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Hi! I’m Lucy. I’m a long-haired, piano-playing, corset-loving, health-obsessed nerd. I love dogs and my mom’s Jamaican cooking. I hate shoveling snow.

I collect corsets (of course), swords, convertible dresses, and convertible high heel shoes. I’ve always had a fascination with wearable technology, wearable art, and clothing/prostheses that are designed for multiple uses, and are beautiful to boot.

I’ve been teaching piano for 20 years (more than half my life) and have a passion to learn and to teach. Despite being on the music therapy path, I decided to switch my major to biochemistry in my undergrad and worked in a microbiology lab for several years thereafter in an effort to land a “practical, secure” career, but I was disenchanted by the endless pipette-pushing and lack of human interaction, and the arts kept pulling me back again and again.

In 2016 I graduated again as a registered nutritionist, a field where I can directly apply my biochemistry knowledge to helping people improve their relationship with food and with their bodies. I am fascinated by the parallels–and stark differences–between the nutrition field and the body modification industry. There is the obvious harm of “diet culture” and shapewear on one’s self-esteem and body image, and yet when used in a different manner, there is incredible potential to use food and corsetry for body positivity and personal autonomy. Instead of forcing everyone into one cookie cutter aesthetic, I am dedicated to allowing clients the freedom to explore their relationship with their own body, correct deficiencies, address strong reactions (physical sensitivities and psychological connections) to certain food, and help them find a healthy balance.

My History with Corsets:

I started studying corsetry and making corsets over 15 years ago, and it’s been my primary fascination-turned-business for a decade. I have a free excerpt from my book Solaced (and a reading thereof, if you prefer to listen rather than read) where I explain more about how I got interested in corsets!

A car accident in 2014 left me with chronic injuries and I am no longer able to take commissions for bespoke corsets, but in 2015 I was given the opportunity to outsource my work, combining anatomically patterned designs with OTR manufacturing for a comfortable, unique and economically priced option.

It’s one of my greatest privileges to combine my education in health sciences with my passion for teaching, and apply it to the art of corsetry. Contrary to mainstream views, corsetieres need a solid foundation (no pun intended) in anatomy and physiology to understand how the body responds to the pressure of the garment, and to create comfortable and safe corsets.

My Mission:

My original mission was to educate and empower the average corset-curious layperson; to provide a comprehensive and free body of work so anyone can compare the differences between corset brands; their prices, silhouettes, etc. In other words, to create a savvy community of corseters who they are not at the mercy of greedy brands that exploit and swindle their customers. This is why I’ve filmed over 200 corset reviews, created the brand research guide, and built the Corset Database!

Besides this… it has now also become my mission to let the world know that modern corsets are not the same stigmatized “torture contraptions” featured in sensationalized media, and they’re not purely for vanity; on the contrary, contemporary corsetry can improve one’s relationship with their body, and can potentially offer therapeutic benefits.  Eventually, I would like to go back to school – again – this time, to study orthopedic technology to further combine my passion for the aesthetics of corsetry with the therapeutic benefits, and become certified to design physician-approved and insurance-subsidized orthopedic bracing devices that are also comfortable and beautiful – the best of all worlds.



My Measurements/ Stats

Although I try to be as objective as possible in corset reviews, the shape/fit/comfort section at the beginning of each video IS still subjective, as everyone’s body is different. At the request of some viewers, I’ve provided my natural measurements as I realize that it’s sometimes difficult to gauge how a corset will fit on your body based on how the same corset fits on me. When you watch one of my corset reviews, please pay particular attention to my hip spring and torso length especially, and never presume that a corset will fit the same way on everyone!

This set of measurements may also be a useful resource for “body doubles” when I’m paring down my personal corset collection. If you are curious about other numbers, please send me an email. Please don’t be creepy about it.

Circumferential measurements:

Full Bust: 35″ (89cm) (Left side is half cup bigger than the right side at times.)

Underbust (ribcage): 29″/73.5cm (full exhale); 31″/79cm (full inhale). (I generally request ~ 30″/76cm)

Natural waist: 27″ – 28″ /68.5-71cm (depending on time of cycle, how much I ate, etc.)

Corset sizes:

  • Underbust OTR corsets I can usually close size 24″, or wear size 22″ with a small gap.
  • Overbust OTR corsets I normally wear size 24″.
  • Custom fit corsets I usually request to close a size 22″ but have gone as small as 20″.

Iliac crest (high hipbones): 33.5″/85cm (I usually request 34″, as my left iliac protrudes more than my right)

Full hip around the bum (about 7 inches down from the waist): 36″/92cm


Approximate vertical measurements:

Please note that my torso tends to be on the long side, and my waist sits rather low. For this reason, many standard-size overbusts tend to look too short on me, but this may not be the case for you. Don’t be surprised if you find that your own waist-to-underbust vertical measurement is an inch or two shorter than my own!

Full height: 5’5″ (165cm)

Waist-to-armpit: 9.5 or 10″ (25cm)

Waist-to-fullest-bust: ~9″ (23cm) with the tape held taut, 10″ (25cm) with the tape contoured around the root of the breast.

Waist-to-underbust: about 5.5″ (14cm)

Waist-to-iliac: 3.5″ (9cm)

Waist-to-lap: 5″ (12.5cm)

For me to sit comfortably, most longline corsets are no longer than 10.5 – 11 inches from underbust to lap, although the center front can be as long as 13 inches if the corset is pointed in the front (rises up over the sternum and dips down at the pubic bone).

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  1. I cannot recommend Lucy highly enough. From the speed at which she responds to the expert advice and opinions. The effort that she has put into this resource is simply mind-blowing. Having had the experience of buying through Lucy, I can guarantee she will be my first port of call for any future corseting endeavors. If, like me you are a little overwhelmed by the many nuances of structural undergarments, Lucy is here to make it all easy. With products at every price point, and generous payment options, this really is a one stop shop whether this is your first corset or your tenth!
    Thank you so much Lucy.

    1. Thank you Tom!

  2. Your mom’s Jamaican cooking!! Are you Jamaican or caribbean by any chance. Love your videos and thank you for being a helpful soul and proving everyone with educational videos

    1. Hi Seena! Yes, both my parents are Jamaican (but I was born in Canada). Thank you so much!

  3. Hi Lucy,
    I’m loving your site and ordered a corset from you today that I am so excited for! I was also hoping you might share your hair care routine somewhere because it is so long and clearly so healthy. I’d be interested in any tips you have (and suspect I’m not alone in this) even though it’s not your main topic. Thanks so much for all you do-ehat a tremendous amount of info. And as someone with a science background, I really appreciate your commitment to research, reliability, and accuracy.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Alicia! It’s been quite a few years since I did a regimen video, but I have a video about it here and here is my most recent hair video, not much has changed in terms of products except that I alternate between Herbal Essences and Grandpa Soap Company sulfate-free shampoo, and I’ve discovered that my hair prefers Argan oil over olive!

  4. Hello I want to ask u, don’t make custom corsets? How can I get one and what measurements do u need? Or if I can get a recommendation? Thank u very much

    1. Hi Yara, I no longer make custom corsets – a car accident a few years ago makes sewing painful for me now. I recommend consulting the corsetiere map to find a specialist possibly local to you!

  5. Hi – I’m looking for a corset that will allow me to exercise. A year ago, I had a 9 lb. sarcoma tumor removed, along with a kidney and 2/3 of the psoas on my right side. My remaining muscles on that side are not up to the task of keeping everything where it should be, and I have an enormous bulge that extends from roughly under my arm to halfway around my front. It makes me very off-balance, and it’s hard to walk. I’ve tried binders, but they put so much pressure on all over that it constricts my breathing. I have a lot of weight to lose after all this, but it’s so hard to walk upright. Do you think you could make a corset that would put more pressure on one side than the other, and be flexible enough for exercise?

    1. Hi Jan, there are corsets that can help you, but they might not be off-the-rack, you may need a custom corset. Especially for an asymmetric figure, you might possibly need an asymmetric corset which some specialists can make. If you would like a flexible corset, something like Crimson Rose Corsetry’s Power Corset may help.

      1. Thanks, Lucy, for the information. I appreciate your help!

  6. Hey, just curious… Im absolutely facinated by this slimmening down of the waist by corseting… do you think it would be possible to have an internal corset, made of a biocompatible mesh type of material or somthing like that with antiinfections ingridents also, but the point… is … i havent seen any offerings from plastic surgeons that offer internal corsets, just tummy tucks and 4hd vaser, lipo etc… but not like really making it possible to squeese the muscular part of the body permanently underneath the skin.. and than the corset could become eventually your own skin… when made with biocompatible biodegradable material… what would your opinion be on this, do you think it would work? best regards Isabel

    1. Hi Isabel, the closest thing that matches what you describe is when a surgeon takes the excess flesh cut off from a tummy tuck, removes the epidermal layer and sews it over your abdominal muscles and underneath your skin – this creates an “internal corset” that draws the waistline in and makes it more narrow, and because it’s your own tissue you there is little to no risk of rejection or other immune reactions to it. But this sort of thing is not always possible unless you’ve gained and lost 200 lbs or more so that you have plenty of excess skin. It is not really biodegradable, but if the patient gains weight again or becomes pregnant in the future, this work is completely undone. Other than that, surgical mesh is used to repair hernias but those are small amounts, I am not sure anyone has used a large amount of mesh for cosmetic purposes. The risks of surgical mesh is scar tissue and adhesions growing around the mesh or the body rejecting it (your tissue that touches the mesh can possibly become necrotic and create a bad infection).

  7. Thanks a lot for your measurements. I am just starting out in searching for corsets, as I heard they can help with EDS. Sadly, my insurance won’t cover a fitted brace, so I am searching for almost no reduction in corsets. My difficulty, I am 6 ft. 2, and inline corset company don’t exactly tell me the measurements, where the waist is positioned. Your measurements along with your reviews are a great help in estimating which corsets have no chance at fitting me.

  8. Lucy, Fascinating Hobbies and Interests – My Compliments. I’d like to Share a Few Thoughts that I’ve not seen on your Websites – Perhaps I’ll Stumble onto Something Useful for You and Your Audience.

    1) Tie 2 Knots in the Laces at the Top and/or Bottom. When Cinching the Corset, the Knots will act as a Stop so the Cinching can Continue Closer to the Waist.

    2) Use Wooden Dowels as Low-Friction Leverage for Pain-free Lacing – Save Those Beautiful Hands.

    3) Fabricate a Busk Extender – Gives the Wearer More Options – Pins on Right – Hooks on the Left – Minimum 1″ Wide to Accommodate the Busk – No Bones about it.

    4) A Corset is a Security Risk – Watch your Surroundings Ladies – You are not as Agile when Laced. Consider Buying and Training with Self-Defense Equipment – I’m only thinking of you.

    5) Lastly, I Strongly Advise you Continue your Blog, YouTube Channel, Facebook and Twitter Postings. You have a Great Deal of Charisma, and it would be Very Selfish if you were to Stop. Be Well. Steve.

    1. Steve, Your #4 point is very important. We, ladies or men, cannot rely on outside help in self-defense. We MUST be capable of protecting ourselves!

    2. You clearly have a biased opinion against women’s capabilities. Unless you corset yourself, don’t offer advice. Much of your “advice” shows evident lack of personal experience wearing a corset. Continuing to offer uneducated advice might cause more harm than good.

      1: We only need one knot at the bottom. It works just fine. A knot at the top limits the much-needed movement while tightening. We need significant length before removing a corset, or else the busk won’t properly unhook. There’s usually a knot where the aglets meet, because in most cases we’re pulling out the bunny ears in the centre.

