Gemini Round Rib Corset – ANY Colorway!

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NEW in 2020, we are now pleased to take special orders of the Gemini Round Rib corset in any currently available colorway!

Please select your size first, and then scroll through the fabric options! (Please note: these are special order and are therefore final sale.) See the product description below for full details!


NEW in 2020, we are now pleased to take special orders of the Gemini round rib corset in any currently available colorway! Please note that these corsets are Final Sale (they cannot be exchanged or returned under normal circumstances, since they will not be able to go back into stock as a part of a regular product line). However they are still covered under the manufacturing warranty (read more below).


The round rib corsets have a larger low rib than the conical rib corsets, but same underbust measurement.
Corset SizeRibcage / underbust (inches)Waist (inches)Upper Hip (inches)Lower Hip (inches)

The Gemini corsets accommodate ribcage ~8 inches larger than the waist, upper hips ~12 inches larger than the waist and lower hips 16 inches larger than the waist. For instance, a size 24″ corset would fit someone with a ribcage circumference of 32″, a high hip of 34″ and a low hip of 40″. However, as a mass-produced garment there is a natural variation in these corsets so the proportions may not be exact in every corset. We do aim for every corset to measure within 0.5 inch precision.

Lengthwise, the Gemini corsets are approximately:

11 inches long in the center front.

9.5 inches long at the princess seam.

11 inches long at the side seam.

13.5 inches long at the center back.


About the Gemini Corset:


The Gemini corset is offered in two silhouettes: Conical rib and Round rib!

The Round rib version is designed to cup over the ribcage and place compression around the waist, while leaving room for the ribs. This is appropriate for those who have larger or inflexible ribs.

Both silhouettes are identical from the waist to hips; only the ribcage is affected.


The Gemini corset is designed for experienced corset wearers or those with naturally curvy figures. It is one step curvier than the hourglass corset: where the hourglass has a 6.5″ rib spring, the Gemini will have an 8″ rib spring. Where the hourglass has a 10″ high hip spring, the Gemini has a 12″ high hip spring. A customer who can fit the hourglass corset in size 26″ should be able to comfortably fit the Gemini in size 24″.



The Gemini has the look of a longline corset, so it extends down over the hips on the side and accommodates a 16″ low hip spring. The longline corset is aesthetically preferred among some corset wearers, including myself! The extra smoothing and support over the hip area provides a beautiful silhouette, and in many cases the corset snuggles better under the waistband of slacks and skirts compared to corsets cut high over the hips. However, you don’t have to be long-waisted to wear the Gemini, because it’s same length as the regular hourglass in the front and along the princess seam! It will fit anyone with a waist length of 9 inches or more. It will fit like a comfortable longline corset for a petite or short-waisted person.



In sizes 22 and larger, the Gemini corset has extra spiral steel bones in the center of some panels (26 spirals and 6 flat steels for a total of 32 bones) to provide extra vertical tension to the corset, preventing wrinkling or buckling of the fabric and ensuring it stays smooth on the body. The spiral steels are still the high quality, flexible, comfortable bones you’ve come to know from Timeless Trends.



You spoke and we listened! The Gemini corset has a slightly higher back compared to the hourglass corsets, to help hold in the “muffin top” or skin roll-over.



This corset contains two core layers of cotton twill, and a variable fashion fabric. The fashion fabric is always fused to the interlining for strength and durability.

All Gemini corsets in waist size 22″ and above contain a total of 32 steel bones (26 spiral and 6 flat), plus a front fastening busk and back grommets/ laces. Gemini corsets sized 20″ and below will have 26 steel bones (20 spiral and 6 flat), plus a front fastening busk and back grommets/ laces.

This corset also features 6 garter tabs, and a matching modesty placket under the busk. A back modesty panel is not included, but we do have separate, boned modesty panels for separate purchase. We recommend the LONG modesty panel to match the higher back of the Gemini!


Returns and Exchanges:

This corset is Final Sale – the corset will not be accepted for exchange or refund, but it is still under warranty for life – some wear is normal, but if something prematurely breaks from normal use, your corset is still eligible for exchange. Please see our TOS and Policies for more information.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 13.6 × 11.9 × 3.5 in

16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36


437-Hearts of Roses, 571-Vintage Flowers in Bloom, 013-Black Vinyl, 044-White Satin, 568-Toucans Brocade, 559-Dandelions on Blue, 548-Pink Lace on Beige Mesh, 412-Seasonal Joy Cotton, 371-Gifts on Green Cotton, 564-Imperfect Hearts, 582-Damask on Blue, 580-Teal and Mauve Brocade, 583-Watermelon Tie Dye, 552-Purple Satin, 499-Buttercream and Lace, 457-Royal Stars, 554-Leopard Print, 479-Traditional Blues, 454-Tic Tac Violets, 555-French Canvas, 495-French Pastries Cotton, 456-Tulips in Bloom Cotton, 177-Pastel Pink Satin, 484-French Bulldogs, Any Colorway, 467-Lapis Blue, 485-3D Roses in Gray, 584-Ferndale Brocade, 579-Roses and Love Notes, 574-Blue and Silver Brocade, 569-Mauve Flowers at Dusk, 553-Bubblegum and Lace, 578-Flowers in Pink Brocade, 452-Vintage Daisies in Red Cotton, 541-Peachy Pink Satin, 550-Spring Garden Cotton, Any Colorway, 570-Dragonfly at Night Cotton, 475-Silver Scroll, 549-Look of Lace, 453-Cherry Pie Cotton, 540-Pink Raspberry Satin, 476-Blue Diamonds, 474-Gray Feather PVC, 498-Chestnut Cotton, 382-Burgundy Floral Cotton, OTHER (please write colorway in textbox at checkout)

Front Closure

As shown (usually busk), Silver Swing Clasps, Bronze Swing Clasps

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  1. felicia-mandarino (verified owner)

    I purchased this in Green with Envy colorway in size 26 cupped rib. It is absolutely so beautiful in person. This is my second Gemini as I also have the long version in a 28 and I am in love with both of them. My measurements are UB35/W33/UH42/LH44 for reference. Torso is 13″ with 6″ above waist and 7″ below and BOTH of these corsets provide tummy coverage. I highly recommend a cupped rib if you tend to have upward squish. Gives it a place to go. This is my highest reduction and best fitting corset, by far. Thank goodness for an OTR corset for us humans with HIPS! Will be ordering more soon! Lucy is a corset expert and will always point you in the right direction. Email Lucy asap!

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