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There are currently two different “levels” in which you can buy a corset.

All of these corsets are odor-free, kept in a non-smoking home and although I do own a (hypoallergenic) dog, I do keep her away from the corsets. :)

Buy a NEW corset here

New (standard sized) corset specifications:

  • SHIPS IMMEDIATELY (from the warehouse in the US)
  • Brand new, off-the-rack corsets at competitive prices
  • Waist sizes 18 – 42 available, and bust sizes A-D, in 4 different cuts (cincher, standard underbust, longline, and sweetheart overbust), and 3 silhouettes (2011 stock, slim silhouette, and hourglass silhouette). Over 100 styles in total!
  • I only carry brands that I have personally tried and tested – no smoke and mirrors, you know exactly what you’re getting.



Buy USED corsets and one-of-a-kind samples here

Used corset specifications:

  • SHIPS IMMEDIATELY (from my office in Canada)
  • The most economic – keep a corset out of the landfill, and pay less than the RRP!
  • The selection is constantly changing – check back regularly.
  • Many corsets are one-of-a-kind, handmade samples (made by myself) and sold at often half their worth!
  • Others are gently used corsets that I have worn usually only a handful of times for the purpose of review. These items are typically in very good condition, show very little or no wear, or have been repaired by me (I will always note if alterations or repairs have been done).

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135 comments on “Buy a Corset!

  1. Kathy Gruzalski on said:

    I have several(7) Timeless Trends Corsets that I had purchased in 2016. size 28. Soon after purchasing these I was in an car accident and I continue to be in physical therapy. I originally kept a chart to track seasoning these, none of them were totally seasoned. worn less then 10 hrs total before the accident. They are in new condition. I was wondering if you could connect me with somewhere I could sell these at.Thank you for your time.

  2. Hi Lucy!
    I’m looking into buying a used corset for beginner daily waist training to offset shipping costs to Australia. Do you have anything available right now? Otherwise, I’m likely to get the TT hourglass cincher size 22 that you recommended.

    Underbust circumference – 29.5
    Natural waist circumference – 27
    High hip circumference – 31
    Torso length – 8


    • Hello Kit, the only used corset I currently have for sale is the Serinde ensemble on this page. It would lace on you with a “V” shaped gap (as it does on me as well), where the hip would be a bit too large on you. It would admittedly not be a perfect fit, and it would also be final sale. You would be better off with the cinchers I recommended to you before. Not only is it less expensive but the measurements would suit you better and it would also be exchangeable / returnable within 45 days of purchase. Cheers!

  3. I want to purchase a used corset at less and economic cost for waist training.since I will be usinng for the first time. My underbust size is 34 inches, waist 35 inches, upper hip 36 inches, torso length 10 inches. Please show samples with cost.

  4. Bethany Newcomb on said:

    What sites do you reccomend for buying a waist training corset? Am willing to pay up yo $350, I just don’t want to put my money in the wrong place.

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Bethany, I have a page on corset brands arranged by budget on this page. Some of my fave corset makers who start in the $300 – $400 range who can make custom include Puimond, L’Atelier de LaFleur, Sinner Couture and Tighter Corsets.

  5. Hi lucy, can you tell me where to buy a custom fit corset for waist training 23 / 7?

  6. Sherika McDuffie on said:

    Hi Lucy in your long line hourglass corsets I didn’t any in all black without the hip ties what to do get it without the hip tied

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Sherika, at this time all of the longline corsets have hip ties – we hope to release some more styles next year including a longline without hip ties but the pattern hasn’t been finalized yet.

  7. Hello Lucy, i have a very asymmetrical waist. and i was wondering if you could help me fix one side of my waist. what is the procedure to buying a specially made corset for my case. thank you and i hope you get back to me soon.

  8. Marjan on said:

    how long does it take for a corset to reach a client and how do we know our measurement

  9. Julean on said:

    I recently decided to start waist training, but I’m still confuused about somethings. I was thinking about buying from Orchard Corsets but I am unsure if it’ll fit right. I’ve been eyeing their CS426 longline for awhile now but i am about 10-10.5 in natural length. I was wonderin if it wouuld fit properly or should I get the CS426 short, and if so, would I still get the full body coverage as the longline??

