Corset Benefits Book (Chapter Preview!) + Your Thoughts Wanted!

Photo [Right]: Juno Lucina is one of the writers for Solaced – you’ll read her story of her personal transformation, The Art of Aging, in the Mature Corseting chapter.

As we take the next few weeks to put the finishing touches on the Solaced Corset Anthology, I’d like to make sure that we’re on the right track. Since the corset community has made this book possible in the first place (first by helping to build the list of corset benefits on this page, and then by submitting more in-depth experience for the book), it’s only fair that you, the community, also have a say in what stories end up in the final book.

I was initially worried about not having enough stories for the book, but after over 150 prospective writers (about 120 of whom submitted stories) as it turns out, I have too many stories now, and my editor has told me to cull. I’m very bad at this and need your help.

This book will have more of a focus on the therapeutic (physical and emotional) benefits of corsets, and there may be an opportunity to make another volume focused around the corset community and industry in general, as well as other “softer” stories (so whatever stories will be cut from this book, will likely make it into the next one!). Below you’ll find the list of topics/ chapters: you get a say in which topics interest you most, and which ones you would probably skip.

You can also let me know in your comment whether you prefer Kindle, Paperback, Audio, or another book format! Kindle will be the first to be released, but I will almost definitely bring the book to print a bit later on. Other formats I will consider if the demand is high enough.

Thanks so much for your feedback!

Solaced: 99 Uplifting Narratives about Corsets, Well-Being, and Hope

Chapter list (NOTE: This has been edited to reflect the final version of the book)

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UPDATE: The book is now available! Click here to see it on Amazon!

  1. Back Injuries – structural support after physical trauma
  2. Spinal Curve – support or correction of scoliosis, kyphosis, or lordosis
  3. Breast support – including treatment of thoracic outlet syndrome
  4. Weight Loss & Lifestyle – using the corset as a kickstarter or external lap-band
  5. Hypermobility & EDS – preventing subluxation
  6. Disability – seven stories of how corsets help with various physiological disorders
  7. Fibromyalgia – promoting muscle relaxation and drug-free pain relief
  8. Gastrointestinal Disorders – helping with the symptoms of IBS, chronic constipation, and ulcerative colitis
  9. Dysmenorrhea & Endometriosis – using compression to reduce period cramping
  10. Post-Surgical Abdominal Weakness – support of the abdominal muscles following surgery
  11. Armor – the corset’s protective role during car accidents or against violent aggressors
  12. Body Positive – recovery from eating disorders and body dysmorphia
  13. Post Partum – treatment of diastasis recti, symphysis pubic dysfunction, and post partum depression
  14. Gender Identity – overcoming gender/body dysphoria, assisting in expression
  15. Anxiety & Depression – using deep pressure therapy to improve mental well-being
  16. Autism Spectrum – using deep pressure therapy for those with ASD
  17. PTSD & Coping with Adversity – pressure therapy following traumatic or difficult events
  18. Mature Corseting – wearing corsets from middle age and onward, commentary on aging
  19. Corsets & Metaphysics – essays on Reiki and the chakras
  20. Newspaper Clippings – a small collection of Victorian newspaper articles on corsets saving the lives of wearers
  21. Potpourri – stories that don’t quite fit in with the others

Which topics do you look forward to reading the most? Leave a comment below!

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8 comments on “Corset Benefits Book (Chapter Preview!) + Your Thoughts Wanted!

  1. Nicole on said:

    Gosh, honestly all of them have good information that I think are important. For this book. So my suggestion is to call your book Volume I!!!!!!! Hint, hint. LOL. Maybe the ones you have to cull could go into a follow up volume. I would definitely buy both no matter what. I am very interested to read the stories about the anxiety and autism spectrum stuff. I was diagnosed ADHD when I was younger and I have always noticed my anxiety panic attacks are less frequent when I am or have worn a corset.

  2. Leia Tilton on said:

    Hi Lucy! I’m very interested in all of the topics/chapters. There are so many things that corsets have helped people with that never would have crossed my mind. As a huge supporter of alternative treatments, I would love to read every story!
    Book formats… Kindle is a great choice, easy to access and always handy. I would really enjoy a full color hardback for my collection but I’ll happily take whatever you release.
    Thank you for doing this! I’m very excited to read it when it’s ready.

  3. Anxiety & Depression, Autism Spectrum, PTSD & Coping with Adversity, Mature Corseting are all topics of great interest. I’m interested in personal accounts as well as the physiological processes behind the concepts.

    As for forms of the book, I will be purchasing the kindle and a print copy. It would be lovely if the print copy were hardbound with color photos.

  4. Reina K. on said:

    I’m excited about and interested in all the chapters of this book, but I am mostly interested in chapters:
    #2: Spinal Curve – support or correction of scoliosis, kyphosis, or lordosis
    #16: Anxiety & Depression – using deep pressure therapy to improve mental well-being
    #5: Weight Loss & Lifestyle – using the corset as a kickstarter or external lap-band
    #14: Migraines – reducing headaches and migraine disorders from posture correction

    Thank you for giving the corset community an opportunity to provide feedback.

  5. Janice Booker on said:

    Hi Lucy, I am very interested I mature corseting. I’m 61 yrs young and love corsets. I’m also an RN, so everything else is very relevant to me. I prefer the book form,but will take whichever format you decide on. Thanks for all your info throughout these years, and for sharing your experiences!

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