Fabrics in stock

I have a limited amount of fabric in stock; only enough to make 1 or 2 corsets from each color. However for most of my commissions in the past, I’ve purchased fabric to suit the client’s needs. If there’s nothing in here that you like, do send an email and I can purchase almost any type of fabric for your corset.

Click on the picture to see a larger view.


Hot pink satin

Pewter satin

Teal satin

Platinum (very pale silver) satin

Black satin (taken with flash)

White matte satin (quite a lot of this left)

Baby blue satin (paler than in the photo)

Kelly Green satin

Lemon Yellow matte satin

Chinese Brocades

Silver peacocks on cobalt background

Silver peacocks on hot pink background

Blue and silver bamboo on sapphire background

Silver and dark pink sakura on baby pink background

More to come More to come

Twills (Can also be used as lining)

Black/white herringbone with metallic gold pinstripe (quite a lot of this)

Beige (nude) twill (super close up)

Black twill (super close up)

Hot pink twill (super close up)

Miscellaneous Fashion Fabrics

Blue (shot pink) taffeta

Peach (shot bright pink) genuine dupioni silk (very little of this)

More to come More to come

Lightweight Lining

Kelly Green cotton

Purple with tiny white dots

Special Chinese Dragon lining (mixed fibers)

Orange with 6-point design

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