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Julean, if your torso length is 10.5 inches, you should be able to fit the CS-426 longline corset. But double check with Orchard’s sizing staff because they are responsible for their own products. :)

  10. Tamika on said:

    Hello im interested in training… What would you recommend to start off with? A under bust or clincher?…

  11. safaa on said:

    Hi Lucy, I have two questions: I wanted to purchase an ultra-curvy, dramatic wasp or hourglass underbust corset, similar to the Isabella Josephine or WKD Morticia ones. Do you have one in your new OTR or used collections of these specifications? Also, I was wondering where can I buy these corsets in Canada, preferably in Toronto, but anywhere in Ontario or even Quebec, can do. Which stores in Canada carry the high-end, excellent quality corsets that feature in your photos?

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hello Safaa, unfortunately I don’t have corsets to the exact specifications of the Josephine or Morticia corsets in my shop; they would need to be purchased directly from those respective stores. :) There are not a lot of brick-and-mortar shops that sell genuine corsets in Toronto, but I do know of many custom corsetieres if you’re interested!

  12. Darcy on said:

    Hi, I would like to try a corset for posture and for the “squeeze” calming benefits for anxiety and spectrum issues. I am a very plus size, though, and I was wondering if you have suggestions on where to buy very large ones. To give an example, I wear a size 24/26 (American size) top and 26 bottom.

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Darcy, thanks for your comment and sorry for my late response. I have a gallery of corset brands that carry plus size corsets – the OTR corsets can fit people with a natural waist of about 50 inches, and some of the custom makers can work with clients with a waist as large as 60 inches. I hope it helps! Full Figure and Plus Size Corsets

  13. kiki on said:

    I recently decided to start waist training and since I’m a student, its difficult to find something affordable and in good quality and then I stumbled upon your website and got all excited until I found that you cater for cup D only and I’m a DD plus I am in South Africa so I’m not really sure whether you ship this side or not anyway do you ship to South Africa and which is the best and @ affordable prices…

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Kiki, the overbust corsets I carry come in 3 different bust sizes, which range from about a small B cup up to around DD cup depending on your other measurements. Where did you hear that I only cater to D cup sizes? I just checked with my supplier Timeless Trends, and unfortunately we don’t ship to South Africa. But I know that some other companies like Restyle do ship to South Africa, although I’m not sure of the price.

  14. Dulce on said:

    Hi!! Do you have someone speak spanish?? I need a corset but i have cuestions and only understand a light inglish. I’m in tulsa ok

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hello Dulce, sorry I’m not very fluent in Spanish. I’m a one-woman business maintaining this site, I don’t have any other employees. But if you send me a message in Spanish, I can use the Google translator to understand it and hopefully answer your questions.

  15. Hi,

    I want to buy my first corset and I am thinking which material to go for. I want to wear it exclusively under my clothes so I don’t care for the looks I just care for the discretion and its ability to breathe, something comfortable. I was recommended the satin as the thinnest and most discreet material but I keep seeing in the videos that you prefer brocade over satin and these are my two top choices of materials that I am pondering over. Will the satin really breathe more than brocade? I just don’t want to get the sating and find it deforms in any way because of it’s thinness but I as well want to be able to move normally and hide the corset behind the clothes and brocade is said to be very thick. What do you think is a good first corset material?

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Anja, most satin corsets available today are made from polyester. If you look up Duchesse satin I think it’s made from silk, and sateen I think is a cotton based satin (if I remember correctly). If you want something breathable, I’d look into all cotton corsets. Mesh corsets exist too but from most OTR stores you can’t expect them to have quite as long a lifespan compared to the all cotton pieces.

  16. Latoya Benson on said:

    If D cup is the largest size you sell can you recommend somewhere else for larger cup sizes?

  17. evie grenier on said:

    where can i order one and how much do they cost

  18. Hi I’m a plus size 20 to 22 what size corset should I go for

  19. shakitha on said:

    hey my waist is 44 46 what size corset do you recommend

  20. sadie on said:

    hi need to know if you ship to india. also which corset is better for waist training anna chery clinchers or the traditional corset

  21. dallas on said:

    Are your corsets steel boned?

