Interview with Mina LaFleur of L’Atelier de LaFleur!

Last week, I travelled to Toronto to visit with Mina LaFleur, Canada’s Burlesque sweetheart/ pin-up model, and corsetiere of L’Atelier de LaFleur! She kindly agreed to an interview for my channel, and I asked her a bit about her past notable work (including her experience as a costume maker for Cirque du Soleil!) and she also shares some tips and advice for budding corsetieres.

Use the following time frame to jump to your question of interest:

0:30 What came first, the Burlesque career or the sewing career?
1:30 Mina’s experience making costumes for Cirque du Soleil and Thierry Mugler
5:45 Mina’s reflections as a former judge on reality TV show “ReVamped”
7:50 How Mina’s work stands out as a corsetiere
10:25 What equipment and tools Mina uses in her work
12:05 Mina’s advice for budding corset makers

Huge thanks to Mina for allowing me to come to her studio, try on her corsets, and agreeing to the interview!

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3 comments on “Interview with Mina LaFleur of L’Atelier de LaFleur!

  1. Lucy, thank you so much for interviewing the amazing Mina. I cherish my corsets by her and am so happy she’s making me a third; can’t wait to see yours!
    Here is one of my Mina corsets:

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Suzanne, thank you for your lovely comment! Mina is a peach, she’s so pleasant yet professional, and I think we ‘clicked’ really well! I believe that the colour scheme of the corset I commissioned was similar to one of yours shown on Mina’s website (pink and black!) I’m supposed to pick mine up next week and am so excited! :D Best wishes, and thank you for your comment.

  2. I really enjoyed this interview. Thank you for introducing me to Mina’s corsets, they’re absolutely stunning.

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