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Thank you for your interest in collaborating with Lucy Corsetry! On this page you will find my website and social media stats, and the various opportunities for collaboration. In all cases, contact my business email here.

Lucy Corsetry Quick Stats, from June 2017:

  • Monthly website page views: 235,000 +
    • 60% of visitors from the US
  • Youtube subscribers: 92 000 + (and over 22 million video views)
  • Facebook fans: 19 500 +
  • Instagram followers: 10 300 +
  • Mailing list members: 7800 +

[expand title=”CORSET REVIEWS”]
I’m probably most well-known for my corset reviews. Let me be clear that I have never approached a company and asked for a free corset. However, I’ve been open about having reviewed ‘gifted’ corsets in the past.  My aim is to discuss the construction, quality of materials, and the silhouette of the corset as objectively as possible. This means I don’t hyperbolize and my reviews are typically neither gushing nor scathing – the quality of your work speaks for itself; I just show it off as clearly as possible. If you are a corsetiere looking to promote your work on my channel, there is a fair chance that my proportions may fit one of your standard samples.

If you wish, I would be happy to review your piece and return the corset to you when done – I do not charge a fee to review/ feature corsets, but I do ask that in the case of ‘loaned’ corsets, that the maker cover shipping fees in both directions. Some corsetieres prefer to create a custom-fit, unique piece to best reflect their skills in my featured reviews. I specify in the reviews whether the corset is standard or custom sized, and by law I add an FTC disclaimer explaining whether the corset was purchased or provided.


Once I’ve reviewed your corset, a number of things happen to your benefit:
  • I upload a video review of your corset to Youtube.
  • I add a written version of the review to my website, so anyone searching with the right keywords on search engines will have a higher chance of finding your review.
  • Your marker on the corsetiere map is changed from red to blue, helping your business stand out against the others.
  • Your name is also added to the list on my page “Corset Brands by Price Range” which exclusively features the corsetieres I’ve worked with.
  • Once I resume consultations (which is essentially a personal shopping service for corset wearers), your brand is added to that list of potentials – so if I find a prospective client that would be a good match with your style and price range, I specifically recommend your brand/ direct them to your website (note that the client always pays for the consultation; I take no cut of commissions from corsetieres).

Please get in touch with me via email if you would like me to review a corset for you in the near future.[/expand]


[expand title=”Reviews of products other than corsets”]
I very rarely do these, and I’m selective about which products I review – if it is a product that I would consider buying “in real life”, or if it ties into a corset fashion theme (e.g. clothing that compliments an hourglass figure), I may consider reviews and features of these products. Please do not ask me to review products that have nothing to do with my channel (e.g. skateboards or protein powder).[/expand]


You are a passionate corset maker, perhaps wanting to move from hobbyist to professional corsetiere. You want to make a positive impact on the industry, but you are concerned that maybe your corsets aren’t up to industry standard. If you’ve never gone to fashion school, there’s no senior corsetiere nearby to intern with, and the people around you don’t know much about corsets, how can you expect to hone your skills? Who can fairly critique your work? I can.

Having studied well over 150 different corsets now (all different price points and qualities) and having experienced both the corsetiere and consumer side of the industry, I know what fine details are involved in getting your corset construction up to industry standard and making positive impact on the corset community, while not having to sacrifice your unique artistry. In a one-on-one online consultation, I can appraise your work, discuss how you could make your corsets stronger or make your finish more pristine, and be sure that you are pricing your corsets fairly. I can also give pointers on how to focus on a certain demographic of customers, advertise your corsets appropriately, and make sure that your corsets are delivering what you claim.

For this service, I do not desire any TF* exchanges – corset makers can send a sample of their best/ current corset style, plus a fee for my time and services. The corset will be returned to the maker in saleable condition after analysis and our Skype consultation. After the consultation, should the corset sample meet a certain bar of standards and only if the corsetiere is comfortable, I may suggest the option of publicly reviewing the corset on my channel to bring more attention to the maker’s work. Email me for further details for the corset appraisal and new corsetiere consultation.


This is for new, standard-size corsets for consideration in my main Shop. I am picky about the brands I support, promote and distribute, and I extensively research any company that approaches me to distribute their products. Currently, I am only set up for drop-shipping (particularly within the US). If you are a company looking for general online distributors, or looking to expand/create a Canadian base, please contact me for further discussion.


If you are a company (particularly corsetry, cosplay, and vintage fashion-based) interested in advertising on my site, there is a good chance I will consider your business. Since my site is very niche, the quality of my viewership is very niche as well, creating a streamlined potential client base for you. You may provide your own ad design (we can discuss size and location specifics) or I can create one for you. Monthly, 3-month and 6-month rates are available, as well as advertising in exchange for an affiliate link/ commission. Please contact me for further details!




Although I do occasionally participate in photoshoots, I am not a professional model by any stretch of the imagination. I do absolutely no nudity and no fetish work; this includes zero hair-playing or hair-cutting videos. However, if you are a designer and have a corset or costume for which you’d feel I would complete the look, please contact me with more detailed information. OR if you are a photographer in the GTA looking to collaborate, I may accept gigs under extremely special circumstances, and I will always bring an escort/ assistant.

Once again, for any and all forms of collaboration, contact me via my business email here. Best wishes, and I look forward to working with you. :)


26 thoughts on “Let’s do business

  1. hi how are you doing today i would like a corset as i am busy with the transgender process and need a corset as to want a small normal middle and i was surging for a corset here in south africa and i can’t find any original corsets here so i think we can market it her in south africa and maybe open a shop here even

    1. Hi Makayla, there are a couple of corset makers in South Africa if you check the Corsetiere Map!

  2. My name is Tonia and I’m interested in a corset to complete my outfit for my fall ball coming up. I would also like this to wear for the ren fair. I’m looking for just a black one. My skirt is like a royal blue and a white off the shoulder mid evil top like they wore back in that era. The only down fall is My fall ball is this Saturday. Can you please help. I’ve ordered some off of Amazon but they don’y fit. I have about a 52 waist.

