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Meschantes RTW Waist Training Corset Review

This entry is a summary of the review video “Meschantes RTW Waist Training Corset Review” which you can watch on YouTube here:


Fit, length Front is about 11″ inches long, back also 11″ long. From underbust to lap at shortest point is 10″. Moderate hourglass silhouette. Mid-hip corset (not short on the hips but not longline) – good for average-to-long torsos. Will hold in a bit of lower tummy pooch. Looking at the size chart for the RTW corsets, the ribcage is about 5″ bigger than the waist, and the hips about 8″ bigger than the waist. Always take this into consideration before buying a certain size.
Material 2 main layers; fashion layer is cotton twill and the lining is bull denim. Some interfacing on the back panels.
Construction 6 panel pattern. Sandwiched boning, double-boned on each seam. Top-stitched between panels. The liner doesn’t float, and there are no garter tabs.
Binding Black satin bias tape machine stitched on both inside and outside.
Waist tape 1″ wide invisible waist tape between the two layers.
Modesty panel Attached 7.5″ wide fabric lacing protector on the back, can be removed if desired.
Busk No busk; closed front. Instead there are four flat steel bones in the center front, all 10″ long. Two center bones are 1/2″ wide, and adjacent to those are two flats about 1/4″ wide. Keeps the center front quite flat.
Boning 24 bones, including the center front bones (where the busk would normally be). On each side of the corset you’ll find 8 spirals steels (1/4″ wide) double boned on the seams; then 4 flats (1/4″ wide) sandwiching the grommets; and as mentioned in the “busk” section above, another two reinforcing the center front **Please note that some people have found plastic bones in the center front instead of steels in their Meschantes corsets. I had picked the binding of my Meschantes corset and found spirals in the channels I checked, but I didn’t check every channel so I can’t say whether my corset had plastic or steel in the center front.
Grommets 24 grommets total, size #0 two-part grommets with large flange; colored black on the outside (washers are silver). Grommets are set closer together at the waist for more control when cinching. No splits, no catching on the laces.
Laces Strong flat shoe-lace style laces; they grip well and they are long enough that I can pull the corset over my head when putting it on and taking it off (because there’s no busk). No springiness to the laces, and difficult to break.
Price Ranges from $140 – $185 depending on the size and where you purchase it. They have a regular website, but I recommend purchasing from their Etsy store instead (see Final Thoughts below).

Final Thoughts (and discussion on conflicting reviews):

Even though I’ve received requests for a couple of years now to do a review of Meschantes, I was hesitant to do so because of so many other conflicting reviews out there. Meschantes has a very enthusiastic and loyal customer/ fanbase, and then another significant group of people who’ve had very disappointing experiences with the company. My own contact with them was also limited as they didn’t respond to my own emails. Although I had wanted to try their custom/ made-to-measure service, in the end I decided to try one of their RTW corsets.  I usually don’t like to depend much on heresay, but I’ve heard enough stories from people getting their corsets months late (or not receiving their custom orders at all) that I didn’t want to risk dropping my money on something that I knew couldn’t be shipped out immediately.

That said, I found fit and the quality of the RTW corset to be decent for the price (especially if you go by the price on Ebay). Meschantes is different to some other companies in that all the layers used are cotton (instead of polyester), allowing the skin to breathe. The shape/ silhouette it gives is quite lovely, and the reduction is decent on my figure (although due to the rib-waist-hip ratio, I would have fit the size 24″ better than the size 22″). For those who are conscious about the economy and fair trade, all of Meschantes corsets are constructed in the U.S. 

Meschantes theoretically has a lot going for them; they have the ability to make beautiful and high quality pieces. I want to like them – my only wish is that their service were a bit more consistent. Very rarely do I see a company in which their customer base has such a “black or white” opinion; it seems that many people either love them or hate them. Granted, it’s usually the people who receive exceptional service and products (whether exceptionally good or exceptionally bad) who are the loudest. Although corset makers are human and we all make mistakes, after hearing from customers “for” and “against”, it sounds like purchasing from here is rather a game of roulette.

If you want to try Meschantes but you are nervous about the service, I would definitely recommend purchasing through Etsy – the positive/negative feedback system on these sites can add incentive for sellers (in general) to deliver what they promise.

If you have any real, 1st hand experience with Meschantes or their products, whether good/bad/meh, I encourage you to comment below this post – maybe then we can see a proper reflection.

