Overbust corsets for large busts

Most off-the-rack corsets cater only to relatively small-busted corseters, and it can be difficult to find a standard corset that fits D+ cups.* If your bust size is over about an F cup then it is almost impossible to find a standard sized corset to lift, support and cover your bust appropriately. The ideal overbust corset (in my opinion) should fully encompass the breast tissue and prevent you from spilling over or popping out of the corset. It should also give your bust a moderate lift, but not flatten the breasts like pancakes and not push up the breasts so high that it creates a chin rest.

It’s almost guaranteed that you will need to find a custom overbust to cover and flatter your bust, and not every corsetiere is experienced in fitting overbusts for top-heavy women. A well-fitted overbust can be quite healthy for women with large or heavy breasts, as it takes considerable pressure off the neck, shoulders and upper back by supporting the bust from below, as opposed to having shoulder straps from bras cutting into the flesh. Some medical professionals have recommended overbust corsets as part of treatment/ prevention of thoracic outlet syndrome and torn scalene muscles from heavy breasts.

While it’s the best situation to have a corsetiere give you an in-person mockup fitting (or several) to ensure the best outcome possible, not everyone has a corsetiere living closeby. (To check if you have any corsetieres in your vicinity, see my Corsetiere Map.) The next best thing is to find a corsetiere online who is experienced at fitting large busts. The following is a non-exhaustive list of corsetieres that I’ve found to give beautiful bust shaping for larger cup sizes in conventional (non-cupped) overbusts. If you’re interested in cupped overbusts, I have a separate gallery here.

OTR Corsets for Large Busts:

Timeless Trends hourglass silhouette red dot with lace print overbust corset for sale at Lucy's Corsetry, $119 USDHourglass Silhouette Overbust corset, by Timeless Trends (design by Lovely Rats’ Corsetry) ($119 USD)

After Corsets Blvd Global seems to have closed their shop and their site was hacked, I was really stuck trying to figure out some decent quality OTR overbust corsets to suit those with a large and heavy bust. After 5 years of waiting, TT has finally come through with the hourglass overbust corsets, available in 3 different bust sizes. The large bust can accommodate over 14 inches difference between the waist and the bust, thanks to another adjustable lacing system in the front. You can find all the available options in my own shop, here!

Custom Corsets for Large Busts:

Eikhell Edwardian overbust "1901", €420 for made-to-measure
Eikhell Edwardian overbust “1901”, €420 for made-to-measure

Eikhell wrote the manual on supporting large busts – literally! Isabelle, the corsetiere behind Eikhell, has written a two-part instructional article on Foundations Revealed, showing other corsetieres how to fit and support heavy busts with overbust corsets. The first article is available to read for free – the 1901 overbust however, is €420 (about $570) for a custom fit.

Jupiter Moon 3 custom overbust corsets for large busts are some of the most impressive
Jupiter Moon 3 custom overbust (modelled by Beth), starts at $250

Jupiter Moon 3 is incredibly talented at making corsets for all shapes and sizes, and she does not shy away from ample-busted clientele. Jennifer has said that the overbust corset shown above in 2011 was the most custom overbust she has ever made, and she’s won the respect of top-heavy women everywhere. Her bare-bones made-to-measure overbust corsets start at $250 and she offers a huge number of upgrades and further customization in styles.

Angela Friedman overbust, $555 for semi-custom

New York designer Angela Friedman makes magic with her beautifully supportive overbusts for the fuller-busted. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then you can see that the many panels running down the front of  her custom-fit corsets work to create a superbly smooth, highly-customized overbust with a round bust shape – no excessive push-up, no flattening of the bust and no tissue spillover.

Romantasy has several corsetieres on Ann's team, some of which specialize in corsets for large busts
Overbust corset for a fuller bust, made by a member of Romantasy’s fantastic corsetiere team.

Romantasy Exquisite Corsetry is owned by Ann Grogan of San Francisco, and she leads a team of several corsetieres, each of whom have their own specializations. Whether you have a large frame or small frame, apple shaped or hourglass, there is a custom corset that is likely to fit and flatter your body. Seen above you can see how a fuller bust is supported and shaped to comfort – shoulder straps are optional.

Bespoke Victorian lattice demibust recreation by L'Atelier de LaFleur (modelled by Mina herself), starts at $500
Bespoke Victorian lattice demibust recreation by L’Atelier de LaFleur (modelled by Mina herself), starts at $500

Certainly not your typical plain overbust: Mina LaFleur made waves with this historical recreation of a traditional Victorian overbust. Historical overbusts are not usually overbusts in the sense that we think of them; they’re actually closer to demibust (half-covering the breast) with a chemise worn underneath to cover the rest of the chest. Mina slightly altered the pattern to curve a little more over the breast and prevent flattening or spillage. As a large-busted corset-wearer herself, she understands the need for a comfortable and flattering overbust. Her bespoke overbusts start at just $500 including toile fitting.