      2: A wooden dowel on laces would be a pain to use. Sure, you could use it on shoe laces. But have you tried them on a corset you’re wearing? It’s non-intuitive, and I’m more likely to stab myself with the dowel while looking backwards in the mirror. Our “beautiful hands” are fine. Your wording here is actually a bit condescending. I’m a seamstress who does a lot of hand sewing. They can handle fine needlework for several hours. Adjusting laces is nothing.

      3: A busk extender wouldn’t offer the options you think. This would negatively impact waist training, as corsets are designed to be as flush to skin as possible as we train down. If a corset is too tight, we measured or ordered wrong. You must have missed the entire set of articles on choosing the right corset. Tube compression waist trainers can use an extender as they’re just glorified wraps with all spiral scale bones. The busk is made of 2 rigid steel shanks. Imagine the discomfort in adding 2 more. Ah… you probably can’t.

      4: I know women who regularly fight in plate armour. A well-fitted (wasp) corset can be worn during exercise. So long as it’s seasoned, we’re not facing a security risk. It’s no different than wearing a back brace or fitted leather jacket, once a corset seasoned. At best, squating or certain commode use in a longer corset is an issue. I would be more concerned about someone with panic attacks while tight lacing.

      5: I’m sure you might think mean well in your advice, but mich of it comes off as condescending. Your obvious lack of experience with corsets led to unhelpful, non-intuitive. The advice for a busk extender is kind of an insult to corsetries who have spent decades perfecting their craft. It would also do you well to treat women more inclusive, as equals, as you seem to be under the mindset that we can’t handle much. If you told a military woman to “protect your beautiful hands,” she might show you what training taught her hands to do! Uneducated assumptions are dangerous. Take care to only offer educated advice.

  9. I am confused about the size to order. Do you order your natural waist size or the size that you wish to get to? I am short waisted and short of stature, but have some padding around my waist. I am looking at ordering a waist cincher. What size should I be looking at? (a couple inches less than my waist?)

    1. Hi Rachel, you order the corset a little smaller than your natural waist – usually 4 inches smaller than your waistline. I can help you find your correct size and style if you fill out the form on this page. Thanks!

  10. I bought a corset here a few weeks back but have not started waist training yet because I want to be sure that I have the time to do it consistently. Just a couple of questions – after wearing the corset for a long period (months or years) would your own muscles in that area become weaker and less able to support an upright posture because they are not needed to work while the corset is in place. Also, Lucy – just curious – your measurements – I’m assuming after waist training – what was your waist measurement before and how long did it take to go from before to after. Thanks, Pat

    1. Hi Pat, yes if you’re going to be wearing a corset on a regular basis, I recommend starting or increasing your abdominal exercises so you don’t experience any physiological dependence on the corset. Ann Grogan (Romantasy) is a waist training coach, and she recommends taking at least 1 day off per week so you spend the whole day not depending on your corset – she also works out regularly! I have an article on corsets and muscles here which contains more detailed information. When I was waist training with intent, I started with a waist of 29″ and wore a size 24″ corset. I slowly trained down to closing a 20″ corset, and my natural waist was between 26 and 26.5″. I stopped training with size 20″ corsets though, because I preferred a less dramatic silhouette in a corset (and I also had a car accident and couldn’t wear my corset for several months until the swelling went down).

      1. Hi please advice me ….. I have had 2soine surgeries now have unstable thoracic spine I was recommended to wear a Corsette. I don’t want laces on my back to show thru clothes , I feel so fat I don’t walk a lot anymore and feel so fat . Can I wear one without getting reflux too …l so how do I measure to order one and how do I begin to choose one for myself thanks so much look forward to hearing from u

        1. Hello Jodi, if you would like a standard sized, OTR corset, then I have a measuring tutorial and contact form on this page, please fill it out and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with my personal recommendation for a corset size and style that will fit you best. If you need a custom fit therapeutic corset by a specialist corsetiere familiar with your injuries, then I would recommend you consult the corsetiere map for people who might be in your area that you can commission!

  11. Dear Lucy,
    I’m a dude and married but my wife is dead against my x-dressing so alas must in secret when she’s away don my beloved but not wonderful plain vanilla Fredrick’s brocade corset. I love the look of women in corsets and love the erotic, submissive thrill of wearing it and sleeping in it (along with my petti, knee-hi’s and sheer anklet stocking chastity sheath). But why do women like yourself like to wear them? I’m just curious – is it for:
    1) Looks only
    2) Erotic thrill
    3) waist training to look better
    4) or just love the restricting feel of it?
    I’m just trying to understand. I LOVE IT!!

    1. Hello Michelle, I enjoy the visual aesthetic of a smaller waist, but I do not personally find it erotic. I find the corset to be empowering, not of a submissive nature. I also look at waist training almost like a sport or personal challenge. While I do occasionally tightlace, I generally wear it so that it feels no more restrictive than a strong hug. I have videos on why other people may wear corsets here, and my own reasons here.

      1. Hi Lucy – you’re reply (to Michele M.) is most brilliant, and is how I view corseting for myself.

        1. Thank you Debi!

  12. Hiya. I’m going to be starting waist training but can’t find any information about what happens to the shifted organs and your skin after say … a few decades of training… if you decide to stop completely? I can’t imagine everything going exactly into place perfectly (minus natural aging on the body of course haha) :o)

    1. Hi Patrice, I think if you emailed Fakir Musafar or Cathie Jung, they would be able to tell you the effects of corsetry on the body after many decades! Of course, Cathie still wears corsets daily, but I believe Fakir has become an occasional wearer now. Your organs are somewhat suspended in place with ligaments, and in some cases (like with Kitty) a well-fitting corset can help maintain the organ’s proper position instead of dropping out of place over time. Also, when a person becomes pregnant, after labour their organs never settle back 100% into their previous nulliparous positions, there is always a tiny bit of a difference (some people more than others) – so while corsetry may very slightly affect the positions as well, that’s not to say that it would necessarily have a noticeable effect on function.

  13. Hi Lucy,

    I stumbled on your site this afternoon and was really glad to see the results of those who are waist training. I have a few medical issues: diabetes, high blood pressure. I am a 43 in the waist and need help in reducing my bmi as well as my weight before I end up on insulin. I have tried the Body Magic and paid a lot of money for it but it wasn’t the right fit and it really wasn’t what I wanted. I like the corsets that lace up so that I can adjust it as needed. Can you help me Lucy so that I can order the corset for my waist that is the right size and fit for me. Oh by the way I am 59 years old but I have the mind and heart of a 21 year old. LOL.



    1. Hi Vicky, sorry for my late response – you’ll get a faster response with email, for future reference. Because of your medical issues, I would definitely talk to your doctor since they know your medical history best, and making sure it’s alright with them to wear a corset. High blood pressure is a concern, because the corset can raise it more. The pressure from a corset can sometimes help people with portion sizes, but it takes making good choices with food as well. I have a video on it here: Weighing in on the Corset Diet. Cheers!

  14. Hello, Lucy! I’m a big fan of your YouTube and Instagram. You are one of the main reasons why I even wanted to begin waist training.
    I just recently started looking at your before and afters and was absolutely inspired by Penny Brown. Her results were fantastic!
    I am 5’7 and 180 pounds. Completely healthy, no back problems, etc.
    I wanted to know what type of corset or cinched (brand, name, type, etc) could I get to get results like Penny Brown, while exercising regularly of course.
    I understand that my results won’t be identical to hers, but I just wanted to know which corsets or cinchers I could try out (that aren’t too expensive) that I could wear all throughout the day and will create a very strong curve in my waist.
    Thanks a bunch!

    1. Hi Joy, sorry for my very late response. Penny has a super unique body shape, even before her surgery she had a long torso and impressive hip spring – so unless you have a frame that is similar to hers, it might not be possible to get results exactly the same as hers. However, if you like the style of corsets she wears, I’d recommend contacting Amber from Lovely Rats Corsetry because she makes Penny’s custom corsets. :)

  15. Hi! I’m new here. I’ve had breast reduction due to the pain my heavy breasts caused. I’m interested in the corsets due to Lucy’s U Tube site and the fact that I had the pleasure to visit Sarah Chrismsn quite a few times while I was in her hometown and saw her around town in her beautiful Victorian outfits. My problem is that I have a large “muffin top”, under and over my waist. What would you recommend when starting using a corset. I live in Ohio, so not many places I can go to. I appreciate any help or counsel you can give me. Thank you. :)

    1. Hello Nana, there are two corsetieres in Ohio (Sugarkitty Corsets and Wilde Hunt Corsetry) and they may be able to help you. Are you looking for an overbust corset or an underbust corset? I have a huge shopping guide on this site, where you can research and browse corset brands and styles by budget, by location, by measurements, etc. If you need extra assistance, I am also available for personalized consultations and would be happy to sit down with you.

  16. Hi Lucy!

    I’m very petite. I’m 4’9 and weigh 96 pounds. I can’t find any corsets that would be a good fit for me because I have a really short torso. My torso is 8 inches, fullbust is 34 inches, underbust is 28 inches, my waist size is 25 inches, and my hip is 30 inches.

    I actually want to reduce the size of my waist from a 25 inch waist to a 16-18 inch waist. So I decided to try waist training. Because there’s really no size for me, I know I need to get my corsets or waist cinchers custom made. However, I’ve already checked how much it would be from other sites, and it’s supeeeer expensive. I mean, I’m not expecting it to be cheap, but so sar the amount ranges from $250 and over..

    Do you do custom made corsets? If so, how much would it be for me? Well first, regarding my measurements, what size do you suggest I get? And how long do you think it would take me to accomplish the waist size I want? I don’t know a whole lot about waist training, but I have done some research. I’m really just lazy and thought waist training would be the easist way to get the figure I want.

    If you have any suggestions and any other information that would help me,please do tell me. Thank you so much for your time.

    1. HI Rose, at this time I am not taking custom commissions, but my rates for a custom underbust often came to over $250 anyways. I have a gallery of cinchers under $200 here which will get you started. Instead of getting a corset 7-9 inches smaller than your natural waist, for your first corset I would recommend size 20″, then sizing down after several months to a year once you’ve closed that corset. Too often I’ve seen people buy a corset much too small than they’re ready for, and they end up having to backtrack and buy a bigger one as an intermediate anyway.

  17. Hi Lucy, I just had some questions. I am 4’11” and have been considering tight lacing for a long time. I pretty much have no waist but I also have a prominent rib cage, is it worth doing for someone like me or will it only make my rib cage stand out more? Thank you.

    1. Hi Andriana, over a long time it’s actually possible to make the ribcage more tapered using corsets, but it requires a strong and well-fitting corset, and plenty of patience as it can take some people year or more to see noticeable results in their ribcage when the corset is off.

  18. I just want to know as I am a rectangle body shape will after corset training my waist be defined and more hour glass like?

    1. Hi Amina, check out Souljagurlsha on Youtube because she has had one of the most drastic transformations I’ve seen regarding obtaining a curve in her waist while the corset is off. It is possible to get a more defined waist even out of the corset, however it varies with each person, and results are best if you combine it with a good exercise regime and healthy eating.

  19. Hi Lucy I was just wondering have you ever put men in corsets before?

    1. Hi Rodney, there are men’s corsets, certainly. :) My boyfriend has been a fit model for a waistcoat corset I was working on earlier, and EgapTesroc also sent me some masculine corsets to study their design (you’ll find those reviews if you search for JC Creations and also Creations L’Escarpolette). Cheers!

  20. Hi Lucy,
    Wow this site is so educating-thank you! Now I finally feel I know where to start. I’m planning to order the Isabella Cosetry Josephine Underbust corset as it’s in my price range, I love the shape and the look.

    I was just wondering 2 things-if I have a natural 30inch waist do I order true to the site and get a 26inch corset (especially because I’m just a beginner waist trainer) is that a reasonable way to start? (Providing of course that I break in my corset like you say?)