38 thoughts on “Meschantes RTW Waist Training Corset Review

  1. I ordered a custom corset a few months ago through Etsy. I experienced excellent customer service. It was my first corset purchase so I had a lot of questions. My questions were answered in a timely manner and she created a custom listing for me and gave me a sale price even though the sale had ended. I received my corset a week or so before the estimated ship date. It’s excellent quality and a perfect fit!

  2. Hi Lucy! Thanks for all your wonderful advice and the time and effort you spend on your passion! On the point of this particular corset, first of all, this was the first “official” corset I’d ever purchased… Been wanting one for a long time but was unsure of what to invest in, especially with $$ I don’t really have! I had not seen your above review yet, but came upon and purchased a nude colored corset from Meschantes from Esty for about $140. It just grabbed me when I saw it! No busk meant flat under clothes- very cool! (Especially since my husband is rather victorian- “you’re not going to let anybody SEE those are you?” “No, I will wear them under my clothes for back support and pretty posture.” (Another story… Sorry, ADD…) ANYWAY I ordered the corset because I liked the silhouette of it, it looked like it was made sturdy yet pretty, and the price was reasonable.

    I was not disappointed! Practically the next day my corset arrived in the mail. Wrapped in tissue paper, no nonsense, no frills, no waste- (in fact not even a packing slip- which I found a little odd. But whatever, I would’ve just recycled it anyway right?) Excited, I tried it on soon as I could, by myself. I used the doorknobs on my door to hold the laces back, walked forward, then tightened from the top to the middle, then the bottom to the middle. I felt simply BEAUTIFUL!!! :D I couldn’t find my tape measure so I cannot say in numbers how much my figure changed, but after putting on a top you could DEFINITELY see my waist curving in small and I liked the way it shaped me. (The only thing I’m still working on is how to deal with my rear… not quite happy with my apparent lack of it, but it could just be me. I think my back is straighter than I would like, making my rear not as differentiated as it could be.)

    Perhaps knowing my size in regards this review would help, as this may be different for everybody. I am 5’2″ and my measurements tend to be around 35 bust, 26 waist, 38 hips. I chose the 20″ corset, figuring I could always cinch it more or less as needed, and if i get smaller it should still fit.

    In all, I find this corset comfortable and it makes me feel pretty, poised and secure. I can stand and sit longer than without it. It feels like it is well made and durable, both the inside and outside layer made of cotton canvas- similar to the material Converse gym shoes are made of (many pairs of which have lasted for years!) I used a magnet and all the boning is steel, but alas, the two front ones didn’t magnetize so they may be plastic. It doesn’t seem to matter thus far. Holds my tummy in and stands me up just fine. I am enjoying my morning coffee on the back porch and wearing it as we speak. (ps- camp chairs don’t seem the best kind of chairs for corset comfort tho :/ lol)

    As a newbie and this being my first actual corset, you may take my thoughts with a pinch of salt. I am sure I do not know what I am missing! But for now my humble OTR Meschantes corset is my security blanket/piece of armor and I feel comfortable, confident, and pretty wearing it :)

    Love and hugs,
    Georgette ~ :)

  3. Hi – this is my first comment here, and I am learning so much from your site. Lucy, you are quite the resource! I wanted to share my own experience with Meschantes, and how they hold up. 9 years ago I bought through their website a overbust black damask corset w/ busk. It was made to measure without a mock-up; at that time, I don’t think they sold OTR, maybe they had standard pattern sizes in the shop, but I provided measurements and they took it from there. Customer service was fine, and the fit of the corset was very comfortable, and reasonable in cost, one of my favorites. I have never waist-trained, so wore that corset maybe 12 times, and then this was put away with my Dark Garden and Alter Ego (!!) ones. I just took them all out and to my dismay, compared to my Dark Garden ones, the corset isn’t in great shape. The metal busk is discolored and the fabric has discolored in spots. The DG ones are still in perfect shape, although they have been stored in exactly the same way (and I have worn them a few times, not many in the 9 years).