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hello Dallas, yes all the corsets are steel boned. Even the gently-used pieces in my “Bronze Line”, if I received a corset that previously had plastic boning, I would change them out with steel before selling it off.

  22. Jennifer Mendoza on said:

    Can I wear a corset when I’m on my period?

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Jennifer, yes if you find it comfortable, you can wear your corset on your period. Some women say that it even helps alleviate cramping. However, if you retain a lot of water during this time, you might not find it comfortable – so it’s fine if you choose not to wear a corset on your period. It’s a very personal thing.

  23. tatiana on said:


    i am tatiana , i want to know if send extrme corset to Lima Peru , and how much cost in dollars.

    thanks . TATIANA

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hello Tatiana, yes it is possible to ship to Peru. Shipping would be $46 for standard shipping (2-3 weeks). I’m sorry I don’t have any control over the shipping costs, as USPS determines this.

  24. hii i’d like to know where you ship to and if you do or do not ship to dubai? also, are all of your corsets steel boned?

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Rasha, unfortunately Timeless Trends US does not have a shipping option for Dubai, but if you check their UK store (on Amazon) they may be able to help!

  25. Isabella on said:

    Hi, I would like to start corset training.My waist is 26 inches and I,m 5.6. I’m a big fan of anime and cosplay. So thats why I would like a tiny waist. I was thinking about a 20 to 22 inch waist? But not so it looks gross or to small. :)

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Isabella, at first glance I might recommend the size 22″ corset you, but for more accurate results you’re welcome to fill out the measurement form at the bottom of my sale page here. Thanks!

  26. brenda garcia on said:

    I want to buy corset please let me know where I can order

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Brenda, on this page you should have seen two options – one has new corsets in all sizes, and the other has a few used corsets at discount. Please select the choice you want.

  27. Cassandra on said:

    Hi, I have no clue where to ask this but, do you know what kind of corset this is if it is even one at all? Thank you so much.

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Cassandra, that is a girdle by Sian Hoffman, I think you might be able to buy it from Fairy Goth Mother. Unfortunately I don’t carry that on my site.

  28. Hi Lucy,
    I want to buy a corset too! I am UK size 10-12

  29. Shandabear on said:

    My name is Shannon and I am wanting to get a corset, but I don’t know where to start. Could you help me?

  30. Hi I am a size 2 female with 24-25 inches waist, height 4’11”. I am hoping to tighten up the little lower belly pooch that I have with corset training. Could you please suggest which kind of corset will be helpful for me?

  31. Stevie on said:

    I Have never worn a corset before, How do I size one to fit properly? Do you have any that cover the bust?

  32. Hi I was just enquiring about the CS-426 in pink and animal print. I am looking at starting to waist train as never done it before but have done a lot of research. I was just wondering if u can help me in finding one as ones I have found have had to be imported and have a customs charge. please can you help me.

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Siobhan, I haven’t heard of the CS-426 corset in animal print or pink. The CS-426 corset is one of Orchard’s designs, so you would have to order through them; I only distribute Timeless Trends corsets at the moment. The best way to avoid getting customs charges is to purchase locally – although you may be taxed on your purchase anyway. I’m not sure where you are but you can check the map here.

  33. Angel Cason on said:

    Do you corsets run smaller than latex waist cinchers?

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Angel, the corsets I sell go down to 20 inches closed waist, with no stretch. However, if you need even smaller than this, I know of some other brands that supply as small as 16 inches.

  34. Hello,
    I’m a plus size girl with a very bizarre body shape (my waist isn’t completely horizontal – the back is higher than the front!) and have been looking to get an underbust corset that is log enough to cover my hips a good few inches below the hip bone. Any ideas? Thank you!

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Layna, I have some longline corsets available in my silver line here; they go up to size 38″ (suitable for waist sizes up to about 45″ or so). If you’re looking for a corset that has a slanted waist tape and is longline, I recommend Versatile Corsets – I believe all of their corsets feature a waist tape that is lower in the front and higher in the back! And a style like their Ambrosia corset may cover your hips appropriately. Best wishes!

