Black Floral Brocade Slim Overbust

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Gorgeous large black-on-black floral motifs provide subtle visual interest while still remaining sophisticated and understated. Sweetheart top supports the bust, while the adjustable hip ties can be expanded to create an even more dramatic silhouette.

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Black floral brocade longline overbust corset. Gorgeous large black-on-black floral motifs provide subtle visual interest while still remaining sophisticated and understated.

Overbust corsets are available in 10 waist sizes, 3 different cup-size accommodations for EACH waist size (A cup through D cup) and adjustable hip ties, so there are 3 points to tweak so you get a highly personalized fit – more so than any other OTR overbust.

Because of the expandable side hip ties, they are fantastic for pear-shaped clients especially (if you have a large natural hip spring). The low edge of this corset also does well to pull in any protruding lower tummy, and the sweetheart bustline will push up, support and accentuate the bosom.

This corset is Timeless Trends label, and is made to the same specifications as all other Timeless Trends corsets.


SLIM Overbust Corset Size Chart

Corset Size
(waist in inches)
Lower Hip (inches)
(Measured 5 inches
down from waistline)
SMALL BUST (inches)MEDIUM BUST (inches)LARGE BUST (inches)
1826 - 34 (expandable hip ties)242628
2028 - 36 (expandable hip ties)262830
2230 - 38 (expandable hip ties)283032
2432 - 40 (expandable hip ties)303234
2634 - 42 (expandable hip ties)323436
2836 - 44 (expandable hip ties)343638
3038 - 46 (expandable hip ties)363840
3240 - 48 (expandable hip ties)384042
3442 - 50 (expandable hip ties)404244
3644 - 52 (expandable hip ties)424446
3846 - 54 (expandable hip ties)444648
4048 - 56 (expandable hip ties)464850
4250 - 58 (expandable hip ties)(Not available)50(Not available)


The overbust corsets come in three different bust sizes. Please double check your full bust circumference in inches, and don’t go solely by your cup size, since “sister sizes” may come into play here!

Bust size Small is ~6 inches larger than the corseted waist circumference.

Bust size Medium is ~8 inches larger than the corseted waist circumference.

Bust size Large is ~10 inches larger than the corseted waist, and up to 12 inches in the larger sizes (above ~ 34″ corseted waist).

For all of these corsets, the hips range from 8-16 inches larger than the waist, due to adjustable side hip ties.

For instance, a size 24M overbust corset would fit someone with a full bust circumference of 32-33″ and an adjustable hip of 32″ – 40″ due to the expandable side hip ties. However, as a mass-produced garment there is a natural variation in these corsets so the proportions may not be exact in every corset.

Lengthwise, the overbust corsets are approximately:

14 inches long in the center front.

15 inches long at the princess seam.

12 inches long at the side seam.

14 inches long at the center back.



It is generally advised that corsets are ordered approximately 4 inches (10cm) smaller than your natural waist – however if you would like to have your size verified before purchase, you may fill out the measurement form on this page. Please note that this sizing guide is only for the corsets sold on this website, and is not intended to replace a consultation (where external brands are discussed freely).



This corset contains two core layers of cotton twill, and a fashion fabric of a brocade featuring large black roses black background. The floral is woven into the fabric, not printed, so it will not rub off. The fabric is also relatively low profile and the roses should not feel “bumpy” under clothes.

The fashion fabric is always fully fused to the twill, which adds strength and prevents bubbling or wrinkling – creating a smooth line on the body.

All overbust corsets contain 18 spiral steel bones and 6 flat steel bones, plus a front fastening busk and back grommets/ laces.

Want to see a video of the overbust corset in action? Check out my review here.


Returns and Exchanges:

You have a full 30 days from the purchase date to “try out” the corset and you can return or exchange it as long as the corset does not have any stains, scents, or obvious signs of wear. Just fill out the exchange form, ship it back and I’ll give you a full refund (minus shipping; USPS takes that). Lucy Corsetry does not charge any restocking fee! After the 30 days are over, the corset will not be accepted for refund, but it is still under warranty for life – some wear is normal, but if something prematurely breaks from normal use, your corset is still eligible for exchange. Please see our TOS and Policies for more information.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 13.6 × 11.9 × 3.5 in
Waist Size

20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42

Bust Size

Small Bust, Medium Bust, Large Bust

3 reviews for Black Floral Brocade Slim Overbust

  1. Lucy (verified owner)

    I have always loved watching Lucys’ YouTube channel and finally made my first purchase back in October. I had many questions through the process , which she was able to help answer very quickly! The corset itself has seasoned well and has stood up to me wearing it 1-2 hours, 2-3 days a week since I got it which was expected and super appreciated! I intend to keep wearing it for quite a while :)

  2. Aura Benton (verified owner)

    I love the fashion fabric for this one! I love roses, but I also love black clothing. The hip ties are the best when you want to have more wiggle room on some days. This gives me comfortable back support without it being too high and too low on the spine. It’s a comfortable silhouette for me to wear at work and on the days I wear it under my uniform, coworkers can tell I have a better posture during our rush period. Excellent customer care from Lucy from start to finish from my initial inquiry to follow ups! This is my first corset from Lucy and I do plan to buy from her in the future! c:

  3. TONYA EDWARDS SCISCOE (verified owner)

    The corset I received was simply beautiful! The only problem I had is that it is too loose in the bust, but that was my own error I believe. I will definitely order again!

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