RUSH – Priority Turnaround Upgrade

$ 10.00

This upgrade pushes your order to the front of the line so you can receive your Timeless Trends corset as quickly as possible. More details below!



Do you have an event quickly approaching? Now you can request a RUSH on your corset order!

Our valued customers know that we are unable to provide express shipping. Our corsets are made fresh and “hot off the press” from our exclusive facility, and shipped directly to you using the fastest international shipping already available.

We appreciate that you may need your corset urgently, so this RUSH upgrade puts control in your hands regarding the process before shipping – having your order pushed to the front of the line.

Priority service may be different depending on the item ordered:

 In-stock corsets: When possible, we try to keep a small quantity of best-selling sizes in the black and beige cotton corsets. If two customers order the same item of which only one is in stock, the person who requests RUSH will take priority.
Made-to-order corsets: Most of our corsets are made to order and first-come first-served. Standard turnaround times vary from 2-7 business days depending on volume of orders, the size and complexity of your order, and busy/slow seasons. A customer who requests RUSH will have their order prioritized for accelerated production.
“No Line” corsets: Our No Line corsets are complex and require more skill and time to assemble than our standard corsets. A very small team of only our best corsetieres know how to make the No Line corsets with the quality and care we stand behind. A customer who requests RUSH on a No Line corset will have their order pushed to the front of the line, but we respectfully ask our clientele to note that No Line corsets cannot be completed in a single day.

This rush upgrade accomplishes three things to benefit everyone:

  1. The rush order is communicated to the admin and factory at the time of purchase, so that it does not disrupt the factory’s work flow as when requested in the middle of production.
  2. The rush fee is shared with our factory as a gratuity for accommodating the customer’s timeline.
  3. This upgrade helps prevent exploitation of rush requests and customer “leapfrog” (where everyone requests priority service and no one gets ahead).

*Please note that this is a service to jump the customer line. While we do our best to expedite your order, logistically we cannot promise delivery in less than 3 business days. This service is non-refundable.

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