  35. I am currently 28-30-42. My goal is 24-27-42. My limit is $100. Can you help?

  36. Lora Stewart on said:

    I have a question. I am plus sized. I recently had the gastric sleeve surgery done about 5 months ago and i have already lost 140 pounds. I am planning on having a tummy tuck once i get the rest of the weight off which is about another 100 pounds. I have been looking in to this waist training and corset wearing stuff. How to do I go about getting the right size to buy one and how much do they run? Any and all information is greatly appreciated. Thank you. My current size is a 4x which i buy my clothes from woman within if that helps with the idea of how large i am. and my bra size is a 52d.

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Lora, I typically recommend waiting until your weight loss slows down to about 1 lb per week or less before buying a corset. For me, a gain of about 10 lbs puts me into a different size range… and it would be a shame to only wear a corset for a couple of weeks before it’s too big for you. If you have the money to spare to keep sizing down for the next little while, I can help you out. Here’s my measurements page!

  37. hello Lucy i was wondering if you could recommend a good quality corset. I reallywant to start training but dont know where to look for a good one

  38. Which corset do I need to buy from you to make my waist super tiny?

  39. Hello, I’m interested in a corset. Mostly for posture to help with my sciatica nerve problem. I’m also looking to try corset training. Do have any advice on the type of corset I may need and do you have for purchase.

    Thank you

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hello Lala, if you have sciatica, I recommend getting a custom fit corset because some corsets can actually make sciatic problems worse instead of correcting them if it’s fit incorrectly or too tight over the hip and bum. I recommend finding a corsetiere who lives close to you via the map.

  40. Hello! I love all of your corsets, they are so beautiful. I am looking for a waist training corset, preferably underbust. Where do you recommend I look for one? Also, while I am asking, I LOVE that pink floral underbust corset. Where did you get it?
    Thank you!

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Ana, the pink cherry blossom underbust you see on this page was one I made myself. I used to offer it back when I did custom commissions, unfortunately I’m not doing commissions at the moment. Every so often I do make a corset and sell it as a sample (which is why the photo represents the bronze line) but it is up to chance whether a sample or one-off corset would fit a particular buyer!

  41. Hey Lucy,
    I love your waist shape it’s amazing! I’m so interested in your corsets. I Love how your honest and don’t just try to get everyone to buy your corsets for your benifit, you also make sure they are benefiting! This caught my attention. I’m looking into waist traing and have done some research, Im a size 4 in dresses, but I want a custom made waist training corset, I want it to be double boned steel corset, and want something that I can wear under my clothes im not looking to wear it over my clothes or anything like that. I just want one that is made to reduce the maximum amount of inches possible. Please let me know what price im looking at and how I can go about buying this from you or another place you think will work for me. ! Would appreciate a reply! Thank you ❤️

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hello Zeanaa, thank you for your comment – at the moment I’m not offering custom corsets, but if you check out the corsetiere map, all of those makers offer custom fit corsets and most of them know how to make one strong enough for training. When it comes to custom corsets, it’s a good idea to try and find someone local to you so they can help you take measurements and ensure that the corset fits properly.

  42. Karilina on said:

    Hello, I’m looking for a under bust corset that has all this aspects:
    1) Good number of bones in the corset
    2) bones made of steel
    3) What is the content of the fabric lining?
    4) boning in both sides of the fabric
    5) 100% cotton in a the inside
    6) posses a waits tape
    7) the waist tape hidden between the two pieces of fabric
    8) steel bust
    9) Can be worn with normal clothing, almost invisible
    10) for daily use

    Thanks you sincerely for you time,
    Karilina Viner

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hello Karilina, the Timeless Trends corsets meet your needs – they have 26 steel bones sandwiched between the layers, two internal layers of cotton (plus a third fashion layer which varies in fiber content) invisibly stitched waist tape sandwiched between two layers, steel busk, has a gentle silhouette that hides well under clothing and comes with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects so they can be worn daily. They’re available on this page. If you’d like to learn more about them, see my review here.

  43. Hi lucy, I’m interested in waist training, saw some of ur videos and am impressed, I av a friend that got a latex cincher and it did not do much for her, I want a strong corset, my waist is 30, and I’m in nigeria.

  44. I live in India.
    I want a corset to correct scoliosis.
    Which one should I buy? It doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable, does it??
    And tell me about measurement and payment.


