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Where to Buy Corsets for Men


Fakir Musafar as “The Perfect Gentleman”, 1959 This photo has inspired many other gentlemen to consider waist training. Click through to learn more about Fakir.

I’m pleased to announce that a new Guided Gallery is now up! Gentlemen wear corsets too, but sometimes it can be difficult to find a corset that both cinches the waist and maintains a stereotypically masculine silhouette. In the new gallery, Corsets for Men, you’ll find nearly 40 makers who cater to this specifically.

2 thoughts on “Where to Buy Corsets for Men

  1. Eek! I know this is an older article but the link to the list goes nowhere :(

    1. Many apologies Michael, I didn’t realize that the URL was wrong. It should be fixed now! Here is the gallery for men’s corsets.

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