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Jupiter Moon 3 “Hemp and Twill” Corset Review

This post is a summary of the “Jupiter Moon 3 Corset Review” video, which you can watch on Youtube if you prefer:

Jupiter Moon 3 Quick Stats

Fit, length (Because JM3’s corsets are made to measure, the measurements of this corset are a bit irrelevant. But I’ve added the measurements below for the sake of completion.) The center front is 14.5 inches long. Princess seam is 10.5 inches. The side seam is 9.5 inches, and the center back is 14 inches.  Circumferential measurements: waist is 20 inches, the underbust is 26 inches, and the low hip is about 30 inches. This corset fits me with an even 4-inch wide gap.
Material Three layers (if you consider fusible interfacing a layer): fashion fabric is tea-stained cotton twill, fused to very thick non-woven interfacing, and the lining is a thin lightweight cotton.
Construction 5 panel pattern (10 panels total).
The fashion fabric was fused to heavy interfacing, and the panels look to be lock-stitched (no visible topstitch). Single boning channels on the seams. The lining is a floating layer (only attached at the front and back panels).
Binding Bias strips of tea-stained cotton twill. Neatly machine stitched on both sides (stitched-in-the-ditch on outside, and turned under on the inside. No garter tabs on this sample (but available for special corset orders).
Waist tape None detected. (See discussion below)
Modesty panel 4 inch-wide back modesty panel, finished in tea-stained cotton twill, and stitched to one side of the corset. Also unstiffened placket in front by the busk.
Busk Standard flexible busk (1/2″ on each side), 13 inches long with 6 loops and pins (equidistantly spaced). Close to each side of the busk are stiff flat steels that are pre-bent to give support to the busk and curve over a lower tummy.
Boning 12 total bones (6 on each side). They all seem to be 1/4″ wide flat steels, single boned on the seams. JM3 uses rigid bones and pre-bends them to curve inward at the waist and outward at the hip to accentuate the hip spring. In the front, the bones curve around a lower tummy, acting almost like a spoon busk.
Grommets 28 grommets total, size #00 with a medium flange and finished in silver. Set ea bit closer together at the waistline, and they’re in good condition (set in securely and not falling out). Typical “US brand” grommets.
Laces 3/8″ wide double-faced satin ribbon in a cream color.
Price $272 USD for this exact style (as of 2016, JM3 has reduced her prices!)


Andi models this sample corset by Jupiter Moon 3. Photo: Viva Van Story. Click through to see JM3's Etsy shop.
Andi models this sample corset by Jupiter Moon 3. Photo: Viva Van Story. Click through to see JM3’s Etsy shop.

Jupiter Moon 3 is a one-woman business owned by Jennifer in Texas. I love the charming vintage aesthetic of this corset, with the tea staining, the lovely lace and the thick hemp flossing. I was surprised at the strength of this corset considering how lightweight it was – especially considering that the strength layer is just interfaced twill!

JM3 says that she tends not to use a waist tape, and that in the 1000+ corsets she’s ever made, she has never needed a waist tape to reinforce the waist (she’s never had a problem with the waist of her corsets stretching or seams tearing). However, she will add a waist tape to any special-ordered corset for a small markup in price.

There are more comments from JM3 and also other owners of JM3 corsets in the comments section under the Youtube review for this corset, so I encourage you to read more there if you’re interested in more opinions and information about her corsets.

See more at in Jupiter Moon 3’s Etsy shop!