Axfords C125 White Cupped Demibust (size 26″)

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Gentle reduction white satin demibust corset (half-cup) with lace trim, sizes 26″ and 28″ only.

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By consignment for a friend! This corset and all other Axfords corsets listed here are brand new, never worn – they are relics from a company that has since closed down, and the savings are being passed onto you.

All Axfords and Vollers corsets are 20% off, and can be shipped immediately via USPS (these are shipped from the US, whereas Axfords usually ships from the UK).

All consignment corsets are final sale – no exchanges or refunds.

Gentle reduction white satin demibust corset (half-cup), size 26″ only.

White lace included on the top at the cups, and on the bottom around the hips.

Length of center front is 12.5 inches (32cm)

Other measurements unknown (my apologies) but if I had to eyeball it and take a guess (no refunds if I’m wrong):

  • length of princess seam probably ~ 14 inches
  • length of back probably ~ 13 inches
  • full bust probably ~ 8″ bigger than the waist
  • high hip probably ~ 8-10″ bigger than the waist

For information about the quality of Axfords corsets in general, please see my other Axfords review here.


Additional information

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 13.6 × 11.9 × 3.5 in