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For centuries, we’ve heard people harp on about the risks, dangers, and allegedly “misogynistic” uses of corsets. But is it possible that a corset can benefit a person, or even assist in healing them? To me, corsets were always much more than just vanity – they were armor. There is a reason that my avatar shows me wearing a helmet and corset together. (Yes, because it’s silly, but also because they’re synonymous.)

While reading close to 2000 entries from my previous corset giveaway contests (wherein each person had written about their own experiences in how corsets have improved their quality of life), I came to realize how many ways corsets can help their wearers – physically, mentally, and emotionally. It affects much more than our egos, our silhouettes and our bank accounts. Sometimes corsets become our therapy, our medical devices, and to some, even part of our identity.

Click through the links below to learn more about corset benefits. To say that a poorly made or incorrectly used corset has never caused harm to any wearer would be a lie. However, to claim that a corset has never benefited any wearer would be a bigger lie. To those who have never experienced a corset, I would never force one on you or ask you to walk a mile in our shoes (or corsets, rather) – but I encourage you to look past the frills, the “fetishistic” connotations and the controversial history, to what a well-made, well-fitting modern corset is able to do for its wearer. You’d be hard-pressed to find another simple garment that has the potential to help a person in all the ways a corset can.


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Click through the links below to learn more about corset benefits – or click the picture of my new ebook, Solaced: 101 Uplifting Narratives about Corsets, Well-Being, and Hope to read true, in-depth cases of the transformative therapeutic benefits of corsets, in the perspective of 101 corset wearers, makers, and enthusiasts. Read the first chapter for free with the Kindle Preview!

Physical Benefits of Wearing Corsets

Mental/ Emotional Benefits of Wearing Corsets

Social/ Societal Benefits of Corsets

*Please note that this article is strictly for information purposes and not intended to replace the advice of a medical physician. Please talk to your trusted medical practitioner if you’d like to start wearing a corset for any reason.

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12 comments on “Corset Benefits

  1. Shauna Riggs on said:

    I have an emergency.
    Need a quick suggestion to a novice such as myself about any quick remedy for a fan laced mid back piece. Want to use the waist cinch ideas in front with a leathe strap/belt.
    How would the quickest strongest way to go about this be applied.
    I’m desperate for so.e help.
    This “thing” I’m building is for a female bass player. Must withstand that type of body movement.
    Thanks so much in advance for a quick response.
    I apologize for interrupting your busy schedule.
    Respectfully, Shauna

    • Hello Shauna, thank you for your comment. I’ve removed the phone number as these comments are open to the public and we try to prevent harassment or spam as much as possible.
      Unfortunately I’m not able to help you make a fan-laced corset, however Foundations Revealed recently made a tutorial on fan lacing corsets, so they might be the timely solution you’re looking for! FR makes detailed corset making walkthroughs, but they do require a monthly subscription for most of the articles. They do allow you to subscribe one month at a time though, so if that one tutorial is all you need, it’s the easiest solution I can think of to help you through your project.

  2. Cruzmaribel on said:

    Hi Lucy, I have been following your YouTube videos and now your WordPress Blog. I am humbled and honored to be able to get access to the most important information available through your works. Thank you very much for sharing your experience and knowledge. I have a personal desire to begin mainly gor health care reasons. I am a bit older but I also know that I have been needing to wear a corset. There is always a monopoly on my own time and have not been able to finish my corset. Can I send you my measurements and you do your best to fit me with a industrial strength model. I want to also tell you that I like a high fit on the undet arem area and as low as recommended to my hip area.

    • Hello Cruzmaribel, I don’t offer custom commissions at this time, but if you are interested in a custom corset, I recommend finding the corsetiere who works closest to your location here, so they can fit you in person and ensure that it fits and feels exactly the way you need it to. My corsetiere map can be found here, along with a searchable directory.

      • Cruzmaribel on said:

        okay, Thank You Very Much For Your Help. I will try that route and follow up with you on my results. Again, thank you very much for your help.

  3. Aida on said:

    Really want to know more and try for myself even though I’m over 50. I’m short more petition large Hispanic with hips and as I was looking into getting a cinched I understood that one never fits all. This is like shoe shopping in steroids for me. Not only has to be cute but at my age I don’t want to compromise trends with comfort so it’s required to have one custom made. Today I’m planning in crossing over and leave all my misinformation and prejudice behind. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience, women need to openly talk more of all these topics. 😊

  4. adrianna on said:

    Hello I’m 17 years old and just ordered one of your corsets but I didn’t get any confirmation message or any date to let me know when it will arrive🙁🤔 Is there a number I could call…?

    • Hello Adrianna, we didn’t receive any payment or confirmation of an order from your email yesterday. After putting payment through, you should have seen a confirmation page with your 5-digit order number. If you have any questions, please email us here.

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