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  1. Hi Lucy. Love your videos on youtube. Im a guy in the uk and im considering starting wearing corsets full time. Mainly because i love the way it helps your posture and the way it looks and feels when wearing corsets. Can you recomend anyone in the uk who can provide help and support for a me? as i dont know if anyone in my social group that would be of any help… Thanks. Lee.

    1. Hi Lee, I have a page dedicated specifically to men’s corsets here! Clicking through any of those photos, it will redirect you to each maker’s website where you can learn more and contact them about a commission. If you’re looking for someone specifically in the UK, there is Axford’s corsets, Orchid Corsetry, Heavenly Corsets, C&S Constructions, Jem Corsets, and Sew Curvy Corsetry among others.
      If you’d like to find a corset maker within travelling distance of you, there is also the corsetiere map here (although the map doesn’t specify whether they specialize in men’s corsets).

  2. Hi Lucy- I’m brand new to corsetry, as in never worn one. Looking for a stealthy longline one. Also I have a bit of a low back issue so my hope is that the improved posture will be a side benefit. Any help or suggestions would be helpful

    1. Hi Barbara, thanks so much for your comment! In order for me to recommend a corset that fits you, I need to understand your body type – I have a measuring tutorial and contact form here, and I can recommend a size and style for you.

  3. Are you located in Sacramento area?

    1. Hi Tracey, I’m in Canada. But if you’re looking for a local corset maker, you’re welcome to check out my free corsetiere map. :)

  4. Lucy,
    I make Civil War era ball gowns along with the required undergarments. I would really like to take a class on corsets. Do you teach such a thing? I am more of a hands on learner as opposed to a read and do type. I live in Colorado Springs, CO and found you through Google.


    1. Hi Janet, unfortunately I don’t do classes, but there are a few corsetieres in Colorado that you might be interested in contacting – including Strait Laced Dame, Crimson Rose Corsetry, and RedThreaded. RedThreaded has a focus on historical corsetry so she might be the closest to your interests! You can find links and see the others in my Corsetiere Map. :)

      1. Thanks so much Lucy! I’ll check out your map and contact them. Love your site. There is so much good info on it

  5. Hi Lucy,

    I’m getting married and looking for a corset that I can wear under my dress. My dress is fitted around the body and stomach area and I’d like to try to hide some problem areas, but don’t want to be able to see bumps from the corset.

    Do you have anything that could help?


    1. Hi Lauren, feel free to send me your body measurements using the contact form on this page, and I’d be happy to tell you which corset would fit best. :)

  6. Hi Lucy
    I am plus sized and starting to wear corset, I have been able to wear it for about 10 hours a day from the get go, not super tight, but enough to help me with back problems too. Long story short my job is active and I wear my corset under a TShirt, problem is the busk will rub against my tee and that will make holes on my TShirt! I work as a bartender at a brewery hence I say my job is active, how can I stop this from happening? Any sort of “covers” for a corset busk?

    1. Hi Odette, I made a tutorial a few years back on how to make a flap in the front panel of a corset to cover the busk, maybe it will help – but it’s mostly for corsets you’re making yourself. Would you ever consider making your own corset? (Or commissioning a custom corset from someone and showing them this video, so they can cover the busk for you?) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_DeO-HMq8E

  7. Hey Lucy I’m interested in a corset for rib flare that I have. Do you still make conical corsets for rib flare so I can slowly train my ribs inward? Thanks!

    1. HI Diana, I do have a conical rib silhouette in my shop! Check out the Gemini corsets here.

  8. Hi my name is Madison , I am M2fF in transition I am not fat but want to shape my belly for that hourglass shape a woman should have , can you help me pick out the one that would be best for me ? Thank you 💋

    1. Hi Madison, thanks for your comment. I have a measuring tutorial and contact form on this page if you’d like some recommendations.

  9. Heya Lucy, I’m having real trouble finding a corset that will fit me properly. I have an underbust of 33″ an over bust of 37″ a natural waist of 25″ and hips that are 34″, due too this finding any corset that hasn’t been too loose round the waist has been a night mare.
    Have you got any suggestions??

    1. Hi Ivy, are you looking for an overbust corset or underbust? If you are in the market for a corset that fits you better, you can check out the Corset Database for many different brands, or submit your measurements for a personal recommendation from me. :)

  10. Hi Lucy,
    I’m a 15 year old Austrian girl and not unlike you I am fascinated of corsets. I sew a bit myself and thanks to you I finally managed it to sew my own corset. I am still a beginner and I didn’t succeed in finishing up my corset properly. It fits perfectly but just looks awful at the end, it fringes terribly! I don’t know what to do!
    can you help me?

    1. Hello Jana, which part of the corset is fraying? Did you apply binding to the top and bottom edges of the corset? Here is a Youtube search on corset binding to get you started.

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