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Castle Corsetry “Marvel Comics” Corset Review

This entry is a summary of the video “Castle Corsetry Marvel Corset Review” which you can watch on YouTube here:

Fit, length This corset is a sample (not made to my measurements) but when you order your corset, this corset will be made to your measurements. Silhouette-wise, the ribcage is softly rounded and the hips are rounded as well. This is a longline style with a relatively flat front.
The measurements of the standard sized sample: Waist 20.5″, Underbust 28″, High Hip 28″, Low hip 34″. The center front is 12 inches long, and the princess seam is 10.5 inches long. 5.5 of those inches is from the waist to the bottom, which is a bit long for me (my comfortable waist-to-lap measurement is about 4.5 inches).
Material Three layers of fabric. The fashion fabric is a cotton-based Marvel comic print, the interlining is bull denim or cotton twill, and the lining is black cotton twill.
Construction 5 panel pattern, constructed using the sandwich method. Curve of the hip is distributed between panels 2-3-4. Double boned on the seams, and faux black external boning channels break up the busyness of the Marvel print.
Binding Commercially purchased black cotton tape (same with the faux boning channels).
Waist tape 1 inch wide invisible waist tape, sandwiched between the panels. Full waist tape, from center front to center back.
Modesty panel None (but you may be able to request one in a custom order). No modesty placket in front, but the Marvel comic print is matched nicely in the center front with no visible gaps or breaks.
Busk 11 inches long. 5 loops + pins, equidistantly spaced. It is a standard flexible busk, and it is reinforced with 1/2″ wide flat steels on either side of the busk. The bones between panels 1-2 are also flat steels, which further help keep the front flat.
Boning 22 bones total, not including busk. On each side, there are six 1/4″ wide spirals (mostly double boned on the seams on the sides of the corset). Flat steel bones are beside the busk, in the seam between panels 1-2, and two flat steels by the grommets.
Grommets 26 two-part grommets, size #00, with a medium flange. Finished in black to match the rest of the corset, and set a bit closer together at the waistline. Big washers, all grommets rolled nicely.
Laces Single face satin ribbon in black, 3/8″ wide. It’s long enough, has no spring, glides through the grommets well. Ribbon hides well under clothing as it’s not thick. Single-faced
Price This particular style is $250 USD in their Etsy shop and can be made to measure. But cinchers and other styles may start from as little as $175 USD.


Final Thoughts:

“Final Frontier” Star Trek themed waist cincher, starting at $175 USD with option for custom fit. Picture courtesy of Etsy Affiliates.

I’ve been a long-time fan of Castle Corsetry’s fun, cosplay-themed corsets and costumes; the corsetiere Lauren is highly active in conventions and offers everything from Harry Potter themed corsets, to Ghost Busters themed corsets, to Retro Super Mario themed corsets and more!

So naturally I was thrilled when Lauren asked if I would be willing to review a corset from her shop. I got a sample corset on loan, and unfortunately it was a bit small for me (my fault for gaining a bit of weight through 2015) but it still gave me a beautiful silhouette, even when worn with a larger gap in the back. I loved the comfortable, gently rounded ribcage with the sharp nip in the waistline, as well as the dramatic hip that offered a 14-inch (lower) hip spring.

To see more of Lauren’s fandom-based collection, head over to the Castle Corsetry Etsy shop here.