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As comprehensive as I try to make my blog, sometimes I refer to other books, articles, and publications. All the posts you see in this section link to other bodies of work where you can learn even more from other enthusiasts and respected authorities in the corset community.

  Here's a question I receive nearly every day: "My natural waist is 30 inches, and I just started waist
I often receive inquiries from people wanting to specifically buy a "work out" or "exercise" corset. I'm not entirely sure
Sarah Chrisman, author of
In March 2014, after the blogger conference at Orchard Corset headquarters, some friends and I took the ferry to visit
Back in March 2014 while visiting Orchard Corset headquarters in Wenatchee, Washington, USA, I had the immense honour of sitting
A few days ago, HuffPost released this article on how stretch shapewear and compression wear are associated with various health risks,
Corseting obviously affects many parts of the body, some systems more obviously than others. One of the more obvious parts
Lucy's note (September 4, 2023)  - ten years after the original post was published, Dr. Rebecca Gibson debunked the x-rays
One of my friends linked me to Hidden Killers of the Victorian Home yesterday evening, in which one reporter uncovers the
Not directly corset-related (and don't worry - I will resume the season-with-me posts soon!) but here is a cool video
When I bought my very first corset, I thought I was pretty much set. Some accessories like liners are obvious,
This article covers another area in how corsets can affect us positively in a physical, mental and emotional manner, except
In the past, I've discussed at length the effects that the corset can have physically on the body, but up