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15 Corsetier(e)s I’ll be watching in 2014

As a bit of a more light-hearted post, I’ve decided to expose my personal covet-list. The only rules here are that I can’t have owned a piece from any of these makers in the past, they’re in no particular order, and it’s not necessarily supposed to be interpreted as my list of top 15 favourite corset makers of all time. Some of these I may be saving up for in the future, while others are somewhat pipe dreams to own. Scroll down to see 15 corset makers that I will be following closely in 2014 (no pressure or anything):

Bizarre Design Corset. Model: Marilyn Yusuf
Bizarre Design Corset. Model: Marilyn Yusuf

Jeroen Van Der Klis, the brain and skill behind Bizarre Design, engineers some amazing and unique corsets – yet he also has the ability to make even a simple black satin underbust corset look like the most wondrous wardrobe staple you will ever lay eyes upon.

Corsets & More on a client

Scroll through the galleries of Corsets & More for example after example of pure opulence. There is no corset style or design that is too complicated for Doris Müller! She is a master in corsetry, and my favourite discovery of 2013.

Clessidra Hourglass Couture (now rebranded to JB Corsets). Model: Sohui. Photo: Catherine Day Photography

Julia of Clessidra Couture is a bit of a Superwoman. She teaches corset making, she sells corset supplies and kits, she writes books, and somehow she still finds the time to make superb corsetry.

Royal Black Couture & Corsetry. Model: Threnody in Velvet. Photo: Iberian Black Arts
Royal Black Couture & Corsetry. Model: Threnody in Velvet. Photo: Iberian Black Arts

Royal Black can do no wrong. Creation after creation, her designs are increasingly innovative, intricate and awe-inspiring, and there’s no sign of her slowing down!

Anachronism in Action “Lady Loki” corset, on the designer (see her pattern for this corset on Etsy – aff link)

For years, people scoffed at the proverbial “Basket Weaving 101”. This corset by Anachronism in Action put these naysayers and snobs in their proper place, and completely changed my personal views as to what can be used as embellishment. Not to mention the incredible smooth finish, gorgeous earthy color and amazing shape.

"Carmim Passion" adorned cupped overbust, made by Ferrer Corsets in Brazil
“Carmim Passion” adorned cupped overbust, made by Ferrer Corsets in Brazil

Corsets are only made better with cups, and those cupped corsets are only improved by filigree jewelry. Ferrer Corsets offers it all in this fiery piece. My life is complete.

Sin & Satin ribbon cincher, on the designer

Sin & Satin‘s ribbon cinchers have no side seam, and they’re also embellished with metallic lace. There is nothing to not love, and there are no words for how much I covet a piece like the one on the right.

Pop Antique knitted cable sweater corset. Model: Victoria Dagger. Photo: Mask

Temperatures 20° below freezing have me wishing for a cozy, warm knitted sweater corset by Pop Antique – plus, her standard sizes match my custom measurements almost exactly – I feel that it might be fate.

Metallic leather overbust by Atelier Sylphe, from her Etsy shop (aff link)

Take a historical corset, and a spectacular sculpture that should be in a museum. Put them together, and this doesn’t even do justice compared to the creations of Atelier Sylphe.

Lovesick Corrective Apparel. Model: Jade Vixen. Photo: Christophe Mourthé

Dear Diary, day 1174 without a Lovesick Corset in my possession. They make stunning work, and their studio is an hour away from me – so close, yet so far; my commission inquiries have received no reply so I’m left to pine after their work from afar. Perhaps one day I’ll gather the courage to try again.

Daze of Laur. Model: Laura Rubin. Photo: Jeremy Tavan.

I check Daze of Laur‘s website regularly – if not to see updates of her creations, then to read the little Easter Eggs on Laurie’s constantly changing “title” in the header! (She also studied life sciences in uni and I kinda want to be her friend.)

Clair de Lune overbust by Angela Friedman

Angela Friedman. Make it a household name. Because a well-supporting, properly-fitting overbust corset is not a want, it’s a need.  Just look at that pattern drafting, it’s magical.

Waisted Couture overbust. Model: Miss Mosh.

Even the simplest underbust corsets from Waisted Couture have an incredibly smooth finish with a neat nipped-in waistline. According to a fan and client, her training corsets are also nearly indestructible. I’m more than willing to put this to the test.

