Full Figure/ Plus Size Corsets

Victorian women had well-fitting plus size corsets too. To see more examples, click the photo to see the Pragmatic Costumer’s article.

Most well-known OTR corset companies carry corset sizes for natural waists up to and around 38″. However, what if your waist size is over 50 inches? 60 inches? Full-figured people deserve beautiful corsets too, and in this guide I’m going to share with you some of the brands and independent corsetieres that cater to larger clients. All of the following businesses offer corsets larger than 38″. There are many many more corsetieres than these that offer larger-sized corsets as custom commissions, and I recommend that if you have your heart set on a specific corset maker (even one not mentioned here), do message or email them personally and see if they can accommodate your requests.

Please note that some of these companies charge a markup for larger sizes while others don’t. If you would like to learn more about any of the following corset companies and their pricing policy, please contact them directly.

Corsetieres, if you cater to larger clientele and would like to share an example of your work, submit photos by email to be added to the gallery. Safe-for-work photos are preferred!

Plus size OTR / RTW corsets
Plus size custom / bespoke corsets
Archived plus size corsets / honorable mentions

~Ready to Wear/ Off the Rack~


Timeless Trends Black Leather Slim Overbust, $159 USD

Timeless Trends corsets has extended their sizing from 38″ previously to now up to size 42” in underbusts, and 42” for special order overbusts. These have been known to fit those with a natural waist size of up to 54″!

True Corset “Artemis” Underbust Corset in mesh

Although this photo isn’t of a plus size model the Artemis corset (another Lucy design) is carried in extended sizes from 16″ all the way up to 44″ closed waist (suitable for a natural waist of up to 55″). The Artemis is designed to be a halfway point between the hourglass and the Gemini corsets in my shop, so a wider range of curvy body types will be able to fit the Artemis without requiring a 16-inch hip spring.

Glamorous Lara curvy underbust corset for sale at Lucy's Corsetry $84 USD
Glamorous Corset “Lara” Black Cotton Corset, $89 USD

Glamorous Corset stocks sizes up to 40″ corsets, suitable for natural waist sizes of up to 48″ (if lacing the corset closed) or 50″ (if worn with a lacing gap). As the sizes get larger, the Lara is patterned to be a bit more “scoop” like at the bottom front for more support of the lower tummy, while smaller sizes are slightly more pointed.

Mystic City Corset MCC-81 (Plus Size), $129 USD

Mystic City Corsets releases and exclusive plus-size line every so often, like the MCC80 and MCC81, which are carried only in waist sizes 32-44″. These corsets are typically longer than average, with ties at the hips and below the busk to contour around a round lower tummy, and with a high back to smooth the “muffin”.

Corset Story Embellished Couture Underbust in Green, $219 USD

Corset Story sells corsets up to size 46”, recommended for a natural waist of up to 50 inches.

Ms Martha’s Best Black & White overbust ($250) and CorsetVest ($285) both in leather

Ms. Martha’s Corset Shoppe has a selection of silk and leather standard-sized corsets for natural waist sizes 18″ to 52″. She never charges more for larger sizes, and some of her silk cinchers are as low as $100 in her close-out section. She particularly caters to full-figured and hard-to-fit customers, and she regularly uses plus-size models to demonstrate the gorgeous silhouette they give on all sizes. See her Wicked Kitten photoshoot for examples of how more of her corsets fit on fuller figures.

Tess Munster modelling the Orchard Corset CS-426 underbust, starts at $80 without hip-ties ($85 with hip-ties) Orchard Corset offers steel boned underbust corsets up to size 46″, which would fit up to a recommended natural waist of 56″.  Since fuller-figured corset wearers often require more length, I’d personally suggest their CS-426 underbust (shown above, modelled by Tess Munster), preferably in cotton if it’s for daily wear. While they do charge more for sizes 32-46″, it’s only $1 more for each successive size so the largest option is still only $88, by far the least expensive option in this list. 

Meschantes standard sized training underbust, $185 for sizes 40″-44″

Meschantes Corsetry offers ready-to-wear, standard sized training underbust corsets up to size 44″ corseted waist (suitable for up to 50″ natural uncorseted waists, size chart here). Sadly I couldn’t find any photos of these plus sized corsets, though. Meschantes also accepts commissions for custom fit corset styles, with a 25% markup for natural uncorseted waists between 40″-50″. Those with waists above 50″ are encouraged to email for further inquiry.


