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Hi! I’m Lucy. I’m a long-haired, piano-playing, corset-loving, health-obsessed nerd. I love dogs and my mom’s Jamaican cooking. I hate shoveling snow.

I collect corsets (of course), swords, convertible dresses, and convertible high heel shoes. I’ve always had a fascination with wearable technology, wearable art, and clothing/prostheses that are designed for multiple uses, and are beautiful to boot.

I’ve been teaching piano for 20 years (more than half my life) and have a passion to learn and to teach. Despite being on the music therapy path, I decided to switch my major to biochemistry in my undergrad and worked in a microbiology lab for several years thereafter in an effort to land a “practical, secure” career, but I was disenchanted by the endless pipette-pushing and lack of human interaction, and the arts kept pulling me back again and again.

In 2016 I graduated again as a registered nutritionist, a field where I can directly apply my biochemistry knowledge to helping people improve their relationship with food and with their bodies. I am fascinated by the parallels–and stark differences–between the nutrition field and the body modification industry. There is the obvious harm of “diet culture” and shapewear on one’s self-esteem and body image, and yet when used in a different manner, there is incredible potential to use food and corsetry for body positivity and personal autonomy. Instead of forcing everyone into one cookie cutter aesthetic, I am dedicated to allowing clients the freedom to explore their relationship with their own body, correct deficiencies, address strong reactions (physical sensitivities and psychological connections) to certain food, and help them find a healthy balance.

My History with Corsets:

I started studying corsetry and making corsets over 15 years ago, and it’s been my primary fascination-turned-business for a decade. I have a free excerpt from my book Solaced (and a reading thereof, if you prefer to listen rather than read) where I explain more about how I got interested in corsets!

A car accident in 2014 left me with chronic injuries and I am no longer able to take commissions for bespoke corsets, but in 2015 I was given the opportunity to outsource my work, combining anatomically patterned designs with OTR manufacturing for a comfortable, unique and economically priced option.

It’s one of my greatest privileges to combine my education in health sciences with my passion for teaching, and apply it to the art of corsetry. Contrary to mainstream views, corsetieres need a solid foundation (no pun intended) in anatomy and physiology to understand how the body responds to the pressure of the garment, and to create comfortable and safe corsets.

My Mission:

My original mission was to educate and empower the average corset-curious layperson; to provide a comprehensive and free body of work so anyone can compare the differences between corset brands; their prices, silhouettes, etc. In other words, to create a savvy community of corseters who they are not at the mercy of greedy brands that exploit and swindle their customers. This is why I’ve filmed over 200 corset reviews, created the brand research guide, and built the Corset Database!

Besides this… it has now also become my mission to let the world know that modern corsets are not the same stigmatized “torture contraptions” featured in sensationalized media, and they’re not purely for vanity; on the contrary, contemporary corsetry can improve one’s relationship with their body, and can potentially offer therapeutic benefits.  Eventually, I would like to go back to school – again – this time, to study orthopedic technology to further combine my passion for the aesthetics of corsetry with the therapeutic benefits, and become certified to design physician-approved and insurance-subsidized orthopedic bracing devices that are also comfortable and beautiful – the best of all worlds.



My Measurements/ Stats

Although I try to be as objective as possible in corset reviews, the shape/fit/comfort section at the beginning of each video IS still subjective, as everyone’s body is different. At the request of some viewers, I’ve provided my natural measurements as I realize that it’s sometimes difficult to gauge how a corset will fit on your body based on how the same corset fits on me. When you watch one of my corset reviews, please pay particular attention to my hip spring and torso length especially, and never presume that a corset will fit the same way on everyone!

This set of measurements may also be a useful resource for “body doubles” when I’m paring down my personal corset collection. If you are curious about other numbers, please send me an email. Please don’t be creepy about it.

Circumferential measurements:

Full Bust: 35″ (89cm) (Left side is half cup bigger than the right side at times.)

Underbust (ribcage): 29″/73.5cm (full exhale); 31″/79cm (full inhale). (I generally request ~ 30″/76cm)

Natural waist: 27″ – 28″ /68.5-71cm (depending on time of cycle, how much I ate, etc.)

Corset sizes:

  • Underbust OTR corsets I can usually close size 24″, or wear size 22″ with a small gap.
  • Overbust OTR corsets I normally wear size 24″.
  • Custom fit corsets I usually request to close a size 22″ but have gone as small as 20″.

Iliac crest (high hipbones): 33.5″/85cm (I usually request 34″, as my left iliac protrudes more than my right)

Full hip around the bum (about 7 inches down from the waist): 36″/92cm


Approximate vertical measurements:

Please note that my torso tends to be on the long side, and my waist sits rather low. For this reason, many standard-size overbusts tend to look too short on me, but this may not be the case for you. Don’t be surprised if you find that your own waist-to-underbust vertical measurement is an inch or two shorter than my own!

Full height: 5’5″ (165cm)

Waist-to-armpit: 9.5 or 10″ (25cm)

Waist-to-fullest-bust: ~9″ (23cm) with the tape held taut, 10″ (25cm) with the tape contoured around the root of the breast.

Waist-to-underbust: about 5.5″ (14cm)

Waist-to-iliac: 3.5″ (9cm)

Waist-to-lap: 5″ (12.5cm)

For me to sit comfortably, most longline corsets are no longer than 10.5 – 11 inches from underbust to lap, although the center front can be as long as 13 inches if the corset is pointed in the front (rises up over the sternum and dips down at the pubic bone).

217 thoughts on “About Lucy (+ Measurements)

  1. I cannot recommend Lucy highly enough. From the speed at which she responds to the expert advice and opinions. The effort that she has put into this resource is simply mind-blowing. Having had the experience of buying through Lucy, I can guarantee she will be my first port of call for any future corseting endeavors. If, like me you are a little overwhelmed by the many nuances of structural undergarments, Lucy is here to make it all easy. With products at every price point, and generous payment options, this really is a one stop shop whether this is your first corset or your tenth!
    Thank you so much Lucy.

    1. Thank you Tom!

  2. Your mom’s Jamaican cooking!! Are you Jamaican or caribbean by any chance. Love your videos and thank you for being a helpful soul and proving everyone with educational videos

    1. Hi Seena! Yes, both my parents are Jamaican (but I was born in Canada). Thank you so much!

  3. Hi Lucy,
    I’m loving your site and ordered a corset from you today that I am so excited for! I was also hoping you might share your hair care routine somewhere because it is so long and clearly so healthy. I’d be interested in any tips you have (and suspect I’m not alone in this) even though it’s not your main topic. Thanks so much for all you do-ehat a tremendous amount of info. And as someone with a science background, I really appreciate your commitment to research, reliability, and accuracy.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Alicia! It’s been quite a few years since I did a regimen video, but I have a video about it here and here is my most recent hair video, not much has changed in terms of products except that I alternate between Herbal Essences and Grandpa Soap Company sulfate-free shampoo, and I’ve discovered that my hair prefers Argan oil over olive!

  4. Hello I want to ask u, don’t make custom corsets? How can I get one and what measurements do u need? Or if I can get a recommendation? Thank u very much

    1. Hi Yara, I no longer make custom corsets – a car accident a few years ago makes sewing painful for me now. I recommend consulting the corsetiere map to find a specialist possibly local to you!

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