:Corsets and the SpineThe first and most important thing I should say is that a good corset should not affect the position of the spine. A study done by Dr. Robert Dickinson[…]

This entry is more or less a transcript of the video “Corsets, Lungs and Breathing” which you can watch here:Your respiratory system includes your lungs, bronchial tubes, trachea, your diaphragm and your intercostal muscles and other supplementary muscles which help your ribcage to expand and contract. When I[…]

This blog entry is a summary of the YouTube video “Corsets and your Organs” which you can watch here.Nearly every day I receive a comment on one of my videos along the lines of this:“DON’T YOU KNOW THAT CORSETS MOVE YOUR ORGANS?!!? WOMEN IN THE PAST HAVE DIED[…]