Beige and Brown Corsets

Hourglass Silhouette:

The hourglass corsets are for those who prefer a dramatic silhouette. These are suitable for waist training & tightlacing, strong enough for daily wear, and are recommended for those who have a naturally curvy figure.

Hourglass Cinchers

Hourglass Standard Length Corsets

Hourglass Longline Corsets

Gemini and Libra Beige Corsets:

The Gemini and Libra lines are Lucy’s answer to the commonly neglected body types within the corset industry — the Gemini fits those who are very pear shaped and can accommodate the most dramatic waist reductions, while the Libra corset is for those who have a larger ribcage or have a more muscular upper body.

Slim Silhouette Beige / Brown Corsets:

The slim corsets have a more moderate or straight silhouette. These provide a gentle waist reduction and some tummy flattening for apple shapes, but do not dramatically nip in the waist. These are recommended for those who use corsets for fashion use or back support, but they are still strong enough to be worn regularly.

Overbust Beige / Brown Corsets: