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On this page you will find corsets I have handmade, or corsets that I have previously purchased for review and now am trying to sell to clear up space. Each piece has an asking price, but we can negotiate up or down from there. Please email me for any questions or purchase.


Although I won’t do alterations to make a completed corset fit your measurements, you can request to have other modifications made such as:

  • Exchanging flat steel boning or plastic boning with spiral steel ($20)
  • Adding trim or flossing (inquire for price)
  • Suspending/stiffening the modesty panel with bones is $20, or plastic canvas is $15.
  • Adding adjustable hip ties to a double-boned corset ($40)
  • Modifying an overbust into an underbust (inquire)




Disclaimer: I’m located in Canada. Shipping cost varies depending on whether you would like surface or air post, with or without tracking, and the size/weight of the corset(s). Underbusts will be closer to the lower end, overbusts to the higher end. Please email me with your country and postal/zip code if you’d like a more accurate estimate.

    • Canada:Xpresspost (4 days max with tracking) is between $10-$18
    • US: Air shipping (no tracking) takes 1-2 weeks, $16-$23.
      • Express (max 3-4 days, with tracking) is on average $25.
  • International: shipping overseas by air (2-3 weeks) is often $25-30 for underbusts and close to $45 for overbusts. If you’d like Express with tracking, please inquire.


In all cases, if I get to the post office and I find that the shipping is less than what you paid by over a dollar, I will ask if you’d like a refund of the difference.


[expand title=”PAYMENT AND CURRENCY”]

At this time I only accept Paypal for payment. Its policies protect both of us. I prefer payment in US funds, although if you live in Canada I may accept Canadian funds (please inquire; this depends on how strong the dollar is).

Payment plans/ multiple instalments: Note that there’s been a change in policy for payment plans: Due to non-serious customers wasting my time, I now require a 50% non-refundable downpayment on any purchased corset. All corsets must be paid in TWO instalments (50% downpayment, 50% 2nd payment), or THREE instalments (50% downpayment, then two other payments of 25% each). If you fail to answer emails or cannot make payment, your downpayment will not be refunded.





Shop my Closet (Gently Used Dresses)


Click the picture to see this dress in action.

“Honey” Red Poplin dress from Trashy Diva (the “twin” to this Ophelia dress by Lindy Bop). I am wearing the Lindy Bop in this photo for demonstration, but the Honey is nearly identical, save for a touch lighter red and one size smaller. See the review here.

The Honey dress still has the tag on – only tried on twice, before I realized how short the bodice is. HAS POCKETS!

Size 4: Bust up to 36″, waist up to 26″, hips free (circle skirt).

Your torso length, from shoulder to natural smallest waist (measured along the back) should not be more than 14.5 or 15 inches long. Your ribcage (underbust) circumference should not be more than 28 inches.

There are some faint anti-perspirant marks on the bottom of the armscye but it should come out in the wash.

Dress only, does not include petticoat, corset (worn underneath), etc.

REASON FOR SELLING: I have a long torso and fuller ribcage; cannot fit this dress.

PRICE: The dress was originally $108 USD. I ended up paying $148 after shipping to Canada and taxes/ border fees. I am asking $54 (half price).


“Mansfield” dress from Trashy Diva, in olive green.

New with tags – only tried on twice, before I realized how short the bodice is.

This is made from a beautiful and soft heavyweight knit with plenty of stretch, except for right at the ribcage where I need the most space. Perfect warmth and color for autumn.

Size 2: Bust ~36″ (has stretch), waist up to 26″ (firm interfacing at the waistband), hips ~40″ (has stretch).

The length of the torso along the back, from the shoulder to where the firm waistband begins, is only about 13.5 inches. It is designed to fit a bit like an empire waist, but the waistband has zero stretch. Your ribcage should be 27 inches or less to comfortably zip closed this dress. The interfaced area of the waistband is 4 inches high.

Total length of this dress, from collar to hem, is about 35 inches.

REASON FOR SELLING: I have a long torso and fuller ribcage; cannot fit into this dress.

PRICE: The dress was originally $159 USD. I ended up paying $202 after shipping to Canada and taxes/ border fees. I am asking $80 (half price).



“Oriental Princess” ensemble by Serindë, SIZE 24. See the review here. Modelled a few times, for a photo shoot and for my Youtube video.

Includes haltertop corset, matching full-length trumpet skirt, and lace shawl.

Corset: Ribcage 26″, Waist 24″, high hip 32″. Bust “free” (adjustable halter straps). I wore this corset with a V shaped lacing gap and it still looks nice.
Skirt: waistband 28″, front length 40″ (a little longer in the back due to train)
Lace shawl: 50″ long and 11″ wide.

REASON FOR SELLING: I don’t really have any event where this would be considered appropriate attire.

PRICE: The corset alone is normally worth ~$300 USD new. I’m asking $200 USD for the entire ensemble, plus shipping.  Please email me with your country and zip code if you’re interested in this piece, so I can calculate shipping!


Other Corset-Related Merch:

Coming soon! Coutils, brocades, excess bones and busks to be added here in the near future. Email me if you want to know more.


Postcards (blank or signed, your choice), $10 and FREE Worldwide shipping.
Please choose either “Pink Corset” or “Red Corset” and whether you’d like it signed on the back or kept blank. These are limited stock and will not be reprinted.


