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Outfits with your corset: lightweight “corset-style” tops (& the corset + Jeans conundrum)

About 5 years after posting this OOTD, Fashion Nova went viral in the corset community for their high-rise jeans to fit dramatic hip springs

My fascination with corsets started when I was around 15, but at the time I didn’t even know that real corsets still existed. I made do with longline bras and fun “corset-style” shirts that were lightly structured with cheap featherweight boning – the gingham shirt I show in this video is one example of this.

This shirt’s tag says “DS Lab” and when I tried searching for the store/ label, all I came up with was hair products. I originally purchased this shirt from Winners about 10 years ago, so finding others like it is probably slim to none – but if I ever do source it, I’ll be sure to let you know!

At one point I did have a natural 23-24 inch waist and had few curves, so I liked to create the illusion of curves through the use of shirts like these which are loose and roomy through the shoulders and chest, and the adjustable ties in the front/back create a fitted waist. The shirt is obviously not strong enough to do any cinching, but the other day I did notice that it fit remarkably well over my proper corsets.

The only issue I have with this shirt is that it ends so short on the waist (especially when pulled in smaller around the corset) so I have to pair it with high-waisted trousers or jeans in order to prevent the corset from peeking out under the shirt.

I do have some high-rise slacks, but they were a little too dressy and hot for today, so instead I opted for Mom Jeans. (Literally, they are my mother’s jeans.)

Usually when it comes to jeans, I (and many other corseters) have two problems:

  1. If the jeans are low-rise, they either slide down, they create a line of flesh squidge between the bottom of a cincher and the waistband of the jeans, or they simply don’t fit over the extra bulk of a longline corset.
  2. If the jeans are high-rise, you either have to deal with a wrinkly/floppy waistband (or having it awkwardly scrunched up when belted) or if you wear those jeans under a longer corset, you will have a fun time trying to get them down when you have to pee.

I like my Mom’s mid-rise jeans which stop right around the iliac crest. My mother and I are nearly the same size in pants, although she prefers hers to come higher up on the waist and have more ease around the iliac and hips. A longline corset overtop of my nulliparous hips pretty much perfectly fits under her jeans – which means no floppiness, no sliding down, and no bathroom emergencies.

Now we just need to bring mid-rise Mom Jeans back into fashion. ;)


10 thoughts on “Outfits with your corset: lightweight “corset-style” tops (& the corset + Jeans conundrum)

  1. Hi, Lucy! :) Great idea for an outfit, thanks for sharing! I just wanted to point out that many of the so-called “high waisted” or “high rise” jeans that are in sale today, are actually more mid-rise and mom-jeans-like once you have them on. I have actually been quite disappointed/annoyed by this a few times lately, as they seem to stop at that awkward point where it doesn’t actually hit my waist and accentuate it. Maybe I could try wearing a corset with them. Anyway, I just wanted to point out that mom jeans are available, even in stores aimed at young girls and women who are not in fact moms yet, one just needs to look for them! ;)

    1. Thanks RuthAnne! I do most of my clothes shopping at 2nd hand or vintage stores, so I guess I have lost my grasp on what is available today. ;) Usually in those friperies I can find the true 1980’s high rise jeans that stop at the natural waistline (like where the waist of the corset sits) but it takes a bit of digging, lol. Thank you again for your comment and your insight!

      1. No problem! :) Maybe I should try some more vintage shopping myself, then, because I would actually like to find a pair which stops at the natural waistline. I think people must have lost track of where the waist is on the body, over the last three decades or so. Like I said, I struggle to find modern jeans or trousers that are high enough, and at the same time I find that many dresses which come with waist belts and so on, are actually too high – and I have to take them out of the loops and either remove them completeley or wear them further down, to not have them end up at that unflattering point on top of the ribs. It’s never quite right, for my body anyway. As with everything it depends on your body shape, height and so on, but I find that corsets and other types of reproductions or adaptations of fashions from previous eras suit my body better. :)

  2. I’ve had the same problem with the corset coming down below the hem of a shirt, and what I’ve done was wear a tank top around the area folded over in a similar way to the Bella Bands they make for pregnancy. I’ve actually been wondering about possibly making/tailoring my own smaller versions of the bella band for the purpose of hiding the corset itself and smoothing out the ridge that can show under clothes.

    1. That’s a great idea, Ava! Thanks so much for your suggestion! :)

  3. Hi Lucy,

    I wear my corsets with jeans, and sometimes find it tricky to find the right tops to hide the corset, mainly in the summer time, as the fabrics are lighter and I find that the the outline of the lacing can be seen under the top’s fabric. This can be my fault, as I tend to prefer tops fitted to the body instead of baggier, looser tops. I love the look of tank tops hidden under a bolero cardigan, so the bra and tank top straps remain unseen…it goes well with the jeans. But I dont want the lacing detected. Any suggestions?

    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Ruth, I made a video about hiding your corset laces (I will have to look through my past articles to see if I ever made a post about it; if not I apologize). But you can find my suggestions for hiding corset laces here:

      And here is also the demonstration how to lace your corset without bunny ears (best left for special occasions as it is time consuming):

      I hope these help!

      1. Thanks! It’s the criss crossing that can be sometimes seen through the fabric, not so much the bow, so maybe the straight lacing is the way to go with thinner, tighter tops. Again, thanks for the tips!

  4. Hi Lucy,
    Can you tell me more about the corset you’re wearing underneath the shirt? I think you said it was your summer mesh corset. Thanks!

    1. Hi Pollyanna, I’ll be reviewing this corset on Monday and will include a ton of information then. :)

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