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(Small) Gallery for Designer Users!

Gentle readers!

Click here to go to the gallery!
Click here to go to the gallery!

Thank you for your overwhelmingly positive response to the Corset Designer Doll program launched last week! It warms my heart to be part of something that can be used and enjoyed again and again. I know that Jason and Christine are both very pleased with the feedback as well.

The only issue seems to be one ISP in Australia that doesn’t bring up the updated version of the website. After talking with a few others, this unfortunately seems to be out of our hands until the provider decides to update their records. Most likely those having trouble accessing the designer game won’t see this post either. :\

Onto the meat of the post: while some people are busy bringing their visions to life, some other users may be lacking in inspiration. I’ve put up a gallery of corset styles for you to check out – a few are my own samples, but most of them are made by users like you! Each picture links back to that style on the designer page so you can request that exact style yourself, or use it as a starting point for your own creation.

Feel free to submit your creations by emailing the unique URL of your design (or using the “Request Quote” tool) and you might see your design up on the user gallery. Be sure to include your first name or nickname so you can be given proper credit for your creation!