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Corsets and Toilet Issues

This entry is a summary of the information in the video “Corsets and Toilet Issues”. If you would like more detail or demonstrations, please see my video on YouTube here:

Dogs don’t have corset-and-toilet issues because they use neither corsets nor toilets. (via Khaligo on Pixabay)

Going to the bathroom. Visiting the loo. Going for a tinkle or a whiz. Dropping the kids off at the pool. Whatever you want to call it, and no matter how un-PC it is to talk about it, everybody needs to do it. Here’s a few tricks to make it easier when you’re wearing a corset:


1) Wear a skirt with a corset. Corset under your clothing with garters, then place your knickers over that, then your skirt over everything else. This way, when you need to go to the bathroom, you don’t have to unclip your garter straps to pull your underwear down.

2) Avoid wearing button/zip up pants with longline corsets. Wear high-waisted pants or yoga pants over your corset, and low-rise underwear will help if you’re wearing a longline.

3) You can usually wear a multitude of outfits with a short corset or waist cincher since it doesn’t cover the hips too much. Low-rise pants is a good choice if you don’t have tummy pooch hanging out underneath your corset. In this situation, a bit of “tucking” of your pants/underpants into the bottom of the corset is not too annoying. I wear cinchers most days.


You may notice that wearing a corset makes you defecate less often. This is because food is moved along by peristalsis, a pushing and squeezing action of the intestines, and that natural movement is slower when tightly cinched. This is another reason that it’s important to train your waist down slowly, so it gives you time for your intestines to get used to the change. If you find the corset causes constipation, loosen the corset, and try to cinch down more gradually over a longer amount of time.

Also adding fiber always helps. After I was corseting for awhile, I noticed that foods that stayed in my stomach for a long time didn’t make me feel good. I felt good whenever I ate fruit, soup and salad which all have a faster stomach-emptying rate (digests faster) and these foods also have higher fiber and water content. Everyone will find their own preferences in terms of how much soluble/ insoluble fiber and water they need to feel best. I personally find that foods with soluble fiber, like fruit, when taken with the proper amount of water, is more effective in making me regular compared to just insoluble fiber (bran, leafy greens etc).

You might also notice (especially if you have a longline corset that presses down on your pelvis) that you will have to pee more often. Don’t worry, your kidneys shouldn’t be affected by your corset, the main reason that you feel you have to pee is because the corset presses down on your bladder. But whatever you do, don’t decrease your water intake – you need water, it’s good for you and especially helps in bowel movements.


Before you sit down, please make sure your laces are tucked safely away! Just stuff them under the X’s or underneath the bottom of the corset.

When sitting down on the toilet and doing your business, especially to poo, you might notice that you can’t push as hard. This is because your abdominal muscles and your diaphragm play a part in help pushing out the waste. If their movement is hindered then it can be a little more difficult to get your bowels feeling empty, especially if you didn’t have enough fiber! If this is a problem for you, just loosen up the corset when you go to the bathroom. You don’t have to take it off completely. If you’re the type who only has a bowel movement once a day, this won’t be too annoying. If you have 3-4 movements a day, the constant loosening and tightening of your corset may be a little laborious for you.

Other things you may notice: since a corset tends to flatten your intestines, you may notice that the circumference of your poop becomes a little skinnier. Maybe this is good news to those who find big poops painful. ;)

Wiping is a little different because you have perfect posture when sitting down. If you’ve got long arms, you will generally not have a problem with wiping. If you have a problem reaching, try a different position: squat down a little more, stand up a little more, or even approach it from a different angle. Just make sure, wherever you approach the mess from, to always wipe front to back. So if your hand’s in back, this is a pulling action, if your hand’s in front, it’s a pushing action. This is VERY important especially for the ladies, so you don’t get e.coli in your reproductive tract, because that can cause a very bad infection.

When worse comes to worst, you can feel free to loosen your corset prior to wiping.

Lucy’s Little Life Lesson: If a bully tries to intimidate you, imagine them pooping. Suddenly it puts you both on the same level.


