What’s an Appropriate Waist Reduction For Me?

Many corset sites recommend choosing a corset 4-6 inches below your natural waist measurement, but sometimes it’s not quite that easy!

The right waist reduction for you depends on several factors, including how compressible you are, what you’ll be using the corset for, and whether you like to wear corsets laced closed or with a gap.

The calculator below is NOT perfect, but is meant to be a starting point can help guide you towards an appropriate waist reduction for your first corset.

If you’re specifically looking to figure out which corset in our shop will fit your measurements, we have a free mini-consultation service – just fill out the contact form on this page and Lucy will personally respond with her recommendations (usually within 36 hours).

Try the calculator and let us know if it worked for you in a comment below!



Did the calculator give you a really weird size? See the suggestions below:

My size seems way too small!

The most common reason for this is because you chose “intend to lose weight” and also “I prefer a lacing gap”. The calculator sizes you down if you’re actively losing weight (so you don’t “shrink out” of your corset too quickly), but also sizes you down if you ask for a gap – meaning it’s now about 4 inches smaller than what you would wear currently.

If you’re losing weight, your smaller corset will give you a gap anyway – so don’t ask for a lacing gap in the back!


My size is the same or bigger than my natural waist!

The most common reason for this is because you’re petite and firm, on a weight-gain trend, and you just want a corset for fun casual wear. Choose a lacing gap in the back which will size you down, or place your weight as steady for the time being.


It gave me an “odd” size corset! Should I size up or down?

There’s an extra question below your corset size that corrects for that. 😉 Scroll up and choose your experience level, and it will give you an “even” size corset!

Thanks for trying the sizing calculator! Did it work for you? Leave a comment below!





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31 comments on “What’s an Appropriate Waist Reduction For Me?

  1. I am a male, and not sure about the right sizing for me. I want to shape my waist line and use it for support for my back as I sit operating a bus.

  2. Jennifer on said:

    Is there such a thing as a corset that is made to help support a heavy bust? I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder that is irritated by bra straps, but I’m a 34G, so regular strapless bras don’t support. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Elizebeth Janell Dahl on said:

    It showed the size I already have, which works for me.
    Thank you

  4. I bought the size 30 on your site and its working great!

  5. Michelle on said:

    I am now 62 years old and have gained 20 or more lbs and it is all in my stomach and back. when I was 40 I had liposuction and the Dr. told me if I gained weight it wouldnt’t come back in my stomach but it did :(. I’m in a size 10 jeans and if I lose weight it will be all in my legs which I don’t need to lose. breast size is 36d which is all fat. I would like to get my waist down for the summer…please help me!!!!

  6. Pepsilora on said:

    Close enough – It recommends a 20 for me though I wear a 22 (off-the-rack).

    I’ve been waist training for several years and could probably go with a 20″ (seven inch reduction)if my rib spring wasn’t quite so large.

  7. Bjarne Aakerman on said:

    I think it works fine it gives me a sice 27

  8. Florence on said:

    This is just awesome. Loved it. Thanks for making it easier 🙂

  9. Ashanti on said:

    Works perfectly. It matches what I usually wear.

  10. Calculator is right. I normally wear corsets in 18-20′ sizes, and this was my results on different question options 🙂

  11. Cheryl Cooper on said:

    I have worn cheap off the shelf corsets before. I have back issues and would like a corset/s for both back pain and style. It saif a size 32 , i wonder . I think it would be petfect as long as bust, back and hip spring fits well. Thank you , this worked well i know i have srveral chrap corsets and this is the size it says for me but not overbust otr. Too small 🤨

  12. Dawn-Meri Kinion on said:

    Spot on!

  13. Samantha Thompson on said:

    Works great gave me size 20 which is the same size of the corset I currently have. Good to know the size is perfect.

  14. You are a genius. Ok, we knew that but you are just a goddess too! I am cross posting this to EVERYWHERE!

  15. This works great! Thanks for the work Lucy! I was recommended a 36 if I wanted a gap, or a 38 if I wanted no gap, which is spot on with most of what I have. I do have ones as small as 32, but I can only wear them a short time or with a large gap (like 5 inches yikes), so I’ve shelved them for now. I do still watch the underbust and hip measurements since my pear shape means either lacing with a /\ shape or skipping most OTR/sample sizes.

  16. Love the tool, it came out perfect for my and my corsets!

  17. Mella TwoFeathers on said:

    Gave me a 42 which is spot on for where I am weight and size wise right now!

  18. Tatiana on said:

    22 inch waist to an 18 inch that seems about right, i’d love to find a more dramatic look as my ribs are awfully close to my hip bones, leaving little space for the desired curved look. the corset i currently have is an 18, i havent laced it closed yet, so i’ll keep working on that and hopefully i’ll get my desired results! Thank you Lucy!

  19. Heather Kreisher on said:

    Just playing around with it! It looks like it will be a great tool for beginners. Leave it to Lucy to come up with this.

  20. Awesome! This seems accurate for a recommended waist size. I typically wear a 30 to 34 inch corset. Anything less than 32 inches currently has to be worn with a gap, and it recommended a 32 inch corset.

    That said, I find that the limiting factor for me is finding corsets that will fit my smaller hips and larger rib spring. I didn’t understand how critical the hip spring and rib spring were when I first started with corsets. Hopefully the folks who find you will be better informed than I was! 😛

    • I agree, I have a small rib spring, but massive hip spring. The corset calculator where you can fill in your sizes was immensely helpful for me to find the right fitting corsets and to finally made me understand my shape.

  21. Nicely done. This will definitely be helpful to others 🙂

  22. Stephanie on said:

    I have a few months experience tightlacing and the calculator worked perfectly for me. I already know I can comfortably cinch to 26 for extended periods of time which was the recommended size in the calculator before I stated I prefer a small gap. The most I can reduce is to 25″ for a few hours at a time so the calculator’s readjusted measurement of 24″ is exactly right for me! Thanks for making this calculator! It will be very helpful for a lot of people.

  23. Andrew Tran on said:

    Works great for beginners!

    I have a natural 31″ waist. The tool recommended a 25″ corset. I currently wear a 23″ corset, but only because I’m an experienced wearer.

  24. Michelle on said:


  25. This is so cool Lucy!!! You’re amazing!!! I have corsetting experience & the calculator worked perfect!!!

  26. Danielle on said:


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