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Whirling Turban Wing Bust, Sarong Skirt Dress!

Last updated on April 2nd, 2021 at 08:57 pm

This is a very special OOTD episode, where I feature a lovely vintage reproduction dress made by Whirling Turban. I was introduced to Whirling Turban’s products via Ashley of “Lisa Freemont Street”, fellow vlogger on Youtube and blogger. (Ashley is also a full-time mom and an integral part of the Whirling Turban team, in addition to a few other jobs – and manages to look fabulous doing it all! She’s a modern Superwoman.)

If you would rather watch and listen than read, feel free to watch the video below (lots of eyecandy!).

Modeling my Whirling Turban dress. Photo by Remedy Photography

Many people know me for my detailed corset reviews, but it wasn’t until I got my vintage dresses last year that I really started paying attention to the quality of the rest of my wardrobe. When a garment (corset or otherwise) is made with care, attention, time and skill, it really shows. And it may cost a tad more (for instance, the standard size wingbust dress on WT starts at $235), but I consider this a very fair investment considering it makes me feel like a million bucks.

This dress is adjustable in several ways – its flexible wing bust allows the wearer to flip the ‘wings’ up into cheeky points to conceal the contrast fabric, or to curve the wings down for a softer look and to expose more of the contrast. The dress also comes with a halter strap which matches the contrast, a halter strap which matches the main fabric of the dress (whichever color you like, since there are 9 colors of sharkskin to choose from), and these straps can be interchanged/ adjusted in length using two pairs of small buttons on the inside of the bust.

You can also wear it strapless, and the lightly boned bodice will keep the dress from falling down on you. The light boning and the shirring both keep the bodice wonderfully smooth instead of shifting or bunching. However, this bodice is not designed to nip you in at the waist, so WT recommends wearing a corset underneath to give you a period-accurate silhouette. In my video ab0ve, you can see me model the dress first with my What Katie Did Morticia underbust, and then with my Versatile Corsets Mimosa overbust, so you can see the difference that your foundation wear makes in silhouette.

The sarong skirt is attached to the bodice, and flares out dramatically from the waistline to accentuate full, feminine hips. There are several neat pleats in the front which would nicely conceal any lower tummy pudge; and otherwise add to the very 50’s-accurate profile. I chose my skirt to end about one inch lower than the fullest part of my calf, which gives a slight leg-lengthening illusion. The sarong is a kind of wiggle skirt, and hugs my legs in a flattering yet non-restrictive manner, as the slit between the two overlapping panels of fabric in the front accommodate any extra room you may need to climb a steep set of stairs, or to quickly sidestep your manic puppy. (Both happen frequently, in my case.) A lovely casual tie on the side of the hip, like an understated bow, finishes off the look and provides very minor adjustment in the hips.

The more I look at the dress, the more details pop out at me. Not one aspect of this dress was constructed without some sort of consideration for the wearer. The material is 100% cotton, which drapes beautifully and is a dream to wear, as it doesn’t cause sweating, itching, static cling, etc. The wings on the bustline are meticulously pressed and sewn into crisp edges; the shirring is symmetric on both sides of the bodice; the clothestag is concealed and prevented from poking into my back; the matching colored zipper is cleanly inserted and doesn’t catch; and even the interfacing is sew-in instead of fusible. One of the most important features is the pinked edges, which provide a non-bulky way to prevent fraying and unraveling of seams.

If this post sounds like I’m waxing poetic about the work of Whirling Turban… it’s because I might be! Looking at the craftsmanship of this dress, I’m tempted to get rid of many of my worn-too-quickly $15 eco t-shirts and start to take more pride in the way I dress on a regular basis.

If you would like to see Whirling Turban’s selections, feel free to visit their site here.

13 thoughts on “Whirling Turban Wing Bust, Sarong Skirt Dress!

  1. Hi, Lucy. Now that Morticia is discontinued and you have your designs, Libra and Gemini, which one works best with a Whirling Turban dress?

    1. Hi Robin, if your hips are able to accommodate the Gemini, then the conical rib version would be gorgeous with the Whirling Turban dress! We have the standard length Gemini right now, and the longline Gemini will be coming out later this month (June 2020).