    Also I’m confused about whether I should choose the orginal Josephine Underbust or the Petite Josephine. If the corset is shorter then it’s easier to move around/sit down in it right? That would be better for me as I’m very active and don’t like being too restricted-but I’m also worried that if I choose the Petite Josephine I’ll miss out on some sort of waist training benefit…? Is a shorter corset less effective for waist training in any way?

    I have to say, discovering this world of waist training where there is a refreshing emphasis on shape over bones is one of those few things that makes me glad to be a woman..(I know that sounds weird, but I find corsetry so empowering which is maybe bizzare I don’t know).

    I can’t wait to get started! (and I’m also looking forward to reading ‘Corset Magic’ thank for the tip!)

    1. Hi Stephanie! For the Josephine corset, many people have found that the ribcage is 7″ larger than the waist, and the high hip is 11″ larger than the waist. The low hip (at lap level) can be as much as 14″ larger than the waist. Which means for a size 26″ corset, the underbust would be around 33″, waist 26″, high hip (iliac) 37″ and low hip 40″. If your own measurements are a bit smaller than that, you can probably go a size down to size 24″. Yes, the petite Josephine is designed for people with shorter torsos so they can sit down easier. It should have no negative bearing on its effectiveness as a waist trainer.

  21. So I would like to wear my corset under clothes and I don’t want the extra bulk of a cami and I heard corset liners are not very comfortable because of the fabric. Do you have any advice?

    1. Hi Karine, have you seen my video here on corset liners? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RR5mLlImL24
      Also, here is a tutorial on how to make your own corset liners: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bc-ECIp0hb8

  22. Lucy, I’ve been corseting for 13 years now (and have long hair too, go you!). I’m absolutely loving your site and wondering why I haven’t seen it sooner. I’m 5’8 with a long torso, broad hipspring, tiny waist in profile, and a 38J bra size. I love your sectioning on overbusts for busty girls. No one really addresses curves well in the corset world if they’re too big to be standardized. Thank you for doing it! And you’re right, custom corsetry is the only way to go to keep from resting your chin on The Girls or falling out of the top of your corset. Even with custom corsetry, it’s hard for us big-busted lacers to find the perfect fit based on breast shape. My breasts happen to be top-heavy, which makes it even more challenging to create a flattering neckline. Plus I wear my corsets when playing on stage (I’m a fiddler). You wouldn’t believe how awkward it is to suddenly have the shoulder rest of your fiddle burying itself in breast tissue your corset failed to support! I really love what you’re doing with all this info and linking! Even long-time pro corset junkies like me who thought they knew everything about everything have a few great things to learn from you! keep going! Especially as trends shift and more and more people develop an interest in corsets thanks to pop culture. That’s great, but there are a lot of improperly fitting corsets floating around OTR out there! The key to comfortable and beautiful corsetry is the right fit. Thanks for making that happen for all kinds of figures.

    BTW: someone way back when mentioned Absolute Corsets. I had all my stagewear made by them for years. From custom design for stage with only a two-week lead time and my strange measurements, to custom-created styles melding two corsets for me, nothing was too much for them. Something didn’t work right the first time,they were more than happy to work with me to fix it. That is another key to successful long-term corseting, find the right corsetiere for you, and establish a relationship. Don’t be afraid to let them get to know you and help you. You can help them by offering feedback. They need good feedback to create better product. on that note, many corsetiers throw a product up on their site with only a basic description or no textual description. Please, corsetiers, keep in mind that blind girls like me corset too and need to be able to know what we’re looking at on your site. Use words And pictures, please. And thank you.

    1. Hello Sassy, thank you so much for your comment! It’s wonderful to have the input of someone who has as many years of corset experience as you have. I’m learning new things every day in the corset world, and it’s absolutely my pleasure to share this with you and others. In a world where it’s required to wear clothes, people of all body types should have a right to find beautiful clothes that fit them properly!
      I have browsed through Absolute Corsets’ website in the past, but had never purchased from them before. It’s fantastic to hear that they accommodate your special requests and custom commissions so well! I will have to check them out more carefully. Thank you for the info!

  23. Hello Lucy I am a newbie waist trainer :) so far I love it I have never felt better. I have had constant back pain due to my bust but it has gone since I have started waist training, also it keeps my posture perfect whilst horse riding, singing, playing flute and shooting my bow… Bonus! I was wondering what is the best length corset for me? I am 5ft 4inches height and have an under bust corset that is 11 inches down the front. :)

    1. Hello! If your 11″ long corset is fine for you in length, then why not stick with it? If you’d like to learn more about choosing corsets that are the proper size/ curve/ length for you, I have an instructional video here.

  24. Hi Lucy.

    I was wondering if it’s possible to wear a overbust corset if you have breast implants? And is it healty?

    Best regards


    1. Hi Sabrina, yes I know of many women who wear overbust corsets with their breast implants – but the trick is finding a corset that will not squeeze the chest area too tightly, but cup the breast properly (supporting but not crushing).

  25. I just ordered my first corset today from Isabella Corsetry and I’m so excited! I really want to take care of it and make it will look new for as long as possible. How do you store your corsets? I’ve found silk lingerie bags would that work? How do you travel with them safely? Also, just curious, for lacing options would you pick ribbon or black/white flat? ( I don’t know what “flat” is so I picked ribbon when I got the corset)

    1. Hi Kristin, the silk lingerie bags will be fine. :) When I travel, I pack them into bags and put them in my carry-on case. I don’t wear them through security because the steel bones WILL make the metal detector go off! Back when I ordered the Josephine corset, I didn’t have a choice in laces – it just came with the black ribbon.

  26. Hi Lucy! I just found your site, and though I haven’t had much chance to look around this looks like an impressive collection of info! I am looking to start corset wearing but I have a few questions. I have chronic rib pain from underwire bras and so I am hoping the support of an overbust corset could help with that. Unfortunately, I have a 24 inch waist and a 30E bust. Do you know of any corset brands that could accommodate a small waist and larger bust? I would love to go custom but unfortunately I’m on a college student budget (studying biochemistry)

    1. Hi Rhaya, have you seen my article on overbust corsets for fuller-busted women?

  27. How do I get in contact with you. I would like a custom made waist training corset

    1. Hi Jazmyn, I’m not currently accepting custom commissions, but if you check out my “research corset brands” page, you’ll be able to find many makers that can accommodate your request. Cheers!

  28. I like you for your sweetness, honesty, and desire to help others. Also for your ability to pass Cell Biology and Organic Chemistry. XP

    1. Thank you, Christine! :)

  29. I’m going to go totally off subject here. I read you play the piano, what is your favorite type of music to play?

    1. Hi Roy! I mostly play selections from the Romantic and Neoclassical eras – Chopin, Rachmaninov, Debussy, Liszt. :) But I do play a bit of jazz as well, although I’m terrible at improv.

      1. I’d love to hear you play, how about a you tube video? I listen to classical when I can. I got hooked on Mozart when I was in high school and now it has expanded to Beethoven, Orff, Grieg, Copland, and a few others. I still have a lot to learn, but I enjoy it. Know jazz is one of my mainstays. Martin, Sinatra, Clooney, Sylvia Brooks, and a few local musicians.

  30. I’m sorry if this sounds like an odd question, but how do you define “hourglass”? I always understood it to mean “approx. equal bust and hips, at least 10″ hip spring,” or possibly with the ideal 0.7 waist-hip ratio replacing hip spring, but … by that metric, you’re already there? (Or so close that it makes no difference.) I had a mistaken impression from watching your videos and was very surprised by your actual measurements.

    1. Hi Denise, you make a good point! Naturally, by measurements I tend to be fairly balanced. However, the way I carry my weight, my natural figure doesn’t look like an hourglass. My waist from the front has very little definition, but if you see me in profile, my abdomen is very flat and I look quite slim. I also carry more mass on my bum instead of on the sides of my hips. So although my measurements may hint that I’m an hourglass, my mass distribution tells another story. Corsets allow me to redistribute it. :)

  31. I’ve found that with long term tight lacing I’ve been able to progressively reduce my corseted waist size from 29″ to 26″ but my waist always expands back close to its natural size within a few hours of removing my corset.

  32. Hey, Lucy~
    I was wondering how small a trained waist would be without the corset, saaayy with the corset, it was cinched to 22 . I love the way Betty Brosmer/Weider looked and I’m guessing she HAD to have trained her waist. There are a couple pictures of her with her waist bared and it was still tiny.
    Thanks to her, I really want to try waist training.

    1. Hi there, if you were cinched to 22″, your natural waist *might* be close to 28″ but it’s different for everyone. I know one woman able to cinch down nearly 10 inches with no change to her natural waist so there’s no absolute guarantee it would work for you.

  33. Lucy, I love your Videos, amazing history of Corset wearing you are creating!

    I got involved with the art quite by accident, if anything is ever by accident! (I believe that it is often times life leading me down a path I need!) I am a seamstress and I am currently working with an amazing young lady who has an amazing figure. She models for retro clothing and was having a hard time getting retro clothes to fit correctly, with such a tiny waist. So I was taking in a lot of truly amazing dresses, mostly from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s.

    When I first met her I told her she would have no secrets from me regarding her body measurements. So she told me about her waist training, I was intrigued, so I started my research with your You Tube videos. You are an amazing young lady, and so talented! wow I am impressed. I wanted to learn how to make a fully functioning corset and wow have you ever given me the tools to do this with. Thank you so much. I purchased my very first corset after reading as much as I could find on the subject, as well as watching endless hours of video’s, yours as well as some others.

    I did purchase a CS426 as I am extremely long waisted, the length is wonderful, but I was not as happy with the fit. I bought the corset quite a bit smaller than my natural waist, I am about a 34 inch waist and I I bought a 28 inch, after 3 days of seasoning I had already pulled tight on the corset(with no discomfort at all). I was really surprised and when I measured, my was at 32 inches, not the 28 I thought I would be getting down to! UGH.

    When I contacted Orchard Corsetry I was told that leather does give a lot more than some fabrics do, I was advised to return it for a smaller size. Which is kinda cool if you think about it! But not cool because I now have to wait for a return.

    I purchased the corset for two reasons, one it is great for my posture and my lower back pain while I spend endless hours on the sewing machine, but also if I can actively give information to my clients, my job is easier. I want to try my hand at creating a corset for my customers who are looking for custom fit on waist training. What better way to understand than to be an active participant in Waist training.

    So my question to you is; Is it common for material to stretch that much, especially leather (4 inches) I have to admit that I did not pre measure the corset when I first got it, but I did when I found it was laced tight at 32 inches. Each side measured 15+ inches, which is well over the 28 inches that I thought I was buying~ I will be sure and measure the new one when it gets here to know if it starts out at the correct size or not. A lesson learned. I really think I will like Orchard Corsetry for their product, and I seriously hope they don’t mind me breaking into the business by using their product for my first experience.

    I want to make some corsets for some of the civil war costumes I have made, specifically the awesome dresses. Such as the one from gone with the wind. Being a wearer will help me to see if I am happy with what I create, as well as being able to understand the construction to do a better job of production.

    So thank you so much for all the information you have provided, I see that the industry is growing in a variety of directions.