    1. Thank you so much for your experience Claire, it’s very helpful to know how they hold up after nearly a decade!

  4. I ordered a custom “high – back vixen” corset from Meschantes, right around Halloween (2015). My experience was good and bad….when I first sent an inquiry about the style with the features I wanted, they messaged me back fairly quickly, and even though I technically just missed their Halloween sale they gave me the sale prices anyway which also included free expedited processing and shipping! So naturally I was doing a happy dance…two weeks later when I received my package, it felt rather light considering one of the options I added was the “tightlacer special” which included double boning, a reinforced busk, longer laces, and two corset liners…sure enough, that entire option was missing! When I looked at my corset, I immediately noticed it was only single boned. :( I contacted customer service, and they responded within a day or so, telling me to ship it back so they could fix it, and they said they’d give me a credit toward a future order. I was very apprehensive about mailing it back, afraid I wouldn’t see it again, but decided to do it. About a week and half later it arrived back to me with everything it was supposed to have, except I never did receive any kind of credit. All that being said, I love the style and cut of this corset, it fits very well..I only wish it were about an inch longer in the front. Oh ya, the “corset liners” that they sent me were just tube tops from The Limited. Lol! They’re made of a stretchy nit fabric, I honestly prefer to wear my cotton camisoles anyway. So, to sum it all up, I love the cut of this corset…it’s the first one I’ve tried on that doesn’t give me back rolls! But they missed a major feature/add-on in the making of my order. If they had sent me that credit that they had promised me, I’d probably give them another shot, but right now I’m kind of on the fence about them.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience with them, Rachel!

  5. I contacted Meschantes on etsy in early March asking if I could get the etoile style in plain black satin with an inch off the top edge to make wearing an underwire bra more comfortable, and Sandra replied with a price quote including full custom measurements. The quoted amount was well within the modest budget. Once I’d submitted the measurements form I emailed the date to expect my payment – they must have not been terribly busy at the time because my corset was ready and shipped out in a week from payment! Though I should have requested additional length for the laces, I did have some that were originally with an overbust from a different maker that I was able to use for trying my new corset on. Luckily, Meschantes proved to be worth the gamble on this one. With the right length for the laces, the lack of a busk works for me – can’t beat it for stealthing that’s for sure.

  6. One thing I don’t like in the eBay reviews is, by and large, they read “just took it out of the box- gee, it’s pretty” which isn’t helpful. I bought the reviewed corset as my first a while back and seasoned and wore it pretty regularly for a few months. Perhaps because it lacks a busk to keep it stiff, it quickly developed crimping and unsightly wrinkling at the waist. I subsequently purchased one of their $99 jacquard models. A few wears into seasoning, the material at the side of the waist began to shred- not even at a seam, but within the material. I wrote to them at least a half dozen times which they ignored. They did reply to the negative eBay feedback in their typical smug, passive-aggressive manner blaming me, but never once advised or addressed me directly in an email which still makes me resent them terribly. I can’t recommend them to sell anything.

  7. Hello :)

    I have just received my meschantes custom waist training under bust. I am thrilled with it! And I received amazing customer service from Sandra who was only too happy to answer all of my many questions haha poor soul! They even cut a conical pattern for me, which I’m so chuffed about. Though when I opened it I was a wee bit nervous as the bones felt quite small and flimsy, but the handy thing about having a scientist as a boyfriend there is no lack of magnets around the house :P. tried and tested every bone and busk and they passed the magnet test yay! May I add as well, that it is amazingly curvy and fits like a glove! Definitely worth the 2 month wait ( ordered from the uk).

  8. Hello I love the look of this corset and went to the website link and I found this explanation on why you are unable to tighten it more than the two inches you show in the back.

    “Our corsets fit best when worn with a 2” gap between the laces. If the back edges of the corset meet, it is considered “too large” as the corset has nowhere to tighten and will not fit well,”

    Love your videos and blog…

  9. Eeek, I have decided to order a custom corset and some of the reviews are making me a little anxious. Thankfully so far their customer service has been great, not had to wait longer than a day for a reply. Fingers crossed I will let you know how i get on, though it will take quite a while to get here as i’m in the UK. :)

    1. Wishing all the best for you, Louise – please let me know when you receive your corset!

  10. Hey Lucy, Good experience here, but back in 2009. I got my lover a gift certificate for a corset for Christmas, 2009. A letter with the certificate came back reasonably quickly.
    After Christmas that year we got the measurements, sent off the form (on paper, by mail) and several weeks later a corset came back that has been perfect, still working well.
    BTW- My choice of Meschantes was a bit random. I knew nothing about corsets, but I loved double meaning pun the name has in French, so I went with them- LOL

    1. Hi Tom, thanks for your input! I’m glad you had a positive experience, but wish that same level of service could have consistently continued up to the present day. Could you explain the double-entendre of the name? :)

  11. I considered ordering from Meschantes when I was shopping for my first corset several years ago. They didn’t respond to my first two emails asking about their corsets and skirts. I sent a third (rather exasperated) email asking about skirt pricing and they responded to that asking for my waist measurement (but not desired length or hip measurement, if I remember correctly) and still not giving me a price estimate. I replied with my waist and other measurements but never heard back. I gave up on Meschantes and ended up ordering a custom corset from Madame Dulcibelle (now Orchid Corsetry) on Etsy instead (very pleased with it) and shopping around for a nice black silk skirt to wear with it.

