Pending Corset Reviews

I receive a lot of questions about my upcoming corset reviews:

  • Can you please review [this brand]?
  • I saw that you own a corset by [XYZ], when will you be reviewing it?
  • Have you ever ordered a corset or have experience working with [insert corsetiere here]?

I generally review one corset per two weeks. While I’m honored that you trust my opinion so much regarding corset quality, I don’t want my entire channel to become all about reviews – so usually I won’t do reviews more often than this.

Once a corset from this list is reviewed, I will delete it from this page and it will appear on the “Corset Brands by Price Range” page.

Please note that this list isn’t necessarily the exact order of upcoming corset reviews. The timing may depend on certain other factors including:

  • My weight/ health/ how much I am able to reduce on a given day
  • Whether the corset is owned or on loan/rented for the purpose of review (corsets that I don’t own are obviously on a tighter timeline and will be reviewed sooner)
  • Reviews may coordinate with a business’ or corsetiere’s promotional period or sale

Corset Reviews Queued for 2017 (dates subject to change):


Brand Style/ Description Date
Glamorous Corsets  Bella mesh cincher  June 16
Pearls & Arsenic Red Swarovski underbust  June 30
Orchard Corset CS-511 mesh overbust  July 14
 Ariadne’s Thread & Lovely Rats  Crystal organza pink underbust  July 28
Glamorous Corsets  Emma mesh underbust  August 11
Corsetry & Romance  Silver Sweetheart underbust  August 25
Orchard Corset  CS-411 Longline  September 8
Vanyanís  RTW line lace underbust  TBA
Glamorous Corsets  Dita leather underbust  TBA
The Bad Button  “Precious Metals” underbust  TBA