Submitting your measurements

Fill out your measurements in the contact form below, and Lucy will get back to you within 48 hours with her personal recommendations on which corsets in the shop will fit you best! Remove all guesswork – she’ll help you choose a silhouette, length, size, and even take into consideration body changes with age, gender, fitness level, skin conditions or other considerations.

If you didn’t receive a response in 48 hours, 95% of the time it’s because the given email address was incorrect. Please check all your answers before sending!

Fill out your measurements below, and receive Lucy’s personal recommendation!

Need more help with measurements?

Diagram for taking simple measurements for an OTR corset.
Diagram for taking simple measurements for an OTR corset.
  1. Underbust circumference – (measure horizontally at the line marked A).
    This is around your ribcage, about the same height as your bra band.

  2. Waist circumference – (measure horizontally at B).
    This is your natural waist (not desired one), typically measured 1 inch or so above your belly button.

  3. High hip circumference – (measure horizontally at C)
    This is around the iliac crest (“wings” of your hipbones) not around your bum! If your measuring tape crosses your butt crack, you are probably measuring too low.
    Your high hip is where low-rise jeans sit, or around the height of your Venus dimples, if you have them. It’s usually abou
    t 4-5 inches down from your waistline.
    Your “full hips” would usually be 7-9 inches below the waistline (this measurement is not needed).

  4. Torso length – while sitting down on a firm chair or bench, with a straight back and good posture, please measure vertically from under one breast (choose one) down to your “thighbrow”, the crease where your lap starts (where your leg meets your trunk). In the diagram you can see that it’s not in the center front, but slightly offset under one breast.

If your torso measures less than 8 inches long,

95% of the time, it was measured wrong!

Please use the following helpful checklist when troubleshooting your vertical torso length:

  • Are you sitting on a hard, flat surface, like a wooden chair or bench, and not on a soft surface like a couch/ bed?
  • Are you sitting with as straight a posture as possible, and not hunching or leaning forward to read the number on the measuring tape?
  • If you wear a bra, are you wearing one that fits well and the underwire is sitting directly underneath the breast? (A sagging underwire can artificially make the breast seem to start lower down and make the torso look shorter).
  • If you measure whilst standing up in front of a mirror (again from under the breast, down to where your lap would start (the crease where your leg meets your torso)), do you still measure the same torso length as when you were sitting down?

And if you still seem to measure anything less than about 8 inches in length:

  • Are you under 5 feet (152 cm) tall in stature?
  • Do you have any history of spinal curvature, like scoliosis or lumbar lordosis?
  • If either of these are true, please be sure to state this in your contact form.

If you are ordering/ inquiring about an overbust corset, I will also need:

  1. Bust circumference – This is different to your bra size. Measure around the fullest part of your bust or chest, wearing a supportive but unpadded bra. “Squished bust” is best (e.g. from a high-compression sports bra).

Unfortunately at this time, custom corsets are not available through this website.

If you would like more information or help taking your measurements (and you would also like to understand why these measurements are crucial in determining the fit of ready-to-wear corsets) please refer to my video here:

88 thoughts on “Submitting your measurements

  1. Hi Lucy, with the Timeless trends corsets is it possible to change one of the fabric to have the sway hooks? This will be my second order with you unfortunately sizing up after a couple surgeries. I have issues with feeling in my fingertips after spine fractures so the sway hooks would be better.

    1. Hi Treena, thanks for your question. The only special orders that can be done with swing hooks are changing the silhouette but not the fabric. So if you would like the cashmere with swing hooks, the Circus Riot or the Balloons in Flight (which all have swinghooks as part of their original design) and apply it to a different length or cut (for instance an hourglass cincher or a Gemini longline) we can do that. But the factory will not allow mix and matching of any fabric with any front closure.

  2. I’m so thankful for the measurement consultation! I would have totally ordered the wrong size without it! I’m also very thankful for Lucy’s expertise and willingness to get the rest of us corseted properly. I would never have thought that they could be so comfortable before I tried one.

