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OOTD: Combining Dark-Side Panel Dress with Corsetry

Last updated on June 7th, 2014 at 05:50 pm

I’m usually one to eschew the color-blocking in favor of some good old-fashioned monochrome, but I had never denied that some sneaky dark side-panel ensembles helped create a slimming figure. (I still remember back in 1999 when Victoria Beckham wore a slimming outfit onstage to camouflage her baby-bump.) More recently, the fashion piqued my interest when I saw Kate Winslet wearing this Stella McCartney dress – and I was curious as to how this style would work with a corset underneath.

Kate Winslet for Stella McCartney. Photo: Getty

Sourcing out a budget-version of the dress that was willing to ship to Canada, I decided to grab one in my “natural” size instead of my cinched size, in case I wanted to wear this dress sans-corset. When I received the dress, I realized that it was a stretchy cotton knit and I could have taken a size down. In the video you can see me play around with the dress, wearing it as intended, with a belt, and also quickly taken in at the waist to fit closer to my corset.

As it turns out, a fitted, contoured dress over a corset makes for pretty insane eye-trickery (especially when I wear my hair down and you can’t quite distinguish my dark hair from the dark side panels of the dress. Suffice it to say, this dress is staying in my wardrobe – and I may even reconsider my stance on color-blocking, and source out more fun “dark-side” shirts and dresses for my wardrobe. I will be making another video in the near future about how to avoid the pesky “corset crotch point” underneath fitted dresses, though!

What do you think about the “dark side” dress? Would you wear it with your corset?

4 thoughts on “OOTD: Combining Dark-Side Panel Dress with Corsetry

  1. I bought an overbust corset with a triangular bottom edge (like in this video).
    The same problem: it sticks out from under the clothes, also it digs into the legs when sitting.
    Could you explain why this triangular bottom edge is needed at all in this corset design?

    1. Hi Ksenia, the pointed bottom really doesn’t serve a purpose; it’s mostly aesthetic. It’s possible to cut the point off of an OTR corset and make it cut straight across (or more gently rounded if you prefer a little more lower-tummy coverage). My video on shortening a corset might help – the video is in context of cutting an overbust down to an underbust, but it would work the same way for shortening the bottom edge. :)

  2. I wear a panty girdle to cover the bottom edge of the corset

  3. I’d LOVE to hear any tips for reducing the flat, odd looking bulge from the corset bottom edge when worn under clothing.

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