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What is the BEST corset for waist training / tight lacing?

This article is a summary of the following video “What is the BEST corset brand?” which you are free to watch below, skip to the text below to read the main points.


About half of all the emails/messages/ comments, I receive ask me the same thing:

“What is the BEST corset for waist training that I can start with?”
“What’s the cheapest amount I can go and still get a good quality corset?”
“What corset gives the BEST shape or fastest results?”

I’m here to tell you that there is no such thing as the BEST corset brand. There are a few dominating OTR corset brands out there in social media including Orchard Corset [7], Isabella Corsetry [3], Timeless Trends [5] and What Katie Did [10]. The numbers beside each brand are the number of corsets I have owned from them over the past few years. I can recognize these brands at a glance, even if they are being resold by other distributors under a different name. But please bear in mind that I said these were the DOMINATING brands. These brands are popular and consistently do well in business, like the McDonalds, Walmart, and Apple of the corset world. But these aren’t the only brands, and they are not suitable for every body type and every purpose.
If you would like to know which of these are the best corset for waist training in terms of strength, curve and customer service, see my table on this page: Can I Waist Train in That Corset?
(But also know that before you buy just any one of them, you should do further research into their length, silhouette and proportions so it fits you properly!)
Many people approach corseting with an over simplistic view. They want fast and clear answers, as if corsetry were a black and white practice. I can understand that prospective corseters are super excited to get started, but too many skip over an important research phase, or they figure they will ‘learn as they go along’. From my observations, those who are too impatient to properly research corsetry before purchasing, also have a higher chance of being impatient in their tightlacing practice – and sooner or later, either the corset or the wearer suffers the consequences:
  • They may experience pain or injury (muscle cramps, headaches, bruising) from pushing themselves too hard
  • The corset may break prematurely due to misuse and abuse.
  • The corseter may fall off the wagon or become disenchanted with corsetry, their money and their efforts wasted, because they went into corseting with unrealistic expectations.
Please remember these words:

Corseting is not for the impatient.

All that said, I know how frustrating it can be to find a corset that does everything you want it to do – fits comfortably, shapes you nicely, strong and doesn’t cost and arm and a leg. It’s taken me many, many years of searching to find a corset that suits my needs, and over time I’m just getting pickier and pickier about what I want in a good training corset. This is why I started doing corset reviews: so others could learn from my past mistakes and make wiser purchases. Since everyone has a different body, it stands to reason that the same corset is not going to fit two different people the same way. For this reason, there cannot be ONE corset that is perfect for everyone. It’s not like the magic travelling pants.
Buyer's remorse also happens when you don't properly research the best corset for waist training. Do your research.
Also applies to corsetry. Do your research.
Several years ago, I used to recommend 1-2 brands to everyone regardless of their body type, silhouete preferences etc., because those brands are what worked for me at the time. I now regret that I did, because over time I learned that what works for me may not work for you. So if you are a beginner and you ask someone for corset recommendations, and they immediately direct you to one brand without even looking at your measurements or your use for the corset, practice caution – you don’t know if they’re affiliated with a certain company, or maybe they don’t have much experience with many different brands. Over the last couple of years, I’ve seen various corset companies hire bloggers and vloggers to push and promote their brand. On Fiverr, there are literally thousands of people willing to give fraudulent positive reviews and testimonials. I’m not saying this to scare you or make you believe that you can’t trust any brand, but I would advise that for any brand you’re looking at, get a second, third or fourth opinion if anything you hear doesn’t sit right with you. That applies to anything that I say, too. I have always said to take information with a grain of salt and do your own research.
But if you do value my opinion, then for those of you who remember my consultations last year, I have finally brought back the consultations. I refuse to be ‘bought’ by corset companies; all recommendations in these consults are coming from my heart. I’m much more interested in you being safe and comfortable in a corset that suits you, than running with your money. Why? Because in the long run, more happy and healthy corseters drown out the naysayers and those who believe that all corsets are the same (“painful and dangerous”). With so many different brands, cuts and styles available, clearly they are not all the same and they don’t all do the same thing. More happy corseters means less corset fearmongering.
Bottom line: There is no such thing as the “perfect corset brand” for everybody. But there very well may be a suitable corset for each.

38 thoughts on “What is the BEST corset for waist training / tight lacing?

  1. This isabit out of my know area. I AM mtf. 72 YEARS OLD CURRENTLY AT 260AND 5FT 7 LOSING WEIGHT ALSO DOWN 40 LBS TO DATE. i am looking for a corset with steel boning (IDEALLY LOCKING). tHE PROBLEM IS ADDED TO WITH WEUIGHT LOSS CONTINUING SLOWLY. mY PARTNER IS ftm. Is there an underbust corset i could work with to help weight loss and still give me a semblance of curves? I AM TOTALLY NEW TO THIS AREA OF CORSETS. i SEEK TO WAIST TRAIN AND EVENTUALLY GO TO FITTED. iSTHIS POSSIBLE? mY EMAIL IS BELOW.

    1. Hello, if you’re looking for a locking corset you may want to seek a custom corsetiere who will be able to make something completely bespoke for you. I think Orchid Corsetry UK (not to be confused with Orchard) makes locking corsets, however for safety reasons I would not recommend locking corsets for waist training; only for occasional use and with supervision.

  2. Hi Lucy,

    You used to have this table on your website with corset brands that make custom corsets specifically for decreasing the waist size – body modification (and NOT for weight loss).

    Do you still have that info available online?

    Thank you for the work you do.

    1. Hi Emerald, I have several different resources. One is for custom corset makers around the world – the Corsetiere Map. They all make genuine corsets, but they may offer different types. It’s best to contact them and consult with them if they’re able to make the specific type of corset you want, whether for waist training, tight lacing, body modification, etc and the rigidity, number of bones, and any other specifics you require.

  3. Will a sport waist trimmer with adjustable Velcro close provide the same results as the corsets (under bust) that you recommend?


    1. Hi Tabitha, unfortunately no – a sports trimmer fits, feels and gives a different effect compared to a corset. I have an article on the difference between waist trainers/ cinchers here.

  4. I would like to know about recommendations for women who have large C to D cup bras. I am 118lbs and have a 30.5 in natural waist, and 38 C bra.

    1. Hi Bunny, are you specifically looking for an overbust corset? Typically underbust corsets are more popular for waist training (if that is your goal), and you can wear that shorter corset with your regular bra. If you’re interested in an overbust corset, I have a measuring tutorial on this page as well as a contact form, and I’d be happy to help you out confidentially.

  5. Hi, I had my daughter 4 days ago and I am dying to wear a corset. I am already in spanks but I want to tightlace. How soon can I start? Could I start now? Should I wait 2 months?

    1. Hi Bethany, I would ask your midwife or OBGYN when it would be safe for you to use strong compression, because it can sometimes put pressure on your pelvic floor muscles and you want to make sure you’re fully healed from the labor. Best wishes!

  6. Hello, I really need help i really want to beable to wear a bikini this summer i am about 150 and my waist is about 38′ because off my muffin top, which type of corrset do i use to help my stomach go away , ive been working out 4 to5 days a week so do you think i should work out in a corsset?

    1. Hello Nichole, I don’t recommend working out in a corset, for these reasons. If my corset shopping guide isn’t helping you find a suitable corset, you’re welcome to use my consultation service which is now open again.

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