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Orchard Corset Mesh CS-411 Review

Last updated on October 11th, 2016 at 01:32 pm

This post is a summary of the “Orchard Corset MESH CS-411 Underbust Review” video, which you can watch on Youtube:

Fit, length Center front is 10.5 inches long, the side seam is 8 inches long. (Your torso should be about 9 inches long from underbust to lap). Circumferential measurements: waist is size 22 (22 inches), the underbust is 29 inches (7 inch rib spring), and the low hip is about 31 inches (9 inch hip spring).
Material One main layer of beige, cotton fish-net style mesh. The boning channels and binding are beige cotton twill.
Construction Although it looks like a 6 panel pattern, the corset is actually made from the same pattern as the original CS-411 so it’s a 4-panel pattern with extra boning channels in the center of some panels. As the corsets get larger in size, the number of boning channels increase. The seams between the panels are reinforced by sewing twill boning channels to both the outside and the inside of the seam, completely covering/ sandwiching it.
Binding Bias strips of beige twill, neatly machine stitched on outside and inside. No garter tabs.
Waist tape 1-inch wide beige satin ribbon is exposed on the inside of the corset, anchored by the seams/ boning channels. (Note that the newer stock have a black ribbon, not beige!)
Modesty panel Modesty panel is 5.5″ wide and finished in beige twill. Unstiffened and stitched to the corset on one side (easily removable). No modesty placket in front.
Busk 9.75 inches long (a bit unusual in length) with 4 loops and pins, the bottom two closer together. The busk is slightly wider and slightly stiffer than a standard flexible busk (this one is about 3/4″ on each side).
Boning 14 total bones not including busk (7 on each side). 1/4″ wide spirals, single boned on the seams. Two 1/4″ wide flats sandwich the grommets on each side. This is ONLY for the size 22″ (larger sizes have more bones, contact Orchard Corset for more info about other sizes).
Grommets 20 grommets total, size #00 with a small flange and finished in silver. Set equidistantly, about 1 inch apart.
Laces Ivory flat nylon shoelace style lacing, 1/4″ wide. Slightly springy but very difficult to snap. Long enough and comfortable to hold when lacing up.
Price The smaller sizes (up to size 32″) is $69 USD, and the full-figure sizes (up to size 40″) is $77 USD.
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I was quite impressed with the curviness of their mesh CS-411 compared to their original cotton/ satin CS-411 styles – I have a broader ribcage compared to some other women, so I find this curvier mesh version to be much more comfortable than their CS-411 corsets finished in other fabrics.

Also because this corset has much give in the mesh, it contours around the ribs in a convex shape and can accommodate round and rigid ribcages without placing pressure on it (the CS-411 in cotton twill, for instance, is slightly more conical through the ribs).

The CS-411 corset is my favorite of Orchard Corset’s mesh pieces. The fact that it’s cut (more or less) straight across at the top and bottom edges make it great for “stealthing” (wearing under clothing, especially in the summer) without weird points poking out from under your clothes. It’s cool and breezy, ideal for use in hot climates or during the summer. But if you have a longer torso or if you have a larger, lower hanging tummy, you may prefer to try Orchard’s mesh CS-426 longline corset instead which provides more control of the lower abdomen.

Because of the tension at the waist tape and much less tension in other areas of the corset, the fabric around the grommets pull unevenly at the waistline and cause the bones to twist a bit, but the grommets had fortunately not ripped out. It was the mesh itself that had ripped after a few months of use.

CS-411 in beige mesh. Photo by Orchard Corset.
CS-411 in beige mesh. Photo by Orchard Corset.

Keep in mind that these mesh-style corsets don’t last forever – if I’m wearing a mesh corset on a regular or daily basis in the summer, I can expect it to wear out by the time autumn arrives – this is somewhat true of all “fishnet” style mesh corsets, regardless of the brand, so it’s not a strike against Orchard Corset – it’s the nature of the fabric. The CS-411 corset is available in solid fabrics as well if you prefer your corsets to be a little more sturdy and last a bit longer.

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Learn more about the CS-411 corset here on Orchard Corset’s website.

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  1. Which corset do you perfer mesh or non mesh and cs201 or the cs411?

    1. Hi Missy, the CS-411 fits my body better, whether in mesh or in non-mesh fabric – I have a long torso and relatively narrow hips, and it simply fits my proportions better. However, if you have a shorter torso or different proportions, a different corset might fit you better. That’s why there’s no one-size-fits-all in corsetry or one “perfect” corset for everyone.

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