  3. Thank you Lucy for giving of your expertise and advice so freely (and quickly at that)! I really appreciate your thoroughness and eloquence – you are inspiring in many ways. Thanks again! I‘ll strongly consider your well-informed suggestions when I choose a corset. :D

    1. It’s my pleasure Abigail! Thanks so much for using this service. :)

    2. Thank you for having this online site order and ask questions about corsets, my only concern is once I have it on comfortably for the day I will get an itch under my corset and won’t be able to scratch it especially on my back

      1. Hi Chad, I have an article about itching and other skin issues here! If the itch is underneath where the corset covers, sometimes “knocking” on the corset will help, or if you have a plastic ruler (something with some slip, very flat, etc) you might be able to scratch the itch that way! If the itch is on your back, you will be able to reach it between the laces if you don’t have a modesty panel.

  4. Lucy,
    I was looking into the light corsets that are on a really good deal now but finally ordered a cincher. My reasoning was that I am pretty short of 5’1” and a standard corset might cause problems when bowing or sitting. Could you confirm my choice was right?

    1. Hi Marianna, I sent you an email about your order, please take a look when you get the chance and let me know your preference. :) Thank you!

  5. I am really looking forward to trying my first Corset upon your recommendation Lucy! I had spine surgery (an L5/S1 open back Discectomy) over 5 years ago and my muscles never really recovered and I find it hard to stay upright. Here in the UK, the British Medical Council have not approved synthetic disc replacement surgery so I am effectively left with a gap in between my vertebrae. My recent scan has shown a re-herniation of the small bit of disc material the surgeon left for me and I think one side of my vertebrae has slightly shifted downwards. I have to wear a large back brace but it is far too hot and cumbersome and looks hideous under clothing so I am hoping a properly fitted supportive corset will improve my pain and posture! I had trained in ballet 3- 5 x per week before my herniation and since the surgery my figure has gone from lean and athletic to atrophied and squishy. I am forced to lead a sedentary lifestyle now but am coping fairly well mentally and emotionally. I look forward to your response and keep up your most excellent and extremely valuable work! Best wishes, Tarryn.

    1. Hi Tarryn, I’ve responded to your request. :)

  6. Hi Lucy I sent in a measurement form a few days ago but I haven’t heard anything back…

    1. Hi Lindsay, I responded to your query on August 3rd, perhaps it’s in your spam / junk mail folder? I will forward the email to you again, but please check all your email folders just in case. :)

  7. My cousin would like to order a TT. I took her measurements myself. Will a hourglass corset, short, work for her? TT has a great sale

    1. Hi Andrea, I haven’t seen any contact form come in from your email in the last few days, so I can’t say for sure whether the cincher will fit without seeing your cousin’s measurements. If you plan on taking advantage of TT’s sale, I recommend contacting them directly as we operate as separate retail businesses! Even though we collaborate on designs and sell the same products, they have asked that I take responsibility for only my own clients, and let them deal with their own clients.

  8. Hello, I just wanted to know: is it also possible to have a corset that improves posture and trains the waist at the same time? Also, what waist size should my corset be if my natural waist is about 22½ inches? (I don’t want to buy a corset right now but I’m considering getting one in the future (maybe next year or so) so I’m already looking up information about them.)

    1. Hi Quinn, yes, there are many posture corrective corsets that can also train the waist! It depends on what specifically you’re looking for. Most corsets will support the lumbar area but if you’d like to correct shoulder rolling, I’d suggest a corset with straps like in this gallery. Generally speaking, a person’s first corset is around 4 inches smaller than their natural waist but it also depends on the silhouette of the corset and the person’s squishiness and experience level. I have a calculator that can help you decide which corset size might be the best for you here.

  9. Hello, I am interested in training my waist to minimum size as it can shrink.

    Around my waist is NATURALLY without anything is 21 inches. I am 5’6 and 102 pounds.I never did train my waist in my life before and I happen to have natural slim waist and it is hard for me to find a corset online that challenged my waist. I am wearing one right now I purchased from amazon and is a small size, all the strings tied closed in the back and yet its still loose or not the pressure I thought a waist trainer would give you. I did not want to waste more money of online shopping and guessing my size, I need your help. I also want to shrink my love handles so I would like a long line corset that would keep me straight sitting down(I work in an office and sit down mostly and I hunch my back a lot). I am looking for a very small size to train my waist maybe 19-18 inches since i am naturally 21 inches already, full length for my love handles and upper back meat, strong steel metal to keep me sit straight. :) Thank you so much for your help. I am looking forward to purchase some of your goods.

