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Puimond PY09 Curvy Underbust Corset Review

This entry is a summary of the review video “Puimond PY09 Curvy Underbust Corset Review” which you can watch on YouTube here:

Fit, length Front is about 13 inches long, back is 13″ long. The shortest part from underbust to lap is about 11″. Unique silhouette in which the ribcage follows the natural contours but nips in dramatically at the waist for an extreme hourglass shape. Hips are mid to longline; holds in any lower pooch. High back prevents muffin top, very flattering. Recommended for extreme hourglass ladies.
Material Fashion layer is silk cherryblossom brocade; backed onto cotton; lining is cotton coutil.
Construction 6 panel pattern. Top-stitching between panels, boning channels on the edge of each panel plus extra ones in the middle of the wider panels – these channels are in special boning casing to protect the brocade. Floating liner (very comfortable). No garter tabs (wasn’t requested).
Binding Complementary pink ribbon, machine stitched inside and outside; not folded under on the inside because the edges are already finished.
Waist tape 1″ wide invisible waist tape between the interlining and lining.
Modesty panel None. (Wasn’t requested.)
Busk Standard-width busk (0.5″ wide on each side) about 12″ long (6 pins).
Boning 18 steel bones not including busk. On each side, there are 7 spirals (always one on the edge of a panel, and a few more in the middle of some panels) and another two steel flats sandwiching the grommets at the back.
Grommets 26 grommets total, size #00 two-part grommets with moderate flange; set equidistantly; high quality – very few splits but don’t catch on laces, no wear/fraying/pulling out of grommets
Laces Strong braided cord-like shoe-lace style laces; they’re thin, they grip well and they are long enough. Very easy to lace up, holds the tension well and bows don’t slip out. Zero spring.
Price The PY09 is advertised as $410 for regular fabric (brocades, satins, silks etc) and $550 for leather/vinyl. You can see the options on his website here.
Puimond Underbust corset profile view side view, and cross section. Click through for context.

Final Thoughts:

I just had to make Puimond my featured corsetier for April, as the cherry blossom brocade reflected the blooming cherry trees this month. This is my first underbust corset from Puimond, and also my first custom-fit corset from him. I had no doubt that Puimond is extremely well-respected in his field before, but it’s this corset that most definitely secures his place as one of my top 5 favourite individual corset designers, ever.

Puimond’s soft skills are also right up there with his corsetry skills – he was always very friendly, approachable, and patient as I explained my usual “problem areas” when it comes to corsets, namely a longer/ lower torso, very compressible waist, and needing enough room in the hips. He worked fast, gave me occasional updates, and the finished corset went from his studio and into my hands (across the US/Canadian border) within 48 hours. You can see the result here – a strong yet lightweight that gives firm reduction (this is so far the smallest corset I own), while still lending to an overall soft, feminine effect.

Puimond is a master of textiles; he works just as easily with temperamental brocades as he does with coutil, satin, leather and PVC to give a very smooth, no-wrinkle, no-fray piece. His construction techniques adapt depending on the corset pattern and materials which is a reflection of his extensive experience. Excuse me while I fan-girl about this corset all over again.

To see Puimond’s other styles, please do visit his website here.

6 thoughts on “Puimond PY09 Curvy Underbust Corset Review

  1. IM SO in love with the color and fabric of the py09, wondering how I could request the same fabric? I checked the Puimond website where it featured various Chinese silk brocades but none of which had the exact baby-blue and blush-pink cherry blossoms. I’m so inclined and infatuated with the corset I had to contact you !!!!

    1. Hi Yasmine, the fabric I chose was the #260 (in the Chinese silk brocade section of his fabric options). It’s called slate with pink cherry blossoms silk brocade. The swatch photo on the site has a bit more yellow light, but you can see he’s made a sample with the same fabric here in his Etsy store.

  2. Thank you, Lucy! The video was extremely helpful. The pins and knobs didn’t seem to want to match up while I was trying to fasten the busk, but loosening it up all the way does the trick.

  3. Hi Lucy! I recently purchased a py09 and I’m finding the busk really hard to do up, even with the laces loosened a lot. Did you have this problem? Do you have any advice?


    1. Hi Elena, I haven’t had that problem with the busk in this particular corset. But I always make sure that the laces are totally loose so I don’t struggle with wrapping the corset around myself. What exactly is the problem when you’re doing up your busk? Are the pins and knobs mismatched, or do some of the pins come loose as you’re fastening others? I have a video here on how to do up a troublesome busk:
      I hope it’s helpful. :)

  4. Heeeyyy lucy dear,many many thanks for taking out so much time just to help others with your informative videos. I can say if i watch all your videos, I don’t really need a book on corsets after that:-). I really love your soft speaking style and the way you share all details with us, Thanks a lot for giving us bishonenrancher!!:-)

    I am just starting my journey on waist training and going to order 2 corsets, one for night & one for day time. I have sort out some options. But I needed to know what is your favorite night time corset or cincher or was when you were wearing at that time. And what was your most favorite daytime corset when you were fully active in waist training i mean before reaching a plateau:-) I can expect 2 or 3 names out of your collection for that:-)
    I would really appreciate a soon reply so that i can make my choice for corsets to buy:-)
    Take care!

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