Help, I’m lost!

Are you looking to buy a new corset?

Are you trying to find a corset maker who lives near you?

Or do you just want to “window shop” and learn more about all the different corset brands out there?

You’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to the Corset Shopping Guide! Here you will find some of the tools, maps, lists and databases I’ve compiled to make your research faster and easier! Click on any of the headings to begin your search:

Corsetiere Map

Click here to go to the corsetiere map


This is a database and interactive map to help you find corsetieres (aka corset makers) who may live near YOU, where ever you are in the world. Look up their general location, website, email, Facebook and other social media. You can also narrow down your search by clicking the “Tried by Lucy? YES” toggle at the bottom, to find corsetieres I’ve personally done business with.

Corsetiere Map PROS: Meeting in person with a corsetiere can be useful – they can help you take your measurements and determine your size, they can help you figure out what type of corset would work best for you, and they can also make you a beautifully-fitting custom corset. If you’ve never seen or felt a corset in person before, they may have samples to show you, so you know what to expect.

Corsetiere Map CONS: Getting a custom-made corset from a corsetiere can be expensive.  If you’re looking for something cheaper/ a smaller investment, check the next heading below. The corsetieres marked in red are those that I haven’t personally tried so cannot vouch for their quality. I advise you to do your homework on any corsetiere and look at their past work before investing.

Corset Brands by Price Range

Corsets by Budget: Corset Shopping Guide

Want a comprehensive list of all the corset brands that I (Lucy) have personally tried and tested? You got it! The list is separated by price range so you can easily find corsets that fit your budget. Beside each brand, I’ve also provided links to their website, and also to my objective and in-depth review(s).

Price List PROS: This list includes off-the-rack (OTR) corset brands which ship immediately and are often lower in price. You can also compare and contrast the different styles, silhouette, quality and price using my corset reviews, so you have a better idea of what to expect.

Price List CONS: Many of these brands are online-only businesses (no storefront) so you may not always know exactly what you’re buying. Research their shipping fees, exchange/ return policies, and whether or not to expect taxes/duty.

Guided Galleries for Corset Window Shopping (highly recommended!)

Specific Corset Styles: Corset Shopping GuideShopping by price alone (like you’ll find above) sometimes isn’t enough. What if you’re looking for a specific kind of corset? If you’re short, you need a cincher. If you live in a hot climate, you might like a sheer/ mesh corset. If you want to correct posture, maybe you need a corset with shoulder straps. If you’re full-figured, you need to find a corset company that supplies plus-sizes. That’s what these galleries are for.

Gallery PROS: These galleries organize corsets by specific type, so you can narrow down what you want/ need in a corset, and find corsetieres that can cater to your wishes.

Gallery CONS: Not all of the corset brands and makers in these galleries have been personally tested by myself, so in some situations the quality is unknown. Take the information with a grain of salt, and if you do plan to purchase from a certain maker, be sure to email them and ensure they are the right “match” for you. You can also use my consultation service to help narrow down your options.

Corset Dimensions Directory (Lace-Base)

Corset measurements and dimensions: Corset Shopping Guide

Are you interested in the “hard numbers” of a certain corset brand, but you can’t find a sizing chart on their website? Look no further! I’ve taken all the standard sized corsets I own and measured their bust, underbust, waist and hip circumferences, as well as their length in the center front and the princess seam (from underbust to lap). A well-made corset should reduce only your waistline and match the rest of your measurements as closely as possible. This chart will help you find the corset with the right curves for your body!

Lace-Base PROS: These charts take the guesswork out of finding the “spring” in the corsets (difference between the waist and bust, waist and hips etc), and numbers don’t lie! If you’re worried that a corset you find on the internet won’t be as curvy in real life as it is on the website, this chart will verify whether it will truly fit you.

Lace-Base CONS: While a picture of a “floating corset” doesn’t tell the whole story, sometimes numbers don’t tell the whole story either. For instance, a corset might be too narrow around the sides of the hips, yet it might also give too much extra space in the front and bow away from your lower tummy! This is a drafting issue, even if the overall measurements are supposed to be okay. To see the fit of all the corsets on my body, please click on any hyperlinked name in the chart and it will take you to my review where you can learn more about the corset overall.

