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OOTD/ Dressing with your Corset – Belted fashions

Last updated on September 13th, 2016 at 10:27 pm

Fashion is kind of interesting. When I pair my corsets with modern clothing (especially wearing my corset overtop of modern clothes), many people think it looks out of place, and that my waist looks unusual or too dramatic. However, when I wear my corset under New Look style dresses, people think my outfit is amazing – my small waist doesn’t look out of place at all.

I have asked some people why they thought women of the 50’s are a different shape that they are today, a few of them told me that they simply thought the silhouette was due to an illusion in the dress, or that women simply were  naturally shaped differently back then.

While people did have a different standard of living 60 years ago, I assure you that this is not enough time for the human body to evolve with a completely different body shape.

In any sense, if you would like to accentuate your corseted silhouette without showing off the corset itself, and you don’t have access to vintage outfits (or simply don’t like them), consider accessorizing your sweaters, tunics and dresses with belts and sashes.

In the video below, I show how a simple toddler’s belt can dramatically change the shape of one of my old sweaters, and also show what kind of belted and sashed dresses I look for when I’m going 2nd-hand shopping.

If you like making your own clothing, consider some dresses with built-in sashes, such as Simplicity 9891 (which is actually a Halloween costume, but you get the idea. It can be easily modified to make an acceptable ‘everyday’ dress).


10 thoughts on “OOTD/ Dressing with your Corset – Belted fashions

  1. Omg, a toddler belt, genius! Why haven’t I thought of that before?! I’m already child sized, so I never saw a possibility of stealthing with a corset on. I will definitely look at kid’s belts at stores from now on! Thank you, I love your blog! It has helped me a lot, I’m just starting to waist train now that I have found a corset that fits my measurements. Love from Norway!

  2. Let me jump in here. I grew up in the 50’s. Everything was in smaller sizes and quantities. The fast food place only had small sized hamburgers like the plain mcDonalds cheeseburgers. The drinks were all small. Even at the grocery, the coke machine only sold 8 oz size bottles. Everyone in my family was slim. I was skinny. We sat at the dinner table together and were served a well balanced meal with small portions. SOOOOO different now!!
    I made a “cummerbund” in 6th grade sewing class that was of stiff plastic of some sort and was about 5″ wide with hook and eye closures. Of course we wore 50’s dresses with can can slips nod we all had tiny wastes. There was only one girl in school when was “fat” and she wasn’t really even fat.
    We rode our bikes everywhere or walked and spent all free time climbing trees, swimming, or active outdoor activities. I look at my grandkids now and life is crap food, no veggies, and video games. It’s just a change of the times that makes us all larger today.
    Anyway, that was my what I grew up with. I’m 67 now. Still fighting my fat waist!!
    So happy I found our dear Lucy who really understands nod cares!!!

  3. Hey, I recently stumbled across your site and I’m very happy I did! I’m new to waist training and corsets and I find your site to be very informative… exactly what a noob like me needs lol

    BTW, your hair is SO LONG!!! You’re so lucky! My hair grows so slow. I had to shave my head because I dyed my hair and permed it in the same week and chunks of hair were coming out. I’ve done it in the past and my hair was able to withstand it, but not that time :( It’s been 2 years and my hair is still very short! Take care Lucy!!


  4. Have you thought of trying to dress in vintage dresses with hourglass figures or in time periods when corsets or girdles were still worn? It is a bit of a statement to wear vintage, but now it is trendy (a bit hipster even) to wear vintage dresses. And you can sometimes find real vintage gems for cheap.

  5. I love these videos! I just recently stumbled upon a shop in our town that sells corsets and clothing that goes nicely with corsets. They have some pretty things and the corsets are steel boned, have multiple layers and waist tapes, and the owner says she can order them custom fitted for about $10 over the regular prices. She said she doesn’t make them, they are not local, and that I wouldn’t have heard of the people that make them. They start at about $95 and seem to go up to about $160. Something seems off. Does this seem right? Or am I being weird?

    1. Theres a place here in vegas and all of their corsets are steel boned and hand made in germany and they run about 140. I dont think you are being weird, it’s odd that they have such a wide price range

  6. Just found your blog and love it! Super informative. What about wearing a corset (under clothes) with trousers/slacks? Should I have the underbust corset under the pants or over?

    1. This is a good question! I will add this idea to the list of requests. Usually with leggings or low-rise jeans, I will wear the corset overtop. However my more formal trousers with a higher waistband are worn overtop of my corsets. This also depends on whether you have a short-hip or a longline corset.

      1. Thank you! I’m considering waist-training and for my work attire I usually wear slacks at the office. The one I would use is a short-hip corset so it’s nice for sitting all day. I just was never sure if I should wear under slacks or over them.

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