    Please let me know if you need more size information from me.

    1. Hi Mina, thanks for this information. I will also need your ribcage and hip measurements, plus your torso length. Please see the video tutorial linked above, and submit the Google Form and I will reach out to you by email with my recommendations for you.

  10. Pls Lucy guard me on the best corset for my big tummy and down on the filling space I don’t understand the website of a thing

  11. Pls Lucy guard me on the best corset for my big tummy

    1. Ezeh I have tried multiple times to send you an email and it fails every time.
      Based on your measurements, I would recommend the longline hourglass corset for you. This would fit you best in size 34″.
      However you will need a working email address to place an order so that I can share with you your order information and tracking number.

  12. Pls Lucy my tummy is very big I have not use corset before I need a good one pls guard me

    1. Hello Ezeh, I received your email but for some reason I’m not able to reply to your email, perhaps your inbox is full or there’s a typo in your form?

  13. My measurements are 31 waist, 28 chest, 38 hips, 12 seated. Most of my belly fat is in my lower abdomen and I would like to cover that. Do you have a recommendation? I am a first time user of corsets. Thanks. (I am squishy after having babies)

    1. Hi Jen, thanks for your measurements – I sent you an email with my recommendations for you.

  14. My bust measurement is 40 bra size34d to dd Couldyou please advise the site you I could order I like the over bust black satin Thanks Sue

    1. Hello Sue, based on your bustline alone I might recommend the overbust corsets in waist size 30″ and bust size Large, but it really is best to submit all of your measurements in the contact form above, because your waist and hips, as well as the length of your torso, are also important in ensuring a proper fit of your corset. :) Thanks!

  15. MY NAME IS DAWN MARLBOROUGH. I DEVELOPED SCOLIOSIS DURING PPUBERTY AGE 12. I AM NOW 38 AND MY CURVE IS 47 DEGREES NOW AFTER THREE KIDS.. MY DR.. REVOMMENDED YOU TO ME. I’VE KANSAS STATE INSURANCE. I AM IN DESPERATE NEED OF. A CORSET TO STABILIZE MY BACK MUSCLES I’ve had a medical brace for over 15 years. Both my doctors recommended a corset. I have an S curve. Under bust 32.5″, waist 32″, hips are 35″,Under mid breast is 10″, and my breast measurement is 37, and bra size 34DD.

    1. Hi Dawn, I would recommend contacting a custom corset maker who may be able to give you a personal consultation and fitting, and see if you’re a good match to work with each other. Being able to cover your corset by insurance means you might be able to have a bigger budget, and custom fit is by far the best choice when it comes to scoliosis or any asymmetry. Are you required to work with a corset maker specifically in the state of Kansas? Unfortunately there are no longer active corset makers in Kansas (that we know of) but there is one on the border of Missouri, if you are able to travel there. You can zoom in on the corsetiere map here.

  16. I am looking to be sized for the following underbust styles (if applicable):
    cincher, mesh, and the style in your “OOTD, How to Dress with your Corset: NECKLINES” video

    A: underbust = 39″
    B: Waist circumference = 38″
    C: HH circumference = 39″
    Length= 11-1/2″
    I have to say I have a deep arch and a “bubble butt” so I’m not sure if that needs to be factored

    1. ..also…your videos are absolutely amazing and informative! I have the attention span of a flea but your videos keep me enthralled and wanting more information! Love them!!!

    2. I just realized I posted in the wrong area. Please forgive me. I just saw where I should have gone to the consultation page. Again, I apologize.

      1. Hi Kei, thanks for your comment – I’ve just sent you an email with my suggestion.

  17. I can’t access your online store :-(

    1. Hi Carol, my corset shop can be found here. Is the page not loading for you? What do you see?

  18. I would love to order an underbust corset. Here are my measurements as follows, your recommendation would be greatly appreciated.
    Under bra 40″
    smallest of waist 39.5″
    largest of waist 41″
    hips 51.5″
    abs/torso 15″

    1. Hello, I’ve sent you an email with my recommendations. :)

  19. Hey Lucy I saw your video “ How to predict the fit” an we have the same measurements.
    Underbust: 29
    Natural waist: 27
    Upper hip: 33
    Torso: 10

  20. Hi lucy! I was wondering if any of the hourglass corset were made with a slightly smaller center front particually on the top portion. I dont know if I recall from one of your videos that something would be shorter in the future.