~Custom Corsets~

Dark Garden Overbust

Dark Garden Corsetry offers standard-sized and custom-fit corsets for full-figured corseters. Their standard Valentine overbust and Cupid underbust are cut specially for curvy clientele, and DG is also comfortable making corset sizes well over 40″ for those that upgrade to custom fit. Anyone who finds themselves in the San Francisco area is invited to have a personal fitting at Dark Garden’s boutique.

Corset: Green Martha. Chemise and model: Delphine (@delphos_7)

This Reproduction Edwardian 1900 S-bend demibust corset by Green Martha shows incredible support, smoothness and curves. Green Martha is run by Marion Brégier, a wedding dress designer, corsetiere and couturier  – read more on her blog here.

KMK Designs (Minnesota, USA) overbust corset from their Witchy Collection (FW2020). Model and hat: Elisabeth Martin (Blonde Swan Hats). Photo: CC Photo Arts

KMK Designs is a fun Mother-Daughter duo out of Stillwater, MN (USA). Between their team members, they have a wide range of experience and talent – I always keep up with their Patreon where they design seasonal collections and cosplay pieces, like this gorgeous dual-texture corset part of their Witchy Corset collection (October 2020), but they also create bridal, couture, and support corsets as well.

Apollonie Corsets  Tim Burton themed Overbust. Model: @queenieshah. Photo: @photog.rei.phy

Apollonie Corsets, run by Heather Jacobsen, is a fellow Canadian who splits her time between Toronto and Montreal. Heather has an impressive repertoire of work, specializing in Cosplay (as seen above), couture and formal wear, historical reproduction, and men’s tailoring as well! Be sure to check out her Instagram for her extensive Cosplay work!

After Elizabeth blue overbust. Model: Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. Photo: Inaglo Photography

After Elizabeth is a one-woman couturier and designer who has moved from exclusively corsetry to bridalwear. Here Georgina of Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust models one of Elizabeth’s masterfully-patterned overbusts. Click through her Facebook galleries to see some of her plus size bridal clients on their happy day!

The Nylon Swish Goddess Hourglass Corset – Ivory Satin, $170 USD (Reg Price $295)

The Nylon Swish started as a lingerie blog out of Australia, and now owner Elinor designs her own robes, dressing gowns, stockings and more. The Nylon Swish has evolved into a fantastic shop catering especially to Queen Size people in the Southern Hemisphere and beyond. Every part of her business is carefully considered to serve an intersectional client base with high quality, durable clothing.  While corsetry stock is low in her shop at the moment I would be remiss to not include Elinor’s work here!

GlowPinkStah modeling Rosie Red Corsetry & Couture

Rosie of Rosie Red, Corsetry & Couture (UK) may have launched her career after dressing  the svelte Helena Bonham Carter, but where she shines is in her expertise in patterning and designing for full-figured brides and models in these ethereal smoky, gossamer gowns and corsets.

Moody Corsetry Bespoke Overbust. Model: GlitzyFlamingo on Instagram, Photo: SW Photography

Elizabeth Moody is the talent and brains behind Moody Corsetry (UK) who has extensive experience patterning supportive and smooth corsets for full bust clients, and as shown here, is also able to accommodate the most striking of dramatic hip springs to create a true hip shelf.

Mystras Corsetry & Clothier “Artemesia” Overbust for full bust. Photo: paskeyboudoir. MUA: ladonnastein

Mystras Corsetry & Clothier makes corsets for clients of all sizes, “whether you’re 600 lbs or under 100. Every. Body. Is deserving of love, pampering and corsets.” Could not have said it better myself! This overbust is designed to support a full bustline and pull in a lower tummy after giving birth to twins.

RedThreaded 1900s Edwardian S-Bend Corset

RedThreaded is a team in Colorado owned by Cynthia, an expert theatre costume designer and corsetiere. You may not know it, but you’ve very likely seen their corsets on the runway (several BIG Haute Couture designers use RedThreaded corsets as their base pieces!). RedThreaded found its niche in historical reproduction corsetry. They test each of their pieces extensively so whether you would like to commission a corset, nab a sale piece, or sew your own corset from their pattern, you know you’ll have an expertly-patterned and proportioned corset.