    1. Hi MaryBeth, thanks for your very detailed comment. To answer your question, the amount that a corset stretches depends on a variety of factors. The strength fabric is of utmost importance – if the corset has a good strong base of coutil or another unstretchable, breathable fabric, then even if the top layer is spandex the corset will be unlikely to stretch much. That said, the quality of the fashion fabric can play a hand in how stiff a corset is, how much a corset will stretch, and how fast it will season over time. Since most OTR corsets have a strength fabric of twill (which is *okay* but not the best), then a stiff brocade (which is not very stretchy) will give a more sturdy hand compared to lamb leather (which, as a type of skin, is able to stretch over time).
      4 inches is a lot to stretch though, and not standard of most corsets – preferably the corset should have been measured the day you received it. Also, were you measuring on the inside or the outside of the corset? Especially leather corsets have a lot of bulk (they’re thicker) and this bulk should be subtracted if you’re measuring on the outside. This video explains in more detail.

  34. Hello Lucy!

    Thanks for making so much videos about corsets! I am interested in starting corset training so I’ve been watching a lot of them.
    What are some of the corsets that you recommend for waist training, which is suitable to wear everyday, either custom fit or OTR? Price is not really an issue but I want something that would last me pretty long and not break easily. I am 5’2 and quite short waisted

    Thanks so much for your time!

    1. Hi Athena, check out my Corset Brands by Price Range page – these are all the corsets that I have tried in the past, and they have reviews linked as well so you can compare them in quality. If you have fitting problems due to your height and you want your corset to last a long time (more than about 3000 hours), I highly recommend going with one of the higher options – Puimond, Starkers and Contour Corsets all make waist training corsets. :)

  35. Hi my name is Marissa and I am really looking foward to buying a corset I think they are just breath takingly beautiful. I wanted to look in waist training or tightlacing and its come between Timeless Trends and Corset Story the only reason I have strayed away from Timeless Trends is because they don’t really say that the corsets are good for waist training. But with all the research I have done they seem to be perfect for such a thing. So I suppose my question is will Timeless Trends do the trick or do I need to go with something that actually says Waist Training? Thanx for your time!

    1. Hi Marissa, Timeless Trends is supposed to have a lifetime guarantee on their corsets – it’s mentioned on their website that you should be able to wear it every day. When it comes to the two you mentioned, I prefer Timeless Trends in both construction and silhouette. The pieces from Corset Story make me feel like a tube – and even in the ones that say they’re appropriate for ‘waist training’, the grommets started pulling out (I’ve never had that problem with Timeless Trends’ grommets).

  36. What fascinates me is why and what we like about corsets? To many ‘liberated’ women they are a symbol of oppression (some see it as the moral equivalent of the burka!). The waspy waist is invariably attractive to men, however it’s achieved. They are often uncomfortable and restricting…yet there is an endless fascination for them!

    My take? They are unutterably lovely, as beautiful as the women who wear them, (by choice nowadays) the Mt. Everest of fashion, a sacrifice, bu I imagine the wearer feels especially lovely (no pain, no gain?). To me they are beauty personified and for a few wonderful moments and hours, and asleep (the dreams they spawn are wonderful), in its warm, friendly embrace, I can feel beautiful too. Thank you!

  37. You’re more than welcome! Love the pun, lol!

    1. Speaking of support -updated my profile to show my stupid corset. I love it but need a serious one – Lucy, can you recommend a serious, waist-training one, have a (gulp!) 42″ waist – basic requirement? “One that’s nice…..and not too expensive…” – The Knights Who Say Neep! (Can’t resist Python) Thanks to Lucy and the bunny ears video it is much easier to wear and lace up! :))

  38. Wow, scissors is quite harsh, I’m sorry to hear that, I wish people were more open minded. The funny thing about this is I keep trying to talk my boyfriend into wearing one- to NO avail- to help him with his posture and back problems. I also think men look quite attractive in them. The posture benefits are wonderful for everyone. I was so glad when I found Lucy, she is a fount of information and helped me with finding awesome corsets. I hope you are able to get a good corset and keep it out of sight because I’d hate to have scissors taken to it because good ones aren’t cheap.;)

    1. Thanks for your support! (painful pun intended) The good ones are not cheap, too right! Your BF doesn’t know what hes missing…..:)) Thanks!

  39. Lucy,
    Absolutely stunning and informative website! The bunny ears lacing video was so helpful! I’m a male secret x-dresser (My wife is NOT a fan!) and love corsets. I have one brocade Frederick’s of Hollywood Renaissance semi-underbust corset (wear a matching bra with it), with stiff round shoelace laces and bra hooks for the front and really good garters. I never could get it laced comfortably, fighting with those two separate laces. Your video did the trick! Does waist training REALLY work? When wife is out of town I wear it all the time (except outside – too obvious) I even sleep in it (with some difficulty). I seriously need one of your real corsets, but sadly, have very few places to keep one….Just love your site! Keep it up!

    1. I’m sure Lucy will give expert advise, but I have a few suits in my closet in black garment bag covers. Since corsets are stored on hangers, you could store a good corset that way without it being seen, or put a suit jacket over it in the garment bag and it would look like its just another suit in your closet. As stated, I’m sure Lucy will have a better idea but it was just a thought. ;)

      1. Thanks! I do have a malco modes white petticoat I bought for my wife, who hated it but it sits in the closet in a suit bag – a sort of its hers but its mine now :)) so its possible. Good idea! I love them so much! (I squirrel away my ‘gear’ in a shoebox (amazing what you can fit in one!) that’s ‘hidden’ in a jumble of my stuff in basement.. :)). She already found an item or two and attacked same with scissors, and harsh words for your’s truely, but we’ve sort of reached an unspoken accommodation – don’t ask, don’t tell, as long as she’s out of town. But really would like to waist train…..(sigh)

  40. Hi Lucy. I would like to thank you for the videos you have posted on Youtube. I have seen others but none of them compare to the through knowledge and training you provide.

    I had breast reconstruction surgery as a result of a mastectomy. The surgery is called a TRAM flap in which the rectus abdominus muscle is used to carry the lower abdominal skin and fat up to the chest wall to build a new breast. While I benefit from having a new breast made from my own fat and tissue, the moving of the muscle has had challenges. I get quite a bit of bloating in the abdominal area especially under the breast area and have lost my natural waist. My belly button died as a result of the surgery and that too changed my waistline. I started using compression garments to help with the swelling but they would roll up from the hip and were unforgiving and uncomfortable. I then saw one of your videos and ordered an under bust steel bone corset and it has done wonders.

    Unfortunately, some of the meds I am taking have caused a lot of weight gain which I am working on losing but I bought a corset a little too small.so I will be ordering another one soon and save the original for later. If I go a day without wearing the corset, my abdominal area swells and is painful to the touch so I try to keep it on during the day. I tried sleeping with it on but my back would ache in the morning so I quite.

    I know there are other women who are in my situation and I just want to again thank you for the wonderful information you post. The vids have given me valuable information.

  41. Hello Lucy!

    I discovered you some days ago =) and have been watching your videos. Thank you for spending so much time doing this. For the ones like me, who don’t know anything about corseting, your dedication has been a very good help.

    I am interested in starting corset training so I’ve been doing a lot of research. I know you have already released a lot of information about measurements. However, I would feel much more comfortable purchasing my first corset if you could give me a hand. Is that possible?
    I took my measurements in centimeters and then converted to inches (European units, here in Sweden). I still feel a little bit insecure about which corset (and its number) I should buy. I was thinking about buying 2 corsets:
    – the meschantes RTW underbust training corset without busk because, although it’s not so practical to dress/undress, I want something subtle to use under my clothes.
    – another underbust training corset from another brand, with busk.

    My measures are, approximately (after measuring 3 times and making the average):

    Underbust – 32,5” (full exhale) and 33,5” (full inhale)
    Waist – 29” or 29,5”
    Iliac – 33”
    widest hips – 38”

    underbust to waist – 4,5” or 5”
    waist to iliac – 4”or 4,5”
    waist to widest hips – 8”

    4 feet and 11” (yes, I’m short =P).

    Basically, having an odd number of 29” or 29,5” waist, I don’t know which corset number I should order. I found different information about this in different websites. Should I consider my waist as 28” and go for a 22”/24” corset? If yes, 22” or 24”?
    And about the brand/type of my first two corsets, what would you recommend?

    Well, I’m sorry for the HUGE comment with questions. Thank you very much in advance. Once again, great job with your videos.

  42. Thanks for this post Lucy! I’ve always wanted to ask what your natural measurements were, so I could have more of an idea what the corsets you review would do for my bodyshape. I’ve heard you talk about having a larger hip-spring, and it’s apparent in most of your corsetted waist is much smaller than hour hops, but I was always wondering what the ratio was between the corset’s waist and the underbust because that’s always the area that tends to be too small for me, not the hip area. Always wanted to ask, but wasn’t sure how to not sound creepy. :) Keep up the great work! Your reviews are just wonderful.

  43. Hi Lucy, I have been wanting to begin wearing a corset. I’ve never worn one, but I do like the hour glass shape they give. The thing is, my upper belly is bigger than my lower belly, I am large-chested, and short-wasted. I found a site http://www.contourcorsets.com and the corsets seem very well-made, but very very expensive. I would like to gradually begin waist training, and want a very well-made corset that will fit my body and last a long time with a lot of use, but if possible at a lower price. What would you recommend I look into? Thank you and you have a great site! :)

    1. Hi Shanda! My main training corset over the last 6 months or so was from Contour Corsets; I think she does really great work. But if you’re looking for custom makers and have a smaller budget, check out the tab at the top (Corset Brands by Price Range). :)

  44. Hi Lucy,
    My name is Robin and I’ve been interested in corsets for quite a while. I just bought one and realized that due to my hips it doesn’t quite fit comfortable enough. I was wondering if you could recommend a good website that has goring to accommodate wider hips. Also attempting to grow my hair out due to chopping it in to a pixie cut about a year ago so i absolutely love all of your videos. I’ve now got my step-mom hooked to corsets too, lol
    Thank you for your time

    1. Hi Robin, both “What Katie Did” and Axfords corsets make OTR corsets that have hip gores/ accommodate a bit of a wider hip spring. :) I’m so happy that you (and your stepmother) like my videos! :D

  45. Hi Lucy!

    I want to thank you from the deep excitement of my corset training and overall health and well being! I have been feverishly watching your FREE tutorials and reviews on YouTube because I could not get a better education about corseting anywhere else. You are truly a role model in this community! Thank You for your time and commitment!! It does not go unrecognized by me.

    1. Thank you so much, Jessica! <3

  46. Thank you so much, I posted my question under their blog and haven’t gotten a response yet.

    1. Here is their page with their contact information/ email and phone number, you should receive a quicker response that way!

  47. I wanted to start wearing a corset to work around my after pregnancy pouch that I’ve had for several years now. I came across the orchard corsets and I am very interested in purchasing my first corset from them. I’m not sure what corset to choose , I’m in between the 411 and 426. My waist measurement is 28 under bust 31 snd hips 37. I originally wanted the 426 because its longer but now I’m thinking the 411 since it will be my first. What do you think?

    1. Hi Dima, if your torso is in between the 411 and 426, I would go with the shorter 411. If your torso is short then you may find it uncomfortable to sit down in the 426.

      1. Do u know what torso measurements are okay for the 411 and 426. I am not sure what category I would place myself under. I’m 5.4 and 1/2 I would say that I’m average proportioned.

        1. The 411 would be appropriate for someone with an underbust-to-lap measurement of about 8.5-9 inches, while the 426 is longer, you would need a torso about 10.5-11 inches long to sit down comfortably in that one. Orchard Corset has their measurements of each corset listed on the page, and they also have excellent customer-service – I highly recommend asking them directly these sorts of questions as they know their own products best. :)

  48. Hi Lucy, I love what you do! I am working with naturopathic medicine: http://www.praxiskuepper.de. Write back! I live near Cologne, Germany, R.