Can I Waist Train in This Corset?

OTR Corsets for Waist Training


Many OTR corsets seem to be well-made and give dramatic curves, but are they suited for waist training, or only tight lacing? On this page, I summarize the corset brands and styles I’ve tried into an easy-to-read table, comparing construction concerns, curve level, customer service and my opinion on whether someone would be able to use the corset for daily wear or waist training under proper use.

Please note that is one of the most subjective pages on my entire website – what I may consider fair for waist-training is what many others would consider not suitable. Sometimes my opinion differs from what the brand advertises themselves, so take this information with a grain of salt. I’m still of the belief that a custom-fit corset made specifically to your body and your specifications by an experienced corsetiere is the absolute best option for training.

Corset Reviews (Video Playlist) (Written Reviews)


I have now tried an estimated 105 corsets from 46 different brands (not including my own corsets), and I’ve filmed and written reviews for  over 60 of these so far! It is my hope that before the end of the year, I will have recorded another 20 corset reviews. My reviews are in depth, fact-based and not opinion-based reviews of products that I purchased. Over time, both myself and my viewers learned more about how the construction, pattern, materials, etc. can vary so widely from one corset brand and style to another. My aim is to show the corset in enough detail that the viewer feels as if the corset is right in front of them, so they know what quality to expect.

Corset Review PROS: Each corset is treated like a case study, and the corset is shown and described in high detail. The structure of each review is more-or-less the same, making comparison of small components between corset styles and brands quite easy. Over time, those who watch my reviews gain a true understanding of what quality is, and what construction techniques and features they prefer for their corsets.

Corset Review CONS: These reviews are not for the impatient. If you’re looking for quick, opinion-based reviews, you won’t find those here (although you’re welcome to read my “Final Thoughts” section of my written reviews). Also, I’m just one reviewer – my experience may be different from another customer’s experience – do your research and look for more reviews than only mine!



Click here to go to the Consultation page

Still feeling a little lost even with the tools above? I offer consultations on this site – you pay the fee, fill out the questionnaire as best as you can, and I will point you in the direction of the corset brands that I think will best suit your needs and preferences.

Consultation PROS: If you don’t have the time to learn about corsets, I take the guesswork out of corset shopping. This potentially save you hundreds of hours of research and thousands of dollars in waisted corsets that don’t fit you properly or doesn’t suit its purpose.

Consultation CONS: This is a paid service (hey, my time and experience are valuable – I’ve spent 4+ years and close to $20,000 on this corset/Youtube passion, and published my articles and videos for free) – and you don’t get the joy of learning for yourself by watching videos, reading articles and immersing yourself into the corset community.

Take a peek in my online store.



The corsets in my shop are tried, tested and true. Timeless Trends is the only OTR corset company that offers a 45-day exchange window, and Lifetime Warranty on their corsets – I’ve had the immense pleasure of working directly with them for years and have even played a part in designing their new Hourglass line. I’m proud to be a distributor of Timeless Trends corsets.


83 thoughts on “Help, I’m lost!

  1. Hello, I’m interested in purchasing a cincher corset and followed Lucybot’s sizing rec. If the corset doesn’t fit appropriately would I be able to exchange or adjust?
    Thank you very much 😊

    1. Hi Mary, yes all the corsets in my shop are exchangeable / returnable, with exception of the “Any Colorway” special order listings. :) If you would like me to double check which size would fit you best, you’re welcome to send me your measurements and I’ll personally look them over! My contact form can be found here.

  2. Hi I am interested in course training could you direct me to your 1st course of video so I can learn more

  3. Hey Lucy! Thanks for all the helpful info. I still plan to buy one of your corsets. But in meantime I found a deal on an alt noir corset my size on ebay for super cheap. Is that a good brand? I saw some people said they liked it on youtube. But none were as knowledgeable as you. Have you heard of it? It was only like 20 dollars..

