Longline Corsets for the Tall / Long Waisted (under $300)

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Folks obviously come in different shapes and sizes, and when it comes to a ready-to-wear world of fashion, we make do where we can. People with shorter waists may be able to purchase a cincher and it would fit like a full underbust corset on them, while people who are a little taller may be able to do the opposite – purchase a regular underbust corset and have it fit like a cincher. I have even heard of some purchasing an overbust corset just so it would fit as an underbust!

However, making do in this manner sometimes comes with their own potential fitting issues. If going custom-fit is not an option, then what I normally recommend for long-waisted corset wearers (those who have a torso length of 11 inches or longer from underbust to lap) are longline corsets, so there is less likely to be muffin top around the ribcage where the underbust may not extend far enough, or their lower abdomen falling out from the bottom edge of the corset.

Here are a few examples of longer OTR and ready-to-wear corsets that may keep even the longest of waists covered. All of the following corsets are under $300 USD for those on a budget:

Gemini longline corset, round rib and conical rib silhouette modeled and designed by Lucy Corsetry
Gemini Longline (Conical or Round Rib) by Timeless Trends, $131

The Gemini Longline corset is the most recent addition to the Timeless Trends family – it has the same rib and hip springs as the original Gemini corset, but it’s two inches longer (nearly 11 inches from underbust to lap). Just like the other Gemini, it’s available in two different silhouettes depending on whether you’d like to train your ribs or not. I also made improvements to the original Gemini pattern; making it higher in the back for less “muffin top”, not so long at the bottom in the back so it will be a bit more comfortable for those with a prominent bum. Lastly, this corset is designed for slightly higher-waisted folks – the Gemini longline is longer from the waist down (shorter from the waist up), whereas the hourglass longline has the opposite length distribution. Find the Gem Long corsets here!

MCC112 Black Cotton Longline Underbust from Mystic City Corsets, $99 USD


Josephine underbust by Isabella Corsetry, $144

The Josephine underbust corset by Isabella Corsetry is also an extremely popular choice, as it offers dramatic curves for a low price. The Josephine corset is said to be Edwardian-inspired with its tapered ribcage, low waist and flat front (shown here with a wide, rigid busk), although this is not a true S-curve corset. On my Josephine corset, it measures 13″ long in the center front, and 10.5″ along the princess seam. If you are long waisted, be sure that you are choosing the original Josephine corset and not the Petite Josephine, for shorter waists! See my Josephine corset review.

Victorian Longline Underbust in Black Satin from Burleska, £64.95


CS-426 Longline underbust by Orchard Corset, starts at $80

For those who would like a milder version of the Josephine, there is the CS-426 underbust by Orchard Corset which is similar in length (13 inches in the center front, 10.5 inches long at the princess seam) but about half the price, twice the size range, and a bit less of a dramatic curve. If you would like to compare the rib spring and hip spring with your own measurements for any of the corsets on this page, head over to the Lace Base and try out the calculator! See my CS-426 review.

Black Satin “Extreme Waist” Underbust by Dracula Clothing, $69 USD


steel blue iridescent hourglass longline underbust corset
Timeless Trends hourglass longline corset, $124

The longline underbust from Timeless Trends is a popular choice for tall and pear-shaped corset wearers, especially those with natural waists of 32-45 inches who often have a ribcage measurement the same size or slightly smaller than their waist size. All of the Timeless Trends longline corsets contain side hip ties which adjust to accommodate generous hips, and can expand as you’re able to cinch down further at the waist. This corset is also about 13 inches long from the center front and about 11 inches along the princess seam. See my longline TT corset review.

Longline Underbust by Bizarre Design


MF1331 longline underbust by Morgana Femme Couture, $292 via Etsy (aff link)

Morgana Femme Couture is one of my favourite UK companies because they create stunning, high quality corsets with superb materials, with all their labour done by well-trained corsetieres in England, for an extremely reasonable price all things considered. This standard sized, ready-to-wear version of the MF1331 from MFC’s Etsy shop has a center front length of 13.5″, and princess seam length of 11.5″. See my Morgana Femme Couture review.

“Hipster” Taffeta Longline Underbust by Leatherotics, $65 USD via Amazon (aff link)

The “Hipster” corset by Leatherotics best fits those with very narrow rib springs (this corset offers a rib spring of just 4 inches, for those who might have a smaller ribcage and find that other styles gape at the top). It also has an interesting lower edge, where the center front is the same or possible even even be a touch higher than the princess seam – it may be suited to those who are looking for hip stabilization without necessarily maximized lower tummy support.

Nicole underbust by Vollers, $217 via Etsy (aff link)

The Nicole corset by Vollers (UK) may look deceptively simple, but in fact it is a very interesting corset. One of the pattern pieces cuts horizontally across the entire corset like a yoke at the waistline, and it is also the only corset on this list which features a placket to conceal the busk, making this corset useful when worn under clothing. It’s cut straight across on both top and bottom edges (also great for concealing under clothing), making the length 12.5 inches all the way around the corset. See my Nicole review.