Luscious Pearl Designs modelling her own historical recreation of the 1862 Strauss patent corded demibust

Luscious Pearl Designs from B.C. Canada specializes in beautiful made-to-measure plus size corsets. Her pieces range from historical reproductions to contemporary couture and every fusion in between. Being a full-figured corseter herself, she understands how to specially draft for extra-curvy women in order to give flattering shape and support.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 10.57.51 PM
Bride Jamie modelling The Bad Button “Armor” overbust

The Bad Button Bespoke Corsets is also well experienced in making corsets for full-figured clients; Alisha has mentioned that her corsets have been made up to size 50″ in the past. The gorgeous modified “Armor” corset with straps featured above was made for one of her clients, bride Jamie, in summer 2013. (You can see more pictures of Jamie’s wedding in her Offbeat Bride feature!)

Moriel Corsetry Custom Underbust

Moriel Corsetry is run by Katerina out of Moscow, Russia. Here one of her clients models a beautiful longline underbust covered in a soft peach lace, with a supportive spoon busk to pull in the tummy, and multiple adjustment points (three lacing systems) for both aesthetics and functionality.

Custom supportive plus-size underbust corset by Wild Rose Atelier

Wild Rose Atelier is owned by Rebecca Balfour, a corsetiere, designer and leatherworker from Ottawa, ON, Canada. While she is relatively new on the corset scene, Wild Rose has an impressive list of repeat clients who trust her expertise in therapeutic support corsetry and her perfectionism in patterning.

Nocturnal Garden Atelier Overbust

Nocturnal Garden Atelier is an haute couture brand out of Milan, Italy, that I have apparently been sleeping on until very recently. This multi-talented one woman-business creates not only bespoke corsets, but cosplay and Larp costumes, leatherwork, collars, tiaras and beautiful accessories.

Plus size long-hip cupped overbust by Fiorentina Corsetry

Fiorentina Corsetry (Kyiv, Ukraine) specializes in historical reproduction clothing and corsetry, but every so often she creates stunning one-of-a-kind pieces like this gorgeous red brocade cupped overbust with a 19teens-era low hip for hip smoothing and bust support.

Puimond PY12 long plunge overbust (Model: Alyssa Kitt)
Puimond PY12 long plunge overbust (Model: Alyssa Kitt)

Puimond has made corsets for clientele of all clients, from the teensy to the voluptuous, and from daily waist training to burlesque applications. Above is performer Alyssa Kitt modelling a Puimond PY12 overbust, which shows the reinforcing bones along the bust panels and well-dispersed double boning that’s present in all his corsets, which help contribute to the corset’s amazing curves.

Period Corsets / Palatine Bridal plus size bespoke corset

Period Corsets (Washington USA) is best known for their historical reproduction clothing and corsetry, but did you know that they also have a sister company called Palatine Bridal, where they specialize in plus size and full figure evening wear, bridal and more contemporary couture clothing.

Bone & Busk Couture custom overbust for full-figured (and asymmetric) client

Totally Waisted! Corsets (Now Bone & Busk Couture) also caters to full-figured clientele, offering made-to-measure corsets whatever your size. Kate’s commissions are almost always heavily boned and she uses the highest quality materials she can find; the result as seen above is proper abdominal and bust support, and beautifully smooth curves. The photo featured above is also drafted for an asymmetric client.

Darbi modelling a Jupiter Moon 3 overbust, starts at $180
Darbi modelling a Jupiter Moon 3 overbust, starts at $180

Jupiter Moon 3 Corsets also has copious experience fitting all bodies, large and small. Jennifer has mentioned that she’s made corsets for natural waists up to 60″ before. Above you will see model Darbi modelling gorgeous purple Jupiter Moon 3 overbust and matching ensemble. Jupiter Moon 3’s standard size chart goes up to a corseted waist of 50″ and her basic corset prices start at $180.

Cori in a custom underbust from Unartig Shop
Cori in a custom underbust from Unartig Shop

Unartig Unique Boutique, run by Lotte in Germany, is also known for their well-fitting custom corsets for plus-size clients. Featured here is Cori, wearing her custom sleek black underbust corset with matching collar. This corset looks to have been drafted to have many panels, which contributes to the smoothness of the fabric and an impressively refined fit.