    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hello Kay, the corsets I personally sell may not be suited to help with your scoliosis – however I have a gallery of other corset makers who are able to create custom corsets for those with scoliosis. In particular Contour Corsets is experienced in making corrective corsets.

  45. Jenny on said:

    Hello I am very new to this and am interested in buying a corset to wear to shrink my muscles/ waist. I am a 30 inch waist . What do you recommend? And what is the prices

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Jenny, check out my Silver Line here – all prices are listed on that page. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can submit your measurements and I’ll let you know which style would be best suited for you. Cheers!

  46. Steffi Garcia on said:

    Hi Lucy!!!
    I wanted to buy a corset…But IM not sure which one should I buy.
    Im in my process of losing weight. Im 5’7 and weight 145…and Wanna Lose 25 pounds. Should I wait until I lose that weight and buy one.. or I could buy one right now? if so… Which one would you recommend…? And what size should I buy?

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Steffi, thank you so much! Check out the Silver Line of corsets – at the bottom of the page you will see a contact form where you can submit your measurements and I will let you know if your body will be compatible with the corset. :)

      If you are actively losing weight, and especially if you are currently losing more than 1 lb per week, it may be best to hold off until your loss has slowed down before you buy a corset – the difference of just 10 lbs (or sometimes 1 month of weight loss) can mean the difference between a tight corset and one that’s practically falling off, depending on where you lose the weight from!

  47. Jessica on said:

    I was wondering if you can tell me how to order a corset from your website? Thx!

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Jessica, if you’re interested in a new, ready-to-ship corset, check out the Silver Line. At the bottom of that page, you will see a payment button, and also a contact form where you fill in your measurements so I know what size to send you. I always email to verify that the size and style is correct, and then I put the order through! If you’re looking for a gently-used corset at discount, then you can check out the Bronze Line. Send me a direct email if you’re interested in any of them. :)

  48. Hello Lucy,

    I am interested in waist training and came upon your website which has been very helpful so far. I noticed you sell them and am interested in purchasing one but before I do I had two simple questions:

    I wanted to know what kind you would recommend for me? I am 5’7 about 145 pounds and my measurements are: Bust: 36 Waist: 28 Hips: 38

    And also how long should a waist training corset be worn?? Everyday, every other day? How many hours per day??

    Thanks!! :-)

  49. Lucy! i need a corset by the 26th february 2014 an important deadline for me and i think i can benefit from your help-consultation-service-corset, please help!!! I am ready to pay and do whatever it takes!! expecting a reply asap , you d be a life saver!!! :)

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hello Hun, depending on where you live, I can have a corset to you in less than a week. There are corset styles that are ready for immediate shipment in my Silver Line here. Fill out the measurements contact form at the bottom of that page and I’ll help you as soon as I can. Cheers!

  50. Hi Lucy!

    i follow you on youtube and facebook, Not long ago you posted a pinstripe longline underbust corset with red ribbon lacing and same ribbon on the hips.
    my question is, i am a plus size and i would LOVE one like that one i saved the picture, do you take orders?
    Thank you for reading me! xx

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Cori! That was actually a CS-426 underbust from Orchard Corset, which I modified to have hip ties! It’s very easy to incorporate ties into a pre-existing corset, if you know how. I made a tutorial about it here. :)

  51. Lindsay Polcer on said:

    I have scoliosis and have part of my spine fused. I also have protruding shoulder blades and am in constant dipilitating pain. What if anything can a corest do to help these issues? Also, is there a certain kind I should be looking at

  52. Hello I’m having liposuction done on my stomach, flanks and lower back. What type of corset do you recommend for waist training?

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Latina, there is no one type of corset that’s perfect for everyone, just as there’s no one shoe to fit every foot! It depends on the body type you have and the silhouette you wish to achieve; it depends on your budget and what your short-term and long-term goals are. I have many tools on this site to help you research different types of corsets, and my consultation service is available if you need extra help.

  53. Hi,

    I have scoliosis, a S-curve. Is there a diference between corsets? Which helps the most for my scoliosis?
    Sorry for my english, hope you understand me.