    1. Hi Nancy, the shortest corset is the hourglass cincher, at around 3.5 to 4 inches (center front, underbust to waist). Unfortunately we don’t carry anything shorter than that.

  21. Hi lucy! i just wanted to say that i’ve admired you for a long time now and i’ve wanted a corset since i was 15 and you were such an inspiration and such a light because in my situation i never really thougth having a corset was something that would become true! now i think i might finally be able to afford one! i am so greatful for the complete and hard work you do in your various pages in social media(i follow on tumblr) and i just wanted to say that you are such a kind and honest and helpful person, so dedicated and nice, i really appreciate the time you put in helping others and teaching me and others so much of your knowlage. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Melissa! I’ve answered your enquiry (please check your email). :) Look forward to speaking with you soon.

  22. Dear Lucy,

    I am so happy that I have found your blog. I was researching shapewear and corsets since giving birth 6 months ago.
    I purchased few very expensive overbust corsets and some very expensive Wolford shapewear (“strong” compression). My husband is constantly face palming as my expectations are always so high, but I never yet found that one thing I want. I saw your video on youtube and I fell instantly in love with the shape of your waist, or more precisely the corsets you were wearing. I knew from the start that I Would need a steel boned corset.
    I always aspired to have a hourglass waist. Before giving birth I was very thin, wearing sizes 0-2 or so. However, even then my waist wasn’t as defined. My body type is pretty stright. Since giving birth I have some loose skin and some lower tummy belly fat that gives me the 4 month pregnant look (it is getting better day by day). I went a size up in dresses and none of my skirts or pants fit anymore due the widening of my pelvis and my torso (my ribcage bones are literally sticking outwards). This inspired and pushed me to look for a corset that will help to achieve the hourglass look I always wanted to restore my confidence.
    My goal is to have an extreme hourglass figure since the midsection is pretty soft. I think a corset that is going to blend well under cloth will be god sent. with the corsets I tried I noticed that the hooks stick out in very tight dresses. I understand that there are limitations to how effective and invisible the corset can be. Surely, you might not even have options for me since you display your pretty corsets above your cloth.
    I actually prefer an underbust corset, I don’t mind some squeezing I am very resistant and strong. My posture is terrible as I slouch most of the time and then I have neck pain and back pains.

    I am so sorry about this very long essay, but I amazed at how helpful you are to your followers and to everybody that has a question on your blod or youtube. I really appreciate the time you put in helping others and sharing your wisdom. Thank you so much

    1. Hello Diana, thanks so much for your comment. :) Once I know your body measurements I’ll be able to tell you what kind of corset would fit you, bearing in mind your preferences and expectations. I haven’t received a filled out form from you, so feel free to full in the contact form above with your measurements (the Google form on this page) and I’ll get back with you usually within 24 hours. Speak with you soon!

  23. This is the first time I want to wear a corset and it is not only because I’m expanding and expanding since I got ill but also because the bones of above my hips are already damaged and the pain is terrible, sometimes it is difficult to even to stay erect.
    I was thinking about buying an underbust of a shorter kind of wide belt but corset shape.
    I live in Japan and I can see that the shop described in your map web page is updated till 2016…please suggest me where to order it. and also I’d like you to give me some suggested models if possible. Thanking you in advance…

    1. Hi Isaura, I’m not sure which shop you’re talking about specifically, as I have hundreds of shops listed in my map. Did you try contacting all the makers in Japan? There are three of them (Clara Maeda, PCW and Unisex Peanuts). In particular the social media of Unisex Peanuts was updated just yesterday so they are still definitely active.

  24. My rib cage flares at the bottom under my bust is 34 but the widest part of my ribs (2 in. under) is 36. Will this make a difference in sizing?

    1. Hello Kaija, the hourglass corsets and the round rib Gemini corset both accommodate slightly flared ribs, so it shouldn’t affect the fit too much. I would advise against the conical rib Gemini corset as it may be uncomfortable on your lower ribs.

  25. I don’t understand the purpose of the measurements here? what are these used for at this time? Iwant a corset with a longer front because of mt tummy. Do you sale theses types: long for tummy and high on the sides to allow sitting comfort?

