Pending Corset Reviews

I receive a lot of questions about my upcoming corset reviews:

  • Can you please review [this brand]?
  • I saw that you own a corset by [XYZ], when will you be reviewing it?
  • Have you ever ordered a corset or have experience working with [insert corsetiere here]?

I generally review one corset per week. While I’m honoured that you trust my opinion so much regarding corset quality, I don’t want my entire channel to become all about reviews – so usually I won’t do reviews more often than this. Below you will see the corsets that I own (or have possession of) and you will also see their “status” in terms of the commissioning, seasoning, and queueing process so you have a better idea how soon the corset review will be.

Once a corset from this list is reviewed, I will delete it from this page and it will appear on the “Corset Brands by Price Range” page.

Please note that this list isn’t necessarily the exact order of upcoming corset reviews. The timing may depend on certain other factors including:

  • My weight/ health/ how much I am able to reduce on a given day
  • Whether the corset is owned or on loan/rented for the purpose of review (corsets that I don’t own are obviously on a tighter timeline and will be reviewed sooner)
  • Reviews may coordinate with a business’ or corsetiere’s promotional period or sale

Corsets Queued for the Remainder of 2016:


Brand Style/ Description Date
Rebel Madness Gothic overbust  Nov 28
 Timeless Trends  Gemini Corsets (round and conical)  December
Corsets UK “Waist Taming” overbust
Corsets UK “Instant Shape” overbust

Corsets to be reviewed in the coming months (in no particular order):


Brand Style/ Description Status
What Katie Did  Custom fabric Vamp underbust  seasoning
The Bad Button  Titanium and Gold – precious metal corset  received
Lovely Rats/ Ariadne’s Thread  Crystal organza pink underbust  received
Pearls & Arsenic Red Swarovski underbust  received
Maison Moginot  “Fierce” underbust in nude broche  seasoning
Madame Sher  cupped floral overbust  on hold
Sweet Carousel  custom black longline underbust  seasoning
Bizarre Design  black spot broche underbust  seasoning
JL Corsets  Teal mesh underbust  received
Morgana Femme Couture  MF1303 gold longline with lace  seasoning
C & S Corsets Purple with black lace underbust  received
C & S Corsets Silver holographic underbust  received


What the statuses mean:

  • Considering: Corset has not been ordered from the company or corsetiere yet. Still saving up money, trying to decide which style to commission, or otherwise have not yet committed to the purchase.
  • Commissioned: I have been in contact with this brand or corsetiere, and details of the corset design has been discussed. Construction of this corset has possibly already started. In the case of ready-made corsets, the corset may have been purchased and mailed out, but has not been delivered yet.
  • Received: Corset has been completed by the corsetiere/ manufacturer and it’s currently in my possession, although it’s not being actively seasoned.
  • On Hold: I have owned the corset for awhile but am not currently seasoning it for various reasons. It may also be that my training or weight is not optimal for the fit of this corset, there are concerns about the quality or something that came up during the seasoning process, or the corsetiere has asked me to postpone the review. This should not be taken as a mark against the maker, but I will not discuss the reasons that this corset is on hold.
  • Seasoning: I’m breaking in the corset so it fits better around my body – I’m also testing it for comfort and durability, and making sure it holds up to tightlacing.
  • Queued for review: Corsets are seasoned or otherwise ready to be reviewed in the very near future*
    *Note that certain corsets cannot be seasoned prior to review, often due to fitting issues or because they are on loan and the maker requested that it not be seasoned.


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