Ferrer Corsets Queen Size underbust, starts at R$ 450
Ferrer Corsets Queen Size underbust, starts at R$ 450

Ferrer Corsets of Brazil has a special collection of plus sized designs on their website, specially for women with waists 45″ and/ or with fuller busts. Their corsets are modelled by a woman with a natural waist exceeding 50″, and the one featured above clearly shows triple boning and an extra tape angled over the lower tummy which offers support and stabilization. The price of this Queen corset starts at R$ 450, which converts to about $190 USD.

Corsetology Corsets modelling her own Steampunk vest underbust corset
Corsetology Corsets modelling her own Steampunk vest underbust corset

Corsetology Corsets from Sydney, Australia creates custom corsets, steampunk clothing and Bellydance costumes, and is comfortable fitting corsets that close at 40+ inches. The photo above features Kayla, the corsetiere herself modelling one of her longline vest/ waistcoat corsets (and matching Steampunk outfit!).

Woodsholme Tudor short stays, starts at $175

For those who prefer more Elizabethan-style stays, Woodsholme on Etsy creates beautiful historically-inspired stays, Victorian corsets and clothing. Louise, the corsetiere, creates made-to-measure pieces for all sizes; the Tudor stays featured above were made to fit a client with a 50″ bust.


~Honorable Mentions~

Romantasy Simple Pleasures Cincher, from $185 – $265

Romantasy Exquisite Corsetry offered corsets in both standard sizes and custom-fit, all made in the USA, and available for natural waists up to 60″. Above is a photo of their Simple Pleasures cincher, which had an average price of $235 for the full-figured client, depending on your waist size. This cincher was also used upside down to fit gentlemen. In June 2020, Ann Grogan retired and Romantasy met a graceful conclusion after 30 years in business. 

Evie Wolfe models the Belladonna overbust, $249

Forever in Black was a UK business that had been creating corsets since 1995, adding historical costume and goth/Steampunk clothing to the list of commissions. Their standard sized corsets went up to a 42″ closed waist, and custom corsets like the Belladonna overbust (seen above, modeled by Evie Wolfe) was made for any waist size if you needed larger. An included toile fitting ensured dramatic curves for $249.

For other corset makers who cater to full-figured clientele, also check out the following links:

*Please note that I have not personally tried every corset brand in this list, nor do I necessarily endorse every company in these guided galleries. This is for informational purposes only. Please contact the individual corsetieres for more information regarding their plus size corsets. Tiddly links are Etsy affiliate links which help keep these galleries free for everyone.

If you liked this article, perhaps you’d also be interested in reading the Guide for Overbusts for Large-Busted/ Top-Heavy Corseters.

44 thoughts on “Full Figure/ Plus Size Corsets

  1. Can you make me a corsette dress I’m in the usa

    1. Hi LaRae, this page is just a compilation of different makers – if you click on any of the photos in this gallery, it will redirect you to that specific maker’s website where you can see more of their work, ask them questions or start a commission. :) You might also be interested in the gallery for corset gowns and dresses here. One of the most well known current makers of corset/gown combinations for full figured people is Rosie Red.

  2. Hi please help! I have a 50” waist largely caused by an incisional hernia due to cancer surgery. I need a corset for my sons wedding to support, (and give the appearance of reducing) the hernia, so that, in any outfit I wear, I can feel a little bit less ‘blobby’ and a little bit more ‘ mother-of-the-groom’
    I would be grateful for any advice/help.
    Thank you
    Jane Mills

    1. Hi Jane, thanks for your comment! There are several OTR corsets that you can wear (a size 42″ corset is less than a 20% waist reduction and may still be comfortable for you), however if the cause of your distended tummy is due to a previous medical condition then I would rather direct you to a specialist corsetiere who is experienced in creating a custom corset designed to support your hernia. I would recommend looking through the yellow markers on the corsetiere map as these are experienced in medical bracing / corsetry.

  3. Hello Lucy! I was wondering if you would know where I could get a plus size waspie corset that’s an hourglass shape and not made with steel bones?