*Please note that this article is strictly my opinion and provided for information purposes. It is not intended to replace the advice of a medical doctor. Please talk to your doctor if you’d like to start wearing a corset.*

16 thoughts on “Corsets and Toilet Issues

  1. I installed a bidet on my toilet (about $40) and have found it incredibly convenient, especially when corseting. It offers me assurance that I’ve gotten myself nice and clean!

    1. Hi Cameron, I recently got an attachment of my own! With or without the corset, it’s spoiled me and I can’t see myself willingly going back to dry TP. Haha!

  2. Hi Lucy! Actually, my corset doesn’t constipate me, it gives me diarrhea. Is that normal? Hahhahaha

    1. Hi Bel, for some people the corset can increase transit time. Think of it like squeezing a tube of toothpaste – when you flatten the tube, there’s no where for the contents to go except out. :)

  3. I just started wearing a corset to lose weight. I find my tummy just rumbling like I only have gas. I also have hemoroids which I have had for years. But my question is this….could my corset be constipating me?

    1. Hello Kelly! More commonly I hear of corsets encouraging things to move along a little faster, but constipation is a possibility. I would recommend contacting Ann Grogan of Romantasy as she is quite passionate about this topic and can give you plenty of tips to keep yourself regular even while corseting!

  4. I know this is a really old post. Quick question, do you know if it is alright to war a corset with a bladder infection or if they cause them?

    1. Hi Erica, I have an acquaintance who has suffered from UTIs since childhood and she spoke with her doctor after becoming interested in corsets, and her doctor said that the corset should not cause or spread infection (bladder infections and UTIs are caused by bacteria, so the main concern is preventing it from spreading). But if you have swelling and pain that’s made worse by the pressure of a corset, then don’t wear your corset until you feel better. (And my acquaintance also reminds you to please take your full course of antibiotics!)
      One reason that a bladder infection can occur is by not fully emptying your bladder when you use the bathroom. While I haven’t ever heard of someone not being able to fully empty their bladder while wearing a corset, it may be worth trying to “double void” when you go pee. First pee while wearing your corset, until you feel like you’re finished. Then take your corset off, sit down again right away, and see if you can pee a little more. If you are peeing more than a teaspoon or two, that may tell you whether the corset is causing you to retain small amounts of urine in your bladder, which can exacerbate infections if you’re already prone to them.

  5. Hey Lucy, I currently have a lot of problems with stomach distention after eating. My tummy is very flat normally, but after eating a meal I tend to get a bloated looking stomach, but without the gas. I suspect that slow digestion is the cause for this distension, as I have been tested for allergies and sensitivities, which came up negative. I stopped wearing my corset early on after starting waist training out of fear that it would make my bloating worse. Any advice for how to deal with it? I would like to go back to corseting, but don’t want to make my bloating worse.

    1. Hi Hannah, I’m sorry to hear of your bloating issues! I am a certified nutritionist so I might be able to help you – sometimes digestive problems like enzyme deficiencies (a classic example is lactose intolerance) are easier to figure out symptomatically than by tests, because intolerances don’t test the same way as allergies (they don’t create an immune response, usually). I agree it’s better to figure out your digestive issues first before putting a corset over a bloated abdomen. You’re welcome to email me and I can let you know my general process and prices for a nutritional consultation, either as a one-off or as an ongoing client. :)

  6. I am new to corseting and currently only own one but this is something I have thought a lot about and it has kept me from wearing my corset daily. Thank you so much for addressing an issue that many find embarrassing but is oh so very important.

    1. Thank you Debra – I’m glad you found it helpful. :)

  7. I just have to say, I think you are awesome for posting this. It contains really basic info that is hard to find, but is factual and complete. For a newbie to corsetting, stuff like this is so helpful!

    1. I’m so glad it helped, Amt! :)

  8. hi Lucy ,you know that’s the one thing (S) i found the most difficult, in fact i wish i had seen this and considered the problem before i had got my, over the clothing leather. (i thought they would last longer and be stronger) corsets, i am now saving for a under clothes silky clincher and wearing my bloomers over them , i normally wear combat and army type clothing so ive had to invest in some sturdy skirts, i just hate when i have a excuse to buy more clothes !. loved the frank and very helpful vid thankyou .

    1. Hi Sara, it’s my pleasure! I’m glad you found this informative. Hehe, yes isn’t expanding your wardrobe a terrible thing? :p

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