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Comparing Different Mesh Corsets
Over the past little over a year, I reviewed a whopping nine different mesh corsets, and many of them had very
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“Corset Waist Training” Primer (Romantasy) Book Review
Today I’m providing a walkthrough and review of Romantasy’s newest book, titled Corset Waist Training: A Primer on Easy, Fun
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Corsets and Rib Removal
This week is an update on corsets and rib removal (rib resection being the proper term for it), because this surgical
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Introducing the New Corset Sizing Tool!
This past weekend I made a free corset sizing tool – one that accurately calculates your ideal corset size based off
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Drafting Corset Patterns Digitally with CAD (Book Review / Storytime!)
The following is a transcript of my video “Pattern Drafting in CAD (Review + Storytime!)” on Youtube. Please note that this
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Reflecting on 2017; Looking to 2018
(Please note that this post contains affiliate links – LucyCorsetry may earn a small commission on Amazon and Etsy purchases
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