    1. Thanks for your feedback HJ. I’m sorry to hear that your experience was not great with Meschantes, but at least you didn’t lose any money! I have heard nothing but lovely things about Orchid Corsetry.

  12. I ordered their waist training corset through their website ($159.50 USD, $176.40 CAD) January 7 this year after doing some research and evaluating my budget. I’m a beginner, and so didn’t want something too expensive, and I thought to try the company first. According to the Etsy listing at the time, it should have taken 10-15 days to ship (that changed a couple weeks ago to 15-25 days). I thought “That’s great! I’ll get it before the end of January”. After initial contact with my measurements, communication was good; they confirmed my measurements and asked if I wanted a front busk closure or not (I did request it). I heard nothing from this point on; not even a “thanks, we got your measurements”. I sent 2 emails asking for an update on my order – nothing.

    I ended up opening a dispute with them through PayPal and finally got a response that they had received my measurements on January 14 (almost a week between when I emailed them and when they started making it), and that yes the wait time was 15-25 days (no acknowledgement that it had changed), and that the corset had been finished and shipped. No apology for lack of communication.

    When the corset arrived, it was in a simpler US AirMail cardboard envelope (not a box), wrapped in a single piece of white tissue paper. To me, this seems like a very unprofessional way to present your product (I’m a goldsmith and make custom jewellery for alternative lifestyles, and presentation means A LOT). There wasn’t any instructions on care, use, or seasoning; which I was half expecting considering I stated that it was my first corset (although I have learned a lot by researching online), again, not very professional.

    Altogether, not a particularly good experience, but not the worst customer experience ever. I just know that I’m NOT purchasing from them again, and wouldn’t recommend them based on the communication and presentation issue.

    As to the fit of the corset, it is my first, and it’s not properly seasoned yet. I have worn it a couple hours each day for the past 3 days however, and it is comfortable (much more so than any OTR I’ve tried).

    Hope this helps in the future.

    1. Hi Victoria, thanks for your input – although I will say that packaging/ presentation is not always a big issue to many corset makers. I have received corsets wrapped beautifully in engraved boxes, but 90% of the corsets I have received have been mailed in bubble mailers or plastic bags, or sometimes simply stuffed into manilla envelopes with no tissue paper, regardless of the corsets’ actual worth. Although a bit of presentation is appreciated, I’ve come to learn that it’s not highly expected in the corset world – as long as the corset has not been damaged in transit, I wouldn’t swear off doing business for a company based solely on packaging. The customer service and lack of communication is a whole other issue entirely, though.

  13. I purchased a custom made longline corset with a sweetheart overbust from Meschantes in 2008. I received prompt responses to my questions, some useful recommendations, and a discount with free double boning… I think I paid $200 total. The corset arrived in a timely manner, but the color was not as discussed (solid black instead of alternating black/silver). I was too excited about the size/fit/shape to send it back. After seasoning and about 7 months of occasional wear, I noticed the fabric pulling away from the grommets. The corset provided a 6″ reduction, but there was a little bit of wrinkling around the waist when fully closed. Because this corset no longer fits me, I haven’t bothered contacting customer service for repairs.

    Personally, I see Meschantes as an excellent option for beginners on a budget, but not much else.

    1. Thank you for your input Lindsey, it’s very much appreciated! It appears that it’s a bit of a gamble with this company, their service and quality seems all over the place.

  14. Back when they were very big on eBay I purchased three corsets from Meschantes. Two Sweethearts One Red Brocade and one Blue Brocade. One under-bust, violet brocade with black piping. All were custom made for me. I loved them all. One of them started to come unstitched at the front busk after about 6 months.

    I contacted them and was assured they would take care of it so I sent it in. I know they received it as I sent it Express mail. That was in 2009. I have never seen my corset and I could not get them to ever respond to countless emails. I eventually stopped trying.

    I was prepared to purchase at least two more corsets from them. Since I could not get a response or get them to return my corset, I gave up on that idea.