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Jani, if you have scoliosis, then I would recommend getting a custom made, asymmetric corset for you depending on the severity of your curvature. Some people who have experience making asymmetric corsets include Contour Corsets, Totally Waisted, HarmanHay, Electra Designs and Sparklewren. Best wishes!

  54. Maartje on said:

    Hi! I was wondering… do you ship worldwide? Because I live in the Netherlands and I was thinking about buying a timeless trends corset off of your website :)
    Thanks anyways, your site and your videos are really helpfull!
    Lots of love, Maartje

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Maartje! I do indeed ship worldwide, but currently I’m only affiliated with the US Timeless Trends location – they have not yet set up the UK store to accept distributors. Although I’m forfeiting a commission telling you this, I think it would be cheaper in shipping if you were to order your corset through Timeless Trends’ UK website. Thank you for you comment!

  55. julie smith on said:

    please call me asap… i had a mini tuck and been wearing a binder and bow i can wear a corset but want to talk with you first and I want to order it asap.

  56. Hey, I believe I may have accidently clicked on the buy now button for the long underbust corset!!! OMG, I am soo sorry, I totally freaked out and backed out, but I am afraid, if I am still required to pay for it… huh huh I mean, I want to get one of them, but not until later, hahahaha, cashless to the max right now…. I am soo silly, but was my transaction gone through or something? I checked paypal but I see no pay now thing, but I am not too sure. Can you please check it for me and please forgive me for my stupid stupid mistake! :(

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Deepa, you are fine – no payment went through! After you click the “buy now” button, you would have to put in your Paypal address and password and specifically press “pay” for the order to go through. I received no notification of payment so there should be no changes to your account. :)

  57. Debbie on said:

    I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my recent purchase of the short underbust corset. I am 5’2″ and this one fits me much better than the other standard underbust that I own and even the one I made! Thanks for your help in making the selection and for carrying this option.
    Debbie H.

  58. you ship to Serbia,and what is the type of payment ?Thank you

    • Hello Norah, yes shipping to Serbia is possible – depending on which corset you buy it may cost different amounts, but will average around $40 USD. Payment is always through Paypal. Thank you for your inquiry! :)

  59. Jasmine Crawford on said:

    Hi I’m jasmine and I may be over looking it but how much do you sell your corsets for? I really want to order an all black one for waist training.
    P.s I’m in the USA

  60. Natalie McCann on said:

    Hi Lucy,
    I am 5′ 9” have a long torso, my back always hurts, I heard that corsets can help. So can a corset help with me stand up straight and support my back? I really want a corset, but don’t know where to begin. Can you help me?

  61. Daina on said:

    Hi, I’m looking into waist training and I was wondering what you would recommend out of the timeless trends. I saw so many that I loved, but there was no “waist training” category so I didn’t know what type to choose. I’m pretty new at this so I’m a little lost. I’m a natural 24-25 waist if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance!

    • True, timeless trends doesn’t have “waist training corsets” per se. However I bought a Timeless trends corset for my first one and was able to train from 26 inches down to 23 inches with it. If you’re looking for an affordable and long-lasting corset then TT is a good option – they have a lifetime guarantee so if anything breaks on them (busk, grommets, ripped fabric) then they can be exchanged. If you have a 24-25 inch waist then I’d recommend either a size 20″ or 22″ corset (22″ for gentle reduction, 20″ for more reduction and training down for longer).

  62. Gianna on said:

    Hi, I was wondering if you can customize one of your timeless trends for me, I was thinking if you could put a few hip gores in there and spiral bones only on the hip areas, Im a natural 24- 25 Waist.. How much would you charge to do this?

  63. Amanda on said:

    Hi! I stumbled across your videos when I was looking for a crinoline for my wedding dress. I’m doing a Cinderella theme and want a princessy poofy dress. :) I’m just wondering if you have any videos or pictures from the crinoline on you that you bought from Angels bridal on eBay. I saw you opening the package in your vlog and it looks perfect. Thanks in advanced! And I apologize if I missed it!

    • Hi Amanda! Yes, I do have a video of myself wearing the Crinoline, it’s called Crinoline (Hoopskirt) Tips & Tricks. In that video I show how to put one on, how to sit down in one, etc. :)

  64. Sabrina on said:

    What kind of payment plans do you offer?