Everything Except Reviews

Okay, I get it – I have a lot of reviews. They’re very formulaic, they’re repetitive — and while they’re useful, sometimes you just don’t want to have to sift through approximately 200 of them to get to the meaty stuff. If this describes you, I’ve sorted my archives so that this page shows basically everything EXCEPT the corset reviews. Enjoy!

A few weeks ago someone asked where the word “seasoning” came from (in the context of corset seasoning). I had
Lucy, I have discovered that corsets help greatly with my medical condition - but I'm hesitant to tell my doctor. How should
Every year I write a personal post about the accomplishments and challenges of the year, and what I look forward
See the video above for an explanation of several different front closures for corsets - or read away below! HOOK
When better-known authors release a book and go on tour, they sometimes read the first chapter to a live audience
This is a summary/ transcript of last Friday's rant. You can watch the video, or read the abridged version below.
Photo [Right]: Juno Lucina is one of the writers for Solaced - you'll read her story of her personal transformation, The
Ah, media. Through the years we've seen over and over (and over and over) that our words can't be trusted to
Last week I wrote about what to do when your steels are too bendy or difficult to keep straight - so
In the past, I’ve discussed various reasons why your corset may be bowing (giving the "()" shape) in the back, including