  49. Hi Lucy!

    I’m a first time corset buyer and I’ve watched many of your videos. I remember you saying in one of your videos to be extremely cautious about buying a corset that costs less than about 50-40 dollars because the quality is usually not very good. I also watched your reviews for several Leatherotics corsets which were generally positive. I went on the Leatherotics website and they have some corsets that are on sale for as little as $39. The descriptions says that they are steel boned, but I’m still conflicted. Do you think that buying a cheap Leatherotics corset is worth the money?

    1. Hi Alena! I believe the corsets on clearance are their old stock (before 2010) where they used the older, smaller grommets. Leatherotics says the newer stock has bigger and stronger grommets which don’t fall out like the old ones did. The last time I emailed them, they had mentioned something about creating a warranty on their corsets (something like 3 months on clearance and 6 months for regular stock) but I haven’t heard an update on that so it might be worth contacting them to see if that warranty is in effect.

      1. Thanks so much Lucy!

  50. Hi Lucy! I recently received the Josephine corset by Isabella Corsetry and I have a quick question… but first I must tell you that I adore you! I love that you mix your knowledge of anatomy with corsets.
    Anyways, I am currently seasoning the corset and I have found that it is wrinkling (fashion fabric and strength fabric) right above the waist tape. My core muscles will not negotiate and I fear that I’ll rip a seam. It is only laced down a couple of inches so far. What do you think I should do? I was thinking about adding another waist tape. Thank you for your help!

    1. Hi Juliette,
      Thanks for your comment! I think the fabric will be fine. The horizontal wrinkling of the fashion fabric is common when the fabric is sewn flat as opposed to “roll-pinned” (I have a video that explains more on that). If you add another waist tape, you might end up putting too much tension around the lower ribs, causing discomfort or irritation. Unless you actually see threads starting to break, I think you’ll probably be okay leaving the corset as it is. :)

  51. hey, I started corset training in 2011 then in 2012 due to moving and other issues , I stopped training, Im trying to start again but it’s not as simple as last time… I put on weight, and now the underbust corset leaves an A shape when I lace (I brought a new one), my hips are hard to accommodate, also I find that when I sit down.. this sort of overflow of muffin top happens and my boobs seem to be shoved right up near my neck…
    I have no idea where to start anymore and its hard to start wearing them again when its obvious Im wearing something underneath my shirt..
    any help, ideas, suggestions would be much appreciated…

    1. Hi Rachel, you might benefit from my consultation, I can help you find a corset that you can wear under clothing and that fits you properly if I know more about your natural body type/ measurements, your budget, etc. :)

  52. After following your posts and etc I’ve noticed one topic that would be helpfull for some of us out there using a corset to help in weight loss is at what point in the process after one has gotten their first corset to close fully should one look into getting a new smaller one.

    I’m at this time enjoying wearing mine but i’m to the point that i could feel that if had smaller one it would close further. I fully admit after having it for a while the local person i went to which resales one of the OTR brands might have measured and suggested a size too large. right now as I work on the weight loss i’m mainly focused on buying one of the otr brands i was eyeing up the orchard cs426 recently. once I get down to my desired weight i plan to order a custom made one.

    If you could cover this in a future post or where it might have been mentioned already.

  53. Hi, I’m interested in buying a corset but I’m unsure what kind is best for me. I have broad shoulders, a short torso with 36-38 in. and wide hips (14 -16 size pants). I’m not sure what size or shape corset I should get.

    1. Hi Martina, if your torso is really short (less than 9 inches) then the OTR corsets I sell here might be too long for you. If you’d like, you can go through my consultation service and I can help you choose some corsets that are suitable for your figure and lifestyle. :)

  54. Hi Lucy, I think this is the best informed corset related site I have ever come across! As a male full time corset wearer I can endorse your comments; corsets aren’t the sole province of the fairer sex. A custom made corset is certainly the best option, even for females, but for males it is essential if you intend to wear a corset for extended periods of time. I have a custom made under bust “hour glass” corset which I have worn almost every day for 8 to 12 hours each day for almost 2 years and I have just ordered a smaller one from the same maker.

    1. Hi Bill, thank you so much for your kind words – I’m appreciative and humbled that you, an experienced lacer, can endorse the information found here. :) If you have any information or experience to relay regarding the specific physical/ social/ psychological/ emotional effects of corseting, I would be honoured to read them. (Most articles have the comments section closed to prevent spam, but Youtube comments are always active). Best wishes!

      1. Hi Lucy, my first corset was an off the rack product and I bought it out of curiosity. That was almost 40 years ago. I immediately felt a strange sense of “empowerment” when I laced myself. Not too long afterwards I met the love of my life, Susan, and we married. Susan didn’t like physical restriction of any sort but she didn’t object to me lacing and it often added an extra dimension to our love making. We enjoyed twenty nine years together.

        Sadly, Susan passed away almost three years ago, a victim of cancer, the scourge of our age. I was devastated and lost interest in so many things. I can’t remember, exactly, when I decided to lace again but when I did I experienced such a great sense of “closure”. I felt as if I was in charge of my life again. I know Susan wanted me to live my life as if she was still with me in spirit. My corset empowers me; I don’t know why but why but when I’m laced I can seize each day and live it to the full.

        Does wearing a corset impose any negative health issues? No! I leave the corset at home for at least two half days each week and go hill walking. Do I get any comments regarding physique or posture? Yes! all positive. Have I experienced any permanent body modification? Being male I have to say yes; my “natural” waist has moved a little higher and when I don’t wear my corset I still have a waist and hips.

        I hope my experience offers a little insight into what is a somewhat controversial arena.

        Best regards, Bill


        1. Bill, your story was beautiful. I’m so glad that your wife Susan was open and caring and accepted your corseting – this is true love. Your lifetime of experience with corseting is a wealth of information, and it makes me very happy to see that your experience has been positive. :)
          Best wishes to you, and may Susan rest in perfect peace.

  55. Hi Lucy,
    thanks for your advice ive just purchase a black satin basque corset only 7inches deep from leatherotic ,really cant wait for it to arrive . Anyway thanks for your help have a great christmas and a happy new year ,oh will try and send you a pic if i can . Take care.
    Yours Gary xx

  56. hi Lucy
    Bin wearing corsets on and off for a few years ,but just wonder if there is a corset i can wear to work with no one knowing ,do u know if there is a smaller corset than and underbust so i could train my waist .
    Many thanks Gary x

    1. Hi Gary, you should look for short cinchers. I believe Elle Corsets makes a very short piece called the Bebe, and Axfords also has a few very short cinchers (some ribbon, some not). Leatherotics 1827 is also much shorter than an underbust.

      1. thanks for yr quick reply and thanks for pointing me in a good direction ,i will definitely look into it , do u no if there any corset shops that sell the same bebe corset as you have describe in england . Once again thanks .
        Yours Gary xx

        1. Hi Gary, the “bebe” corset I described (from Elle Corsets), also Axfords and Leatherotics are all located in the UK.

  57. Hi! Agreed with Lucy. They are very shapeless and not very comfortable :(

  58. Hi, I have been looking into corsets for a while but most of them are so out of my price range in the hundreds, but I found ones which are under £100 and this is one of them http://www.corsets-uk.com/waist-training-underbust-corset-in-black-taffeta-wt-001-azx-6887.html (sorry if this is an inconvenient question btw) do you know if this would be an okay corset to wear if I wanted to reduce my waist by roughly 3 inches? Thank you xxx

    1. Hi Wilhelmina, in full honesty I haven’t had good experiences with the underbust waist training corsets this brand offers. Compared to the waist measurement, the ribcage is only 10cm larger and the hips are 15cm larger – this is less curvy than my natural measurements, so I find that my ribs and hips feel pinched while my waist is not reduced at all.

  59. Hi Lucy,
    I know your email is for business only, I have a personal question that I would like your advise on and would rather not clutter your blog. Would it be ok to email you just this once?
    Thanks, Steph

    1. Sure, send me an email. :)

  60. hi Lucy, I’ve only just discovered you and it’s a blessing at the most perfect time!! my body has changed a lot in just 4-6 months, I’m 24 and since I was 15 my hair would never grow past my shoulders and was always very straight however, in the last 6 months my hair has grown way past my shoulder by about 3 inches! and it’s become very wavy with some loose curls! I haven’t cut my hair in 2 years, I had it cut in to a short bob and I’ve trimmed my hair myself 2 times since then. I’ve done the most terrible thing to my hair in the past, I’ve had extensions woven in, and I used have clip ons regularly, I dye it regularly myself and blow dry occasionally. I’ve hardly ever used products other than shampoo and conditioner, nothing has changed in my routine but my hair has somehow transformed! is there a logical explanation? also, I’m getting married in 4 months and was wondering if its possible to wear a corset under the dress without it being too obvious? my other issue is that my breast size is un proportionally large for my body and I don’t like them to be pushed up, does such a magical corset exist?? excuse my rambling!!


    1. Hi Yasmine! You can wear an underbust corset with a separate bra and it will bring in your waist without pushing up your breasts too much. It also helps to wear the bra overtop of the corset so the top edge of the corset doesn’t push up your bust too much. Depending on how supportive your dress is, you can just wear a cincher under the dress but not wear a bra; just letting your dress hold your bust up. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

  61. Hi Lucy! I am very interested (OK ,obsessed) about buying a corset; but I am facing some trouble. I’m only 16, and i have am some-what short and high-wasted…so I am not sure what type of corset would properly fit my body. But i would like to try and find a real training corset for the long term hourglass shaping. Will i have to try and get a custom made one? Or will a normal training corset work for my body type?

    1. Hi Emily, if you can afford it, then go with a custom-fit corset. Elle Corsets and Jupiter Moon 3 are both affordable options for custom corsets. However I recommend waiting until you’re at least 18 before you start training. Cheers!

  62. I am so excited, because of YOU I just ordered the Josephine Underbust and the Edwardian Overbust Corsets. Thank you so much for your help. When seasoning, if I did it four hours a day then would I only need one week instead of two? I know that the four hours is broken into two hours morning and evening. Omg, the picture of you in the chair is absolutely stunning.

    1. Hi Stephanie! I’m glad you’re happy with your purchase! When seasoning the corset, try to not wear the corset more than two hours at a time, but you can wear the corset for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening, if you find it comfortable to do so. But the seasoning process is just as important for your body as it is for the corset, so don’t push yourself too far. The 2/2/2 method of seasoning is just a guideline; you will know when your corset is seasoned when it feels somewhat softer and conforms to your body more comfortably.

  63. Hi Lucy, I love your channel, you are AMAZING! I was wondering if the Josephine corset by Isabella would be right for me. I’m 5’9 and my torso is long and I am curvy. My natural waist size is 27. The problem is I have a bit of a pooch going on under my stomach. I love corsets and intend to waist train- not too far down though, I am mainly concerned about the poochiness (is that a word?) I was thinking about a Cincher for comfort but I need it to work on the lower ab area and I don’t know it it would be too short to work on that area. Also i think the Josephine might help with posture as well, but I am unsure if it can be worn under jeans. Any advise would be welcome, thank you so much for your time!

    1. Hi Stephanie, thanks so much for your compliments! Based on the info you’ve given me, I think the Josephine may be a good match for you. But unless your jeans are already quite loose on the hips for you, I wouldn’t recommend wearing a longline corset underneath your jeans – it might lead to pinching or other discomfort. If you have lower belly pooch then I’d advise you stick with a longline corset (like the Josephine) and avoid cinchers. I hope this helps!

      1. That’s what I thought, thank you so much for such a prompt response. It’s wonderful to have access to such a knowledgeable person. The Cincher at Isabella costs less but I have to suck it up and spend more so that I can achieve my goal. Thanks again!

      2. Sorry to post twice, I just remembered I wanted to also ask, will wearing a corset over jeans deform the corset? If the bottom were to stretch would that affect the waist when lacing? Thanks!

