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In Memoriam: Christine Wickham

On Thursday, July 3rd at approximately 2:40pm EDT, I received a call from Christine’s loved one to say that she had passed away. It was a bomb-drop that I will never forget.

I came to know Christine Wickham in late 2012, and from there developed a friendship that can’t be replaced. Of all people in the corset community, I trusted her most and I am indebted to her as a colleague and friend.

Christine Wickham: agirlfromdownunder, graphic artist behind Cardinal Graphic Design, corsetiere behind Ariadne’s Thread, promising medical student, weight lifter and genuinely one of the best people I have had the privilege of knowing. She was an immensely talented young woman, incredibly ambitious and productive, always a go-getter in her own endeavours, yet always had time to be there for those who mattered to her most. And she had the incredible ability to make everyone feel like they mattered to her.

Christine was highly vocal and appreciated in the online corsetry community. She moderated close to half a dozen groups on Facebook, she provided a free underbust corset pattern for beginners, and she was also active on Youtube and Tumblr. Christine seemed to have more hours available in her day compared to other people, and in her just-shy-of-22-year life, she managed to accomplish more than some twice her age.

She and I worked closely on several projects together: Christine did all the graphic work behind my Corset Designer Doll game, as well as recently tweaking my logo. She was also my biggest cheerleader, picking me up when I felt disenchanted with Youtube and handing me honesty when I needed it most. More than once, she pulled me out of a dark space and reminded me why I began this journey – and I know that she has done the same for others. I’m still floored at the unbelievable amount of work she put into the coordinating the Indiegogo campaign for me a few months ago (although I would give up that money in a second if it meant bringing Christine back). Enriching the lives of everyone around her, Christine was a superwoman.

Sharing a passion in corsetry, health sciences, long hair and Sailor Moon, Christine and I joked about being long-lost sisters – and I regret not being able to meet her in person and getting to know her real family, who are no doubt experiencing a much deeper loss than myself.

I extend my most heartfelt condolences to her family and loved ones. Christine is and will always be terribly missed, but her impact on this community will remain for many years to come and her incredible spirit will be an inspiration to me forever.

Beautiful, intelligent, funny, hardworking, compassionate Christine – you were taken too soon. Sending you ALL the Jedi hugs from across the world – rest in peace, my friend.

(Please feel free to share your memories of Christine, but please note that I will not be answering comments or questions at this time.)

23 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Christine Wickham

  1. What terrible, shocking news. My sincere condolences for the loss of such talent and personality. Xx

  2. I recently found this corset on sale on ebay for Medcins san frontieres which is in memory of Christine, just posting in case people had not seen it.

  3. Omg, I had no idea. I haven’t been on tumblr or really been reading up on corset related things for the last 4 or 5 months but I had quite a few interactions with Christine. As a fellow Australian gal keen on corsetry, as well as being completely uninterested in the drama found within segments of the community, we got along really well and she was always super kind and supportive.
    I’m so sorry to hear of her death, the world is definitely the lesser for it.
    Many hugs and love to her family and loved ones,
    Emma xox

  4. My heartfelt condolences to Glenn and all of Christine’s Family, and to you, Lucy.
    Thank you for this beautiful tribute. Even though I am way older than Christine, I saw her almost as a role model. I have only personally talked to her in a chat on FB earlier this year, but whenever I recalled that conversation I smiled, because she was so nice. I am shocked and sad as if I had lost someone I knew personally. I am so sorry for Christine’s family and her friends and loved ones.
    Sending lots of Love,

  5. Dear Lucy,
    what a heartfelt and lovely write-up for Christine Wickham’s memoriam!
    I had just recently looked at some of her videos again and wanted to find out more about her. Then I saw your tribute to her and I thought…what? no way!
    She will be sorely missed in the corset community and among all her friends and family. I am very sorry for your loss of a special friend.
    Your words are beautiful and memorable.

  6. Dear Lucy,

    Thank you so much for your lovely words and kind thoughts.

    We all miss her so much, but it is heartening to know that she was loved by so many.

    We will never forget her or stop loving her.

    Glenn (Christine’s dad)

    1. Sorry Lowana…

  7. Wishing you peace and solace Lucy.

  8. Oh my god! I didn’t know Christine, but I had just found her videos, and I loved the corsets she made. She was so funny in the loose woman video!

    If you can say, what happened? She was so young…

    1. I’m sorry, I just read your sentence in italics. Please disregard. I don’t mean any disrespect.

  9. Beautiful words

  10. Thanks Lucy this is beautiful.

  11. How could this happen? I don’t understand how this could happen. I am not asking anyone here for an answer because only a higher power could explain to me why one so young and so selfless could be taken away. I’m so sorry Lucy for your loss, but what an amazing gift she gave to you before she left. Not just of the opportunity to travel, but to see how much you meant to her.

  12. I guess there’s nothing for me to say but: damn. I’m fairly sure I never actually interacted with Christine–or even knew her actual name, until this morning–but I enjoyed her videos and followed her Tumblr, and was generally aware of what she was up to, and how integral she’d become within the online corseting community. Hugs and good vibes to those who knew and loved her.

    Lovely tribute, Lucy.

  13. I’m terribly shocked and saddened by this sad and sudden loss…. I’m still in denial. Thank you for this beautiful tribute, Lucy. She will be sadly missed.

  14. What a beautiful tribute, Lucy. I am new to the community so I didn’t know about Christine. But as people who knew her share links to her, that helps spread her legacy to others and is in itself extending her reach around the world.

  15. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady… Christine did so much for so many, its only when you see it all written that you realise the enormity of her heart, her generosity and the massive hole in our hearts that she leaves behind.

  16. A well-written tribute. She will be dearly missed.

    I am still in shock, angry yet overwhelmed with sadness.

  17. This is lovely Lucy xx such a sad loss x

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