    1. Hi Sylvia, every body is different, and there are several different sizes, shapes and silhouettes of corsets. If your hips are narrow, you won’t fit the same corset as someone who has very wide hips. If you have a short torso, you won’t fit the same person as someone who has a long torso, etc. So I cater my recommendations to the individual based on their body type and what they’re looking for.
      I didn’t receive your contact form; please if you can, fill out the measurements form and provide a valid email address, and I’ll get back to you within a day. :)

  26. I submitted a request about a week ago and just again another one but I’m not sure if it went through. Is there a way to check?

    1. Hello Deb, I answered your inquiry – it may have been filtered into your junk or spam folder. Please look for an email from “Lucy Corsetry” with the subject line “Corset Inquiry”.

  27. I am so hopeful! I have low back pain and upon reading the information available here and buying Solaced I am thinking I may have something noninvasive to help the pain that limits my life. I would like overbust, because @ 34h I think a shoulder problem might also improve. I tried a foundation undergarment as a local available option, and I can see the wimpy gussets twist, so I must have an imbalance in how I sit or move, but even with that pain a little better. Maybe a quality firm corset will help a lot more.

    1. Hello Teresa! I’ve replied to your emails both yesterday and today, hopefully they are going through! If you don’t see a response from me, please check your spam or junk mail folder. Thank you!

      1. Ah. Thank you. I found it!

  28. This will be my first corset. Every time I measure, I get a different figure (hence the range). I am 62 and been packing weight on for the past five years. I am interested in waist training, although I have not seen much discussion about corset training for older women. At 5’4″ and having a slightly long torso (1 1/2″ longer than legs), I’m fairly certain a standard underbust corset would be my best option in size 38? I would love to buy a nude color as my first and black as a second. The Conical Gemini looks as though it would be a good choice – wish it came in a nude color. Am I on the right track? Please offer as much direction as you can. Thanks! MC

    1. Hello Michaeleeen, I’m afraid I can’t properly recommend a corset (length or size) unless I can see some measurements. It’s okay if your measurements change each time – everyone’s body fluctuates! Just take your measurements 2-3 times and take the average. I can work with an inch or two range in measurements (like with my own body, it’s ribcage 29″ exhaling, 31″ inhaling… waist 27-28 inches… hips 33-34 inches). The Gemini is available in the creme cotton which is in the process of replacing the “sand beige / nude” color we had before, as it’s nicer to the touch and a more breathable fabric. As it’s cotton, it’s also technically dyeable if you don’t like the color (but the thread for stitching is polyester and may not take the dye).

  29. Hi ! I’m looking for advice to buy a new tightlacing corset. I have a natural 29″ waist and can wear a fully closed 24″ (not steel-boned) corset comfortably.
    Since I’m quite tolerant to restraint, I’m afraid a 22″ corset will not be that much of a challenge and I consider getting a 20″ one, even if it means not closing it all the way in the beginning.
    Does it sound realistic, or is it too wide a gap ? I’m falling between two stools here.
    Thank you for the help !

    1. Hi Alexia, I can’t say which size would fit you better without knowing your other measurements. You might in theory be able to wear a size 20″ corset (at least with a lacing gap) but the corset needs to be curvy enough to accommodate your other measurements like ribcage and hips. If you fill out the contact form with the 4 required measurements, I’ll be able to tell you with more certainty which corset style and size would fit best.

  30. Hi Lucy! I know you’re a buddy lady :)
    I had submitted my measurements yesterday for your recommendation and i don’t see that i got a response yet. I was hoping to get your recommendation before you posted your 2017 corset close out video. I know it’s kind of last minute, I’m sorry but of course I thought about it last minute. It takes my spam and I’m hoping I entered my email address correctly, which I did double check so I think it’s right.

  31. Would this measurement page work for males as well?

    1. Hi Remmington, yes it does. :) Just measure the ribcage under the pecs, your natural waistline (the squishy part below your ribs but above your hip bones), and your hips where the waistline of your pants / jeans rest.

  32. Hey,

    I tried corseting when I was younger but I got that /\ shape which made my hip bones hurt badly and I even got bruises on them.I’m thinking about starting waist training again this time properly. I’m pear shaped and I have quite prominent hip bones. I have low visceral fat percentage.

