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Hourglass Corsets have Arrived!

Last updated on February 23rd, 2016 at 02:30 am

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I’m proud to announce that the hourglass silhouette corsets are now up in the shop!

Back in June, myself and Sarah (Administrator for Timeless Trends, beside me in the first picture) travelled to Bangkok, Thailand to redesign the Timeless Trends and Black Iris corset patterns.

The corsets still have their “essence” (they are still immediately recognizable as Timeless Trends) but they all now feature a larger rib spring and hip spring (so the waist can be cinched further), comfortable cupped ribs, and a neutral lumbar curve – these corset patterns were draped on a human body, so they are surprisingly comfortable.

We’ve also added extra features such as an extra pair of garter tabs (now 6 instead of 4) and front modesty placket under the busk. Stiffened and suspendable back modesty panels are available for separate purchase in white and black, with other colors possible in future.

Lucy in hourglass longline underbust, in emerald brocade
Lucy in hourglass longline underbust, in emerald brocade

Timeless Trends and I worked hard over the past several months to consider every element of the construction process of these corsets so we can preserve their lifetime warranty, and I’m extremely proud of the results.

Next week, I’ll be uploading an overview of the new hourglass longline underbust, as well as a highlights video of my experience working in the factory in Thailand to my Youtube channel.

In the meantime, you are welcome to ask any questions about details of the corsets, the redesign process, the factory conditions, or my Thailand adventures in general.

You’ll find the new hourglass silhouette corsets for sale here in my corset shop.

6 thoughts on “Hourglass Corsets have Arrived!

  1. Hi! Just curious, I need something that I can stealth under fairly snug shirt for work without it being too obvious that I’m wearing a corset (well, the waist might be a bit of a giveaway, but I’m curvy enough that while an unusually small waist might not raise too many eyebrows, unnaturally-shaped ribs might). Would this be a good corset for that or should I look elsewhere?

    1. Hi Val, the sandwiched boning channels and relatively smooth exterior does make this good for stealthing, but be aware that all corsets will have some “giveaways” under tight clothing, like the bumps of the busk in front, or the laces in the back. I would also need to look at your recent measurements, because a well-fitting and easily-stealthed corset depends on how smooth the transition is between the top of the corset and your back (little to no spillover), and the bottom of the corset to your hips (especially without gaping or flaring in the center front).

  2. Lucy! Whats your opinion about the waist trainers (or waist cinchers?) that some celebrities like kim kardashian or amber rose use? Do they really work?

  3. Hello Lucy, about 3 months ago I stumbled upon one of your videos on Youtube, completely by chance. Your corset looked so beautiful, and I was instantly intrigued. I always loved vintage and historical (especially victorian) clothing. I spent literally the entire weekend reading articles and watching videos about corsets! :-) I was completely fascinated! And I have continued watching your videos, going through several of your playlists, corsets for beginners, benefits of corseting, etc. I want to thank you for all the information you are providing. This is so helpful! I am truly grateful!

    Since that time, I ordered my first corset (from Orchard Corset), and I love wearing it to improve my posture while working at the computer. And it looks fantastic on top of clothes, I love the silhouette it produces.

    Those new hourglass silhouette corsets from Timeless Trends look fantastic!
    A little question: if I order a corset from your website, will it be shipped from Canada? I live in Canada, and I wonder if the shipping fees will be more affordable when ordering from you! :-)

    Thank you again for your videos, your articles, and all your helpful information!

    1. Hi Deb! These corsets are dropshipped securely from my supplier until I have the space to keep stock here in Canada, so they are shipped from the US. But I always give my Canadian customers a little break in shipping. And sometimes if I have multiple orders from Canadians coming in at the same time, I can have them shipped together to save even more on shipping! But because of the current conversion rate and the weak CAD, multiple Canadian orders haven’t been happening recently. :\

      1. Thank you very much for your answer! I am hesitating between getting a Timeless Trends or a Mystic City corset. Both look so beautiful. If I choose a Timeless Trends corset, I will order through you, that’s for sure! :-) Thank you again!

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