        1. Hi Stephanie, a corset should not become deformed by wearing it over jeans. Remember that a corset is meant to withstand many pounds of pressure around the waist – it should be as strong around the ribs and hips (although not compress the flesh as much) but a good corset shouldn’t stretch much more than an inch anywhere.

  64. Hi Lucy, I ran across you on YouTube and now here and am so impressed! You have a wealth of knowledge and thank you for sharing that with us!
    On the lighter side…how do you skate, play hockey and go curling when corseted? hahaha! Luv ya!

  65. Hi Lucy, firstly I absolutely love your site and youtube channel – you’re gorgeous AND intelligent. Definitely gives me something to aspire to. Keep up the good work!

    I have recently purchased my first corset (off the rack rather than custom made) but I am not entirely sure if it fits me properly. As a fairly tall woman (5 foot 9) with a VERY long torso I opted for a 17 inch long corset which said it was aimed at taller women. However, I’ve found that when laced up the waist of the corset seems to come in just above my waist and the top part of the corset doesn’t really seem to cover my breasts. Basically if i raise my arms then my boobs slide out of the top! Am I doing something wrong or does it sound like the corset’s too short? Thanks so much for your help!

    1. Hi sCurvyKnave, it sounds like the corset is not the right style for you. If the smallest part of your corset is at your true waist and the bust doesn’t come up high enough on you, I would try to return that corset and get another style, perhaps custom fit. I know I had that problem with most of my corsets from Corset-Story/ Corsets-UK/ CorsetDeal etc. The waistline on those corsets simply sit too high and I finally had to give up on any of those styles being able to fit me. So I don’t think it’s your fault.

      1. Thanks for your speedy reply! The corset was indeed from corset-uk so I think I will probably take your advice and return it. Thanks again

  66. Oh. and I also collect swords ! -sold four this year- and have enough sewing tools, fabrics and equipment to fill six big moving boxes. I own a Babylock sewing machine.

    I dance with a sword balanced on my head in my Middle East dance performances.


  67. Hi Lucy! I’ve been looking into waist-training for a while now, and I’m still trying to decide on what corset I should order. I’m deciding between the Josephine from Isabella Corsetry and a waist-training corset from Elle of Heavenly Corsets. I prefer the silhouette of the Josephine, but I’m also concerned that it’s not categorized as a waist-training corset. Thoughts?

    1. Hi Danya! I do know several people who wear their Isabella corsets on a daily basis and they’re holding up well, however if you can afford the Heavenly corset then go for that one as its strength layer is coutil instead of twill – also it will be custom made to your body which will be more comfortable in the long run. Cheers!

  68. HI! :( I NEED HELP! I LOOKED INTO CORSETING A BIT AGO, AND FOUND A STORE IN MY HOMETOWN THAT SELLS THEM. BUT! THE LADYS AT THE STORE SUCKERED ME INTO BUYING A BEAUTIFUL CORSET THAT WASNT THE ORIGINAL STYLE I WANTED!!!. so I need help trying to figure out what kind of clothes I can wear with it. I looked all over ur utube videos and couldn’t really find what I was looking for. im hopeing u can help me.:) ur so experienced with corsets! please get ahold of me and ill show u a pic of the corset. :D

    1. Hi Sierra! Oh no – are you not able to get an exchange or refund on the corset and get the one you actually wanted? Anyway I have a playlist “dressing with your corset” which might give you a few ideas on how to wear your corset both over and under clothing. I’ll be adding more to it over time as well.

  69. Hello Lucy =) love your videos! have a Simple question ; What do you wear under your Underbust Corset for Everyday wear? i need to look as “normal” as possible for Work / everyday modern life. Thank you!

    1. Hi Rebecca! Thanks for your comment! What do I wear UNDER my corset? Either a tight-fitting t-shirt or camisole, or a corset liner if I want to wear a light shirt overtop. :) When I don’t want to draw attention to myself with my corsets, I wear a lot of empire waist shirts or dresses as it hides underbust corsets and cinchers well. :D Cheers!

  70. Hi Lucy,

    I have recently started researching waist training with a corset. I actually stumbled upon it by accident and have been researching ever since. Here’s the thing. I am 5’4, and weigh 118 pounds. I am very thin, always have been my whole life – fast metabolism. I thought after having 2 kids I’d be able to hold on to some weight but it turned out not to be the case. So as I said I am naturally a thin girl. I have absolutely no waist, well just barely. I’d like to have some kind of indentation in my mid section to give me some kind of waist. I absolutely do not want to lose weight, and I love to eat. I lose weight extremely easy and don’t like the way I look when I lose weight. My question is: Is this something you think I could try to get the results I am looking for? I feel like I have tried everything else, and nothing works, but I worry that waist training with a corset will cause me to eat less, therefore causing me to lose weight. Meh. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    By the way, love your videos! :)

    1. Hi Raquel,
      Yes, a corset is able to give you an hourglass silhouette and the bit of curve you desire. If you go with a shorter cincher then it’s less likely to reduce your ability to eat compared to a full underbust corset, although in any corset you will have to break down your meals so that they’re smaller and more frequent – many corseters will graze throughout the day. I hope this helps!

      1. Awesome! I finished watched all the videos you have on corsetry which was extremely helpful. Thank you so much!

  71. Hello Lucy! I’ve been watching your videos for a while now, and am quite interested in corseting. While I am a bigger girl and I love the classic beauty of the corset, my interest is mostly in posture problems. I have a tendency to hunch, especially when I play viola (I’m working on my undergrad to play – hopefully – professionally) to the point that I have noticed mid-back pain. Combine a 17″ monster viola with a family history of lumbar problems and a…*coughcough*…”generous” chest measurement, and I need all the posture support I can get. :) Is there a particular style of corset that is best for posture improvement? Should I be looking for a higher back? Underbust, overbust, etc.? Any advice is welcome!

    P.S.: Student budget is also a factor. :)

    1. Hi Amanda,
      In terms of quality construction I do like the Timeless Trends corsets best as they are made for daily wear, come with a lifetime guarantee, and are only $100. I wouldn’t distribute them if I didn’t believe in them! I have a few selections on this page. You’d be extremely hard pressed to find another corset that will last several years without needing repairs, for a price lower than that. :) It has a relatively natural silhouette and comes up pretty high in the back so it’s good for hiding under clothing if need be, and provides posture support. Underbust corsets are good to start with as they’re easier to breathe in, gives you relatively more mobility and easier to hide under clothing. However if you’d like an overbust corset then What Katie Did makes some flattering cuts, although not made for daily training. :D I hope this helps!

  72. Lucy,
    I love your videos and I love your website! While I have a good corset to begin waist training, I am at a loss on how to create a waist training program. Frequency and length of wear, foods to avoid, exercise, etc. Can you recommend a good book, website or other publication that might answer these questions?

    I appreciate all that you do for the corseting community! You’re amazing!
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Kat, I recommend the book “Corset Magic” written by Ann Grogan, owner of Romantasy. It’s a fantastic resource for waist trainers. :) Thanks for your comment!

  73. Hello
    Found you about a year ago, revisited your youtube videos. Then found your site. You are very informative. Thanks! Just to clarify, these corsets are for waist training? And also what do you think about the “Crepe Suzette 426 Premium Longline Contoured Maroon Authentic Underbust Corset” from Orchard Corset? Is it steel boned? Any other info you have would be great! Thanks again!!

    1. Hi Crystal, thanks for your comment. I’ve written a review for the Orchard Corset piece you’ve mentioned. Yes, it’s steel boned, and I think it gives a lovely silhouette, however I’ve noticed that it’s stretched a bit over time. It’s a tightlacing piece but definitely not for training every day. Cheers!

  74. I’m a long haired piano teacher who loves to sew, too!

  75. Lucy!:)

    I’m Roxy. I just left a comment on your sleeping video telling you how amazing your videos are. I was wondering (and if it isn’t too much of a bother) Would you be so kind as to maybe direct me towards some wasp-waist cincher corsets that are reasonably priced? I love that dramatic look. I concurrently due to all of your great reviews about timeless trends ordered a more soft beginner waist training corset at a size 24. Wish me luck!!:) I’m most certainly keeping up with your page and posts. My email address is: Roxyanyck@gmail.com

    Once again, thank you so much for doing what you do<3

    1. Hi Roxy! Thanks for stopping by! :) I know of two wasp-waist corsets – one is the “Baby” corset by “What Katie Did” – that one is shorter (only about 7″ high) and great for tightlacing with minimal pressure on ribs/hips, but unfortunately can’t waist train in one (Katie, the owner, says they’re not suitable to wear every day). Heavenly Corsets also makes wasp-waist training corsets, either for occasional tightlacing or for daily waist training – the waist training ones are a bit more expensive but more sturdy in construction. :)
      I hope this helps!

  76. Hi Lucy,
    I want to say a big THANK YOU for all the amazing information you have given me. I have always been fascinated by corseting and the beautiful women who practice this but never realized how realistic it would be for someone like me to begin waist training. I was doing some research for a Halloween costume when I stumbled upon your YouTube channel. I am a 32 year old single Mom and have not had much of a waist since having my daughter at the young age of 18. Being so young (17 when I got pregnant) and naturally thin, I didn’t take care of myself quite as well as I would today and gained a substantial amount of weight. I went from a size 5/7 to a 14. Needless to say, it took me until age 30 to finally really step up health wise and I am proud to say that I am the healthiest Ive been since having her over 14 years ago! Yes…that means my baby is in High School AH! That being said…it is time to do for me! I have not reached my goal weight (15 more lbs to go) but I would love to start waist training as part of this process. The chance that this could assist me in losing these last few lbs (15 is a few when you’ve lost 60!) and give me the waist I haven’t had in years is so motivating! I have already watched several of your videos and plan to watch them all! I will be setting up a YouTube account just to subscribe! I know you hear this quite often but as a beginner, what corset/s would you suggest. Here is some of my info that may help!

    -I would like an under-bust
    -Off the rack if my measurements seem reasonable for this. (I would like to keep the price reasonable for starting, if it works for me I would be willing to invest in a custom later on)
    -I have a bit of a “pooch” (c-section will do that!) if thats what I should call it. Nothing too dramatic but enough that I would want something a bit longer in front, not too short.
    -I would like a bit of rib tightening. I have always hated that my ribs protrude a bit too much so I am thinking corseting could help. Not too much as I really want to go for the perfect hourglass. I also do not want the way too small sharp wasp waist.
    -My measurements! Bust- 33″ Waist-29″ Hip-36″ My center under-bust to my center hip is about 10″.

    As far as the vids I have watched so far I really liked the shape of the WKD Mae Extreme or the Morgana Femme Couture but would like to keep the price as low as possible (within reason…I want quality!) for now and dont know if those are suitable for beginner training.

    So again, thank you so much for being such an inspiration and wealth of knowledge! I look forward to watching many more videos from you!