    1. Hi Shelley, so sorry for my late reply, your comment got buried there for a little bit! I seem to have unfortunately missed the boat on Alt Noir. I remember seeing that brand before but they seem to be defunct now and all links to their shop are no longer functional (and redirect to shady sites). Did you end up going with the corset? Feel free to share whether you liked it or not.

  4. Hello! My father has had chronic back pain for years due to lower spine surgery and his posture has been getting worse and worse as decades go by (his shoulders are especially sloped from the inability to support from his power spine). Got any recs for male corset vest or other types to help him? He’s never worn one before, but we’ve seen them help others out with back pain and support. Thanks!

    1. Hi Celrinn, I have a gallery on Corsets for Men here which includes quite a few vest style corsets. Clicking on any of the photos will redirect you to that particular corset maker’s website where you can contact them, ask questions about their work and see if they’re a good fit for working with your father’s medical considerations, and start a commission with them.

  5. Hi Lucy!

    Do you offer the hourglass overbust corset in the same fabric pattern as the TC Artemis Corset Special Edition Pink and Silver Print?

    1. Hi Joanna, thank you for your question. Unfortunately the TT brand corsets cannot be made in the Artemis fabrics, the two styles are made by two different manufacturers, in different countries.

  6. Dear Lucy,

    I am looking for a overbust corset with a closed front.
    Do you by any chance know where one can find buskless corsets that are not underbust corsets?

    Thank you for your time and help!


    P.S. I enjoyed reading your book a lot.

    1. Hi Anna, my apologies for the late response! Yes, there are some makers that offer closed front overbust corsets. Any custom maker is able to make any of their designs buskless, but if you’d like an OTR option, the first that comes to mind is Meschantes (they offer the buskless bridal overbusts in their Ebay page):

  7. Hi Lucy,
    I am a transperson, I would like a corset To go under a Victorian Dress
    with my measurements your calculator recommends size 36 I am not sure what
    to get a overburst or under, i would also like one with detachable suspenders.
    What can you recommend?

  8. Hi Lucy!
    I’ve been a fan of yours for years and I just recently got a steel boned corset I’m seasoning at the moment, which is the CS-201 and it’s great! However, I really wanted to learn how to lace it historically accurate and how to lace it so that it ties on the bottom like a lot of victorian women did back then. I was wondering if you could help?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Rachel, you might be looking for “self-lacing a corset without bunny ears” which is video #10 in my lacing techniques playlist. Cheers!

  9. Hello! So, I’m an old-fashioned person, and I want to wear my first corset HISTORICALLY ACCURATE, just like in the 19th century…so I’m not sure which corsetier would be the best. I love organic fabric, very modeled boning (dear god, no plastic) and to have the emphasis that the Victorians had (Great posture, modeled on body, and had great support, plus waist). I don’t want to pick a modern plastic or synthetic corset. I want to have the same corset that the Victorians had. I would love to hear advice!

    1. Hi Savanna, due to whaling laws it’s unfortunately not possible to get a historically accurate corset containing real baleen. However you can get a steel-boned version (steel was used for boning especially from 1860s onward) of a historical reproduction corset. You can also take advantage of reed and cording and even paper that was used as structural support in corsets. You can choose to make your own reproduction corset using patterns (I recommend Atelier Sylphe) or you can purchase yours from places like RedThreaded or Period Corsets. If you specify that you would NOT like plastic / synthetic baleen, they can of course use steel in yours.

  10. I have been waist training for a couple months now, slowly increasing my hours with intuitive training (I’ve never exceeded 8hrs a day). And recently I’ve started having a burning sensation on my skin when I wear my corset, and when I take it off my skin is sensitive to touch and feels very hot and tingly. It was so bad that I’m afraid to wear my corset at all anymore. I always wear a clean liner, and also have tried a soft thin tank top underneath. The weirdest thing is that this burning is only on my front right side, my left side feels totally fine. I’ve loosened the corset to the point that I am very comfortable with the reduction but the burning makes it so I can’t wear the corset at all. Please help!

    1. Hi Kellie, it sounds like the start of a “hot spot”. I talk more about hot spots here in my master post about pressure and potential skin problems. I hope this information helps!

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