Slim Silhouette Longline Corsets

The slim longline corsets are all 13 inches long in the center front, and closer to 11.5 inches long along the Princess Seam (from under the breast/ pectoral to the top of the lap).
Longline corsets are more suited for those who are taller or have a bit of a longer torso.
They are also well suited for those who have a protruding or low-hanging tummy, and would like fuller coverage over this area.

These slim silhouette longline corsets are the only OTR corsets on the market which have a ribcage only 2-3 inches larger than the waist – which means if you are plus size or pear shaped, and your ribcage is smaller than your natural waist, you can wear these corsets even with a light reduction and not have to worry about the top edge flaring away from your body. However if your ribcage is bigger than your natural waist, you may feel more comfortable in the hourglass silhouette longline corsets.

Please note: I recommend the slim silhouette corsets for clients only if they’re specifically looking for a very mild reduction or only for back support (not shaping) – this amounts to maybe 10% of all customers. The slim corsets tend to be more “tubular” or boxy in silhouette and some aren’t too impressed with the shape. If you are nervous about waist reduction or you’re not a fan of the hourglass silhouette, please fill out the contact form on this page and let me know your concerns, and we can discuss your needs.

These corsets are appropriate for waist training and have a 45-day return window, plus a LIFETIME guarantee against manufacturing flaws.

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Showing all 5 results