  2. Hi Lucy-

    We are so excited that you love your dress, and can’t tell you how much we appreciate the detail you have used to describe the construction techniques we use and why they make a difference!

    You certainly look beautiful in it! ooWoWoo!

    Katherine Robinson, Designer for Whirling Turban

    1. Hi Katherine! I’m so honored that you would stop by my blog! Thank you so much; I’m pleased that you think I’ve done right by WT – you offer a really special service and deserve much more recognition!

  3. Hi Lucy, I love retro clothing and LOVE this Whirling Turban site, thanks so much for this review and introducing me to this company! You look beautiful! And what a striking color on that dress! Would the Josephine corset by Isabella work well with this dress?

    1. Hi Cindy, thanks for your comment! I’m glad you enjoyed my review. Yes, the Josephine would be fairly suitable. It’s not strictly “1950’s” style but is certainly close enough. :)

      1. I may have to break down and get a Morticia…I have been lusting after it for awhile. Thanks Lucy!

  4. Hi Lucy,
    I actually received my first WT dress just over a week ago. Its to wear for a party this weekend. And due to adding a few extra kgs over xmas I am now going to have to wear with shapeware or a corset. If i do go with a corset the problems I have are actually issues I have everday in that 1. My laces leave a bulge in the back. I watched you video and I tuck all the strings in, but there is still a bulge where the knot is. and 2. I have the WKD gina corset which leaves a bulge all the way around my hips where the corset ends (this is probably not helped by tucking up the laces) I have tried pulling up shaping knickers over the bottom of the corset but the bulge is still there. Do you have any advice I could use?
    thanks, alyssa

    1. Hi Alyssa,
      If you have someone help you dress, you might want to try relacing the corset so it ties at the bottom or at the top instead of having loops in the middle – this will help prevent the laces bump from showing. Also consider using double-face satin ribbon instead of shoelace, as it has a flatter profile. Also, using the shapewear knickers under the corset instead of overtop might help with the hip bulge, but you have to have the open crotch shapewear for that to be practical if you need to pee! But if your WT dress has a full skirt, then putting a petticoat under it will help fill out the bottom and make any hip bulge less noticeable. If push comes to shove, simply lace the corset such that the gap between the laces looks like /. Cheers!

  5. Hi there, Lucy. I’ve gone through your terrific reviews, but perhaps I missed it–I was looking for the front-lacing underbust that you’ve mentioned somewhere, I think you used it when you were fairly new to waist training? I’m wondering where you got it; I think that it would be great to have a few different options (still waiting for that one I ordered from the UK to arrive) for everyday wear. I am also considering the basic black cotton underbust from Timeless Trends, based on your input, as a good starting option. But I’m a little worried about being flexible enough to cinch myself in every single morning (as I won’t have any help, and I’m not exactly Stretch Armstrong)…would love to have a front-lacing option to do it up quickly and get out the door. Any advice? Thanks!

    1. Hi Denise, thanks for your comment! My front lacing corset was made by Bezerk, but he is no longer in business. However, he’s married to another corsetiere who runs “Bound by Obsession”, and she also offers front-lacing corsets. I hope this helps! ^_^

  6. Hi, Lucy! Thanks for the outstanding review…and what a great idea, to offer some practical ways to put your corset to good use by wearing it under period-style clothing. Sometimes the use of a corset can be on the down-low, and if you’re in a sweater or top that’s not form-fitting, nobody would ever know–but every now and then, you just want to SMACK ’em over the head with that 1950s va-voom silhouette, right?! :-) The dress is SO beautiful, and you look great in it–and I’m guessing Whirling Turban will have some new clients thanks to you. (I’m certainly going to check them out.) I look forward to seeing more of these reviews, and thank yuo again!

    1. Thank you so much Denise! I’m glad you enjoyed it. :D I can understand why corsets may look out of place when mixed with a modern wardrobe, but it’s perfect for this style of dress – it sort of feels like the difference between “playing dress-up” and actually *becoming* a woman of NewLook fashion! I will be coming back for more dresses from WT in the future because they are really special. ;)

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