    1. Hi Chantel, if you don’t want steel bones, you can try some reproduction historical corsetieres like RedThreaded, Period Corsets, A Clockwork Faerie, Laurie Tavan, Prior Attire, etc. They use synthetic baleen on request.

  4. Hi Lucy,

    Thank you for this article. I have been using Orchard Corsets as I have found them affordable and in my size range. The most frustrating part is that the front of my belly is B shaped. The bend of my waist on the sides doesn’t match with the smallest (middle) part of the B so the waist tape tends to hit at the right place on the sides but I have a strange time in the front. The tape wants to be resting on top of the B or below the top roll, which is slightly lower than it should be. Do I just do the best I can until I start to train inward in the right area? Or is there a better way?

    1. Hi Jammie, the love handles usually hide the true skeletal part of the waistline – the corseted waistline is usually a bit lower than the natural smallest part of the waist and what I’ve found with my body is that the bigger I am, the higher my visual waist becomes. That being said, my tummy is “D” shaped instead of “B” shaped. It’s hard to give you a definitive answer without seeing your body, but I would measure lower than the bends at the sides of your waist, and probably in the smallest part of the B. The other solution is to measure both and take the average!

  5. Hi Lucy! I’m a huge fan and really appreciate all the work you put in to the info you make available for free. I’d like your opinion: I started corseting to alleviate back pain last year while doing physio. Since then, I’ve lost some weight and now can fit my arm into my fully closed Orchard corset no problem. I’ve found that my waist can easily be compressed by ~10″ despite being near 47″ naturally.

    Now I’ve become really interested in waist training, but I don’t have any full-figure corseters to look up to and I’ve become a little discouraged. Is attempting to waist train worth the effort and $$ at my size or should I lose some more around my middle before trying?

    1. Hi Tia, thanks for your comment! Yes, there are plenty of full figured people who waist train! Those with a natural waist above ~35 inches do tend to be accommodate a more dramatic waist reduction, and those with a natural waist over 40″ even more so! So it’s not out of the ordinary that you’re able to reduce your waistline by 10 inches. If you want to lose weight / are already in the process of losing weight, the biggest issue is that you may be purchasing many corsets in succession to fit your rapidly changing body. If you’re able to afford this and you enjoy it, go for it! But if you intend to lose a lot of weight and you’re on a budget and would like just a few corsets in your collection, I would wait until your weight loss slows to 1 pound per week or less before taking measurements and getting your next corset, so you’ll be able to wear it for longer.

  6. I love your work its beautiful, elegant, and about damn time that all women recognize their beauty regardless of size. I’ve always been a big beautiful woman and never had trouble finding men that were attrated to me. I have been big since the second grade. I was a cheerleader, took dance, have driven an 18 wheeler, and after 9/11 got tired of nursing and became a firefighter and patamedic. Never let anyone put obstacles in your way. Be the best you, you can be. Happily married and embrace my feminine curves. Keep these designs coming and available for all to enjoy.

  7. Ms Martha’s Corset Shoppe has 20 styles and many color selections for 45* inch waists in leather and silk. She has been in business for over 10 years and is counted on to present a quality garment.

  8. I am interested in corsets, not necessarily for waist training, but for back pain. I have a lapband, so cinching the waist too tight isn’t something I relish to begin with. I’ve always been heavy and very large breasted (I was wearing a C cup in 4th grade and a GG in high school). While gravity and breastfeeding has taken its toll on the girls, I still need at least a DD cup in a retail brand (I know, they aren’t fitted properly, but I cannot muster enthusiasm to tug, pull, and shove them into something more uncomfortable. Usually I am at home and they go free.

    But my back is the problem. Too fast living at too early an age plus various degenerative ailments has me humped over and in pain.

    So…without breaking this old retired woman’s budget, which is better for simply keeping me from having to lay down and pop pain pills?

    1. Hello, thanks for your comment. There are literally thousands of different types of corsets out there, and each style would arguably fit the body differently so without knowing your body measurements I can’t make a solid recommendation – but this overbust by Corsets Blvd Global is designed for fuller busts and it’s probably one of the least expensive corsets I’ve come across. If it’s too curvy for you, send me a direct email and we could figure out something else.