Wilde Hunt Platinum leather bridal overbust corset

Before Wilde Hunt, I had never known that such dreamy, ethereal and romantic pieces could be fashioned from hardy leather. This piece has left me wondering if it’s possible to throw a wedding without actually getting married, just so I can wear something this spectacular.

Dita von Teese for Mr. Pearl

Mr. Pearl. Because no list of coveted corsets is complete without Mr. Pearl. Owning a piece from him is the ultimate pipe dream of this list. He is elusive, rarely spotted in public, and doesn’t leave a trace as to where he has been except for a few polished photos and the appearance of the occasional breathtakingly magnificent piece of art. I can imagine that centuries from now, stories of Mr. Pearl will be spread around the world as he’s promoted to the status of a magical, mythological figure.

Which corset makers will you be watching in 2014? Let me know in a comment!

27 thoughts on “15 Corsetier(e)s I’ll be watching in 2014

  1. I am another fan of Wyte Phantom and am saving up for a custom corset from her.
    But this year will hopefully see me making my own corset with help from Linette at Anachronalia ( for some folklore inspiration.

  2. I am obsessed with that corset from Corsets and More…I’ve seen it before, and I love everything about it! Also a Sin & Satin ribbon cincher and a piece from Waisted Couture are on my wish list. I love/hate that you introduced me to Ferrer Corsets Crimson Passion…new obsession now!

  3. Wow. I really want to score a piece from Angela Friedman now. I’m a 34 H with practically no hope of finding many pretty things to support “The Girls”. I thought I’d have to wear underbusts exclusively but seeing her corset makes me dream of a stunning overbust!

  4. Thanks to Lucy I am now following ALL corsetieres :) But if we must be realistic, here is the chosen list for 2014:
    Morgana Femme Couture – their longline victorian designs with a conical ribcage are fantastic. I have already ordered the little black cincher (which will be my first made-to-measure corset) and have several other designs in mind, including Lucy’s teal underbust (I have watched the video review about 10 times))
    Sweet Carousel Corsetry – their overbust styles are perfectly shaped, and I just cannot resist the red Madame III.
    Isabella Corsetry – I have the Josephine (thanks again Lucy, it is the first real corset I bought after the review) and I must have it made-to-measure.
    Puimond – I like leather corsets so much, and for a leather underbust I will probably choose Puimond who I now know enjoys working with leather. But that is probably for 2015 :)
    I am also interested in a trainer from Waisted Couture, and their scoop overbust style (I’d been considering the WKD Antoinette until I learned the hipspring is not large enough), and very much impressed by Wyte Phantom designs.

  5. Thank you for the kind words, Lucy! It is lovely to know that one’s work is so well appreciated. :)

  6. great list, so much beautiful awww inspiring work!!!

  7. Lucy, great list, and lovely to see some of our Foundations writers on it, plus others we have yet to potentially discover!

    Re Mr Pearl, Dita recently made an appearance at Dark Garden Corsetry in San Francisco, and she has put Autumn Adamme, who owns the shop, in touch with Mr Pearl’s people. Autumn will be flying to Paris this year to study in his workroom. Jealous much?!

    Meanwhile, did you see that Melanie Talkington met him last summer, also in Paris? From her FB page: “Had the most amazing day of my life tonight. Gallery opening at musee les arts decoratifs, seeing my stunning collection floating in space being admired by the 2000 VIP guests. Then a gentleman caught my eye and said, Melanie, I’m Mr. Pearl!!!!!! Spent the rest of the evening discussing corsets until the very close. Such an amazing feeling to meet a kindred spirit you have admired for years! I’m beyond the clouds!!!!”

    1. Wow, that’s incredible! The whole world must be envious of Autumn now, but of course she deserves it! I must have missed Melanie’s FB post but will have to go back and find it. :) Someday I will visit Europe – I just need to save my pennies for a plane ticket instead of spending them on corsets! ;D Thank you for passing by and commenting Cathy!

    2. OH WOW! *envious*

  8. Totally Waisted! Love the look and feel of her corsets. Hope to be commissioning my bridal corset and wedding dress from her, too.

