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Restyle Wide Hip Corset Review

Last updated on September 12th, 2016 at 02:39 pm

This post is a summary of the “Restyle Wide Hip Corset Review” video, which you can watch on Youtube (below the table of quick stats) if you prefer:

Restyle Quick Stats

Fit, length Center front is 12 inches long, the princess seam (under the breast to top of the lap) is 9 inches long, with about 4 of those inches from the waist up. The side seam is 12 inches, and the enter back is shorter at 11.5 inches because it sweeps up at the bottom edge slightly.  Circumferential measurements: waist is size 23″ (label is size 22), underbust is 28 inches, high hip (iliac) is 35 inches, and the low hip at the lap is about 36 inches.
Material Fashion fabric is polyester black brocade (but it’s also available in matte black cotton), the strength layer is black cotton bull denim.
Construction 6 panel pattern (12 panels total). Panels 1-2 taper in the lower front, and most of the curve of the hip is in panels 3-4.
For the construction, the fashion fabric and strength fabric have been tightly fused and the corset was constructed like a single layer corset. Panels were lock-stitched, and double boning channels were made with internal strips of black cotton twill over the seam allowances.
Binding Bias strips of black cotton twill, machine stitched on outside and inside. There are also 4 garter tabs (2 on each side).
Waist tape Waist tape has been added to all Wide Hip corsets as of May 2015.
Modesty panel Modesty panel is 6.5″ wide (will cover a back gap up to 4.5 inches wide) and finished in the same black brocade as the fashion fabric. It is unstiffened, and stitched to one side of the back of the corset (can be removed if desired). 1″ front modesty placket under the busk, finished in black brocade and stiffened slightly with buckram.
Busk 10.5 inches long with 6 loops and pins, equidistantly spaced. Wide heavy busk (1 inch on each side). It sounds like there’s a buckram reinforcement around the busk.
Boning 24 total bones not including busk (12 on each side). 1/4″ wide spirals, double boned on the seams. Two further 1/4″ wide flats sandwich the grommets on each side.
Grommets 24 grommets total, size #00 with a small/medium flange and finished in silver. Set equidistantly, about an inch apart.
Laces Black flat shoelace-style laces, slightly springy, but not annoyingly so. They slide through the grommets, but I find that they snag more than flat laces.
Price About €42 on the Restyle site, which converts to around $50 USD.

This corset has added a new price bracket to the market of fairly decent OTR corsets, offering a curvy longline corset for close to $50 USD. It’s what I call a “longline corset for a short-waisted person“, offering some hip coverage and lower tummy control while not being so long that it causes more petite wearers problems with underwire entrapment or problems sitting down. For someone with a longer torso like myself, you may find that the “underbust” line of the corset stops a few inches short of your true underwire point.

The silhouette is quite curvy, and has a slightly conical ribcage. I am not able to completely fill all the space at the high hip due to my natural body shape, so there is a “pocket of air” between myself and the corset. For this reason, I say that this style corset is excellent for people who have naturally prominent hip bones or a high square hip shelf – I can’t imagine how this corset would ever press into the high hip!

When I got this corset in 2014, the corsets didn’t have a waist tape included and they also had a tendency to run slightly large (at least 1 inch bigger at the waist than the label) however this has since been rectified, and the owner Ewelina now says that all wide hip Restyle corsets come with an internal waist tape and they are checked for accurate sizing these days.

Ewelina also says that the corset is suitable for waist training or daily wear, with a two-year guarantee. As of 2016, Restyle has since added some new styles, both in the popular Wide Hip (denoted by WH) style and also in a new “CU” corset style, which I have yet to review. Find the Restyle corsets here.

4 thoughts on “Restyle Wide Hip Corset Review

  1. Hi, my corset if giving me hip dips any suggestions to correct that problem

    1. Hi Elka, if your corset is too tight around the hip, you can add hip ties or hip gores to it (my corset repair / modification playlist can be found here). This will give more space for your hips, and the less pressure that’s around your hips, the less likely your hip dips will occur. If you don’t like to sew or don’t know how to sew, and don’t know anyone who might be able to help you, then you could sell your old corset and use the funds towards a new corset that has bigger hips that don’t press into your body. Also stay away from low-riding underwear, jeans and other garments with low waistbands, you want as little pressure over your hip as possible to allow that area to naturally ‘plump’ out again to its natural shape over time.

  2. Hi Lucy,

    Does the Restyle CU underbust also have that high square hip shelf like the wide hips version does?
    My measurements are: UB 33-34, Waist: 31 (I easily squish)
    UH:36, LH: 38. Torso 10″
    I love the look of the Restyle corsets, the price is nice, and the underbusts are larger (especially compared to OC corsets, it seems my ribcage is too wide for them)
    I am kinda counting on “air pockets” to fill in the rest of the hip spring on the Restyle corsets, which I heard happens with the Wide Hips version but I’m not sure of the CU model. Could you offer any advice, please? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Kellee, unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to try the CU underbust so I’m not able to offer my personal experience with them.

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