Crikey Aphrodite specializes in fitting overbusts for large busts
Crikey Aphrodite “Queenie” overbust; bespoke corsets start at £380. (Model: Evie Wolfe. Photo: Scott Chalmers)

What’s not to love about this overbust by Crikey Aphrodite? Alison, the owner of Crikey Aphrodite, has worked as a professional bra-fitter for years – knowledge that she’s expertly incorporated into her characteristic gored overbust corsets made especially for fuller busts, creating a superb lifted and rounded bust area. Her bespoke corsets range from £380-£1000 which includes a toile fitting.

Totally Waisted! robin's egg overbust from 2011
Totally Waisted! Robin’s egg overbust

This robin’s egg blue overbust from Totally Waisted! Corsetry is an exquisitely shaped piece from early 2011. The curve around the bust combined with the external boning channels and delicate flossing makes for a soft, feminine piece that still effectively shapes and controls curves. Kate is knowledgeable in fitting both fuller busts and smaller busts, and she takes commissions for custom overbusts through Etsy.

Purple patent leather overbust by Atelier Sylphe Corsets
Purple patent leather overbust by Atelier Sylphe Corsets

This avant-garde purple overbust was created by Joëlle at Atelier Sylphe Corsets for Alina, the lead singer of Markize. It’s designed for a fuller cup size and wider hip spring and features a plunge neckline while still keeping the bust fully covered. The majority of the corsets sold through Atelier Sylphe are special one-off samples, but every so often you can find one of her corsets for large busts.

Corsets & More custom overbust corset, starts at €340
Corsets & More custom overbust corset, starts at €340

Whatever your shape, size, corseting experience, age or gender, Doris Müller will create a corset to shape and flatter – large busts are no challenge to her. To be truthful, I can’t believe I’ve gone so long without knowing about Corsets and More, as Doris excels in nearly every style of corset. The overbust featured above combines a modest sweetheart bustline that effectively covers the entire cup, while still accentuating a tiny waist and impressive hipspring – and beautifully mirror-matching the stripes to create perfect chevrons down the center front.

Electra Designs
Electra Designs overbust modelled by Bride Stephanie

More stripes! Electra Designs is also accomplished in making sweetheart overbust corsets that lifts the bust to a natural level, with cups that round over the breast to keep the bust in place while looking both attractive yet tasteful. With a custom corset, the bustline can be raised to show almost no cleavage, or lowered to expose more of the décolletage while still feeling safe and secure in your corset.

Other corsetieres who can accommodate full-busted clients include:

*Please note that I have not personally tried every corset brand in this list, nor do I necessarily endorse every company featured in my Guided Galleries. This is for informational purposes only. Please visit your doctor if you would like to start corseting for any reason, and especially if you are searching for an overbust for medical purposes.

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26 thoughts on “Overbust corsets for large busts

  1. Thank you so much for this site, Lucy! My problem is that I would like to minimize my bust not maximize. I wear a 38DD. My measurements are 46 bust, 36 waist and 48 hip, but have not had a problem finding a corset to fit. I have worn both over and under-bust styles. I have back problems and find that I have less back pain with an over-bust, but an under-bust also helps. I am an accountant and need to be taken seriously at work. When I see other women in corsets (large busted or otherwise) they look beautiful, but I feel so conspicuous. Can you offer any advice on how to do this other than a sports bra as that will ruin the silhouette? Thank you for any reply!

    1. Hi Hope, it’s possible to buy/wear overbust corsets that are smaller than your natural bust size so the corset squishes your bust flat, but because corsets give a different type of support than bras, it’s very likely that they would push your breasts upwards towards your chin, rather than downwards. I do have a video on combining chest binders with underbust corsets though.

      1. Dear Lucy. I’m a double D – severe neck and shoulder pain . When I see the overbusts though, why do the breasts have to be so squished together?
        Is there no way possible for lift and SEPARATE?

        1. Hi Christina, you may prefer the cupped overbust corsets instead – but these have to be customized to fit you properly, so there is unfortunately no such thing as an OTR overbust with bra-like bust cups that lift and separate.

  2. I am currently wearing a OC longline in a 30 but am looking for an overbust. I wear a 36G but don’t know if the OC overbust’s would work for my bust. I want to be able to wear it for long occasions but not everyday, am curious if you have any recommendations?

