Further Reading

As comprehensive as I try to make my blog, sometimes I refer to other books, articles, and publications. All the posts you see in this section link to other bodies of work where you can learn even more from other enthusiasts and respected authorities in the corset community.

Just a few hours ago, the late-night TV show ABC-20/20 had aired an episode on "Going to Extremes", in which
This is more or less a transcript of my video review of the same book - if you prefer to
This post is a transcript of my video, "Book Review: Corsets and Crinolines" which you can view here: "Corsets and
I admit it. I'm terrible at book reviews. So many years of working in biology labs have conditioned me to
Linda Sparks is the owner of the company Farthingales which has a store in Stratford, Canada. I purchased the 2008
I choose to call this an "overview" rather than a "review" because I have decided that I'm terrible at reviewing
"History Myths" is a charming blog that reads somewhat like Snopes or FactCheck, except with the obvious focus on popular
A lovely, balanced and logical corset-neutral article that shows that the average waist reduction among 52 women was only about
This article titled "Everything You Know About Corsets Is False" written by Lisa Hix is a corset-positive piece based off
In 2009, Deanna Dahlsad (aka Pop-Tart) of Kitsch-Slapped wrote this refreshing corset-positive (or in the very least, neutral) article series
I happily stumbled across this fantastic publication today. Published quite recently (early 2012), it is a study on the use