Ebay Corset Finds (Updated Weekly!)

(Last updated July 21st, 2021)

This is an experimental new page (as of July 2020) where Lucy hunts out some amazing discounted, gently used big name corset auctions on Ebay and posts them here – these are NOT from Lucy’s personal collection,

This is not by consignment (Lucy’s not associated with the seller, and she’s not responsible if the seller has any inaccuracies in their listings). However, this page may contain affiliate links.

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(No Listed Size, but Noteworthy)
Size 16″
Size 18″
Size 20″
Size 22″
Size 24″
Size 26″
Size 28″
Size 30″
Size 32″
Size 34″
Size 36″
Size 38″

No Listed Size, but Noteworthy

Mugler exquisite patent leather zip-front underbust corset, no size information available, $900 (actual worth: priceless?)

Size 16


Size 18


Size 20

Rebel Madness Black Corset, Size 20”, GBP 50.00 (Approx. US $69.23)
Isabella Corsetry Edwardian overbust in olive brocade, size 20″. Never worn. ($250, would be $340 new)
Miss Katie Frilled overbust, size 20″ ($387, normally $450 new)

Size 21

Sweet Carousel Corsetry (possibly defunct?) royal blue burlesque overbust, 34″ bust, 21″ waist, 36″ hip. ($306, would be over $400 new)

Size 22

“Aurora” overbust corset by Maison Moginot – nude with gold lace, size 22″, EUR 250.00 (Approx. US $304.71)
Versatile Corsets Skull Overbust, size 22″, $100 USD (busk loops not broken – folded underneath)
SnowBlack Corset Underbust, size 22″, New with Tags, 410.00 PLN (Approx. US $108.51)
Miss Katie Fairy Goth Mother Lulu Lush Boned Red Corset, size 22″, New with Tags, GBP 225.00 (Approx. US $313.09)
Orchid Corsetry Blue Silk Dupioni & Black Mesh Vala Edwardian Underbust, US $380
Ms. Antoinette Orange Satin Gold Print Overbust, size 22″, $95 USD
Puimond Black Cotton Coutil Underbust, size 22″, $275 USD
Secrets in Lace BRAND NEW “Persephone” Black overbust with lace overlay, size 22″ ($225, was $330 new – now discontinued)
Versatile Fashions / Ms. Antoinette (vintage Versatile Corsets) Mimosa cupped overbust, waist size 22″ ($165, would be $428 new) [Note from Lucy: Ms Antoinette corsets tend to have a thin satin lining, and may expand easier than newer Versatile corsets]

Size 23


Size 24

AXFORDS Ivory White Satin Overbust Corset, Size 24″, New with Tags, GBP 27.50 (Approx. US $37.98)
AXFORDS Chinese dragon print overbust corset black red gold bridal, size 24″, GBP 35.00 (Approx. US $48.71)
Vollers Red Satin Overbust with Black Net Mesh Overlay, size 24″, New Without Tags, GBP 65 (Approx. US $89.25)
Secrets in Lace BRAND NEW “Venus” Black underbust with lace overlay, size 24″ ($225, was $240 new – now discontinued)
Secrets in Lace BRAND NEW “Persephone” ivory overbust with lace overlay, size 24″ ($225, was $330 new – now discontinued)

Size 25

Jupiter Moon 3 Hand made, Size 25″, Green Kitties Retro Underbust Corset, New with Tags, US $110
Jupiter Moon 3 Hand made 25″ waist green checkered berries underbust, New with Tags, US $141
Jupiter Moon 3 Hand made 25″ waist underbust corset, black & white check bugs, New with Tags, US $154

Size 26

Jupiter Moon 3 Hand made 26″ waist fuchsia satin black venise lace overbust corset, New with tags, US $154
Vollers underbust with a scrollwork pattern, size 26″, US $110 (RRP $215)
Isabella Corsetry “Madame Butterfly” overbust in red pinstripe, size 26″ ($200, would be $460 new)
Sweet Carousel Corsetry Burlesque (possibly now defunct?) overbust corset, waist size 26″ ($200, normally over $400 new)
Axfords (defunct) C115 overbust, waist size 26″ ($188, would be about $215 USD new)

Size 27

Jupiter Moon 3 Hand made 27″ waist purple bats underbust corset, New with Tags, US $138
Sweet Carousel Corsetry (defunct?) longline training corset, $242 USD (would normally be ~$350)

Size 28

Eternal Spirits Audrey Black Satin Coutil Corset, BOUTIQUE SIZE 16 (which converts to about 28 inches in the waist (Lucy’s size 10 Audrey was 22 inches) , approx. $118 USD, New with Tags


Vollers Black Satin Overbust Corset, New without tags, size 28″, Price: GBP 90.00(Approx US $123.40)
Versatile Corsets “Bordeaux” overbust with hip gores, waist size 28″ ($250, would be $486 new)
Eternal Spirits Corsetry – “Anya” lapel overbust in black spot coutil, size 14 (~28″ waist) $138 USD (normally ~$415 new)
Axfords (defunct) C115 overbust, waist size 28″ ($187, tag says $290 new)

Size 30


Secrets in Lace BRAND NEW “Venus” Ivory underbust with lace overlay, size 30″ ($150, was $240 new – now discontinued)
Brocade and leather trim overbust by Octaviana Corsetry, size 30″ ($215 or best offer, normally $300+ new)

Size 32

Vollers Corset, V4000, Tartan Underbust Corset, New, Size 32″, GBP 89.99 (Approx. US $122.49)

Size 34


Size 36

Ms Martha’s Corset Shoppe Red Silk Corsetvest, size 3XL (approx. 36″ waist), $140 (normally $235)

Size 38

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