    1. Hi Korina, if you wear a 36G I’m guessing your full bust circumference is around 42-43″ ? Unfortunately OC’s overbust corsets might not fit you that well. You could probably wear their size 32 overbust with a “V” shaped lacing gap in the back and get away with it, but if you prefer more of a cinch in the waist and you want a more rounded and comfortable bust fit, it may be time to go custom with one of the makers shown here.

  3. Hi there my name is pixie and I was wondering what your recommendation for me would be. I have gigantomastia (huge boob syndrome..lol). My measurements are a 37.5in waist/ribcage, 43in hips, and around a 56in bust. I normally wear a 38M through a 38O in bras and was hoping I could find a strapless option that won’t kill my shoulders while softening my waist.

    1. Hi Pixie, with your measurements you will definitely need a custom fit corset. Having a corset maker fit you in person would be the best case scenario, so maybe check out the Corsetiere Map and see if you live near anyone who can help you.

  4. HI My Name is Keara Shelby I have a 38 G BUST WITH A 37 INCH WAIST WITH 41 INCH HIPS ANY SUGGESTIONS?

    1. Hello Keara, based on your bra size I’m guessing your full bust measures around 45 inches, is that correct? If you’re looking for just bust support and not a lot of waist reduction, you might be able to fit the Corsets Boulevard Global overbust in waist size 34″ (or size 32″ with a lacing gap in the back). Otherwise, all of the other makers on this page do custom orders and would be able to make a corset to fit you perfectly. If you click on the pictures, it redirects you to that site where you can learn more and decide who best fits your aesthetic, needs, and budget.

  5. Hi! I have a 51″ bust and a 36″ (probably smaller though now, I spent the summer in the wilderness) so would these options still work for me?

    1. *sorry the 36″ is my waist measure I got sidetracked

    2. Hi Spooky, the OTR options would not work for you, but any of the custom overbust options (made by individual corsetieres) are fitted to your body, so yes they can still make one to fit you!

  6. Thanks for this article Lucy. I am still a little lost after a few days researching what to get my girlfriend for her first corset. She is tall and relatively skinny without much natural curve but she wears a 32DD which makes her bust about 44″.

    I was originally looking at the CS-530 but realized after watching your review that it wouldn’t make for a good piece to wear outside of the house and I’d like to get her something more fitted for her chest.

    Where would you recommend I look for something either cupped or just better suited for DD sized women while keeping it in the $200-$500 range as it’s her first corset?


  7. Hi
    I live in Australia and have problems with Chronic pain. Due to the pain problems I find it hard to exercise as I usually would and thus I have a large girth. My hips are 54 inch and my waist is 50 inch. How would I go about ordering when my waist is not within your largest size range. I have never worn a corset but it has been suggested to help my back.

    1. Hi Rose, I would recommend Orchard Corset; their corset size 46″, and with your 50 inch natural waist I’m guessing that you might fit a size 44″ or possibly even size 42″ corset. Their options can be found here.

  8. Quesion: Are all of these just for plus size women? I’m petite but with 32E chest so I need something with a bigger cup size but a small waist.

    1. Hi Zoe, no they’re not just for plus size women. I have a separate gallery on corsets for people with larger waists, but all of these corsets can be made with a small waist and accommodate for a larger bust.

  9. Hi I have a question on how to choose the right corset i wear a large in shirts 36 b in bras and 10/11 in jeans I don’t have measuring tape and I need help Asap

    1. Hello Heather, I have a measuring guide on my site here – you will need a fitted shirt and a soft tailor’s measuring tape. I hope you find it helpful.

  10. Hello ! my name is renee and i wear a 36jj im short muy torsal is not very long my waist is between a about 29. im getting married and my wedding dress plug in the front and back is very low. The front of the dress can be the standard look but i need a corset in yellow or gray becauce my dress is yellow with a low back that will make my girls sit up. Please help.

    1. Hi Renee, sorry for my late response! If your dress has a low back, and plunge front, it may actually be easier to pair a well-formed strapless bra with a shorter underbust corset to avoid the top edge of the corset from peeking out from under your dress. I have a video about it here!

  11. This is very useful. I wear a. 36HH and have been considering an overbust corset to help with support. Something that is lower and more attractive looking than the full coverage bras that I’m stuck with and feel extremely unsexy in.

  12. Love this! I once did a photoshoot with an overbust corset, and it gave me underarm muffintop, barely covered my nipples, and squished my boobs! Here’s some photos, although, I didn’t even post the photo where the underarm muffintop was super visible:


    1. Thanks for your photos, Alana! Despite the underarm spillover, you looked really lovely. :) I’m glad that this article was helpful to you.

  13. Thanks for this Lucy! I don’t know how I missed it, haha. >_<

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