Postcard style:
Pink corset Portrait – not signed
Pink corset Portrait – SIGNED
Red corset sitting – not signed
Red corset sitting – SIGNED

66 thoughts on “Samples, Gently Used Corsets & Merch

  1. Hi lucy.I’m looking for the corset u showed on ur YouTube on october 31st 2012.Do u have it on a medium or large please let me know?

    1. Hi Najma, was it the “Tummy ooze” video here? I sold that particular corset a long time ago, but I do sell longline corsets that extend low over the tummy and hips in this section of my shop in all sizes. If you need help finding your size, I have a free sizing service on this page.

  2. Hi there – are these dresses still for sale? I am not sure how to proceed from above. thank you!

    1. Hi Clarice, yes the dresses are still for sale! Send me an email about which one you’re interested in, and if you let me know your postal / zip code, I can calculate shipping for you. :) Thanks!

  3. Hi Lucy!
    Would you happen to be offering payment plans on the dresses you are selling? If not, I am still very interested in your Laura Byrnes California 2016 Monica dress in Red. :D

  4. Hello Lucy I love your videos on you tube and absolutely love them all great and informative
    I have never done corset training.. and I am very interested when you say that you help out in dividing the payments do you mean
    just for the gently use or the new set as well?

    1. Hello Esthi, yes I can do payment plans on the gently used corsets depending on which corset. For the corset that’s only $30 for instance I wouldn’t bother, but for a corset over $100 yes I would consider it. I had written the payment plan details above (under payment and currency) but here it is again:

      Payment plans/ multiple instalments: Note that there’s been a change in policy for payment plans: Due to non-serious customers wasting my time, I now require a 50% non-refundable downpayment on any purchased corset. Corsets can be paid in two instalments (50% downpayment, 50% 2nd payment), OR three instalments (50% downpayment, then two other payments of 25% each). If you fail to answer emails or cannot complete your, your instalments will be refunded LESS the 50% downpayment (which will not be refunded).

  5. Why are so many of the OTR corsets so tiny in the hips? Is a 10″ natural difference between waist/hip measurements REALLY that odd/hard to accommodate?

    1. Polearina, these are corsets from my personal closet. I have a small natural hip spring, therefore the corsets I wear reflect that. If you are looking for corsets with a larger hip spring I recommend looking through the Lace Base.

  6. Hello! I was wondering, do you know where I can commission an overbust corset that is modeled after the Edwardian Era? Specifically the early 1900’s? I am planning a Titanic costume event and would like an appropriate corset to wear under the dress I made.

    1. Hi Jennifer, I have a whole gallery of Titanic Era Corsets over here! :) Clicking on each photo will redirect you to the online shop or corsetiere where you can learn more/ purchase them. I hope this helps!

  7. Hi,

    Thanks for your informed web site.

    I am interested in knowing more about the corsets that you have for sale.

    I live in Melbourne, Australia


    1. Hi Marie, most of my corsets are new, dropshipped from the warehouse to you – you can learn more about them on this page in my shop. :) The gently used corsets and samples page is updated less often.

  8. Hi im trying to start waist train, because… Im on the rise to becoming a drag queen, adn i really want that Jessica Rabbit shaped body, and know theres a bigger science behind it, but I really want to be curvy instead of being box bodied any pointers or suggestions please come my way. Im 16 but I want to be enlightened in this. And I wear cheap Walmart branded ones. Such as this nude one with metal bones and spandexy material. It only has 7 bones(being that im really tiiny) but I bought another one (black) from there and it only has five. this one you slip on same fabric and material. Is this suitable for training. On top of that I wear like a stretchy belt too small for me to wear so i clasp it on top and figures me, but is this okay? Im sorry if this is alot but i want to be able to do everything correctly and safely. Thank you

    1. Hi Anthony, I generally don’t recommend the stretchy waist cinchers, but as you’re under 18 this might be a better choice for you since many corset makers will not accept a client under 18 (the legal age that you can start body modification – unless you have your parents’ or guardians’ approval). I talk more about age and corseting here.

  9. i m interested in a under the breast corset. I have a small D breast size, My hips are 36 inches. My waist is 35 inches. My funds are limited. Please let me know if you have anything for me.

    1. Hi Christine, I don’t have any corsets in your size in the gently used section, but you’re welcome to look through my selection of new corsets. If you’d like to be properly sized, I have a measuring guide and contact form here.

  10. I’m just seeing this email about your sale of your used corsets….do you have any more than just this one? I’m wanting to start waist-training but the budget doesn’t yet allow for a fully custom-crafted one…
    Any “50-ish and just-starting out” pointers/suggestions you might have would be very welcome!


    1. Hi Merrillee, thanks for your comment. I had more gently-used corsets for sale in the last week, but about 10 of them sold on the first and second days! This is the only one left, currently. However I have some affordable OTR corsets in my other corset shop here, all of these are brand new and have a full refund / exchange policy.
      If you’re close to 50, I would suggest reading through the article on age guidelines (although they’re directed more towards people who are too young to wear a corset). Basically, make sure that your blood pressure is good, that you have strong bones and that you don’t have bladder / uterine prolapse. If your doctor gives you a clean bill of health, you should be good to go.

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