Teeny corsets for petite or advanced tightlacers

Many OTR corset brands carry waist sizes that start from 18-20 inches, but what if you need a corset smaller than that? There are women with very small frames, they may be very petite (less than 5 feet tall) or they may be naturally very slim. Other passionate tightlacers may be ready to delve into the world of the smaller-than-18-inch waist. The following corsetieres and businesses are experienced in making teeny corsets for those too petite to wear ready-made corsets.

Corsetieres, if you have made a corset with a closed waist of less than 18″ and have photos, you’re welcome to submit them to be added to the gallery. Safe-for-work photos are preferred! Please email me here. Thank you!

OTR Teeny Corsets

What Katie Did Baby Corset in size 16

What Katie Did’s Baby Corset ($215) is now available in size 16″ as a made-to-order item. (Model: Miss Miranda)


Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 6.53.22 PM

Mystic City Corsets regularly makes standard-sized 16″ corsets in various cuts and styles.


Orchard Corset offers some styles down to size 16″, such as this CS-411 underbust corset (larger size modeled by Betty Bleu).


Custom Teeny Corsets


Lovesick Corrective Apparel 17″ custom overbust (Model: Jade Vixen)

Lovesick Corrective Apparel 17″ custom overbust (Model: Jade Vixen)


Electra Designs custom 17″ longline plunge. Her standard sized corsets go to 16″ as well. (Model: Dena Massque)


Waisted Couture 16" custom overbust (Model: Miss Mosh)

Waisted Couture 16″ custom overbust (Model: Miss Mosh. Photo: Jean Renard)


Morgana Femme Couture custom-fit MF1303. MFC takes special requests for corsets smaller than 18″ if you email them.


SnowBlack Corsets makes teeny corsets - Alice Black models a 17-inch waist corset

SnowBlack Corsets makes custom 17-inch pieces with beautiful hip springs, as modelled by Alice Black here.


17" custom underbust corset made by Jupiter Moon 3 corsets

17″ custom underbust corset made by Jupiter Moon 3 corsets. Model: Hannah Ghore, photo: LeMew Photography


Ophelia Overdose models the "Millenium Robot" ensemble made by Royal Black Couture & Corsetry (from €689 or $950)

Ophelia Overdose models the “Millenium Robot” ensemble made by Royal Black Couture & Corsetry (from €689 or $950)


Bizarre Design custom overbust (Model: Dena Massque). Jeroen has made corsets as small as 35cm (less than 14″) in the past!


C&S Constructions short hip underbust. C&S Constructions has created a 14″ stemwaist corset for past clientele.



Lace Embrace 15″ overbust corset made specially for Cathie Jung


Corsets & More overbust 16" longline overbust corset (model: Michèle Köbke)

Corsets & More overbust 16″ longline overbust corset (Model: Michèle Köbke)


PY01 custom cincher with a 15.5" waist, made by Puimond Progressive Corset Design

PY01 custom cincher with a 15.5″ waist, made by Puimond Progressive Corset Design


*Please note that I have not personally tried every corset brand in this list, nor do I necessarily endorse every company in these guided galleries. This is for informational purposes only. Please do not attempt to lace down smaller than you are ready; do not participate in crush-lacing, and see a doctor if you feel that you have overlaced. Affiliate links help keep this gallery online and free for everyone to use.

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11 comments on “Teeny corsets for petite or advanced tightlacers

  1. Thank you for this! I’m 4’9″, and last year realized that I should have been wearing much shorter corsets all along, which means I can go smaller! I had been buying 20″ (the smallest I could find) for years, and now I know where to shop!

  2. WaspWaistLover on said:

    Well, there are some very interesting designs offered here. As a wasp waist lover from way back, my motto has always been “The smaller, the better!”. WWL

  3. Thanks to your galleries, I own three custom 17″ corsets by now:)) Really enjoy my training leather Puimond underbust and two SnowBlack underbusts, one mesh and one rosebud coutil. I will definitely order more from them, and Bizarre Design is also on my wish list)) These galleries are so tempting!

  4. I really appreciate how you consider everyone’s different needs for corsets.

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Thank you Tamar! I try to cover all the factors here, and it’s great when someone appreciates the work I put into this site. :)

  5. I’ll get you pictures when my client gets hers :)