  9. Hi Lucy!

    Thanks for an informative website! I am sure I fall into the underbust corset category because my bra size is 44-J and it is incredibly hard to find a garment that fits bust(58″), waist(52″), hips(56″). I have issues with my back and I looking for something functional. I am new to the entire process of buying/wearing a corset and to top it off, I would have to learn how to lace it solo…any advice for a newbie?

    1. Hi Nola, if you’re alright trying an underbust, I know that Orchard Corset goes up to size 46″ which would fit your natural waist and hips really well (actually you could probably even fit a 42″ depending on how compressible your tummy may be). But for a well-fitting overbust corset, I’m afraid you may need to go custom fit. I do have another gallery for overbust corsets for large-busted people here, if you’re interested. Tying your corset is not difficult as long as you have enough strength and mobility in your arms and shoulders! I have a playlist on Youtube showing you how to lace your corset.

  10. I hate that you can find a corset for like 30 or 40 dollars if you are under 50 inches in the waisy buy i would have to pay 100 dollars because I am like 54 inches at my waist. I too have pcos and the weight likes to hang in your tummy

    1. Hi Marcella, if it’s any consolation, if a corset costs $30-40 it’s very likely not a good quality corset and will break within a few wears, regardless of the size. Even for people who wear a smaller size, I would normally recommend a budget of $100 (or more) for a corset that will last over time. Have you checked out Orchard’s options? Their corsets are well below $100, they only charge a few dollars more for the larger sizes only to cover the extra fabric (and in the case of the mesh pieces, extra steel bones).

  11. I have just read through here and your options and explanations are incredible! I’m looking to have a long torso corset for my wedding in November, I had a baby boy eight weeks ago and am wanting to have the extra weight pulled in, underneath my gown…. I want one that I can cinch tightly and over time pull in harder so I need good material that is strong and preferably bone or steel…. Any suggestions? I’m like an 18-20 right now…

    1. Hi Amanda, corset sizes are different from street clothes sizes. If let me know your measurements and your budget, I can recommend a brand and size for you! I have a measuring tutorial and contact form here.

  12. Hi lucy,

    I am having a difficult day today and i am deeply inspired to transform my self to a better person holistically. I have been a very chubby girl ever since I was in my teens but I have been able to see a small waist before but when I gave birth and experienced PCOS and all the hormonal imbalances, my weight increased normally and my waist is the most to suffer. I am hoping to start my journey to waist training effective today but I dont know how to start please send me details and I will be your consistent follower. And btw, most importantly where to buy my corset so i can start. Thank u so much!

    1. Hi Angela, I’d be happy to help! Have you seen my “corseting for beginners” playlist on Youtube? If you are looking for a corset that may fit you, you’re also welcome to use my measuring guide and contact form on this page and I can help you choose something that will fit your figure.

  13. Hello Lucy,
    I know this article is old and hope you reply. Anyways i’m looking in to wast training but i don’t know where to start. i want to make sure i get something good. i am a big girl always have been and lately i want to feel more comfortable with my body so that’s the reason i want to wait train. i wear a size 2x or bigger depending on the brand. and I’ve always been the tomboy so i don’t know much. i would appropriate your help. thank you

    1. Hi A, I’d be glad to help you out! The first thing to do is get yourself a soft tailor’s measuring tape, and take your measurements. I have a page with instructions on how to submit your measurements, and I can tell you what corsets would be most likely to fit. :)

  14. Hi there, I’m a taller and bigger girl. I’m 6 foot one and plus sized. My really problem is I have a “sagging” stomach from bearing children and losing/gaining/losing weight. I find most corsets cut off above my problem area. Any idea on how to get longer corsets? Or if they are available? Thanks

    1. Hi Erin, thanks for your question! Yes, what you want to look for is a longline corset. I have two different pages for longline corsets: longlines for tall people or those with a long torso, and longlines for petite people or those with a short torso. It sounds like the corsets for long-waisted people would be a better fit for you!

  15. Lucy, I am a bigger girl bust 48 waist 41 (natural) hips 48-50. I want to start waist training, but more then that I can’t go on wearing bras. I am tired of them picking me and bending riding up, getting loose over time, digging into my ribs, or under arms. I just can’t do it anymore. What overbust corset gives the best support?

