Gemini Longline – Conical Rib – Black Cashmere

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Gemini Longline corset – conical ribcage – finished in black cashmere!

The Conical rib is cut straight from the underbust to waist, and will give you a tapered look with more compression on the floating ribs. This is recommended more for experienced corset wearers and those with a naturally smaller or flexible ribcage.

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Gemini Longline corset – conical ribcage – finished in black cashmere.

This corset is Lucia Corsetti label, and is made to the same specifications as Timeless Trends.



The round rib corsets have a larger low rib than the conical rib corsets, but same underbust measurement.
Corset SizeRibcage / underbust (inches)Waist (inches)Upper Hip (inches)Lower Hip (inches)

The Gemini corsets accommodate ribcage ~8 inches larger than the waist, upper hips ~12 inches larger than the waist and lower hips 16 inches larger than the waist. For instance, a size 24″ corset would fit someone with a ribcage circumference of 32″, a high hip of 34″ and a low hip of 40″. However, as a mass-produced garment there is a natural variation in these corsets so the proportions may not be exact in every corset. We do aim for every corset to measure within 0.5 inch precision.

Lengthwise, the Gemini Longline corsets are approximately:

  • Center front: 13 inches (with a 12″ busk)
  • Princess seam 11 inches (5″ above the waist, 6″ below the waist)
  • Side seam 12 inches
  • Center back 14 inches

Springs (all measured from the bottom of the waist tape) :

  • Rib spring: 8.5 inches (about 5″ above the waistline)
  • Upper hip spring: 12 inches (about 3″ below the waistline)
  • Lower hip spring: 16 inches (about 6″ below the waistline)

About the Gemini Corset:


The Gemini corset is offered in two silhouettes: Conical rib and Round rib!

The Conical rib is cut straight from the underbust to waist, and will give you a tapered look with more compression on the floating ribs. This is recommended more for experienced corset wearers and those with a naturally smaller or flexible ribcage.

Both silhouettes are identical from the waist to hips; only the ribcage is affected.


The Gemini corset is designed for experienced corset wearers or those with naturally curvy figures. It is one step curvier than the hourglass corset: where the hourglass has a 6.5″ rib spring, the Gemini will have an 8″ rib spring. Where the hourglass has a 10″ high hip spring, the Gemini has a 12″ high hip spring. A customer who can fit the hourglass corset in size 26″ should be able to comfortably fit the Gemini in size 24″.

The Gemini longline is perfect for pear-shaped individuals who have a naturally narrow ribcage, who are high waisted, and who have a more gradual and sloping hip spring (one does not need a “high, square hip-shelf” in order to wear the Gemini longline!)



The Gemini longline and the hourglass longline may be the same length, but whereas the hourglass longline is for “low waisted” individuals (longer from the waist up and a little shorter from the waist down, to allow wearers with a shallow pelvis to sit down easily without the bottom edge of the corset hitting their lap), the Gemini longline is the opposite, designed for “higher waisted” bodies (longer from the waist down and shorter from the waist up, so that the lower tummy is fully covered, while not pushing up on the bustline unnaturally).

Also, where the hourglass longline has side hip ties, the Gemini is closed on the hip, so those who are looking for a stealthy appearance under clothing will appreciate its smoothness, and those who have sensitive hips don’t have to worry about any ribbon leaving imprints over the hip bones.



Careful patterning and rigorous testing has been performed on the Gemini longline in order to ensure that the lower abdomen is pulled in and supported without significant bowing or exaggeration of any “tummy pooch”. This is perfect for those who have experienced pregnancy or significant weight loss and are looking to flatten their lower tummy apron.



In sizes 22 and larger, the Gemini corset has extra spiral steel bones in the center of some panels (26 spirals and 6 flat steels for a total of 32 bones) to provide extra vertical tension to the corset, preventing wrinkling or buckling of the fabric and ensuring it stays smooth on the body. The spiral steels are still the high quality, flexible, comfortable bones you’ve come to know from Timeless Trends.



You spoke and we listened! The Gemini corset has a slightly higher back compared to the hourglass corsets, to help hold in the “muffin top” or skin roll-over.




This corset contains two core layers of cotton twill, and a fashion fabric of black cashmere which is hardy, matte, abrasion-resistant and fade-resistant. As a natural fiber it will breathe better than polyester-based fabrics, and is a favorite for those who wish to waist train (as long as measurements are compatible). Those who are allergic to wool may want to avoid this corset and opt for the black floral brocade underbust instead.

All standard underbust corsets contain 26 spiral steel bones and 6 flat steel bones, plus a front fastening busk and back grommets/ laces.