    Can you recomend best type of corset for me? English is not my first language and I’m bit confused. Your site is super informative, I just though that corsets are supposed to make my hips go numb.

    1. Hello Katy, I’m happy to determine which style of corset is best for you! However I will need to look at your measurements. There is an instructional video above which demonstrates how to take your measurements properly. If you need more help please let me know. :)

  33. I haven’t received a reply yet and I’m hoping I didn’t put the wrong email address 😟

    1. Hello Soda, I responded to your inquiry 2 days ago, to the same email address you provided here. Did you check your spam or junk mail folder?

  34. How did I not know you sold corsets? I combed through your website years ago and missed it? HOOK ME UP!

    1. Thank you Vivian! I responded to your contact form this afternoon. :)

  35. Thank you so much for the names to refer to. I don’t know the brand. I bought it so long ago and am using it as a last resort because the back brace they gave me doesn’t go low enough. I will contact them. Thanks!

  36. Hi Lan. I have trouble with my lower back. My L4 vertebrae is kinked to the side. I have been going to a chiropractor for years, but it still slips out. I occasionally use a corset that was just bought for decorative use. I feel it helps, but cuts into me in certain places. I am considering getting a custom made corset that can support way down low. I would imagine I need a long line corset from what I have read so far, but does it come down low enough to support that L4? Also, I read on your site that you are not doing custom corsets. I don’t live in an area that makes corsets. What would you suggest.

    1. Hi Janice, thanks for your comment. Do you remember the brand of corset that you currently use? There’s a chance I may be familiar with it.
      There are corsets that can extend down to the sacrum, but because this is along a similar line as the upper hipbone (ilium) which is a bit sensitive to pressure, there’s a chance that a corset tight enough to be able to immobilize the L5 vertebra might be a bit uncomfortable on your hips (depending on how much padding you have over your hips). However, I would recommend speaking to some corset makers that are more experienced with back issues before throwing away the idea! They may have some solutions for you. Lace Embrace (Vancouver), Totally Waisted (Toronto), and Contour Corsets (Philadelphia) have all made corsets for people with back issues in the past, and they are able to work with long distance clients.

  37. I’m in the process of losing weight, should I wait until I hit my goal to waist train or can I get a corset closer to my goal size and use extra string? Please let me know. I have look at multiple places for the answer

    1. Hi Lan, sizing corsets for people who are losing weight is difficult, because not everyone loses weight equally from their body. Week by week, you might notice an inch come off your hips, then the next week your waist, etc. With a garment that fits as closely and precisely like a corset, a difference of 2 inches might drastically affect the fit! If you’re actively losing weight, I typically recommend that you wait till you’re closer to your goal or you’re losing less than 1-2 lbs per week (if it’s faster, you might outshrink your corset in no time).
      But if you plan to use your corset along with your regimen, let me know your measurements via the contact form and I’ll see what size would be most appropriate for you. Longer laces are available. :)

  38. I have troubles measuring my torso length sitting down as my belly sticks out when sitting (even standing the bottom part of my belly is a bit saggy due to weight loss), for that reason I believe I need a longline corset as I have already tried my friends normal length corset and my belly was sticking out like 2-3 inches below which looked horrifying.. so how do I correctly measure my torso length while sitting down if i have a belly? Can I do it standing up? I am 5″8 and a half (174cm) tall just to give a visual. Can we also send photo of the torso so you see the shape of the waist? Because with just measurements you cant know if some inches are from the fat in the front or the bones on the hips and ribs..

    1. Hello Aniush, the front of the corset is going to be rigid and help pull in your tummy. If you have a stiff ruler or yardstick, you may be able to measure your torso length by pressing that against your tummy and getting the closest possible “straight” length. You can measure both sitting down and standing up and note how much of a difference there is. :)

  39. Hi!
    I was wondering if you’d be able to make a corset that will give the curvy, voluptuous torso of a woman to a man, or if I’d be better off purchasing the ‘cross dressing’ corset I found at timeless trends. Thanks!

    1. Hi A, there are many places that sell corsets specifically for feminizing a male figure. Some of the best corsetieres include Puimond, Contour Corsets, Romantasy and Bizarre Design and they all have experience making corsets for CDs or transgenders. Cheers!