    I don’t know what happen. I still wear the two corsets I have left and dearly love them. I do miss my Red Brocade SweetHeart. It was my favorite.


    1. Thank you for sharing your experience, Lee! I’m sorry that they never returned your red overbust; I wonder what became of it. I have been hearing more and more often that Meschantes often has great quality corsets, however their customer service (whether in regards to buying or exchange) can be spotty.
      I’m a tad overprotective of my corsets, so I often simply repair damages myself. However, I realize that’s not a possibility for everyone. :(

  15. I own not one, but five Meschantes pieces, all custom made. I guess I fall into the “loyal fanbase” category.
    For the price, i absolutely cannot beat it. I have to Etoilles, one Stephanie, one Thunder, and a custom black trainer. Every single one fits like a dream and I have had no breakdown in the 2 years I’ve owned the older ones. My Trainer is starting to show a little age, but after a year of steady use, I’m not terribly surprised, and it’s still structurally sound and intact. Because I ordered mine in batches (at first, two, then the second order, three), I got a pretty steep discount and Sandra waived some of the patterning fees and whatnot.
    The only one I’m dealing with that I can complain about at all is the Thunder. It’s in veggie-leather, and it folds a little weird at the waist because of the drastic hourglass I tend to take on. It’s frustrating to me because I’m a perfectionist, though some may not even notice it. The corset itself does not buckle or warp at the waist, though.
    Every time I’ve contacted the company, I get prompt replies directly from Sandra (not sure who she is, but that’s who I always end up talking to). They are definitely not off-the-rack, as I am so tall/long-torsoed that my measurements never work with anything standard. Honestly, these were my first custom pieces and I went back for seconds because they did so well. They’re sturdy, they take a lot of abuse (at least mine do), and my trainer is the most comfortable corset in my entire collection.

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Melissa – I’m glad that you’ve had such a positive experience with them.

  16. Lucy, Is there any way you could provide me with the measurements of the outside of your corset waist? I ordered a 22″ but it measures 24″ completely closed on me around the external waist, I have never known a company to give the INTERNAL measurements rather than the external so I am wondering if they sent me the wrong size? They don’t think they did, so I would love to compare the measurements of your corset to mine. Any help would be appreciated, I adore your reviews and F.B. page!

    1. Hi Sarah, my corset measures about 22.5 inches across, laying flat and taut (but not around my body). It is actually standard for OTR companies to provide the internal waist of a corset, rather than the external waist. Much of the extra bulk you measure around the outside of the corset is the bulk from the fabric and bones – if you want to get an accurate measurement for your corset, take the internal waist measurement. I show how in this video:

  17. Lucy, if your making a large corset, say a size 16… should I use a wider waist tape? Say a 2 inch waist tape instead of a 1 inch???

    1. Hi Sally, I have tried a wider waist tape on a plus-size corset before and don’t think it’s made a difference, truthfully – it just made the tape harder to lay flat as it was right above the hip curve. I think a regular 1″ wide waist tape would be fine. :)

  18. As I commented on Lucy’s video review on youtube…
    I bought the nude version of Meschantes’ 20″ RTW corset; I never wear it. Here is why now that I have more space to write:

    I ordered it about a year ago to add to my small collection of corsets at the time. I ordered this RTW corset for convenience and the lack of a busk (for a smoother appearance under clothing.) After receiving, I began to break in the same way that I have broken in every other corset I have owned which are still in excellent condition.
    The seasoning process went well and the corset was still good as new. Soon after, however, the grommets began to pull away from the fabric very quickly.

    At this point, almost half of the grommets are severely pulling away from the fabric. Other than this defect, I have no issue with the corset. I like the construction and the shape, although I usually prefer something more extreme. I would love to be able to wear under most of my clothing, but because of the grommet defects, I’m scared to wear it. I have zero sewing skills and would probably damage the corset more if I tried to fix it.

    I contacted Meschantes customer service about the issue. They responded initially promising to repair the corset and return it to me OR replace the corset if it was too damaged. When I emailed them back asking questions about whether or not I would have to pay for shipping to and from their headquarters, and whether or not the repairs would cost me money, Meschantes never replied.

    I wish I had read more reviews before I spent the approximately $170 (including shipping) on this corset. I’ve considered going to customer service again about the issue, but I feel like after all the communication issues they have with their customers, I would be ignored once again.