Dracula Longline Corset by Castle Corsetry, $275 USD

Castle Corsetry (California) has standard sized and made to measure corsets in cheery and nerdy themes starting at $250 USD. Their longline corsets have a slight hip shelf, nearly straight-across bottom edge for maximum leverage to support the lower tummy, and a waist-to-lap length of 5.5 inches. They best fit high-waisted folks who need more lower tummy length and less length through the ribs.

Special edition Candy Garden Foxglove underbust, by Versatile Corsets, $298

The Foxglove underbust is one of Versatile Corsets (Oregon) many longer underbust corset options, and this particular style, part of their Candy Garden limited edition line, is particularly stunning! It features an expertly pattern-matched center front motif, along with ruffles and silk side panels. The center front of this corset is 13.5 inches long, while the princess seam (underbust to lap) is 12.5 inches long. This corset also features side hip ties to accommodate a dramatic spring of up to 16 inches! See my Foxglove review.

Black Cotton “Jolie” Longline Underbust by Glamorous Corset, $89 USD

The Jolie longline underbust by Glamorous Corsets (New York) is 10.5 inches at the princess seam and 13 inches at the center front. This piece has more dramatically contoured top and bottom edges, with the top “w” hugging the line of a bra underwire, and the bottom “M” allowing maximum length over the lower tummy while still allowing room for those with prominent quad muscles to sit down comfortably. You can find the corset in black cotton and beige cotton in my shop here.

Morticia Nouveau Underbust by What Katie Did, $230 USD

The most popular corset from What Katie Did (US/UK) was the Morticia underbust — the original of which was lovely for long-waisted corseters with its princess seam (underbust to lap) length of about 11.5 inches (according to the official WKD website). Before the complete redesign of their corsets, they also had a made-to-order option including the addition of a spoon busk for even more tummy support, for $299. However with the Morticia Nouveau (seen here) the corsets were shortened to fit a wider range of torso lengths, and the princess seam was shortened to just 9.75 inches, so it may not be considered a longline corset anymore. This post is for posterity and to update my readers of the change. See my original Morticia review here.


*Please note that I have not personally tried every corset brand in this list, nor do I necessarily endorse every company in these guided galleries. This is for informational purposes only. Please contact the individual corsetieres and sellers for more information about their longline corsets. Affiliate links help keep these galleries free for everyone.

14 thoughts on “Longline Corsets for the Tall / Long Waisted (under $300)

  1. I am 16 inches from under breast to lap. The longest underbust i have found is 14 inches and i get squish out at top and bottom. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Darryl, there used to be other brands that sell longer underbusts but they’ve unfortunately gone out of business, it seems. One place you could try is Mystic City Corsets, which comes out with new patterns and styles all the time and they might have a corset that’s long enough for you (hopefully they will fit your circumferential measurements as well). Barring that, I would advise going custom fit. There are some makers like Corsetry & Romance who can make you a custom fit corset for under $200 (within the realm of some higher-end OTR corsets).

  2. You have such a thorough accounting of anything and everything one could need to know about corsets and proper usage! Has anyone told the other websites, “Don’t even bother” yet? LOL

    1. Thank you Judy! :)

  3. I am looking for a long corsets bra to wear to my son’s wedding. I need something that pulls me in at waist. Where are you located?

    1. Hi Londa, I don’t have a brick-and-mortar store, but I do ship internationally! My shop is found here. Before purchasing a corset, I highly recommend submitting your measurements so I can recommend a certain size for you.

      1. I strongly recommend using the size Lucy recommends for you. The few minutes to take and submit my measurements, and the little bit of time for her to reply kept me from getting a corset that would have been much too large for my first purchase!

  4. Hi do you ship in philippines

    1. Hello Lynn, yes I am able to ship to the Philippines! My calculator in my shop will not show an option, but I can manually fill the order for you and it will cost $47 for regular international (2 weeks) or $65 for 1 week Express. Please email me if you would like to order.

  5. Have you found any Overbust long torseau corsets?

    1. Hi Opal, unfortunately I haven’t really found any overbusts for a long torso length. I know that Vollers has several very long overbust corsets, but they’re longer in the waist-to-bottom measurement and not much longer in the waist-to-top measurement – those would be good for covering a lower tummy, but not so good if you’re looking for more chest coverage. A few brands, like Corsets Boulevard Global, can make your corset to be 2 inches longer through the torso for a minimal fee (something like 5 GBP).

      1. Well that answers my question! I suppose my next option will be to get a pattern and start making my own.

  6. Oh I love tall underbusts – they are visually slimming and also act as a great support with strapless bras + bandeau dresses. By the way, I think I would not put the regular Josephine into this category – mine is only 4.5″ waist-to-underbust at the princess seam, and fits me like a longline cincher :)) (my torso length is 12.5″ with 6.5″ waist-to-underbust)

  7. I’m thoroughly enjoying browsing through these guided galleries! Thank you so much for developing them. It’s nice to have all of the corsets in the one place to look at and compare, rather than having to search each individual corset brand, type etc & make comparisons like that. It is very interesting as well.

    Very well done Lucy!!
    Thanks again,

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