  40. I have severe scoliosis at 80 degrees at last xrays, I am so glad to find your corsits (I was told I would not live through surgery). My left rib cage is inside my pelvis. I am virtually waistless. My curve is high on my back on the right side. I can push myself up straight by pushing on kitchen counters and furniture, but of course I melt right back down as soon as I let go. My worry is that the corset wont come up high enough or I wont be able to sit in it because it is so long. I have xrays or can you advise me on how to adjust the measurements.
    Thank you,
    Cynthia in Alaska

  41. HI bishonenrancher, I have been wanting a corset for some time now. I have a cone shaped body, large on top and very very narrow hips no butt (the guyish barrel shape you describe in your video) and back bulge. :(. I am also plus size so I thought I would want a longline to hide (tuck in) the bulge but now I am worried that my narrow hips will look narrower. What do you suggest?

    1. Hi Maria, I suggest taking a look at Bluemissytiger’s videos on Youtube, she also has broad shoulders and narrow hips so you’ll be able to see what a corset would look like on you if you were to wear an OTR corset:

  42. Hi Lucy, and happy new year! I have been clicking through many of your videos in the past several days–they’re like potato chips, once you get started you just can’t stop! I have ALWAYS been intrigued by the beautifully enhanced curves that the female form can acquire–and only realized after many years of watching old musicals with thoughts of “Wow, look at her tiny waist!” that at least a bit of that size (or lack thereof) was accomplished with the use of a corset. Unfortunately I recently placed an order for an underbust model before I saw your service, but I’m thinking that I could probably use a second one so I can switch back and forth and give each corset an opportunity to air out before wearing again; I want to start daily waist training because I’ve got some serious pudge around the middle thanks to two babies and a lot of weight gain and loss over the years. I’m already wearing shapewear underneath every day–why not do it in style with a corset? Your guidance would be invaluable; had I found you first I’m sure I would not have ended up with the leather overbust model that I bought years ago which fits fine in the middle but the cups for the breasts are WAAAAY too small. I am so excited that you offer this service and I’m looking forward to getting your expert opinion about what models and sizes would be best for me. I am also interested in some of the undershirts I’ve seen you wear in some of the videos–in particular a beige one with cutouts at the shoulders, very pretty–do you sell those? Hope to hear from you soon, and thank you in advance for your help!

    1. Hi Denise! Thanks so much for your comment. :) I would love to give you a consultation when you’re ready – but see how you like the underbust corset you’ve already ordered beforehand, so you have the experience of how that particular brand and silhouette fits. Unfortunately at this time I don’t sell any corset liners or undershirts – the beige one you mentioned was purchased about 10 years ago from Winners! I believe the tag says “Lili Rose” but I haven’t been able to find another shirt like it. Best wishes!

      1. Lucy, thank you for your fast reply! I appreciate your advice about seeing how the underbust I’ve recently ordered will fit. I hope to receive it in a couple of weeks at the most (ordered from the UK), and can’t wait to see how it looks. I’ll let you know once I get it, and we can proceed from there. Thank you again so much for sharing your expertise…one only has to look at you in the corsets you review to see just how amazing these garments really are!

  43. Just finished watching the video and absolutely love it. I do however have a question about a self lacing video that has the laces in the back rather than the front because i find it extremely difficult to tie the laces in the back once i am done tightening to where i feel most comfortable with it on. please advise considering I don’t want to continually rely on people to tie my corset for me. thank you

    1. Hi Melissa, front-lacing corsets do exist. My very first training corset laced up in the front. However, especially if you are going for a large reduction in the waist I recommend that a corset have laces in both the front and the back. You can then keep the back laces knotted at whatever width you want or need, and adjust the front laces as comfortable. When you’re ready to train down more, then close the laces at the back and knot them once more, and adjust the front laces again as desired. I hope this makes sense!

  44. Okay so in this video you “marked” you upper hip by your iliac crest, but what if you are pudgy, and you can’t feel/see this bump?

    1. Just estimate as best you can. If you can’t push in to feel the bump where your hips start, then you can take the waist-to-lap vertical measurement and use that (it will give you a corset that’s shorter on the hips) or measure maybe 1-2 inches below that point if you want a longline corset.

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