    1. Hi Kristina, thanks for your comment – for off-the-rack corsets that have a gentle hourglass silhouette, I do supply Timeless Trends corsets on this site. They’re the best quality/price ratio I’ve been able to find, and they come with a lifetime guarantee. If you want a longline corset to give some lower tummy and hip coverage, there is the Josephine corset by Isabella Corsetry $175 (this is certainly not a “gentle” hourglass though, it’s quite dramatic) or the CS-426 (also called the “Lucy” corset, heh) by Orchard Corset, $95. I don’t supply those ones but if you google the name then the site should show up. :)

  77. Hi Lucy,
    I just wanted to drop by to thank you for all the work you’ve done. You are a wonderful and interesting person, and I love watching your youtube corset reviews. I’ve always loved corsets and have been wearing them for some years now (topped off with my 40 inch long hair). We do look a bit alike, though you are prettier :)
    It’s partly because of your clips and tips I decided to work on improving my sewing, and am atm making my first successful corset. Thanks again for everything you are doing!
    If you ever happened to be in Belgium, I would be happy to do a little photoshoot with you, so you can show off your work even more!
    Kindest regards

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment, Eleni! I’m very happy that my videos can help you. I work hard on them so others may learn from my experiments, mistakes and successes. Please feel free to show your wonderful corset once it’s finished! If I ever get the opportunity to travel, I would love to meet you and have some pictures taken. It’s wonderful that we look a bit alike – I wonder if we had a picture taken together, if people would think we’re sisters. :)

      1. I think such a photo would look wonderful! Our main difference is probably my skin color. I have a very pale skin, i’m afraid. Here’s an old picture of me: http://sidneyeileen.com/wp-content/gallery/er-blacksatin/serie5-2small.jpg?c3a98b . My hair has grown a lot longer since then. I was the commissioner of the black ribbon corset Sidney Eileen made a tutorial about. I believe you mentioned the tutorial in one of your reviews.

  78. Hi lucy
    i d like to know if you know a espevific corset for lordosis in lombar vertebra?

    I m using corset 28″ now but i start to feel pain what didnot happen when i was in my 30″.now the 30″ is bigger so i changed for 28″ but started to hurt…i can breath normal but i feel pain all day

    1. Hello, for lumbar lordosis or “sway back” I think a front lacing corset with a closed back may be a good option for you. I had a front-lacing corset which had a very flat front and a curved back, because it allows spiral steel bones to be used in the center back seam. Bound By Obsession makes some front-lacing cinchers.


    1. Hello! I’m sending you an email right now. :)

  80. Hi Lucy, you were very helpful to me a while ago. I am making Padme’s picnic dress corset at the moment and there is the hook & eye closure at the back. Though there are only 2 images that show the back more clearly on the padawansguide website. http://www.padawansguide.com/padme/flowered/padme_flowered_promo2.jpg
    It only lets you zoom in so much on them.
    I have attempted once before to place hooks and eyes on a dress backing, but it didn’t turn out to good, one thing is they keep coming undone. I have looked through most of your tutorial videos and searched on-line, but I cannot find much help on anyone porviding advice on doing a better job. I see your corsets are mainly lace up at the back, which is probably the more traditional way, but it is just like the movie costume industry to make things in a way that there isn’t much info to help yourself.
    Do you have any tutorials that I might have missed for doing back hook and eye closure.

    Thanks from Tracy

    1. Hi Tracy, unfortunately I don’t have any tutorials with a back hook and eye closure. One of the defining characteristics of a corset is that it has adjustable lacing in the back – if it doesn’t have lacing then it’s not a corset. I do have a couple of videos on how to insert a busk which is sort of like a heavy-duty hook and eye, attached to bones.

  81. Hello, My name is Ginger Maxim, I am a male Crossdresser. I hope it is ok to write something here.

    I fell in love with Corsets and Waist Cinchers. I bought my first one ever back in May, 2012. I tried it on 3 times and noticed all the insides ripping and tearing. So I stopped wearing it. I fantasize about having a small beautiful waist. But I think I might have just purchased a cheaply made Waist Cincher… How do I know if the next one I buy will hold up to my demands. I have a 32″ waist and would love to get my waist as small as possible or IS IT POSSIBLE… I am a total begginer to “Corsetry” But wish to learn more.

    Would love to hear your comments, Lucy and if you can make me a professional Waist Cincher? I hope I didn’t step on any toes or offend any one…

    Ginger Maxim, very excited to hear from …

    1. Hi Ginger, Thanks for your comment – I’ve just replied to your email. :)

  82. Hey Lucy,

    I love your videos and all of the insightful information you offer. I have decided to start waist training and want to invest in a nice custom made corset. Who would you suggest Heavenly Corsets or Bound By Obsession? Who do you think makes a better quality, every day corset for waist training?

    Also if you have any other suggestions, please let me know. Thank you so much!!!



    1. Hi Tara! Thanks for your comment. :)
      In truth I haven’t tried Bound by Obsession – I tried her husband’s corset, who ran Bezerk. While I’m sure the two had shared some construction techniques I can’t be absolutely sure that they’re identical and whose are better. However if you purchased from Heavenly corsets then I know Elle’s work is consistent. It has held up for a good amount of time for me, although if you order from her then I would suggest asking for more grommets spaced closer together in the back, so it doesn’t bow outward in the back. I also have a corset from Starkers that I have yet to film a review for, but she does amazing work. I hope this helps! :)

  83. Hi, I’m Che. I am grateful to fall upon your channel as well as your website. I stumbled upon your head bang video and your hair videos, not realizing you did the corsetry until i was going through your awesome videos. You are an inspiration in my hair and waist goals. You’re so thorough at explaining things, and i love the scientific part of it. I’m in college, still debating my undergrad degree with a love of sciences! you are a great teacher.

    1. Hi Che, thanks very much! :) I appreciate your kind words.

  84. I am so thankful I found this site from your You tube videos. I have loved my Timeless Trends underbust corset that I happened to buy at a Ren Faire a few years ago, mainly because I wanted to work on a wench outfit to wear in following visits. :P Until I found out about corset training, I figured I had made a silly purchase.

    I am used to wearing shapewear to somewhat reduce and smooth my waist, but always found it lacking in strength. You have been a great inspiration to further my love for that “hug” feeling of a corset. With your wealth of knowledge, I feel very informed on making the decision to train. I work at a custom bra fitting store, where knowledge is very important and I cannot thank you enough for your reviews, explanations and medical know-how. Your videos are a great show of your intelligence and passion for corsets! I hope to sometime in the future work with you for a custom corset. :)

    1. Hi KT, thanks for your kind message. :) I’m glad that my videos have meant so much to you – and I would love to work with you in the future! It’s awesome that you work in a custom bra store; bras are my weak point hehe.

  85. I guess since I have been obsesively watching all your videos and commenting on them I should properly introduce myself…My youtuber name is Bebelyn86 a derivative if you will of my real name Evelyn. I have had a fasination with corsetry and long hair for years now but I never commited myself enough to either affection. When I stumbled upon your channel it was like harps playing and angels flying because somebody out there was actually doing it! Thanks to your inspiring channel I feel the courage to devote to my prefered aesthetic! So thanks again and you know you have a loyal fan and subscriber.

    1. Thanks so much Evelyn! I’m glad you stumbled upon my site. :) If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

  86. Hey Lucy,
    thanks to your very inspirational videos on YouTube I am just about to purchase my first corset!
    I sometimes have back problems because I am very big busted, and I’ve noticed that wearing a corset makes me feel more secure and less… well, wiggly. Apart from that i absolutely love the way it looks worn over or under shirts.
    Now I want to get a custom-made corset, because I don’t think that I will fit into any corsets off the rack (either my breasts are too big or my waist is too small -_-)
    Since I am quite a beginner, I have a question:
    What corset form would you recommend to me? Do you think I could wear a full corset without any parts of me looking squeezed and flat?
    Marie from Germany

    1. Hi Marie, thank you for your message. :) For a first corset, I would recommend an underbust corset. These are easier to breathe in, easier to move in, and easier to hide under clothing. As someone with a big chest myself, I also end up feeling “squished” in many overbust corsets. However, one off-the-rack corset that’s very good for large-busted, small-waisted girls is the Storm corset by “What Katie Did”. I was pleasantly surprised by how it fit! I’ve not tried too many custom corsets but I do like my wasp-waist training corset made by Elle of Heavenly Corsets. I hope this helps!

      1. Thank you for your fast response!
        I just checked out the website of “What Katie did” and I really like their overall style!
        Stay awesome,

  87. Hello Lucy,
    I would like to start waist training for my seventeenth birthday. I was wondering if this is too young or not. The doctor says I’m pretty much as tall as I am going to get and I have weighed the same for the past three years. I know that there are risks if you start while you are still growing and I do not want to cause any problems. My spine is beginning to go crocked now and it is painful and not something I want to just accept. I was hoping a corset would help my back and spine. I would love to know what you think.

    1. Hi Rose, I know your doctor said you should be done growing, and while many women do stop growing by around 14-15 years old, I know women who kept growing even after 18 (I mysteriously gained an inch during undergrad. Maybe it was the water, lol.) Your bones have still not matured until around 21 years old. Up until then, some of your bones are still cartilage, being slowly replaced by bone tissue and until then, your bones are softer than other adults. Because of that, your ribs might become deformed by the pressure of the corset. If you can’t get a medical back brace to correct the curve in your spine, and your parents are okay with you getting a corset (since you’re technically not responsible for your own body until you’re 18 – dumb, but it’s the law), then I’d suggest only getting one that gives you a reduction of 2-3 inches at most.

      1. Lucy,
        Thank you so much. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. I don’t want to do any damage to my body since I’ll only get one. :P I suppose I will wait then.
        ~Thanks again,

  88. hi lucy,
    I love your channel and I still long but it was today when I found your official site.
    my name is sandra and I am so clothing stylist will make patterns but when making a pattern for corset (which I’ve never done) I would come many questions and ask you a few questions.
    I can do to the pattern for the corset all the cuts that I want and the part I want?, or have a rule where you make cuts?, and each cut, only makes the cut and nothing else?, Alternatively, you put a clip of narrowing in each court?.
    also, where I can find the bones of metal by the meter, and closing front and rear corset?, aah, and that is the fluid that you miss him in every hole you do when you put the front closure to the corset?, and where I can find?
    sorry if I make a mess but I am Spanish and do not know if there is the same as here too forgive this English but not speak or write and use the google translator, I do not hear about anything you say in your videos so you do so many questions.
    thank you very much for clearing the doubts.
    I love everything you do, congratulations.

    1. Hi Sandra, the easiest way to make a corset pattern is to follow the tutorial by Foundations Revealed. You can find it here:
      In that tutorial, the lines you draw are the lines you are to sew. I usually cut about 2cm larger than the lines. If the curve at the waist is severe, then I’ll clip the allowances. After the corset is assembled I will trim the allowances down.
      I buy my steel bones from Vena Cava Design (the online site) and the fluid I use is called “Fray Check”, I buy that from my local fabric store. :)

  89. Hi Lucy,
    I, like your other followers am very impressed with your reviews. I have ordered a waist training underbust corset from corset UK before doing much research. Am waiting for it to arrive . After watching your videos, I was thinking that I maybe should have ordered a Josephine or morticia instead, as I’m not sure how curvy the one I ordered will be. Its the Wt 001. What is your experience with the style of corset UK underbust?
    Also I was wondering if you could give an idea of what I might wear on a daily basis as I don’t want to look too showy wearing my corset on the outside for everyday wear. I have the same measurements as you although I am only 5ft 4″.
    Many thanks and I hope to be buying more, maybe from your sale items. Karen from Australia.

    1. Hi Karen,
      I’m 5’5″ so not that much taller than you. :) Personally I have not had good experience with the shape of the WT001 underbust – I tried it several years back and immediately sold it. It was simply too cylindrical for my body, and it made my ribcage and hips hurt while not really reducing my waist. This is the case for almost all their underbust corsets (the “crown” underbust may be an exception) but their overbust corsets are shaped better. However I wouldn’t recommend training in an overbust. I do plan to start a mini series of “outfits of the day” on my Youtube channel… I just feel that I need more clothes for that, first, lol.

  90. Lucy,
    I’m trying to find a pattern for Organization XIII long Coat to make for a friends son. I’m a 52 yr old man who just learned to sew over the last 3 years (after finding out what they charge for clothes at the rennaissance fair) I was considering modifying the MATRIX pattern that SOMPLICITY or McCall’s sells. Also my wife is looking for a Ladies Sword with a dragon on the hilt if you come acrosss one. Love the vids on corset making and waist training, So far I’ve made only 1 (one) that I thought was good enough and that was for a customer (small cinche).