    I understand that not all the products they supply are made by the same person each time, but if a company cannot invest time or effort into proper customer support, I question if they are worth supporting. I’ve either read glowing reviews or awful reviews for Meschantes, and anyone considering buying from this company should take that into consideration.

    1. Hi Nicole, thanks for bringing your feedback here as well. I’m glad you were able to explain in better detail what was wrong with your corset (Youtube character limits are a pain!) – from what I had read from your Youtube comment, I thought the entire corset was falling apart (ripping at the seams, etc). It sounds like the biggest downfall in the construction is their grommets.
      I understand that Meschantes now has a strict limit on the conditions when their RTW corsets can be exchanged, but if you ever do contact their customer service again, let us know the verdict! There might only be, say, a 10% chance that they would respond to your request, but if you never try then it’s a zero percent chance.
      In the future if you ever want to attempt replacing some of the grommets, do let me know as I have some tutorials on that and may be able to help you. :)

      1. Yes, so far only the grommets are defected. Maybe if I wore it more, the rest may follow suit. But at this point, the rest of the corset remains intact in most places.

        I may be a cynic when it comes to interaction with companies that have had a reputation with poor customer service, but first impressions mean very much in my book. Because the money is already long gone, I may do a personal study in which I continue to wear the corset and document what may or may not happen to the rest of it.

  19. I tried to order a custom training corset from Meschantes back in February, but she did not reply to my Etsy messages after I gave her my measurements, so I gave up and ordered the 22inch ready to wear training corset in black. AT that point, I got a message back in which she asked whether or not I wanted a busk for my corset and I said no.
    This is my first corset and so far, I am very happy with the way it feels and the way it looks over&under my clothes. Her communication definitely needs improvement… I’m saddened to hear that some people never receive their orders. Her communication could definitely use improvement, but I’m very satisfied with my corset. Thank you, Lucy, for your review :)

    This is the review I posted on Etsy yesterday (I realize now that I should have made a comment about her communication…) :

    I *LOVE* it! I’m 5 foot 3 inches, 120 pounds, C cup, and an active belly dancer & full-time barista. My underbust is squishy 30 inches, my waist is muscular 26 inches, and hipbone level is 31.5 inches. I ordered the size 22. This corset is not nearly as much of a chore to put on as I thought it was going to be without the busk. Except during the times I get hugged around the waist, this corset is wonderfully discrete under my work & casual clothes. The smooth edges don’t poke, pinch, or interfere with my bra at all. It really does feel like an all over hug :) . Clean&sturdy construction- I really can’t say enough about the wonderful craftsmanship of this Meschantes corset. It took 3 weeks and 1 day to receive it from the day I placed my order (I’m in California). I highly recommend this corset and will be purchasing the size 20 when I train down to it as well as the Weskit-style halter corset.

    1. Hi Shannon, thank you for your feedback as well! It’s sort of interesting how people are commenting about their negative experiences on my video, and customers that had a positive experience are commenting here, haha! I’m glad that you find your corset satisfactory. :)

  20. I have ordered an ivory brocade underbust from Meschantes a few years ago. they have sent me this training corset in nude instead. I didn’t want to risk the costs of sending it back all the way from Europe to USA so I just kept it because all in all I was pleased with the quality and the shape. what’s more they were running an annual christmas sale on modelmayhem so I have bought it for only 99$ as far as can I remember. So my feelings are mixed. But with plenty of other brands I have to pick from I won’t come back to Meschantes to risk their mistake again. And to sum up I completely agree with your review! lack of front busk is a pain in the ass :) NEVER AGAIN ;D

    1. Hi Heterandria, I tried to reply to this earlier but for some reason my comment didn’t “stick”. I totally understand how you could get mixed feelings – I would too if I received a different corset from what I ordered! I’m glad you mentioned the MM annual sale, as it may be useful for someone who frequents that site. :)

    2. FYI – It’s customary in the U.S. for the seller to absorb the cost of return shipping if the error was theirs. If they refused, then I certainly wouldn’t give them another chance either, but did you ask them to?

  21. I bought a Venetian underbust. The corset was custom made and it gives me a great, dramatic hourglass. They replied to my emails,, but I don’t know if it would have come on time with normal shipping because a friend paid a lot of money for rush shipping for me The only real issue I have with it is that the boning seems thin, but it may only be to adjust to the extreme curve.

    1. Thank you, Alyssa – your input means a lot to me! I’m glad that you received a good product in good time. :)

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