This corset also features 6 garter tabs, and a matching modesty placket under the busk. A back modesty panel is not included, but we do have separate, boned modesty panels for separate purchase. We recommend the LONG modesty panel to match the higher back of the Gemini!


Returns and Exchanges:

You have a full 30 days from the purchase date to “try out” the corset and you can return or exchange it as long as the corset does not have any stains, scents, or obvious signs of wear. Just fill out the exchange form, ship it back and I’ll give you a full refund (minus shipping; USPS takes that). Lucy Corsetry does not charge any restocking fee! After the 30 days are over, the corset will not be accepted for refund, but it is still under warranty for life – some wear is normal, but if something prematurely breaks from normal use, your corset is still eligible for exchange. Please see our TOS and Policies for more information.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 13.6 × 11.9 × 3.5 in

16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42

6 reviews for Gemini Longline – Conical Rib – Black Cashmere

  1. A

    This is my second Gemini Long Line straight/conical. Many people will say that the straighter ribcage is more “advanced” or less comfortable.
    While now I wear corsets more casually, I was a tightlacer for 20 years and began with corsets with a conical/wasp waist. After my corset maker died I eventually started wearing OTR corsets and because most OTR corsets that fit are cupped shaped, that’s what I bought. And I suffered. Between heartburn and nausea I thought I had just gotten to old to lace down anymore.

    Then I discovered TT had started making corsets with the straighter wasp rib shape. Holy cow what a difference.

    Everyone’s body is different. I am very short waisted, but my ribs have no problem with more conical shapes. My GI system however balks at the cupped rib shape.

    I just want to put this out there for people newer to corsets who might find themselves with similar issues.

    My only problem with this model is I really need a upper ribspring of +10. ” I will keep wishing because this would be my perfect OTR corset.

  2. Michal Hyde (verified owner)

    Love this piece! I’m relatively new to corsetry but have a very “pear” shaped figure (narrow rib cage and waist with wide hips), and purchased this corset based on Lucy’s recommendation after trying another more ‘beginner’ silhouette that (although beautiful) didn’t fit quite right. Lesson learned to ask Lucy first- the Gemini fits beautifully. I also chose the long line because although I’m not tall (5’5″) I do have a longer torso and low stomach, which this corset covers well. It’s comfortable, easy to move around it, and kind of makes me feel like I’m wearing one of those anti-anxiety jackets for dogs- in a good way!

    TLDR; No other OTR corset I’ve worn fits my shape so well; I don’t think I’ll be able to purchase corsets from anywhere else from now on!

  3. Amy (verified owner)

    I bought this corset last year as a birthday gift for myself, and I’ve loved it ever since it arrived. It fits me quite well, and is so comfortable that I often sleep with it (obviously following Lucy’s guide on her youtube channel). The material is sturdy and now that it’s winter where I live, it keeps me warms. Lucy helped me a lot when determining whether this corset was a good fit for me, she was responsive and genuinely a pleasant person! Definitely a corset I’d recommend!

  4. Melodi L Johnson (verified owner)

    Lucy was responsive and abundantly helpful.
    The product arrived on time, as expected, well packaged, correct, and in perfect condition.
    I couldn’t be more pleased and will use Lucy again without reservation.
    My advice to anyone looking… get advice and then… BUY IT!!!

  5. sakigrl (verified owner)

    If you are unsure or new to Corsetry do yourself a favor and order from the one person who has been here for the community from the beginning, sharing her research and experience freely and without judgement.
    I have purchased from many different sources (always applying the knowledge I have gleaned from Lucy) and can testify that this website will give you better design, better fit, better construction, better materials and better finishes all for a more than reasonable price. For the quality you are getting, this pricing is a steal. Lucy’s Corsetry offers choices that can only be beat by ordering a custom fit corset from a VERY good corsetiere. Lucy cares about her patrons, is quick to respond and offer help, and constantly updates each style with more and more stunning fabrics.
    I have a long torso and large hip span and this corset fits me well and remains comfortable enough to be worn all day over or under clothing. Whatever your price range may be, pick the best you can afford from a dependable source such as this shop, this way you will have a classic, long lasting, dependable corset or will at least have some return value if you decide Corsetry is not for you.

  6. sakigrl (verified owner)

    As usual Lucy’s stamp is all over this glorious piece! From the shapely fit, to the exquisite finish, to the luxurious feeling fabric. You would think that you are getting yourself a plain black corset but you would be vastly mistaken! Years of experience culminated in this lovely, feminine, yet highly useful object. The fit was spot on for me, there’s room for my ribs (as well as some displaced fat), I remain poised, graceful and (secretly) supported through 12-14 hour shifts. On my days off however I am a gracious and magnificent ruler of my household, with a flawless posture and deadly, not so secret, curves 😝

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