    Thank You

    1. Hi Tonia, I have a measuring tutorial and contact form on this page, please fill it out and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with my personal recommendation for a corset size and style that will fit you best.

  3. I would like to order a corset…one that will give me an hour glass shape since I’m straight down.

    1. Hi Amanda, thanks for your interest! I have a measuring tutorial and contact form on this page, please fill it out and I’ll get back to you within a day with my personal recommendations for a corset size and style that will fit you best and suit your goals. :)

  4. Hello Again Lucy,

    My apologies. It seems that in my previous message I accidentally deleted part of the necessary information!

    I would like to send a custom corset to you for review and possible posting to your website. Can you please let me know the time frame and cost for the process?

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    1. Hello Cami, thanks so much for your comment and your interest in having your corset reviewed! My apologies for my late response (I’m currently battling the flu) but I will email you tomorrow afternoon with more information about the process. :)
      Best wishes,

  5. Hi Lucy,

    I am a corsetier from California with an online website. I have been working (part-time) at my business for about 4 years now but have not applied my time to get my brand name out there as much as I would like. I am ready to take that next step now towards building my business to the scale that I would like it to be (small). I make only custom corsets and do not keep stock on hand. I have many years of couture experience having had my own custom clothing business and a business making custom bridal gowns and formal wear. Now I am working to build a business to express my creative side yet again.

    Please let me know how to proceed with this process as I look forward to working with you. I am fine with paying all the shipping costs, as I would prefer to have the corset returned. (It fits me;)

    I look forward to hearing from you!

  6. Hello Lucy! I am putting together a cosplay and i would like to see if you could make a custom corseted body suit for me and how much it would cost. I Love your corsets and would love even more to show off your amazing work!

    1. Hi Casandra, I’m not taking custom commissions right now, but check out this page which features corset makers who do make body suits and many of them are still taking commissions. :) Click on the photos to be redirected to their websites.

  7. Dear Lucy, per your instructions, I measured under my bust, my waist, hips, and also vertically. I would like to place an order from you, personally, but I do not know if all corsets have ties in the back. I cannot reach behind myself to tie anything so, with this in mind, what do I order … a waist trainer? Thank you, Jan PS I want an under-bust item.

    1. Hello Jan, unfortunately all corsets have laces. 99.9% of them have laces in the back of the corset, but any custom corsetiere would be able to make a front-lacing piece for you. One such example is Bound by Obsession, they’ve become known for their relatively affordable front-lacing cinchers (under $200). Most custom corsets start around $300 USD.

  8. I have a question for you…
    I am having a hard time making a pattern for myself.
    If I give you my measurements, Can you draft an over and under bust for me… and how much would you charge for them??
    Thank you Lucy.
    Sally, AKA Kitty

    1. Hi Kitty, I don’t personally sell custom corset pattern services, but I know that Julia B of Sew Curvy does! I’m sure she would be happy to help!

  9. I do hope you have something that works, thank you!!!!

  10. I would like a overbust silver long line for my upcoming wedding, might you have one in stock? I am a 38L, large bust.

    Many thanks!

    1. Hello Lisa! Unfortunately the 38L is out of stock in the silver overbust style. If you’d like to submit your measurements on this page though, I might see if another size would fit you okay. Best wishes!

  11. Hi Lucy! I’m interested in purchasing a corset from you for working out but also as a garmet to give me that extra hourglass look

    1. Hi Sara, unfortunately I do not provide corsets for exercise – I do not recommend working out in any genuine corset, as mentioned in this video – however I do have some corsets for sale here.

  12. Please find someone or a company that is willing to make a corset for men / Transgender . I realize that you are very busy with your own business . We men need help , because the only way to get a corset is custom made.

    1. Bob, have you checked the Guided Galleries? Corsets for gentlemen can be found here, while corsets for trans women can be found here.

  13. Try to purchase a waist training corset, click on the one I want but want let me continue

    1. Hello Faye, to purchase a corset from the Silver Line, you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page and it will give you directions. There is a Paypal button where you can make your purchase, and a contact form where you can submit your measurements so I can help you choose the correct size for your body. If you want to purchase a corset from the Bronze line, you need to send me an email – my address is listed in the information at the top of that page. :)

  14. I currently purchase wholesale OTR corsets for customers. I have found two manufacturers that I deal with most of the time. In general they produce a well made corset and are willing to deal with any defect problems satisfactorily. however, They are becoming less profitable to deal through all the time. They offer me a “special discount” on my wholesale price so that I will buy larger lots and then a week later will lower their retail price to match mine. The second manufacturer produces a very nice corset that is finished well and possess all the attributes I look for:
    Appropriate fabrics, quality steel boning, strong busk(not too bendy). Multi layer construction, appropriate linings and waist tape. proper boning casings, installed properly according to the assembly type. and so on.
    They are however a little inconsistent with their quality. This is a little inconvenient but replacements are provided without much issue.
    The larger manufacturer has a huge selection that allows me to customize orders but has a steep minimum order. The second has no Minimum and will add my label at no extra charge but has a very limited selection of designs and fabrics.
    I guess that what I’m looking for is a happy medium between the two.
    I frequently order just 1 corset for a particular customer. That works great for the customer,not so great for me.
    Hoping you have some suggestions,
    Wendy Dunn
    Ruby Corsets

    1. Hi Wendy, unfortunately this is not my area of expertise; I only currently deal with one wholesale company (similar to your small-scale one) so I don’t have any other places to compare them to. :\ I’m sorry that I’m not able to help.

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