Silicone Hip Pads – standard length (Skinister)

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New to Lucy’s shop! Made from 100% medical grade silicone in four different shades, two lengths, and four sizes, Skinister hip pads help easily add fullness to one’s hips and derriere to create a more curvaceous silhouette.

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New to Lucy’s shop! Made from 100% medical grade silicone in four different shades, two lengths, and four sizes, Skinister hip pads help easily add fullness to one’s hips and derriere to create a more curvaceous silhouette.

Try them with the Shape n’ Go Compression Shorts for an easy, comfortable wearing experience!

What are they made from?

The hip pads are manufactured from within the US, with Skinister’s Echoderm™ silicone which flexes with your every move, and reinforced with super thin (but super strong) Durablend™ mesh edges help the border of the pads blend well with your skin, resisting gaping or tearing, no matter your activity level.

How many inches will it add?

Depending on your natural hip size and the number of inches you would like to add to your figure, the various hip pad sizes can add between 1-5 inches to your natural hips.

How is it packaged and shipped?

All hip pads come sanitized and sealed in plastic shrink wrap, and are gently affixed to a sturdy board (don’t throw the board away when you first receive your package! You can reuse it for pad storage). This is then packed in an attractive, high quality neoprene zipper bag with the Skinister logo, and shipped via USPS in a discreet box, for your privacy and peace of mind.

What is the fit like for the standard length pads?

The standard length hip pads are designed to extend from above the hip bones, over the hip joint, partway over the gluteus medius muscle, and extend close to halfway down the thigh to create a natural-looking, streamlined hip and bottom from all angles.

What can the pads be used for?

They can be used to:

  1. Increase the girth of more narrow pelvis (From December 2019, Lucy has used these pads when wearing corsets that are too pear-shaped or wide in the hip on her), to fill in flaring or gaping at the bottom edge of corsets.
  2. Visually create a more dramatic hip spring (a more marked difference between the natural waistline and the hip), whether or not a corset is worn (combine with a corset for a more extreme hourglass silhouette!)
  3. Create a layer of cushion over the hip bones / asis, for those who have little natural padding over this bony area, so that one’s hip bones don’t rub uncomfortably on the rigid waistband of trousers or the underside of a corset.
  4. Temporarily and comfortably fill in / smooth over the appearance of a “muffin top” (where the love handles dip back inward towards the waistband of trousers), or “violin hips / hip dips” (where the hip socket naturally sweeps inward between the iliac crest and the greater trochanter) and create a smooth curve from obliques to thighs, for those who experience dysmorphia regarding their natural hip shape.
  5. Create the appearance of thicker thighs to fill hollow areas in curvaceous wiggle dresses and pencil skirts from vintage reproduction or true vintage garments (Lucy’s tip: these work particularly well with tulip skirts, “carrot” shaped skirts, and wrap / sarong skirts).
  6. Impressively recreate the (sometimes improbable) dimensions of videogame and anime characters for the purpose of cosplay, Halloween costumes, and stage production.

How do I determine my size?





How do I put them on and wear them?

These hip pads do not require the use of any adhesive (like glue, spirit gum, double-sided tape, etc.) and can be held in place using pantyhose (we recommend two pairs), tights, or compression shapewear shorts. If you wear lotions or you perspire quite a bit, we recommend cleaning your skin with a little rubbing alcohol right before setting the pads in place, and using a little antiperspirant or powder between your skin and the pad if you find it necessary. We always recommend test-driving the pads a couple of times with your intended outfit before a big event, so you will be sure that the pads will be compatible with your other garments and will stay securely in place no matter what your activity level.

Return / Exchange Policy:

Please note that Skinister products have a different return policy compared to corset brands. Returns are only accepted if they are initiated within 10 days of delivery. Skinister hip pads a shipped sanitized and sealed in plastic tamper packaging. If you would like to return your pads for refund, your pads must be shipped back with the packaging intact and the pads in unused condition. Additionally, Skinister charges a 15% restocking fee for all hip pads returned. Exchanges are accepted for change of mind (regarding color, size and length), but require the same 10-day window, and if the hip pads are returned in new condition with the tamper-proof packaging intact. For more information, please see

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