    1. I think using the Simplicity 5386 Matrix pattern will be good as a start, then the sleeves can be made larger and a hood can be added – to make the hood and sleeves you can use the pieces from Simplicity 9887. I will be on the lookout for any swords for your wife as well. :)

  91. Hi Lucy,

    I have a question I was wondering if you could answer. I was watching a show on corseting and they mentioned that any tummy fat will sqush out the bottom of the corset and make a belly pouch. Is that true and what can one do to stop that?

    1. Hi Jill! Thanks for your comment. :) If you get the right kind of corset there shouldn’t be any squishing out from the bottom of the corset. If you have a relatively flat abdomen to begin with you can wear any style corset including cinchers. If you have excess flesh on your abdomen the easiest thing to do to prevent lower pooch is to get a longline corset that comes down over the hips and stops around the level of your lap or pelvic bone. If you need extra support then consider buying a corset that includes a “spoon busk”. My aunt is plus size and she pauses halfway through lacing up to reach down and “scoop” her lower abdomen up into the corset so it doesn’t cause any squishing out from underneath. Cheers!

      1. Hi Lucy, i’m curious about the Spoon Busk? what is that and were can I buy one that is relatively inexpensive? by inexpensive I mean about 180 to 200. I have been wearing a cosplay corset for the past 4 months, it didn’t fit right since i wear it over a lot of clothing so wearing it just under me, its big. its a 34.
        I have a 23 waist, 34 hips and 32 bust. I have that belly pooge because I have a lot of sagging skin in the belly. I was once 170 lbs and now i’m down to 100 (over the course of 8 years) I like wearing the corset daily now because of my back soreness and since i started wearing it my pain is down to a minimum. i dont’ wake up with back sorness anymore.
        but that pooge is really irritating.

        I also wanted to ask, what kind of clothse would you suggest to someone to wear? i like to hide the corset and not really make it known to the world i have it under me. jeans look odd and so do some of my shorter skirts. (hot topic type skirts)
        some of my shirts look kind of weird on the bust too.
        i have an over bust that i purchased that is fine for wearing 23/7 but i don’t like how the busk is hard to clasp. its very flimsy (its from timeless trends so i was really kind of surprised.)
        mine came laced where you lace it up from top bottom and meet in the middle.
        i dont really like that style. its kind of hard to lace it up on my own, as i have to make it REALLYBIG to get it on then having to pull in all that lace makes it an aggravating task.

        my old cosplay corset that i have it laces from top to bottom which i like a lot more.

        but maybe its a matter of breaking in the corset?
        maybe it gets easier in time?

        also i hav a menstration question. is it better to keep it looser during then? i’m almost there in 2 days and i found that my corset was a lot more uncomfortable much to my sadness.
        thanks for having such a big extensive site. thanks again

        1. Hi L, you can buy individual spoon busks for as low as $40, but many places will sell the good quality ones for as high as $200. Because of this, any corset that contains a spoon busk is going to be much more expensive! The cheapest spoon busk corset I have personally seen is about $275 USD. I have a playlist, “Dressing with your Corset” on my Youtube channel which can give you some ideas for hiding the corset under your clothing. Underbusts are generally easier to hide compared to overbusts. The type of lacing you don’t like (the bi-directional, or “bunny ears” lacing) is standard for corsets; opening the laces wide to get the corset on and then tightening it on yourself is one of the easiest ways a person can lace themselves and it gets much faster with time. However you can change the lacing method if you wish; I have some ideas in my “Lacing Techniques” playlist on Youtube as well. When it comes to menstruation, it’s up to your individual preference. Some people find that lacing a bit tighter during that time helps prevent cramping – others cannot tolerate wearing a corset during this time due to bloating. Best wishes.

  92. Hi Lucy,

    I am a newbie in the corset world and just love it. I found your youtube video’s and became addictied to you. I bought a ” off the rack” corset from Isabella corsets and really love it in spite of the fact that I have a super short waist. I so, so look forward to waist trainning and wearing my corset. I do have a question. Is it ever to late to start to wear a corset and changing the shape of my body? I am 49 1/2 years old and I always dreamed of a hourglass shape. I am straight sided and have no shape when thin. I want to thank you and say ” you are and inspiration. Jill

    1. Hi Jill! Thank you so much for your comment. :) I’m glad you like your Isabella corset – I’m a big fan of her work too.
      It’s my belief that an adult* woman can start corseting at any age as long as she’s in good health and goes slowly and responsibly with her training. I think Cathie Jung was not much younger than you when she started her corset training and look where she is today! I’m not sure if you’ve gone through “the change” yet, but the biggest concerns for you would be hypertension and/or osteoporosis. Just try to monitor your blood pressure and make sure it’s normal (it may be temporarily on the high end of normal) and train slowly enough that, if you decide to shape your ribs, that you’re giving them time to bend and they won’t crack.
      Best wishes, Lucy

  93. Hi Lucy
    Do you ever just wear your corset underneath clothing without actually showing it off ?
    As that is what I will actually be doing.

    1. Hi Silvia, yes most of the time I wear my corsets underneath my shirt so it’s not visible. I only wear corsets over my clothes for videos, as that’s the main topic of my videos. :)

  94. Hey – where’d you get that photo of young Gia posing as a fencer? I’ve never seen it before!

    Yes I’m kidding. I do think we need many more photo shoots of you…to “promote your work” of course!!!!

    1. Teehee! ^_^ I did a photoshoot last month but I’m still waiting back for the photos… the photographer is totally MIA. We’ll see what happens.

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  96. Hi Lucy,
    I just wanted to thank you for your continuous dedication to sharing your knowledge and experiences. I decided to start corseting as I had read that for women like me (bigger and bustier) it can have a lot of health benefits unfortunately I also read that it could cause a lot of problems but no other site I found would go into any details as to what those problems were; you on the other hand give a thorough overhaul of so many of the issues as well as how to try to prevent them. You’ve really set my mind at ease so again thank you so much and please keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Tori,
      I’m so glad you like my site! Makes me smile. ^_^ Indeed there are some benefits to corsets including minimizing stress and injury on the spine and neck from weight of the bust, among others. :) Thanks so much for writing, and best wishes. <3

  97. Hello Lucy,
    your articles really lent me a hand. I have been wearing a corset for eight months now and in the beginning I experienced “bedsores”. I looked almost everywhere on the Internet but found no answer if bedsores from wearing a corset are normal. I suppose my old corset just was not right; it was a 28-inch corset, which I found… too big. I used my sewing skills (my hobby) to decrease it to 26 inches but there was a problem – my hips were too big and I think it was the reason of the sores (auch!). Now I wear a 24-inch corset and my hips are fine, though the skin get a wee bit sore and dry from time to time. Never the less, I find your website marvellous and extremely helpful! I finally learnt about the bedsores and read about corsets vs pregnancy. Your site is indeed an oasis among the desert of corsets-will-kill-you freaks.
    Thank you very much! Bardzo dziękuję!
    Best wishes, Karolina (Poland)

    1. Thank you very much Karolina, I think that’s one of the nicest compliments I’ve received! I’m very happy you like my articles. Thanks also for sharing your experiences. Do you moisturize your skin? Using a nice non-greasy moisturizer may help prevent soreness. :) Best wishes!

  98. Wow. Final Fantasy, Anime, Corsets, and swords! Just saying, you are like wonder woman :b Lol Hiya, my names Zara/Afsha, (also known as Lilith) I am 19y/o, from Winnipeg Manitoba, and I just wanted to say that your videos are extremely inspiring =] I actually decided to take up waist training a couple weeks ago and am getting my first corset in 2.5 weeks! <3 I didn't know anything at all about corseting, but have always loved the idea of them. I wondered onto your youtube videos that have been incredibly helpful and very motivational! Knowing the boundaries, side effects, portions,sizes, and basically everything else you have put up about corsets have been very helpful, and so I wanted to say thank you ^.^ I appreciate it greatly. You seem really nice and so I leave this simple message as a sign of admiration. Thanks again! xD

    Sincerely: Lilith~

    1. Hi Lilith (my fellow Canadian! :D)
      Aw thank you for your message! It warmed my heart. ^_^ I’m glad my videos could be so helpful to you, and I hope they will continue to be a source of useful information when you start your corseting! Do let me know if you have any questions as I’m here to help. :)

  99. So i just saw your youtube channel and I’m very interesting about you. Not to sound like a creep or anything but what made you decide to start wearing corsets? What was your mind-set? I’m only asking because I’ve always thought they weren’t very good for you. If you would like to email me back or w.e you want to do, I’m just very curious because this past week alone I’ve seen so much about corsets its sparking an interest i didn’t really know I had.

    1. Hello! I first loved the look of Victorian style clothing and my mom helped me with a Halloween costume when I was 16 that had a Victorian gown, corset and petticoat. In addition to thinking I looked pretty good, I also loved the warm huggy feeling I got from a corset. It also corrected my posture and helped me control my food portions, encouraging me to eat healthier. I started wearing them on a regular basis a few years ago for back support during heavy lifting, but I also noticed that I got more respect from people because the corset made me stand tall and give the appearance of confidence/assertiveness. So it was really a combination of all these things that helped me decide that corsets were a thing I wanted to keep in my lifestyle. :)

  100. <3 thanks a lot! you're a star!

  101. Hi Lucy,

    Thanks for your posts, they help a lot with online shopping for corsets. I have a question though. Have you ever bought from http://www.absolutecorsets.com? as far as I can see they stock WKD and Vollers but I’m not sure.

    1. Hi Lelanie, I haven’t personally tried any of the corsets from AbsoluteCorsets, but indeed it looks like they stock many items from WKD and Vollers. I’m sorry I can’t help you more in terms of recommending their quality or their customer service, but I’ll keep it on my list of places to try in the future. :)

  102. I am so excited to see that you are going to be making custom corsets now! I have custom waist training corset dreams but an off the rack corset budget, but I have hips and a short waist which makes it difficult. As soon as I get the funds I would love to get a custom corset from you. I have one that I have kept because I wanted to use the steel bones to make a custom buskless corset but I just don’t have the sewing skills for that right now. What do you think? Are you up for making (when I have the funds) a buskless corset for someone that has a short torso, 40″ hips and a 28″ natural waist?
    Oh yeah, I adore the Jamaican flag corset that you made; if I thought it would fit, I would buy that one in a minute! Love your work, and congratulations on the site!

    1. Oh thank you, you’re very sweet! :) I would love to make you a corset someday. Your measurements don’t phase me; bring it on! Hehe. Whenever you’re ready, check out the “ordering a corset” page (I will be updating it in the future with diagrams, more info etc so it will be more complete) and/or email me at bishonenrancher(at)gmail(dot)com.

  103. Hi Lucy,
    Thanks much for your sugestions, I’ll be sure to cheak both places out!
    With Anticipation,

  104. Hi Lucy,
    My name is Leah and I am interested in starting corset training. I don’t know a lot about corsets, and I was wondering what the best type to start with would be? Also are there any good websites that I could buy from?
    Much Obliged,

    1. Hi Leah, I will be adding summaries of the corset reviews I’ve done to this blog over the next several weeks; however right now I’ll just say that the best “value” corset company in my opinion would be Timeless Trends as they’re $99, and they have 26 bones total, they give a lovely silhouette and they are fairly sturdy – they also come with a guarantee. If you’re looking for a custom-fit training corset, I suggest you email Elle from Heavenly Corsets as she makes very nice made-to-measure heavy duty waist training corsets (made from coutil and flat steels) for between $200-$250; the lowest I’ve seen of many corsetieres.

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