    1. Hi Dayna, there is no single brand that will give every large-busted women the best support. Just like different bras fit different people, so will different corsets. In your case it may be best to go custom fit; I have a gallery of overbusts for large busted women. I also have an article on the drawbacks and benefits of overbust corsets.

  16. does wearing a corset consistently permanently shape your body

    1. Hi Chichi, yes and no – it highly depends on the body type, the type of corset, and how long you train for, and even then the effects might said to be “semi permanent”. Like with any training program, if you stop doing it, you lose progress. So some maintenance will be required (and if you get pregnant, all that work to reshape your ribs can be undone as well). I have a video about it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FB39kT-ZvV4

  17. i was wondering if you could give me some more information on you over the bust corsets, made to measure ones. What does the price range start from and time of delivery. As I live in th UK
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Emma, I do not personally take custom corset commissions anymore, but I know of many corset makers in the UK who do offer made-to-measure overbusts. You can see which corsetieres live nearby by using the corsetiere map, or you can take a look at the overbust corsets shown in several of the other guided galleries. Send me an email if you need help.

      1. Thank you very much, I will have a look.

  18. Hi there,

    I find that my corset can dig into my hips uncomfortably. Are certain brands more confortable? What should I look for if I want confort and support?

    1. Hi Elizabeth, what brands have you tried in the past? I have a measurements page here, if you let me know your circumferential measurements and what size corset you normally wear, I’d have a better idea of what’s happening and what corset brand/ style might work better for you. :)

  19. Extremely helpful article i am helping with costuming our local theater group’s production of Shrek. One of our female actors is quite large. I would love to purchase a corset for her dress to make her beautiful. They are all so expensive for our budget. I found one that is close. When they are laced up the back can that be loosened to allow for more space. She is 56 54 67. Would this be considered 6X? She is a beautiful young woman and I believe that her dress would be more beautiful with a corset. I appreciate any help you can provide

    1. Hello Elaine, a real corset normally doesn’t have a S/M/L/XL style sizing, but rather the actual size of the waistline when closed. Moreover your actor should measure her waist and subtract 4-6 inches to find the suitable corset size. Since her waist is over 50″, she may be able to go down 8″. Orchard Corset is the only brand I know who accommodates a 46″ corseted waist size and they are also inexpensive (and you can return the corset if it doesn’t work for her).

      1. When I started my company I became confused with the inconsistency of sizing in the industry in general. If I didn’t get it, I felt sure my customers would have a hard time. I adopted my own S M L XL …. system the depends solely on a waist measurement, a wide privacy panel and long laces. On my site people simply take their waist measurement and order true.

        Thank you for all the work you do educating all of us. I learn something new from you every time I visit your site.

  20. Great article! I do have a couple questions though. See… Over the last 18 months or so, I’ve lost about 175 pounds; and I haven’t reached my goal weight yet. I have a corset that I used to wear to my fav Ren Faire but now it doesn’t fit…. In fact, the lacing bones over lap quite a bit. Corsets are kind of expensive and I’m afraid to spend that much money on a corset and then have this same problem again in a few years when I reach my goal weight. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Ashley, there is only one person I know of who is willing to alter/ take in renfaire corsets, and that’s Damsel in This Dress. I’m not certain if she alters other corsets or only her own, though. But if you’re actively losing weight and especially losing more than 1 lb per week, I’d recommend waiting a bit before you buy your new corset so you don’t have to keep buying a new smaller one every month or so.

  21. I love this site, and having the ability to scroll joyfully through plus size options makes me realize how rare this experience is! Thank you!

    1. Thank you, I’m so glad you liked it! :)

  22. Those are beautiful, and I am interested in getting a corset. I have a question though. I’m what they call an apple shape, large tummy and abdomen, thin legs and not very wide hips. My shape resembles a pregnant woman in profile. Are there certain kinds of full-figure corsets that would be more suitable to that sort of body shape?

    Thanks for all the wonderful links!

    1. I’d definitely recommend going custom made in a situation like yours; if you can find a corsetiere that lives and works near to you at all, you may be able to get a personal fitting. You’re welcome to check the map if you like, and see who may be in your vicinity: https://lucycorsetry.com/research-corset-brands/corsetiere-map/

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