    1. I have one of her corsets as well; it makes a 5″ waist reduction almost effortless! :)

  9. For me, other than those listed here and by others above my comment (most of which I’ve been following for some time now), I’m going to be keeping a close eye on Magpie & Fox ( I was sat next to her whilst she hand sewed the finishing details onto the corset which was to be modelled the next morning by Morgana. That’s dedication for you (we were all sat in the Jesus College bar after a fancy 3 course meal and drinks reception). It was her first time working on something quite like that and I think it turned out splendidly. I also found it the most interesting and unique use of peacock feathers I’ve ever seen.

    Sara’s Stitchery ( She was sat on the other side of me whilst we were sewing away in the bar at OCOC. Her black sheer corset was stunningly beautiful and her embellishment choices were fantastic.

    Luscious Pearl Designs ( is another lady I met at the conference and her work, which tends to focus more on plus size ladies, was stretched when she had to create a tiny sample for Morgana to model. Her work is stunning no matter the size she is making for and wherever she went around Oxford, she took the Psychedelic Watermelon corset she was working on embellishing with her. So there are photos of her sewing away all over the place! Lots of dedication there.

    Wyte Phantom ( is yet another lady I met at the conference. She makes the most amazing corsets and ensembles and turned up in a Victorian replica dress which emphasised her petite form. I tried on one of her own corsets and though it was made to her sizes and not mine, it was a very comfortable fit. She posts some beautiful sample pieces on facebook, so worth a look if you want something now, though she does custom too.

    And last, but not least, someone who wasn’t at the conference! I’m going to keep an eye out for more work by Katastrophy Korsets ( Whilst very new to corset making, her work is already looking amazing. It is obvious that her heart is in every piece she has made and that she will go on in leaps and bounds as her experience increases. :)

    There are other corsetieres I always keep my eye on, so this list is not exhaustive. Its just the top few which I’ve discovered more recently than the rest of the tons I follow. So my not including all of the lovely ladies I met at the conference is no judgement at all on what I think of their work (all absolutely fantastic).

    1. Oh, those choices are great! Unfortunately Sara’s Stitchery link doesn’t work for me though; perhaps it’s location locked?
      Of course this list isn’t exhaustive! Indeed, if my own list were exhaustive then I wouldn’t be finished writing it for the next several years. ;)

      1. I copy pasted it wrong… oops.
        Proper link is here:

  10. I have that Lovesick Corrective Apparel photo as my phone background. I love Jade Vixen and her teeny waist! Also I LOVE that particular corset. I am hoping to order from them too sometime soon. I am also watching Sweet Carousel corsets to see what new options they offer in the coming months/years. I am also very sad to have seen Velda Lauder pass and to have SugarKitty retire.

    But on a more positive note I also jumped out of my seat for a second when I saw my “Dragon Armour” Corset and accessories from Sylphe that you posted. It is astounding to look at in photos but it does not do it justice. It is stunning and my prize piece! Atelier Sylphe is incredible period.

    1. I’m keen on trying a Sweet Carousel piece; mine was supposed to have arrived last month but I’m still waiting.
      Hopefully someday I’ll be able to see a real Atelier Sylphe piece in the flesh. :D

  11. La Belle Custom Fairy Corsets.

    1. Yay! Her Edwardian corsets are drool-worthy! Someday (probably many years from now) I hope to own a corset from every Canadian corsetiere on the map. Given the number, it should not be difficult :) :(

      1. I have ordered from LaBellefairy on Etsy and they have good corsets. Mine lasted a year because I was not taking proper care of it. I told her my measurements and received a well-fitting corset. The corset looked great under clothes. When I turned to the side, it makes my belly look flat. Some corsets make my belly look wider than it is from the side but smaller from the front. Labellefairy gives both amazing side and front shape.

  12. The Bad Button and Neon Duchess

    1. I know for a fact that you will not be disappointed with The Bad Button! I don’t own any Neon Duchess but her creations are gorgeous and unique :)

  13. Aww, don’t give up on Lovesick! I am sure they’ll respond to you eventually!

    As for myself, I am keeping an eye out for Lovely Rat, AZAC and Puimond :D

    1. Great choices! I know you’ve been wanting a Puimond for awhile – I hope this will be the year for you!

      1. Well, this also supposed to be the year I have a proper emergency fund! So hopefully some time later this year would be my time.

  14. I’m personally keeping an eye on Scoundrell’s keep. Their shop is close to me and I’ve been eyeing one of their under busts (actually most of them) for a while now.

    1. Scoundrelle’s Keep looks indeed awesome! Do report back and let us know how you like it, if you do end up getting one this year. :)

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